Bbl Has Ruined my Life - Miami, FL

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First off let me say that the last thing I wanted...

First off let me say that the last thing I wanted to do was to be on real self writing a bad review about a doctor that I have put so much confidence trust and faith into. I hope you guys bear with me I'm on my smartphone. I really wish I had never got plastic surgery to begin with it really has ruined my life. I always had a booty naturally I just wanted a more curvaceous hourglass figure rather than just a butt. So in 2009 I went to Dr Mendita in Miami for a bbl and told him I just wanted fat transfer to hips well I ended up with a Super booty which was cool for couple months until it dropped and dents started to appear on both sides of my ass cheeks. I hated it I didn't have the money for travel hotel revision etc. So I literally had to live in hell of having a deformed ass for years. It totally affected my daily life there was times that I had panic attacks and I couldn't even leave the house because I got so tired of people laughing at me behind my back whispering behind my back asking me if my ass was fake asking me to touch it it seems like my whole life revolves around people making fun of my ass it was so horrible. Instead of wearing clothes to flaunt my ass I would hide it I do anything to have my natural shape back. So being a struggling single mom working two job who barely makes enough to pay bills i had to save up for 7 years to get my revision. All I wanted was a reduction and the dents on sides of my ass filled in just wanted to look natural don't want to be perfect just not laughed at and feel like everyone's staring at me as I walk by. So after years of stalking the site I found a doctor who seemed like the perfect fit as far as the his BBls looked very natural. So I paid 4500 for the surgery and 1500 for the recovery home which ended up being a total waste. I honestly could of saved up lil more and went to a doctor that actually communicate with their patient and has concern for their patients not someone who's just banging out surgeries like hi and bye literly. anyway my holes. Was awful I flew in to miami early that morning because they had told me to be there before 3 o'clock so I can do lab so I got here early driver pick me up from me straight to the anne and get to stop at the hotel and get dressed and get the sat at the end of the front office for about 4 hours they did my lab so I was waiting to speak to doctor of course I didn't get to even speak to the doctor. They told me my surgery was scheduled for 8 o'clock next day. So I finally get a ride back to the dumpy real shitty room smelled like smoke no "office" like they said no pool no view no nothing. Ugh then I get a call from vanity saying they changed my surgery till 8 o'clock at night the next day I was like are you serious I just wasted a whole day and night in Miami for nothing. So long story short I went in for my surgery spoke to the doctor very briefly right before my procedure told him exactly what I wanted they told me that my anesthesia I wasn't going to be as long as it usually is because I'm just doing a revision oh yeah by the way I found out that I was being overcharged 1500 dollars more than what all the other girls were paying i mean I don't know why I guess they try to take advantage of me because I'm out of town don't let them vanity sucks. Anyways so I wake up from surgery first thing I do is reach for my hips to see if they still feel botched and Ya they kind of did. So then I see a Gatorade sitting on the shelf above where I was laying not being able to reach for it I asked the lady to hand me the Gatorade do you believe that this lady took the drink and brought it to the Spanish girl next to me. I honestly feel like vanity treats there Spanish clients way better. Anyway so the lady the had spend the night with me was nice but she didn't speak a word of English good thing my X husband was Puerto Rican I learned Spanish or I would of been hit in Miami in general ordering food etc etc. Anyways finally looked in mirror at ass and noticed two horrible incisions on top of my butt cheaks!! WTF!!! And I had two incisions on but cheak line on each buttox. Fucking awful all scared up for nothing. My last bbl he only left two small incisions on fold of each butt now I have 7 scares yay and I'm 4 weeks post oop and I'm miserable in pain. Not to mention I'm going to need another revision to look natural. Wish I could just find a surgeon to give me the hour glass figure I've been seeking and longing for for ever!!!

More info and pics

So I just woke up and checked my email and realized that my review got published. I realized one huge thing I left out was at my last massage at vanity there supposed to remove your drains and stitches I had no drains and the girl only removed like two of my stitches of course I didn't notice this till I got home. Since I currently have no insurance (I kno Obama) but I make to much for benefits not enough for insurance payments(ikno totally off topic) long story short I had to remove the stitches myself which is crazy difficult seeing there on my butt. I had to use nail trimmer scissors and tweezers. Anyway I'm going to post some pics now


I'm not saying Fisher is a bad doctor I'm just simply sharing my experience. Vanity recovery Home was a rip off I payed 1500 for 3 nights for days when the other girls were only paying like 800. And they treat u like cargo just pick up drop off they see girls struggling in pain everyday is nothing to them. I was charged for a full bbl when I was simply getting dents filled in which didn't even full in. Just wish had a better outcome. Or just didn't waste my time or money a vacation would been nice o well. Stay blessed ladies.

Dr. Fisher is a horrible doctor

Hey guys I haven't been on here in a while it's been 9 months since my surgery and the swelling has gone down and I must say that I am not at all pleased with my results first of all the light bulb he did on my bra strap is completely on even I have lumps in my bag I have horribly awful scars on both of my butt cheeks that are still very noticeable it is completely awful as destroyed my sex life every time before I have sex I have to run in the bathroom to put concealer on my ass cars which is ridiculous and I specifically told Dr Fisher that I didn't want any more booty I just wanted to dance in the sides of my ass cheeks building and hips and what did he do he made my super but bigger which is exactly what I told him I didn't want so basically I was a last surgery of the day and he was trying to get it over and done with and he really didn't listen to me or give a shit about what I wanted left me with two huge scars that I for no reason because I didn't want any more fat in the back for my already huge as so I'm very unhappy my scars are extremely visible I did take down my pictures initially because I didn't want to get noticed but for the sake of any woman wasting her money on a money hungry dr. I will put them back up but he's a shity doctor and I was thinking about going back there just so I can complain and confront him I don't even know if its worth my time or effort at this point

Almost one year still viable scars

So its been almost a year and I still have very noticeable scars on the top of my butt cheeks. I am white so the scars look red and very obvious smh still so disappointed Dr fisher did exactly what I DIDNT want him to do which was made my already huge butt that I specifically told him I didn't want projection just a more natural shape hips less butt and he just made my butt huge and sacred. I am so super self conscience every where I go people stare talk and laugh about my butt I feel like I'm a zoo animal on display its horrible and to think I wanted a reduction and got the opposite I'm desperately looking to get a reduction anyone please recommend me a good doc?? Last thing I need is more surgery but I'm so desperate to not b a prisoner in my own body
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Wish I could speak to him but all I can do is get a generic response from his office team

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