50 Planning a Revision with the Guru Dr. FISHER - Miami, FL

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So far everything is going smothly. Will update...

So far everything is going smothly. Will update after surgery. Looking to fix my horrible BBL done in NY. Don't be fooled by these Doctors that claim they can do bbl. If no one speaks about a specific doctor, don't go to them. I'm fortunate to have a revision done by Dr Fisher. Hoping to look amazing at 50. Tired of spending money on doctors that don't know what they are doing. Continue reading real self.

Bummer, Dr. Fisher didn't do the Surgery

Okay, so Dr. Fisher decided to look at an old echogram of my heart and he noticed a heart murmur. He chose not to do the surgery. I didn't want to become a victim of losing my life (Kanye West''s mom)when a doctor says "no," It''s "no." He's an amazing Doctor, so if he's not comfortable I'm okay with that. I lost a total of $600, but I'm alive. As i was getting ready to leave a woman had recently gotten surgery and pulled a chair backwards to sit. Obviously with her butt up in the air. So, i told her that's what i had done when i got my bbl done. So, as i walked away another woman started making fun of my butt. I'm just happy that although I have a meseed up butt, I'm alive. So, I might try to fix it with Dr Shulman. I have an app with him in October. Let's see what he says. I've done liposuction and tt. Then 3 yeasts later a bbl. Three C-Sections and a hysterectomy and not one doctor was uncomfortable doing surgery. It could be my age. We'll see what Dr. Shulman says, if he says "no." I will try the gym harder. If that doesn't work I guess I'll just be happy with what I have. Also, for those of you that are fortunate, don't make fun of unfortunate women like me. Not nice!!! (If you're planning to do a bbl at vanity always take your pillows with you. Who cares you had a bbl, everyone is either getting one or had one done. )
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