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Hello Ladies. In a few days I will be having a...

Hello Ladies. In a few days I will be having a Round 2 BBL. I had a BBL in July 2014 with Dr Mendieta. He changed my shape but for what I paid, I expected more. Not blaming the doctor. He did a good job & he did change my shape. He said that I was a difficult case. I was asked to gain weight. I went from 140 lbs to 151 lbs the day of surgery. However, I gained muscle & little fat. LADIES, IF THE DR SAY GAIN WEIGHT, EAT & STOP EXERCISING. I had a good foundation & looked good afterwards but I was expecting more for $10, 000. I only had 480cc transferred per cheek & I was not able to get stomach lipoed well because he said I had fard fat. At 14 weeks, I had my 3 month post op. Dr M saw my concerns & agreed that I could benefit from a Revision. At the same time I started seeing a lot of Dr Fisher's work. I chose Dr Fisher for Round 2 because I've seem him give drastic & I Want Drastic. Secondly, His price. Dr M office was gonna charge me $6500 for a Revision. I am nervous about going to Vanity after all of the bad customer service reviews. Lia is my coordinator. After showing pictures of me at 4 months, Dr Fisher's office asked me to gain even more weight. I was 151 lbs. Today I am 160 lbs. I hope I dI'd not gain too much. I'm only 5'1. I feel huge. I can't wait til next week. I'm a personal trainer so I've been hiding my body :( Surgery will be February 17th. I have to go alone this Round so I will be staying with Moni At Newbody Recovery Services. I will be asking Dr Fisher for #1 Killa waist to hip ratio. #2 flat stomach. #3 Big Round Vixen booty. Round 1 went super smoothly & praying Round 2 will go even more Smoothly.

Wish Pic

Here are a few pics that I like.

Upset but being upset won't change anything

I'm super Upset but I'm trying to chill out because being upset won't change a thing. After hearing about all the Shenanigans that goes on at Vanity, I decided to get labs done at my PCP. Labs were drawn on February 4. Talked to the nurse & got results. I'm within normal range for everything. To make a long story short. Its Saturday. Dr office closed. Monday is a holiday. Vanity claims they never received my labs. I was at the Doctors office when labs were faxed THE LAST TIME. Look like I have to do labs when I get there. Im sorry. I just don't trust it. Don't know if I should be upset at my Doctors office or Vanity. Upset that Vanity didn't call me back yesterday because I had to go back to my PCP office & we could havd faxed for a 3rd time. I pray things start looking up. I has ZERO issues my first BBL.

Need a Laugh...

Thought these were funny. Well at least one of them. The other is for the girls & guys that's been all in my business during this whole process worried about if I have implants or not & spreading it all over. #getalife #teambblvixens

Met "The Man"

I'm in Miami Bish! Lol! So..... I got to Miami Sunday & I'm glad I did because we got bad weather we're I'm from. I got to Vanity this Morning at 8:30am to have pre Op plus I had to do more labs because my PCP didn't send all my bloodwork. The beginning went smoothly then I had a little issue. I didn't see Dr Fisher til after 3pm. Let me say this, he is Sexy 2 me, yes Ma'am he is. I felt that he was super honest with me. I told him that I wanted: 1) crazy waist to hip ratio. 2)super small stomach. 3) projection. Dr Fisher told me that I am lean. Although I gained 20 lbs, I'm still really lean, not a lot of fat. He said that I can't have a super small waist because if my genetic bone structure but he said he will grab whatever fat I have on waist. He thinks my butt is nice but it needs more roundness. Says he's gonna make it Bubbly! He wants me to add my upper back so that he will have enough fat to give me hips & more shape. We are gonna concentrate on Shape & Curves mostly.
I'm staying with Moni At Newbody Recovery Services. I met her today. She seems down to earth & when I had my little issue with Vanity, she stepped in & tried to help. The recovery house is nice, clean, lots of room to move around. The girls that are here are great. I'm was nervous but the girls & Moni made me feel comfortable. Honestly I feel like I'm on reality TV, hahahaha!
Surgery is tomorrow at 5pm,Ugh!!! Prayers needed. Here are a few HOT MESS WEIGHT GAIN PRE OP PICS. ..Will update tomorrow after Surgery :)

Forgot pre op weight gain pics

My Fat pre op pics... 161 lbs

I'm Here

Hello. I'm at Vanity just waiting for the surgery. My Surgery times was 5pm. I'm Hella nervous because I'm the LAST SX OF THE DAY......that's freaky. I'll update later. Ladies wish my luck! Prayers going up!

I Made It

This is gonna be short. Sx started after 6:30. With surgery & recovery, I was not ready to leave Vanity til after 11pm. I was afraid & nervous being that surgery was so late & figured he'd be tired but ladies he was full of energy, laughing, joking. Said he was glad I was last because that meant he didn't have to rush. Of course, woke up shaking like I was a cold puppy dog. This was way worst than my first Sx. I took Tylenol pm so I did sleep well. I had post op this morning. Haven't seen my body yet. I guess when I shower I will. just wanted to let everyone know that I'm good....God is Good & his Mercy & Grace is everlasting.

A few pics

Had my 2nd massage today. Crazy painful but much needed. I'm staying at Newbody Recovery Services with Moni. I can't imagine what things would be like if I were not here with them. They are great. Grade A top notch treatment. Good food & company too. I asked Moni to take a few pics after my massage today. I'm still swollen. I have no issues with bowel movements. I've had 2 already. Moni makes sure you get plenty of veggies.

It's My Birthday! !

It's my Birthday yeah! But I swear I feel more swollen & tighter than yesterday. So I'm 4 days po & I like my results. I was told before surgery that I wasnt gonna get Drastic because I still didn't have a lot of fat. I can't believe it. Once again I gained all this weight & it was muscle. And to think I was afraid I had gain too much weight. Ladies Gain That Fat!!! BUT I'M HAPPY SO FAR. I have hips & I told Dr Fisher that was my #1 priority. I'm about to get my 3rd massage. I've had my 3rd BM. I still take my iron along with a stool softer nightly. It's very important to keep taking your iron ladies but iron can constipate you & pain pills can constipate you. Moni does great with her menus. She makes sure you are getting lots of vegetables, PROTEIN, & fluids. So our lesson today Is.... after Sx Increase WATER INTAKE, TAKE YOUR IRON & EAT YOUR VEGGIES & MOVE AROUND. All the things that help us feel better & heal. MMMMMwah!!

Drains out!

I had Sx 1 week ago. Core is so sore & swollen. I feel like i look like the Pillsbury Dough boy. Ive had 5 MLD & yesterday i went & had ultrasound therapy with Lymphatic drainage massage. Went to Vanity & saw Dr Fisher. Drains removed. He said he found fat but not 4L worth & he put it all back in my butt & hips. He thinks somewhere around 600cc each side. Only instructions : continue to wear garment & foams 6 to 8 weeks, no more massages for 10 days, drink plenty of fluids. He said that my abs are lumpy but thats to be expected so early & because of prior lipo but it should smooth out. I will do like i did with my first BBL & continue massages x8 weeks (after 10 days). Yeah! No Drains. RS wont let me upload pics. Will try again later.

1 week Pics

Weight 165 on this 5'1 frame, OMG! I guess my new goal weight will be 145lbs. .......After 8 weeks of course. Cant fit any of my underware yet. My butt does not look big to me but the nurse says its Big, lol.

Lots of Swelling

I have lots of swelling in abdominal area. I didn't have this much swelling Round 1. Matter of fact, my fluid & swelling was just about gone by day 10. I think the ultrasound therapy was the reason for such success with fluid, scar tissue & preventing lumpiness. I used CSPOSTLIPOMASSAGE.COM. I didn't have drains either. Dr Fisher wants his dolls to pause with the massages 10 after drains are out & then we can continue. I already have mines scheduled for Saturday. Cant wait. Although I have lots of fluid, it does not hurt. Today I decided to wear foams, garment & an abd band for extra compression. Its velcro so I can control how tight (tight but not uncomfortable ) & its short & does not put pressure on ths bootay! Ive started drinking Braggs Apple CIDER VINEGAR for the fluid retention & inflammation, cranberry juice, & water. Man, im peeing ever 5-10mins. That's a good thing. Yeah! Here are a few pics taken earlier when i was full of fluid. Tomorrow will be 2 weeks & I'll do a review on my Recovery home (which I loved & wish I could win the lottery & hire the girls as my personal assistants. Lol! Moni gonna kill me, lol), Recovery tips, &traveling tips.

6 weeks Update

So it has been 6 weeks. Im Super Swollen & still get Super stiff. I sat for the first time last night. I had to go to a Gala. The booty was sticking out through the sequin. I sat, but was able to lean foward & put all pressure on thighs only. Lol! I dont even sit in the bathroom. Waiting for Week 8. Ive been getting my Lymphatic massages. Next week we are gonna add deep tissue to the lymphatic to start working on the scar tissue. I'll most likely start Myoscial release massages at 8 weeks to help with my stomach because its lumpy. Lots of swelling. I could not wear any of my Formal Gowns due to the swelling upper back Ugh! I finally got sum "luv'n" in 2015 lol! It was good & much needed. He thought i was Super Sexy but i was Super swollen. I still wear garment & foams daily. I have lost a few pounds. I didn't try. I will be going to the gym working Legs & Glutes 3 days a week. I did that after Round 1 & the booty got rounder (see 4 months pics Round 1). I will begin to diet at 8 weeks too but losing the weight slowly. I have been a social butterfly since i got home & I think it is taking a toll on the body. Stomach & Sides still Sore Sore. Im happy. Wish i had more Bootay!. DR Fisher transferred aprox 600 cc per cheek. I must do better with updates.


Just wanted to share a pic of me at the Rodeo. Yeeeees, The booty was driving those Cowboys Wild. Lol!.....I Want More Bootay but I have no more fat to give :( Anyone wants to help & donate me some, lol!

Started back in the gym

Im almost 2 months. Decided to start doing Legs & glutes at least 2x a week...I still get massages weekly. Stomach & lower back still has swelling & are very sore. I still sit on pillows & drive with yoga mat. Still wear garments & foams. Cant wait for the "fluffing"...I have major Greed. I want more hips & Butt but that won't happen. No fat available. I will start sitting next week on a regular since I'll be 2 months.
Im soo thankful. I had 2 good experiences/ Round 1 & 2 with no complications or Problems. Im happy. I loved my body before Sx & I Love Love love it afterwards. Everyday Men & WOMEN telk me that I have an awesome body :) I had an Awesome Caregiver, MONI (& Alisha) Words cant express how great they were & the care they gave. They helped me a lot. Round 2 was worst than Round 1 & I cant imagine not having them there to help. Good luck girls. Im still healing great.

New Pics

Gym clothes. No garment or foams. All it

10 weeks PO, I think

Hello, im 10 weeks PO (give or take). I like my body but not love it. However, it has nothing to do with Dr Fisher or Dr M. It's "My" body. Really wanted a Super small waist. Both Surgeons told me that my genetic make up wont allow me to have the waist I want. Booo! I need to remove some ribs. Lol. Just joking. I would love more projection but If my waist was smaller, I wouldn't even think twice about my butt. My friends & everyone still seem to think that my butt is big, but I swear it looks small to me Especially after seeing the "butts on RS". Lol.
I've been healing well & getting massages still. However my masseuse went out of town & I missed 2 weeks & I swear I have fluid build up in abs. Keep thinking its a small seroma. It does not hurt, but I can feel the fluid. I thought it was scar tissue but I think its a fluid pocket. After I massaged it really well, it looked a lot better. I have a friend who's an ER doctor. I think I will ask him. I really want to fly back down to Miami & go back to CS Post Lipo & have them use ultrasound cavitation.... Not liking my stomach due to the swelling & possible scar tissues but I know my body is still healing so I'm not real worried. Im back wearing my garments & boards & waist teainer. I also bought me a Self Massage stick to help break scar tissue & move fluid. Ive been working out hard but my diet has not been consistent. I do think I will look 100% like I would want to look if I lose at least 10 -12 lbs. So......I am gonna get back on track & get this weight off that I gained for this Surgery. Today I weigh. Weight 160 lbs in pics. Will add up close pics of stomach in the nexr few days .

Am I being greedy

Hello ladies. It's been over a year since my BBL. LET me start by saying I'm happy. However, I feel like it's not big enough & I still don't have hips. If I can get my hips rounded more, I won't worry about more butt. I do work out minimum 4 days a week. I weigh 5 lbs more since surgery. I was one of those girls who never truly had enough fat for a Giant butt... My shape had definitely changed. Dr. Fisher did what he said he would do. No complaints with him at all. I just think my button still looks small. However, everyone & I do mean everyone thinks I have a huge butt. One thing for sure, it looks natural. My goal is to lose 5 to 8 lbs. I been losing it slowly trying not to lose the butt. I do legs & glutes at least twice a week. All in all, I'm happy but I want just a little more...5'1 154lbs.
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