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Well here is review number 2! I felt a new review...

Well here is review number 2! I felt a new review would be better than continuing on the previous review. I encountered scheduling dilemmas but I will finally receive my revision on Sat Aug 1, 2015 with Dr Ortega again.

I am having the revision because I was unhappy with my original results. I debated on having a new surgery with a new surgeon however it seems like having the original surgeon correct the issues would be the best route! Then I second guess that decision.

When it comes to a revision the decision to perform as well as the extent of work done is based solely upon the surgeon. This bothers me because of course none of us want to waste money. I will pray and have faith on God that results will meet & exceed my desires/expectations!


Hello ladies my revision with Dr. Ortega was Saturday August 1st! I've returned home safely & I'm still recovering. I'm still swollen, bruised, stiff, and sore.

When I met with Dr Ortega he was his usual friendly self. He listened to my concerns and we both arrived at a compromise that I must say I'm grateful for. Under the provisions of a "REVISION" the procedure should only correct an issue & NOT repeat the entire procedure. One of the ladies at Imagenes FLAT OUT lied in regards to what I wanted. I had the PROOF and Dr Ortega was generous enough to redo my entire back, re-contour my sides coming around to the edges of my stomach, and he transferred all the viable fat!

I'm thankful that he was willing to do so. I did NOT have my stomach lipo'd because he said that is considered a FULL procedure and not a revision. I'll upload pics & do a separate post about the ???????? "shadyness" at Imagenes!

Pic as promised

Of course there is still swelling & no I didn't have my stomach lipo'd. It was not included per revision guidelines!

I'm upload some more when my dude gets in to take some. By the way he is AWESOME SAUCE!!! Lol seriously though he is amazing. He removed my stitches, he helps me fight to get in that torture chamber (the garment) & my bae gives me my lymphatic massages! Oh gracious he is so gentle & sensual with it that it turns me on & makes me sleepy at the same damn time lol!!!!

Attempted better pics

These pictures still aren't the best because I'm taking them myself. This is at 1 week P.O.! Previous pic was a few days (3 or 4) P.O.

I will get better shots for you all!

Praying for a smooth back

I'm attempting the push the skin upward as Dr Ortega instructed me to do. He said the skin heels as is it trained, therefore I have u push the crease upward & place foam against it before pulling up the garment. I'm only 12 days post op so hopefully it'll smooth out!

The angle in the shot actually increases the size of the skin crease. Its not as long as it appears on the pic!

2 weeks

Hit the two week mark yesterday. Technically I can officially sit but I'm thinking I'll wait a lil longer before I completely resume sitting without shifting weight or sitting with my contraption under my thighs lol.

I am uploading three shots as a progress marker.

Arrival of new products!

I ordered a new torture chamber lol.... Its a waist cincher vest. I can't wear the typical ones that everyone goes crazy over due to a latex allergy. As a result I ordered the powernet vest & a larger pair of butt lifter panties. (Previous ones are a M & now I need an XL)

Okay so both items were on sale on ebay to my surprise. When I checked out my total was less than previously quoted! Faja colombiana vest & faja butt lift boy shorts for a total of $46.89 with free shipping! Ordered Thursday & arrived today.... #Winning! Lol I uploaded pics from the order screen if anyone is interested in getting them also.

Ok so the vest is amazing it has dual back/posture support & NO metal boning so it is very comfy & doesn't poke u!

1 Month P.O.

Everything is pretty much the same. The measurements are remainding steady. I'll beable to work out in 2 weeks & after that maybe I'll see a change.

The butt is softer now, the back is still very sore whenever I take the garment off. I haven't had any burning sensations but the heart burn/ indigestion is the absolute worst this time. Other than that its cool. Don't think it's fluffed yet I'll let uall know when I reach that point.

Few pic updates

Here are a few pics at 6 1/2 weeks. Sometimes it seems to be going down then I attempt to wear something in my closet & it doesn't fit. At that point I realize she is still around lol.

10 1/2 weeks picture updates

Just a few pics to show that it seems to be holding steady for now. 10 1/2 weeks; almost 3 months post-op!
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