Dr Salzhauer 9 months po.

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Hey dolls let me just get to the point that I...

Hey dolls let me just get to the point that I recently had surgery and it looks like I was never touched. Wished I found rs back in July when I was doing my research anyhow im here how looking for the right doctor to give me what I want. I don't blame my doctor because I had my breast and bbl done ..

Ready for the new Me

Okay dolls here's a little more about me, I'm almost 40 mother of 3 boys 19,15,14, Just filed for divorce for the new year. I recently had my breast and bbl done in August 2013 and let me just say I'm not happy at all I thought I did a lot of research but I obviously was wrong. After I did my surgery I got online and stumbled upon rs.OMG where were you guys when I needed you. Anyway I got in touch with Yily who quoted me for 3200 for bbl and Baez who quoted 3000 for weeks I tried to get a date with Baez and got no response and Yily was on her way out to have a baby. I also stalk the website and hate the whole drain and leaving the country I started to back off and stick to the states even though DR has the great results. I figured if anything I would only be 1 hr away so I got in contact with Dr Schulman who I have a consultation with Feb 5th cant wait he said hes unable to give me a quote now but after my exam he will and I need all my info from my previous surgery. I am so excited and ready to go. All l keep thinking is I want the results I pay for and I'm hoping I find the right doctor this time, I also told my previous ps I wanted 300cc for my breast and he only gave me 275cc smh and 500cc in each cheek cause he said I hardly had any fat so we'll see what Dr Schulman thinks..

Counting down

So I called my ps office to let them know I needed a medical release for my consultation with Dr Schulman because he won't see me without everything that happened in that surgery. My ps have been calling since I'm not sure if I should call to even let him know how unhappy I am with both results when he was do kind...


First consultation for 2nd bbl

Hey dolls so I just had my consultation with Dr Salzhauer via face time and discussed my previous surgery and what I expected then he gave me a full evaluation .We discussed my breast along with my waistline being snatched and getting that plump booty, He stated the boobs is no issue to fix but he would have to examine me in person to feel the skin first to do my bbl, so his out of town coordinator will be contacting me with a quote so I'm staying hopeful I already like his approach to making me feel comfortable. I also have a consultation with Dr Schulman on the 5th so I'm going to see how this go to drive or fly that's the question, but the ultimate is who I'm comfortable with and going to give me the results I want will keep you guys posted.

Taking a trip...

Ok so dr salzhauer said he was unable to give me a quote for my 2nd round until he feels my skin so me being who I am I booked a round trip to fl on the 30th flight leaves 9am I arrive at 12:30 pick up my rental and make it to my 2 pm appointment get back to the airport for my 9pm flight back home. Then my Feb 5th appointment with dr Schulman this time I'm making sure I get what I want even if I have to go the extra miles, will keep you dolls posted.

Dr Salzhauer is amazing.....

We'll let me just say that my consultation with dr Salzhauer was great we discussed my expectations he said he can deliver and give me the waistline I want just like my wish pic and the scoop in my back with a nice shape booty. I was excited to just fly out to see if my second time around the doctor would give me the look I want. I also went and seen my first ps and he is such a caring ps that's why I went along with him and his team we discussed my breast and as soon as I took off the coat they gave me he started telling me all the issues he was going to fix and apologized for me not being happy I still respect him and is definitely having him redo my breast, but for now my main focused is my bbl which I will be getting abs, flanks,lower back,upper back,arms,and inner thighs in March I can't wait.

Dr Salzhauer

So I booked my surgery for March 13th with Dr Salzhauer and I'm excited about it, however I hate taking pills but I know I need to start them so I need some help on my supply list as far as vitamins lipo foams boards and whatever else I need. This time I want to be fully prepared and I need somewhere to stay.

I Need Help...... Can't find A Place

Ok so I've been stressing trying to find a place to stay and have yet to come up with one, I've been on airbnb and nothing I like is available the time around my surgery,I plan on staying from 3/12-3/20...

I can't wait

My round 2 bbl is coming up and it's all I think about I can't wait to have my waist snatched and a plump booty. Flight is booked flying into Fort Lauderdale still looking for a apt on airbnb for the week. Surgery all paid up and I've yet to start on my multivitamins definitely tomorrow though it was way too much snow to go out in today. I did do some shopping for maxi dresses and about to start shopping for garments and lipo foam anything else I may need ladies please help in reminding me. Happy healing to everyone.

Almost that time

I know I've been Mia for a while but I wanted to touch base with you amazing women, my time is almost here and I've been so worried about this pain process again speaking from my first bbl it's actually been stressing me out, but I am also anxious to get it over with. For housing for the week I tried airbnb and just decided to stay at a hotel, My clearance is all done with my blood work, some supplies have been ordered the rest I'm planning on getting over the weekend my prescriptions have all been filled I've been taking iron 325mg with a glass of oj for the last 5 days 3 times a day and was told I needed to continue with it per Dr S. I will continue to post more frequently and happy healing and prayers to all you beautiful dolls...

Almost that time

Almost time

Hey dolls well in less 24hrs I will be transformed I'm at airport waiting to board my flight, Ruth called yesterday to see if I wanted to have surgery today but flight wasn't until today. I am super nervous this time unlike my first procedure I've had some anxiety attacks this week. Anyway surgery is 8am so I'll update when I land ttyl...

Ok it's almost time

Ok ladies I'm here in Miami got in around 7pm went a little grocery shopping for soups, pineapple juice and etc that was needed ate my last meal for the day and took a long hot shower got my clothes ready for tomm since I have to be there by 8am. Trying to drink as much gatorades to build up my electrolytes and I truly hate gatorades but I'm forcing myself. I'm going to call it a night and take my Xanax you ladies have a wonderful night and good luck to all the new booties and the ones healing gn.

Its going down

Ok my beautiful dolls its the morning of surgery on my way now just took another xanex and nausea pill I'll see you ladies on the other side.

Day of treatment

Ok ladies my day was 3/13 at 8am I was the first patient of the day I got to the office around 8:20 due to traffic, went to the 2nd floor as that's where it happens.ruth let me in came in the room with a few papers to fill out then she asked me to take off my clothes and began to to a few more pics, shortly after that Dr S came in marked me up I showed him a wish pic and said I wanted a scoop some hips and not a wide booty just full I told him waistline is everything at this point I felt real relaxed due to my Xanax next anestiologist came in asked his questions and said it was time to go. I woke up no pain nothing got dressed. Miriam was my amazing nurse she asked if I was ready at 2pm I said let go got downstairs and almost bust my head open I completely blacked out next till I woke up she said five min it took her using ammonia salt to bring me back I was then put on an iv they called my regular doctor to find out what my bp was I didn't leave until after 7pm and they would if stayed all night if they had to. Made it downstairs second time in car asked for a Gatorade drank some and I dropped the bottle of Gatorade next thing I had another ammonia salt up my nose ( let me just say its horrible ammonia up your nose smdh). Got to the hotel sat at the table waiting to eat some soup and blacked out again my day of treatment was no fun I had no pain like my first bbl I did a lot of walking around that night.

2nd day

My nurse came took some pic told me she can't wait till April to do her bbl so she's been trying to gain weight she took my garment off the tape was the worst since I was so sore and we proceeded to the bathroom I asked her to just let me wash myself and she can just wash my back and stand there Incase I get dizzy which I didn't taking my garment off and on has not been a problem. I do walk around a lot and day 2 has not used any pain meds and I'm a baby when it comes pain so I'm shock.

Dr Salzhauer just amazing

So it's Sunday I called the office and the answering service said they'll have him call me back I wasn't thinking at this point cause I do have his cell phone number anyhow he called back I told him my inner thighs was filled with fluid he said he wanted to see it to meet him at the office at noon got there the agony to take all this foam off then put back for him to tell me it's just normal swelling no fluid.he tried to help me get back into my garment and he was lost completely he laughed and said this is the point when he leaves the or and the nurses gets us dress I thought it was hilarious.

Video messages

Dr S sends a video msg everyday about what to expect on each day starting from the day of treatment up until I think your first week then the nurse calls you to check in these people are so organized and caring that I don't have enough words to describe my appreciation even on my day ofmy blackout Arianny came and sat with me for over 30 min she's too much and would stay if I wanted her to she gave me a kiss and I told her we'll talk soon.

2 weeks

Okay beautiful dolls I'm at 2 weeks po after having surgery with dr Salzhauer and I'm only going to speak on my journey let me first say no one has the same experience someone else may have had. After 10 days I went back to work I took only 2 pain pills I was not in too much pain only uncomfortable and stiff in the mornings,For me I did a lot of walking and drank a lot of pineapple juice it was hard to eat the first week so I drank a lot of soup and drank a lot of water, gatorade, and pineapple juice. For my supplies the only things I used was boppy pillow, bacitracin, lipo foam, didn't need my chuck pads cause I only leaked at the dr office no fluid at All after that which was shocking to me didn't use my Pez because I stood up like a man and honestly I took a dump every single day twice a day without any stool softners and with sitting I sat on my thighs when taking a dump. My life savor in sitting was my yoga foam ladies get one of these it's the best to stay off that new booty tank tops and grandma panties i wear my compression socks still I didn't need much clothes cause I didn't want to go anywhere, I sleep on about ten pillows on my stomach and it doesn't bother me everyone at my job keeps asking me why I'm walking like that I keep saying workin out I also get a lot of are you loosing weight and I say no I don't even know how that's possible because I went from a size 4 to a size 8. At 2 weeks I'm still really swollen I look like football player because I pad myself up with foam I spend 23 hrs in my garment which is getting loose so I maybe needing a size small pretty soon. I'm not sure how much cc's was put in but I will let you ladies know as soon as I find out. If there's anything you beautiful dolls need to ask feel free good luck to all the new booties and to ones to come....

2 Weeks Pic

2 weeks

30 days PO

Hello everyone it's been 30 days since my surgery and I have been so busy with everyday life but needed to keep up with all you beautiful dolls. Let me just say that driving has been my most difficult task at first I started off with my foam roller then my boppy and then I had the weirdest dream and woke up the next morning and executed it a simple pillow from my bed rolled over three times and then under my thigh and just like magic it's so comfortable. I wear my cg garment 23hrs a day no execptions because being out of it is so uncomfortable and my skin still feels as though it doesn't belong to me I also switched out of my first garment and took a almost 3hr ride to New Jersey to the pink room where I was fully measured and fitted into a very comfortable garment no issues whatsoever with this and the staff was loaded but took there time with each customer I love customer service like that a few of the workers came in to look at my body and told me how great I looked and once the swelling goes down I'll be even hotter the boss asked who my doc was and I was happy to yell out Dr Salzhauer... She then went on to say continue to wear my back foam or board because she stopped and now has this back fatty tissue that never flattened out it's ok cause I wear everything faithfully. Dr Salzhauer is such an amazing man that even with his hectic life he picked up the phone to call me on Thursday to check in and to see if there was anything I was concerned about we discussed a lot for about 15min for me ladies this inner thigh lipo is the worst I'm still bruised and it's still hard as a rock the doc said that it's normal and the stiffness I then stated well I look the same he then yelled out that's IMPOSSIBLE you have 1500cc in your butt there's no way then he said he wanted pictures as soon as I get a chance I love my ps cause he definitely cares about your happiness. Well it's been a month and my butt is still hard as a rock, my skin is so sensitive and I have a few hard spots in all my lipo areas I know Dr S does not recommend it but I'm really thinking about getting some massages I'm definitely going to give them a call in the am and see if it's ok with him. We'll there really isn't much left to say I still don't sit on my butt I work 6 days a week and stand 8hrs a days which doesn't bother me and I can't wait to hit the gym, Happy healing to all going through recovery and good luck to all the future bbl dolls...

30 days pics

Salzhauer 3 Months PO

Hi my beautiful ladies just a quick update I just flew in to see Dr Salz since I was in Miami for the week he says everything looks great and my concerns were voiced and it always seems to amaze me that as busy as this man is he still makes time for me even if I call and leave a msg for him it can be 9,10pm and he still return my calls I'm not where I want to be but dr Salz told me to gain 5lbs and keep track of my waist and then gain another 5lbs and when I get to the 6 month mark let him know and it's funny that every pic I sent him was attached to his computer they even made me get undress to take pics when I got there. Ladies I will say that this journey is a roller coster ride and while I was in Fl I saw booties that was so plumed that it made me kinda mad and that's my thing PROJECTION ladies. Well I won't keep rambling so here a few pic I realized that we should all keep updating so we all can see the good and the bad we should all be here for each other and to all the ladies who asked for pics I will try to be more frequently .


Almost 6 months

Hey ladies, just wanted to do a quick update I'm almost at my 6 months mark and let me just say that my skin still doesn't feel like it belong to my body still very sensitive to touch. Ladies I still sleep in my garment at night I recently took a vacation and really swelled up from not having my garment on. Anyways l don't have much to update when I hit my 6 months in about 3 weeks I'll fill you ladies in.. Good luck to all healing and good luck to those going to in soon big booty blessing ladies.


Revision 2015

Hey dolls I've officially hit my 6 months mark and will be doing a revision in February or March to get my waist smaller and my booty more projected, I am happy I chose Dr Salzhauer because he is the most caring ps you'll ever meet and the fact that he wants his patients happy is his number one concern to sum it all up my doc rocks. Nothing much has changed and I've received msg from women wanting pics so I will post once a month and keep you guys updated. Good luck to you ladies on your journey and recovery and I will answer any questions you may have.



Ok ladies

I'm 9 months in and in 5 months I'll be going back to see dr Salz there really isn't much to update booty still at a 42 since day one and I've yet to hit the gym cause I'm afraid of loosing any volume looking for a travel buddy if anyone interested.

Looking for a buddy

Hi ladies I'm back at this journey for more booty however this time going alone and need a surgery buddy anyone interested please get back to me June 10th -18th
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