BBL with Dr. Ghurani. Doing This for Me

Where do I begin...I have been considering this...

Where do I begin...I have been considering this procedure for sometime now, and I finally got the courage to go through with it! So let's do this.

A little history about me! I have always had a love hate (more hate) relationship with my body. I have always been on the heavier side, and in college I reached my highest weight of 240. Over the course of 1.5half I was able to drop 65 lbs, through diet and exercise. I hit a wall in my progress, but eventually got down to my goal weight of 165lbs. I fluctuate btw 165-175 (depending on the season ????). Understandably with all those changes in weight, with all its positive, has its downsides as well. I am very grateful and proud of myself of what I have accomplished, but there is still some room for improvement. I am very active. Workout 3-4 times a week and eat relatively well (I refuse the get big again!!), but even with an active lifestyle I have not achieved the desired body I would like. I also think genetically it is just not in the cards for me.

So that bring me here! I recently had a breast lift with augmentation in May that went very well, so onto the next adventure. I chose to have surgery again in Miami because of the food experience I had the first time and the quality of the doctors for the price. Having anything done in NYC is beyond expensive and just not realistic. After reading reviews and looking a pictures I chose Dr.Ghurani as my doctor. I do like his work and hoping he can work his magic on me!

I don't know why it is listed under BBL revision...

But this would be my first procedure. To all the vets, what would be some of the things you would say you wished you knew before going into the surgery?

Gaining weight.

So I am paranoid that I do. It have enough fat for my procedure. I was told once by a doctor in NY that I had more skin than fat, but I also think her was a little specific with the type of pts he would work with. I am currently between 166-168 lbs. I think it I get to 170 I should be fine? Thoughts?

Lymphatic Massages NYC

Hello ladies! For my fellow NYC women who have gone through this process, can anyone recommend a good massage place? I am trying to get my things in order and set things up if possible. Thanks!!

Wish photo

This what I cooked up on the stimulator app. Does it look too much? Want to look naturalish lol

Recommendations for bbl pillows?

Hello ladies. I am trying to figure out the best and cost effective bbl pillow. I was leaning towards the pillow. But not sure how I feel about spending $125. Yikes. I sit a lot at work, so I would need something good. Vets any suggestions?

Returning to work

Hello Dolls, just a quick question. Is it unrealistic to return to work 10 days after surgery. I don't want to put in leave because they ask too many questions!!

I feel so fatttttttt????????

So have intentionally been gaining wait and just feel soooooo fat!! I I feel sooo unsexy!! I can't wait until this surgery!

Time to get cleared!!!

So I got my email from the pre-op coordinator with my orders to get cleared. My surgery is Dec. 8th!!!! I had scheduled my clearance appointment two months ago, 11/21. I will do my labs and EKG next before my clearance appointment! I am getting excited!!

I am cleared!!!!

So I have been cleared!!! Time to get this booty!! ????????. So excited!!

Real talk...

Hello ladies, it is kind of embarrassing to ask, but for those in relationships did this surgery effect your relationship in any way? Good, bad, no change. I am just curious and can use some support on this.
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