Miami was cancelled.

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After my previous reconstruction BBL I decided...

After my previous reconstruction BBL I decided going to a new PS would help. My doctor is amazing but I just need someone to fix me in one shot and not every 3-6 months. I'm tired of all the surgeries and I would love to have my life. I decided to get a second opinion and went to Dr Delvecchio but he quoted at about 10,000. I understand that this is his normal pricing, but I need to consider that I may need to pay for a round 2. At this point I started to stalk this site and found Dr Fisher and Hassan. I sent my pictures to spectrum and vanity and non of the doctors at spectrum would take my case. I was informed that non of their doctors would touch my butt with previous silicon injections even though it was fully removed. I told them I've had 4 BBL/fat transfers to my butt already but they would just not hear me. Then I called vanity and spoke to my coordination Yani, I told her what happened and told her I can provide mri's that show all the product was successfully removed. She spoke to her team and the only doctor that would do my surgery was Dr Omulepu. God bless that man. I was quoted at 4000 for 12 areas and I put a $300 deposit to hold my prices in early December, and have been slowing chipping away since then. Just last week my husband gave me the last $500 to book my date for 3/1/16. I still can't believe it's real. I've been in my glory since then.

Recovery house booked

I'm now looking at recovery houses. I really wanted to go to Bella Donna but after several call and emails and searching real self I found out they sold their recovery house. Then I was set on new body recovery and moni sent me a message she was fully booked. I spoke to assistance for life, the price was right however the massages were not included.
Spoke to Keyla but she was fully booked, she made room for me at her aunts home which she states was a retired nurse and she would still be able to take me to my appointments and the massages come to me. But I wasn't sure if this was the path for me.
I then found A New Life Recovery, I spoke to Yane and her prices were right up my ally. She offers the 3 meals and three snacks, pick up from Fort Lauderdale, and has massages. She's was doing a special were if you booked she gave you 4 additional massages and a faja. It can't get better. So I jumped on it and paid my deposit. It was a little steep at $500, but there's no way I'm not doing this. She charges $1250 for 7 days, all inclusive. I texted her all day and she patiently answered all my questions with no problems. I'm so exited will update once I arrive.


Flight prices are down ladies it time to buy your flight. I just paid $53.10 for a flight to Miami and $88.10 for a flight back home to NY.

Umbilical hernia repair

So about a year or two I found a lump inside if me belly button. I researched it and found out it could be an umbilical hernia, but I never went to a doctor to confirm it. During my last BBL with Dr Mir he said he couldn't lips my stomach because I had an umbilical hernia, and that he could repair it at a later date. He also said if he does lips on my stomach it's a really big health risk with the possibility of death if something goes wrong during the liposuction. So I decided to wait. Since I'm now scheduled with Dr O for my bbl I decided why not make sure all my ends are covered and I come back home to my family with no issues. Today was my umbilical hernia repair, the surgeon said its a small repair so I would be ready for my 3/1/16 bbl with no issues. I'm just so exited everything is falling into place.

Abdominal board

Decisions, decisions... So I've decided on the M&D abdominal board, I'm just in between two styles maybe one of you ladies can help me decide. I like styles TA102 and TA 104. They both apparently cover the sides I just don't know which would be best. Any suggestions please.

Weight loss

So I decided it was time to lose weight. Dr Mir had me over weight he kept saying you don't have enough fat. But then I look in the mirror and I have this gut I've never had before. And my calf, Jesus Christ their the size of my sons thigh. Lol I'm exaggerating.... On 12/31 I weight in at 177, I'm 5'2 3/4. But my body frame is medium but on the smaller side because I have thick legs. It's the Dominican in me, lol.. I spoke to Yani my coordinator at vanity. She's amazing no complaints here, if I email her she gets back to me in less than and hour. I guess vanity is getting their shit together for 2016... She did recommend I loose at least10 pounds and make to 160. Today I weight

Continuation of previous post

I hit submit by mistake. Today I weight in at 164.4, and I think I want to keep going down to 155, since I did hear dieting is not recommend until 3 months postop. So I think I'm going to contin

Damn submit button.

iPad is messing with me, and real self doesn't let you edit your submitted post.
Anyway. I do the HCG diet. I've been doing it for years and it's the only diet I can do and make my goal. The last time I did it I held about 130-135 for about 3 years until I got sick because of the silicone injections.

Scar treatment

So in an effort to help with my goal I decided to do scar treatment with a dermatologist my cousin recommended. I had a skin resurfacing/ scar removal treatment done at Dr. Adebola Dele-Michael office. Ashley, her tech said I should start seeing results after 2-4 treatments. According to the treatment instructions I just need to make sure the scar is moisturized with petroleum jelly at all times.

Abdominal board

Decided I this board bought it on eBay for $28 free shipping.

3 pounds to go

I started at 177 and today I'm down to 162.6, they recommended me to hit about 160 and I decided to go to at least 158 and just give myself two pounds of weight gain just in case. I'm about 35 days always from my surgery date and I'm super excited. This is all just too real, I'm going to be away from my boys and husband for 7 days and at the same time I'm nervous. I was thinking of it as a vacation but now it feels so real, and I'm like my babies.

Less than 30 days away.

So I've been away from RS for sometime because I'm been on Instagram a lot. But just to update. My surgery is officially fully paid for and booked for 3/1 with DR Omulepu. I have most of my supplies and I think the only thing I'm missing is the back board. I got the Booty Buddy in today it's really comfy I just hope it works.
I'm just so excited, I literally wake up every morning with a smile on my face. I hope can fix some of the mess I made.

Wish pics

Make me heal 14 day preop vitamins

Today I started my make me heal 14 day preop vitamins. They are suppose to help with prepping your body to heal after cosmetic surgery. Let's hope they help, I'll be traveling along into Miami so I will need all the help I can get.


Labs are in and I'm clear for surgery.

Shit just hit the fan.

Thank God I'm on Instagram. I just saw a post from one of the dolls that she was inboxed that Dr O is restricted. After going crazy online I found what you dolls will see below.

Most updated pics

I have 9 days left before I fly out to Miami for my BBL, here are my most updated pics.

New doctor new date.

With all the madness happening with Dr Omulepu vanity finally decided to change his patients. This entire situation is just crazy. Today I decided on Dr llorente, new date is 2/29/16. I hope this was a good choice. My only problem is their aren't that many dolls on here showing there results.

Last review.

After being so excited about my surgery, vanity has officially cancelled me all together. I have no idea what happened but my coordinators manager called me today (Daynelis) and told me no doctor in their office will operate on me today. Dr. O will not be around for a while Therfore they recommend reimbursing my money. Vanity offering a reimbursement, that's big. At this point I'm up in the air,don't know if I'll even do this.
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