Round 2 BBL & Revision: The Good, the Bad & the Ugly. Miami, FL

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*Treatment results may vary

****This is a new review of my rd 2 bbl, started...

****This is a new review of my rd 2 bbl, started it on my bbl 1 review but decided to move it over here. Please refer to my rd 1 review for info about my first bbl experience.***

hi dolls. I'm now a little over 3 months post and as many of u know, I plan to do a bbl round 2. I meet with dr. F for a follow up and he told me (not his words exactly, but I will summarize) that it's difficult for a person to go from having no booty to a large booty. Makes sense because the skin can take but so much fat being stuffed in. Because I plan to lose a significant amount of weight, I want dr. F to stuff my booty to the max lol! I also hope that he could get some fat from the back of my thighs because I have a lot of fat there. He told me that I would need to gain weight for rd2, but if fat from my abs and back is not enough, I will have fat removed from my thighs , upper back (possibly), and arms.

Let's start with "THE GOOD":

I want to reiterate that I love dr. F and vanity overall. I am most certain that dr. F will be doing my 2nd BBL and revision. He worked a miracle on my body. My lower back/Flanks fat is completed gone. Even tho my butt still looks small, it is way more fuller than what I had before. I was completed flat especially in the upper and mid butt. I had absolutely no volume in those areas. So I totally understand why my body couldn't take so much at that time. Everyone's body is different and mine just requires that I need to gradually go up in size and I'm a-ok with that :)

some of older post says that I wasn't sure if his technique works for my body. Honestly, no ps can guarantee that his or her technique would work for you and I can't determine that because I'm not a scientist, biologist, or doctor. However, i can say that recovery is emotional; one day u love ur results, others u hate it, so some of my rants are reflect my feeling at that moment which are subject to change either do to new info, knowledge, or whatever.


Unfortunately, my abdomen area didn't heal very well and my hips are uneven. I believe that I have scar tissue in certain areas of my abs. My masseuse noticed this as well. Dr. F told me to continue with massages and it would help soften it somewhat, which it has. My masseuse has golden hands and he has smooth out the area so much more than it was before. On a side note, if u had massages at vanity, his massages are very similar. His technique will definitely remove fluid, too bad I started going to him almost 2 months post op. I believe if I started earlier, I wouldn't have that scar tissue. Early in my recovery, it felt like there was fluid in these areas. As time passed, it seemed to harden and I believe it turned in scar tissue, not sure.

During my next follow up with dr. F, I will find out if a revision will be needed for my abdomen area to remove scar tissue.

My hips are also uneven. During bbl rd 2, I am thinking of not adding any fat to my hips. I think the whole hip thing is complicated for surgeons to do. I always see dolls complaining about their hips being uneven after sx. Dunno yet, it's just a thought for now.

Anyway, I will keep u all posted on bbl part 2.

Some pre-op pics

I don't have too many pre-op pics because most were deleted. I will try to get my pre-op from Vanity soon. u can see how flat I was in the left pic. My hips aren't weren't even slim, just absolutely no butt meat!

PRODUCT REVIEW: Pretty Darn Good Boppy Pillow

***this is a review of Original Boppy Nursing Pillow which can be purchased on Amazon. You can also Google it to find other retailers who sell this item.***

I don't know if Anyone else has used this boppy pillow, but I find that it props u up pretty high. When using it, my butt would brush up lightly against the seat depending on how I posture myself (kinda hard to explain) but a lot of pressure will be placed on my thighs. Also, there is a zipper compartment where u could add towels or whatever to give extra support. I never added towels but I could see that as a possibility. Also, I didn't use this on the plane, just in my car and at work. I used a rolled up yoga mat on the plane which was very uncomfortable and it kept cutting off my circulation to my legs, which is not good at all. I had to keep standing every 20 mins. on the plane. I don't know if this pillow would fit in an airplane seat through because it's kinda bigger than the average boppy. First class maybe, but not sure abt average plane seat.

*****If u buy this to try it out first before deciding to keep it, please keep in mind that babies are usually placed on them so please use practice good hygiene when trying it out because if u decide to return it some mother may buy it and place her infant on it.******

U can also view video of this pillow at the link below.

Lie flat beds on Airplanes - First Class only

if u r traveling between NYC and LA or NYC and San Francisco, or I believe, Miami and LA OR San Francisco, and ur willing to pay first class tickets, u may be able to get a lie flat bed on the plane u lucky girls. I'm so jealous. This seats are not available on most domestic flights such as NY to MIAMI, BOO !!!! Lol.

Also, to u international dolls wanting a bbl, this lie flat beds are available on many international flights. Check ur airline for details.

***I don't work for any airline so I don't know any additional details other than what I posted above. I recommend everyone do their research as I did to find out if this is a available for ur designated travel.*****

Just a few admirable butt pics

Bbl bed?

Has anyone got creative and made a diy bbl bed? thought abt using a pregnancy air bed for my bbl sx. Instead I would put my butt in the hole where the belly goes. But I found that the width measurement of the hole may be too small to accommodate my waist and booty. I thought about cutting a whole in a cheap mattress, but not sure if that'll work. I wouldn't want my butt to touch the surface of the bed at all.

Here is the link

Here's the link to butt pillow

Reality Hurts! Major setback in Rd 2 plans :(

As many Of u know that I plan to do Rd 2, I'm coming to grips with the fact that I will have to wait longer than expected. I'm still have occasional swelling in my mid to lower back and abdomen. Although most ps say 3-6 months, dr. F won't even consider doing it until he EVALUATES me at 6 months. Although I really wanted to do this asap, I know it's best to follow doc orders. He could've easy took my money and not cared about my health or end results so I'm happy that he is ethical and has high moral, and I have even more respect for dr. F because of this. I did more research and saw that other highly reputable ps who specialize in bbls won't do rd 2 or even revisions until 9 to 12 months. I just saw a video of dr. Salama saying he won't do rd 2 until 1 year post op. So as much as I don't want to accept it, it's looking like I won't be getting this sx this summer as planned. I guess it's best so that I can get the best results possible. I want this to b my last sx at least for a while so I'm praying that it's successful. Thanks for reading :)

death occurs with US board certified PS too

There are risks with every surgery, EVEN IF THE SURGERY IS WITH A BOARD CERTIFIED PS. I came across this article and wonder why American media doesn't overhype incidents that happen with U.S. Plastic surgeons unless the surgeon is a cosmetic surgeon (like Dr. Hasan or Shahine).

Going to a board certified ps does not insure you against risks/complications whether fatal or not. I say that because I see alot of women bash certain docs from other countries (who of course are not US board certified) or docs who are not board certified in U.S. as if those same complications cannot occur with a U.S. board certified ps. Some complications may be caused by doctor's negligence or the patient may not have been in good health when surgery was performed (from what I read in the article below, it was the doctor's negligence). We can try our best to "insure" ourselves against complications by taking the proper vitamins pre-op, informing ps about medical conditions, keeping up with our primary docs (gynecologist, family doc, etc.), etc.

RIP to this woman and condolences to her family. The family asked simply for a refund of the surgery and this surgeon said he would get back to them, and never did. Now they're suing, hopefully,they will get more than just the cost of surgery.

Here's the link below.

Jhonni Blaze from LHHNY, Lipo in COLOMBIA

Jhonni Blaze from Love and Hip Hop NY is having liposuction and other surgery she says in where? COLOMBIA!!! (See link below)

I have been seeing a lot of work on IG from patients who went to Colombia. My masseuse is Colombian and has mentioned his Colombian ps friends to me. I never thought about going that far, I just recently got up on the DR DOCS. But some of the results I've seen have been pretty amazing. I'm excited to see her results.

There doesn't seem to be a lot of post op pics on rs tho from patients who went to Colombia at least for bbl, that's what I'm interested in.

Is anyone interested in Colombia or knows what Colombia has to offer lol? I feel like Colombia may be some best kept hidden secret or something lol!i recently met another masseuse who is also Colombian and she pretty much told me not to sleep on Colombia.


I've been so excited since I learned about Colombia. I've found a few docs on IG And since the info on rs is scarce when it comes to Colombia, I thought I'd post some info for those who are interested.

These are the names that seem to be pretty popular:

Alder Henao @alder9303
Leonel Torijano @matisses_cirugiaestetica
Harold Villalobos @drharoldvillalobos
Daniel Correa @dr_correa__whats_0573152197812

So far, my favs are Henao and Torijano.

I will post as I get more info.

Enjoy :)

RIP to Contreras patient

a 23 yr old woman from NY died yesterday who had sx with contreras. I read on a post that she died from cardiac arrest and that she was complaining about her breathing. It said too much fat was removed and that a piece of fat traveled to her lung. Looks like there were witnesses who saw her complaining of breathing.

This is really sad, she was so young.

Colombia or DR? Decisions, decisions ...

it's so hard trying to pick a ps for rd 2. I'm putting it into prayer and hoping to find an answer, but it just doesn't seem to be that clear to me. I'm trying to be patient and knowing that God will lead me the right direction.

I was all for Cabral, and then Duran, then back to Cabral. Then I started looking into Colombia and found 3 really good docs: Villalobos, Henao, and Torijano.

I have ruled out Duran. I spoke with her briefly on whatsapp. She said I don't have enough fat in my abdomen, I asked her more questions and she never responded. Honestly, overall, from the pictures I see, I think Cabral would be better for me anyways.

At one time, I was almost 100% sure that I would go back to fisher. Now I am almost 100% sure that I won't go back to him for reasons I will explain in another blog. I will briefly say that I have assessed his technique not only on myself but on others, and I don't think either he or Hasan is right for me. I hope some don't get offended by this, but I notice that these two ps have better results on ladies who are considerably over their ideal body weight for their respective height. What I mean is, For instance, 5'6 and 190 pounds, or like 5'3 160 pounds ( these stats are not from anyone specific, I just use these stats as description). There are few that are closer to their ideal body weight that have good results, but most of those cases, the ladies started with some butt meat or fat in butt. For anyone who wants to know, before rd 1 I was 163 at a little under 5'9, Ideal body weight for me max is 170. I put on a total 12 pounds for sx.

For round 1, I was just looking to see which ps made a flat booty into a fat booty, not considering the patients' body type/frame vs mine. In hindsight, I do see that I was more impressed by flat to fat on ANY body, not flat to fat on bodies that are similar to mine.

I considered Salama but he requires a long wait and he is pricey. Another plus is that Salama seems like u would get more attention, not like what vanity has become which is more of a factory-type clinic. Also lodging in aventura is pricey. I looked into these things, and after his bbl price and lodging, I would be better off staying in NYC and going to Schulman for $10k. Schulman is good, but $10k for bbl is a no-no for me. I didn't even pay that much for my ba revision.

Cabral has been good to me. At first it was a little shaky, but he has answered my questions, I even spoke to him on the phone one day. I like him despite all his history. but that recent contreras death, although it was NOT cabral's patient, got me afraid to go to DR. I'm not that type of person who thinks ish can't happen to me. I could be just like those ladies, going there believing everything will be well, and unfortunately leave drink a pine box, that ish scars the ish out of me! Last year, a lady from NYC died, now another - it's so close to home. A lot of women from NYC go to dr for sx, and recently, I have been hearing some personal experiences (not from Internet) with Cabral that have been both good and bad so I'm torn. I am literally all set and ready to go as far as money for sx and even time from work. It's overwhelming, lol!

Now with Colombia, I kind of like the fact that at the moment, most ppl are going to dr and Miami for bbl. I feel like I would get more time and attention from ps in Colombia, And not the craziness that comes when docs take on too many appointments etc.

Anyway, good luck to all who are in pursuit of choosing the right ps.
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