BBL Part 2 - Let's Go! - Miami, FL

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Hey guys, This is my BBL 2 Revision Review. To...

Hey guys,
This is my BBL 2 Revision Review. To read click here.

I really love the work Dr. Fisher did. He literally transformed me. However my hips are uneven as well as my lower back where grafting was done. I wanted to just do a revision where I would just pay Vanity for anesthesia but I said, you know....I may as well pay the extra 3500 and get some additional lip0 and hey, why waste the fat....let's put it in the bum, right?

I am just a little scared if my butt will look too big and fake. Pray for me. I will be completing my lab this wed. I have been taking double dose of iron along with folic acid, B12 & Vitamin C. I would have only been taking them for 1 week prior to lab this week. Just wanted to ensure my blood count would be A-ok.
I will keep updating you guys.

Results From Lab - SX pushed back to Sept.

Hey guys!
I have been so busy with a crazy ass Math course I'm doing....smh.
Anyways, I got my lab results back and they were not good. My hemo was 6.8 and I need to be at a 7.5. I was also just coming off a heavy 10 day period because of the stress with my business & school so that was a definite factor.
Jess suggested taking Pur Absord for the entire week pre SX + getting a B12 shot from my Doc + taking my vitas as usual and keep eating foods rich in iron. However, I was just not prepared to take that risk and do the SX within 1 week. I asked her to reschedule me for either Sept 9 or 16.
So now I am doing everything, working out, stressing less with school and trying to relax. lol.
I am so eager to get this crap done with....counting down.
I'll take some pics on the wknd by the way.
Kisses to you dolls. Muah!

Change of Date & Garment - Urgent Questions

Guys, my bbl is rescheduled for Sept 10 @ Vanity. I am not seeing the option to change my sx date on here. How can I change it?
Also, I bought black fajas to wear this time around. Does it matter that it's black?
Kiss kiss
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