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Going to new life plastic surgery. Had a mommy...

Going to new life plastic surgery. Had a mommy makeover over a year ago with Mel Ortega. Some residual fat left in stomach. First bbl with fdr. Fisher at vanity. Want a lil more hips and a lil more projection. Doing 360 lipo. Not a lot of fat... Hopefully he will give me a flatter tummy at the top and a few more inches in the hips and butt..

5'3 height
157 weight
36 bust
30 waist
41 hips

The time is here

Well. Finally got medical clearance after retesting a few time for iron levels. Freaking Mother Nature messed the results up. But cleared. Flight booked for the 24th. Staying at the Hyatt house on blue lagoon. New life have been great! Very responsive and easy to work with. Glad I chose that location vs vanity. Excited but nervous. Weight is up to 160, hoping to get the results I'm looking for.

Offer to transfer deposit new life plastic surgery

Is there anyone who is willing to pay me $2500 for a surgery that is paid $4500 with with Doctor llorente or hanabergh at new life plastic surgery? If so inbox me we can work out the details.

Selling surgery with new life

Is there anyone willing to pay me $2500 for a $4500 spot at new life plastic surgery. Can schedule date through next March 2017. Inbox me so we can work out the details
Miami Plastic Surgeon

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