43yrs; BBL Revision 2/24/2015; Dr. Jonathan Fisher - Miami, FL

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I am 43yrs, 5'6", 160lbs. I had my first lipo...

I am 43yrs, 5'6", 160lbs. I had my first lipo (abdomen/flanks) done in 1996 in San Jose, CA. Total waste of money and time. Went to Dr. George Commons in Palo Alto, CA for lipo (abdomen/back/flanks) fat transfer to buttocks in February 2013, click here to read my review. I was satisfied with my results but decided I'd like more fat removed from my upper tummy, waste, and upper back. I also need by butt rounded out at the bottom. Most of the fat was placed at the top (shelf). I began my search about a month ago for the perfect surgeon, perfect location, perfect price. After reading many reviews on RS, MMH, etc., looking at many before/after photos, and considering the issues of going out of the country, I decided on Dr. Jonathan Fisher.

Scheduled For November 6th!!

Paid half the cost and discussed all the details with Alexandra. Out of the 3 coordinators who contacted me, she sounded the most intelligent. In the beginning I was leary because it is obvious that the coordinators work on commission. Right now im on my samsung pad, when I get back to PC, I will post "before" pics and add more details.

Pre-Op Pics

Can't believe I just had bbl in Feb 2013. Looks pretty good in clothes, but I need it rounded out so I can look good naked and in a thong!

Reserved Marian's Recovery House

I have read so many great things about Marian, and after speaking to her on the phone today, I booked my 10-day stay in her house. This way, I'll also have direct access to her massage therapy!
She has a promotional special of $1000 for 7 days to include 5 massages, breakfast/lunch and transportation. It does NOT include the personal helper. I will purchase the personal helper for $100 per 8 hours. My Vanity quote included a discounted 10 day stay and massages. Fortunately, I've only paid half my costs so all I should have to do is have Alexandra deduct the cost of the RH, massages, and trans. Otherwise, I would have to fight, beg, and pray for a refund. And I'm sure we have all heard how their "refund policy" works!

Waiting for Revised Quote

Since I decided to stay with Marian, I cancelled Vanity's RH. I don't know if I mentioned that I have been working with Alexandra C. She has been very responsive and knowledgeable. Her answers to my questions have been reasonable and believable. Verbally, my new quote is $5500 which will include lipo to abdomen, flanks, back and BBL. Also to include 5 massages, 1 garment, lipo foam and boards.

Worried About Old Scar Tissue

Since I've had 2 prior liposuctions, I'm concerned that I might have too much scar tissue and fibrous fat, and not enough to harvest for bbl. I contacted Alexandra and she responded right away. She told me that since my 1st liposuction was so old (1996), I really shouldn't have to worry about scar tissue from then. My last procedure was in 2013, and I can actually still feel scar tissue in my lower abdomen. Also, since I am getting a revision only (a little rounding out at the bottom), I shouldn't need nearly as much fat as the average patient. Any comments or input from you dolls would be appreciated!


Wow! What a dilemma this has been! So many things to consider..I hate to have to do this alone all the way from California but I don't have a choice unless I just want to cancel! So here I go...after reading all the reviews about Marian's place, and actually speaking to people over the phone, there is NO WAY IN HELL that I'm staying there. I'm also not going to deal with Vanity and all their shenanigans, inflated fees, etc. I just spoke with my coordinator, Jessica, who quoted me $2200 for 10 days at the RH. This would NOT cover transportation to my massage appointments, NOR does it include any massages. Only the 10-day stay, a medical assistant, medications, 1 faja, lipo board and foam. Ridiculous prices! BUT if I pay today!!!! They will give it to me for $2000!! what a joke! Hustlers for real. You can't be mad at them though. I have communicated with several people about Kayla and her services. She seems legit so I'm gonna give her a shot. She quoted me $1000 for 10 days, including snacks, assistance, and ALL transportation. Shit I wanted to purchase my own FAJA, boards and foam anyway! She sent me pictures of her home and it looks very nice. She will help me shower if needed, and change soiled bedding. She will pick me up from Miami aiport and drop me off after 10 days.

Marian's Massage Services

Now I have heard nothing but raving reviews about the massages at Marian's place. And since I have already paid a $250 deposit, I plan to have all my massage appointments there. Kayla is not sure that she can provide transportation to that area, so I'll have to think a little bit more about it.

Marian's deposit non-refundable/non-transferrable?

She absolutely told me that it was 100% refundable as long as I gave her 2 weeks notice. However, I didn't get that in writing. I paid a $250 deposit via paypal when I reserved her RH and massages. I just cancelled the RH and was told that since I am not staying in her house, then I will have to cancel the massages as well because ladies staying in the house have priority. I spoke with Barbie, her assistant who said I would only be refunded $150.00. I think I will file a claim with Paypal. These people are ridiculous!!!

Lookin to switch my 10/28 date for Nov or Dec date!

Getting close to my planned surgery date, but things have changed at work, so 10/28 is no longer ideal. I am hoping that someone has a date in mid to late December for trade?


More shenanigans with Vanity!?!?!?!? I just got a call from Mercedes in the cust. svc department. They need to refund my final payment of $2000 made on 10/3 because they are closing that bank acct. in which it was deposited. Then they'd like permission to re-charge my card for the $2000 in to the new acct. WTF??? This sounds SOOOOOOOOOOOO suspicious! I think they are trying to close out some accounts to avoid chargebacks from PayPal and from people's banks after they file a claim!!! This is ludicrous!!!!!


I really wanted to buy my own FAJAS prior to surgery. I went to Leonisa.com because I've been very pleased with their products, prices and customer service in the past. I wasn't quite sure what sizes to get so I went with someone's rec to get whatever size u are now, then maybe a smaller one for later. I am 5'6, 163lbs, 33-29-42.5. I got the LARGE for now (pics here) and a MEDIUM for later. This L IS really snug but I think it's supposed to be. Also too small for my boobs, but nothing I can do about that. I am a natural 36DD. I'll try on the Medium too. LEONISA.com offers HASSLE FREE returns so I'm not worried about it. They were $80 each.

New Date with Dr. Fisher - 12/8/14

My original date was 11/6, but Vanity called me to cancel when Dr. Fisher decided to take a vacation during that time! I tried to make a few other dates work that they had available, but due to issues at work, I couldn't. I requested a refund since the date I paid for was taken away from me!!! If I can't do it within a particular time frame, I'll have to wait a whole year!!! So I decided to go with another doctor. Vanity REALLY didn't want to refund my $3000 and was able to get me in on 12/8/14 which is PERFECT. I guess someone else cancelled.

Place for Recovery

I really want to stay with Keyla. That's who I originally planned to stay with after Marian was exposed. But now, she is not sure if she will have room/time for me on 12/4 - 12/15. She told me to check back with her in November since people are cancelling/rescheduling all the time. In the meantime, I will need to come up with a plan B. I def want to stay somewhere that an assistant is provided the 1st 2-3 days following surgery. I had this before in California where they are less aggressive, so I really didn't need anyone other than to get me to the car, get me in the house to the bed, and maybe run an errand or 2. I was getting up just fine and wasn't in that much pain. I wasn't nauseous or dizzy at all. Things may very well be different this time since I hear Fisher is really aggressive with the Lipo. I hear most ladies complain that their butt doesn't really hurt, just feels tight, hot, etc....the abdomen and other Lipo'd areas is where all the pain is. Hoping to get some suggestions from you ladies for recovery. I want a CLEAN, UPDATED, private room and I prefer PRIVATE BATHROOM.

Getting Closer...

So I haven't updated in awhile because nothing is really going on. I've had to change my date a few times but I think I'm locked in now for 2/24/15. I will be staying with kayla and I have my flight booked. I still need to book my return flight, I'll be taking First Class for comfort. Nerves are setting in because I am going alone...there is nothing like having someone with you who loves you! I'm determined to make it happen though! I've had several surgeries under general anesthesia, including a bbl/lipo in Feb 2013 and I've always recovered fast and well. I was nauseous from the anesthesia after my hysterectomy though that was temporary. I tend to sleep a lot for the first 24 hours afterwards, but other than that. I've done quite well! Knowing that keeps me positive. After my BBL 2 years ago, I was back to work in 4 days, I had some minor pain and prolonged swelling due to returning to work to soon. But again, a small price to pay. I'm ready!

Flight Tomorrow

Hella nervous because I have panic attacks!! Wanna take Xanax but coordinator says no. I've never heard of a surgeon saying no to Xanax 2 days prior to surgery for a reasonably young and healthy person. BS...as we all know, the coordinators don't ask the surgeons anything. Kayla will be picking me up from airport. I wanted to stay with Moni because of all her fabulous reviews but she was booked. I hope Kayla stays on point because I am alone. Please wish me luck and safe travels....here are pre op pics from today. I have enough ass up top from my last bbl. I only want him to round out the dents at the bottom. I certainly should have enough fat for that, even with 2 prior lipo surgeries done. Take a look...tell me what u think.


I thought I would freak out and have panic attacks on the plane but I didn't. It was a piece of cake but maybe the half xanax that I took helped. I'm staying with Keyla who confirmed yesterday that I was still coming and what time I would be landing. She even confirmed again with me this morning. Even so, I still had to wait almost 2 hours to be picked up at the airport. I texted her as soon as I landed to let her know I was headed to baggage claim. She text me back 30 min later to say that her uncle was picking me up.and I was like "what? why so late? we confirmed several times about pick up and landng time?" Icouldnt believe what she said next...."well i'm having dinner with my husband...its Sunday and I rarely get to see him" OMG did that piss me off!!! WTF do u mean you left me here 2 hours at the airport so you can have dinner..then you dont pick me up you send you aunt Marsha, not your uncle...to pick me up. Marsha is a sweet lady don't get me wrong...she speaks no English, her car ran hot so we had to turn the heater on in this hot humid as Miami weather to cool the engine. Then Marsha got lost!!! She had to call Kayla to figure out how to find the house. Finally got here...I can't tell if it is a duplex, apartment, or what? Seems like there are only 2 bedrooms. I have the master bedroom with private bath. Very nice, clean, cute...I love the room. Kayla wasn't here so Iwas greeted by 2 cute little chihuahuahs...did I spell that right. Never in our 4 months of commuication did she mention that she had dogs....what if I was allergic? Fortunately, I LOVE dogsand had a good time playing with them both! Caught one on them on top of Kayla's table stealing a slice of pizza!! So I am not as nervous as I was yesterday...but anxious to get this over with. I;ll have my pre-op tomorrow, hopefully get to meet Dr Fisher, pick up some supplies and food, then prepare myself mentally for Tuesday, the big day!!! I can't wait to ask Dr. Fisher about blood clot prevention. I am VERY concerned about that due that I am returning home 3/4 6 hour flight!! I want some Heparin injections!! Hope this lopsided double sagging ass gets rounded out well, take all this upper belly fat, upper back bra line fat out please!!! This is the 2nd and final round!

Meet Kayla's Pups

Vanity Today

Not a whole lot to say...Kayla brought me in around 1030am, I didn't leave until after5:00pm. Those peole are so got damned disorganized and unprofessional that its absurd! I was however, prepared to wait Iknew it would be an all day process just to get an EKG done, sign paperwork, and talk to Dr Fisher. He was nice, funny and seemed very competent. I trust that he will do a fine job. He did recommend a tummy tuck which suprised me. He said because of my irregularities on my stomach due to previous liposuction. I don't really care so much about the irregularities. I'm glad that he thinks he can snatch the hello out of my waist and carve all this annoying ass bra strap back fat shyt off!! Vanity was a host of drama and entertainment most of the day so there was rarely a dull moment. I did decide at the last minute to add arms..thought about my chin ut naaaaahhhh. And although I HATE my inner thigh rub , he didn't really recommend it, and I don't really want it. I have NEVER seen good inner thigh results anywhere!!! So I'm going to try to focus on cardio, low-carb, and squats to help with that. I'm 43 and I don't expect a miracle. Back at Kayla's now getting ready to go to walmart for last minute run for juice, jellow, slippers and socks. She will have to get my garment tomorrow morning while I am in my 6am surgery. We missed the garment store (they closed at 6pm) and i refuse to give Vanity any more of my money!!!. Until tomorrow dolls....hopefully I'll feel up to updating. I'm not nearly as nevous as I was 2 days ago. I'm feeling positive, confident, and ready to do this!!!

My Boyfriend Doesn't Know

With all the hoopla and excitement, I firgot to mention that my BF doesn't know what I'm doing. He thinks im in Miami on business. Don't ask!!! I know I'm crazy to think he won't know. We've only been together 7 months, but we are very close, in love and spend lots of time together. He is the type to be very nosey and all up in my grill! I had planned to tell him that i got into a minor car accident or fell down some stairs???? Anywho..I need sleep, being transformed into a goddess requires energy :-)

Ooooooooh chile

The pain is real but only when I move. No good pictures yet, but soon

More pics. I think they like....

Abdomen really really sore because I had so much guard tissue. Right arm hurts but not the left that's strange

Post-Op Days 1 & 2

Well ladies this has been hell. I boasted and bragged that I had always recovered well from my surgeries with very little pain, brusing, etc. Back to work in 4 days after my last BBL, well Hunty....not this MF time. I have been DOWN. I didn't want to get up to pee, to shower, I tried to postpone the follow-up at Vanity, it's just been awful. I had Kayla, my caregiver pick me up a faja at the faja store down the street from Vanity, she convinced me that it would be cheaper since I need sleeves (arm lipo), well we discovered it was too tight, couldn't return it had blood on it, when and bought a larger one (2x), it fit well, peed on it, washed it, it shrank, not it's too damn tight, foam and board won't fit in. Mind you, these garments were $169 EACH. So here I am totally wasted $340!!! I knew should have followed my first instinct and bought from Vanity. The Vedette I tried on there seemed very comfortable (XL). I just went on Amazon and ordered one overnight to be delivered today. Damn...I'm so annoyed. I haven't had much of an appetite. I had a fever, and rapid hearbeat last night which I hear is normal. this morning I feel better and Im up out of the damn bed. I had my first shower and massage (Elsie) yesterday. It was decent. Looking forward to another one today. Taking a shower is a challenge but itmust be done. I haven't had a bowel movement yet either, taking the stool softeners Dr Fisher gave me...think I'll go get some milk of magnesia today. That has worked for me in the past. I'm not saying much yet about my experience at Kayla's. I'll review that later. I will say however, that I am very fortunate to have Angel the dog who checks on me EVERY morning and throughout the day. More pics to come!

5th & 6th Post-Op Days

Don't take Milk of Magnesia! Especially if you are wearing a challenging garment. WOOOOO! After the 3rd day with no BM I was desperate. So I'm still incredibly sore. I'm sure more so than most who haven't hD 2 or 3 different lipo surgeries. I had LOTS of scar tissue and Fisher warned that it would be difficult. He said I woujd DEF get Seroma if he didn't use drain! When I'm not moving I feel great! But getting myself up and down from lying position is hell! I've bern trying to walk more, that loosens me up temporarily. I've been getting massages every day and that helps with lumps. Ive been eating much less than I am used to. Fruit, yogurt, protein shakes, crackers, bAked chicken, veggies, Gatorade, vitamin water...that's realky about it. NO salt. I fly back home in 2 days, I'm still very concerned about blood clots. Fisher didn't seem concerned, suggested I take a baby aspirin, move around the plane, etc. well as we all know you just can't move around the plane when u feel like it!!

Too Many Small Yappy Lil Dogs in Miami!!

SOOOOOOOO ANNOYING. Can I take my walk in peace?!?!?!!!!

Naked Booty & Yappy Dog LOL

I'm bored and high on Vicodin. Getting drain out tomorrow. I've seen so many ladies complain about the drains..no big deal at all to me. Plus I was high risk for seroma so I'm grateful

Me and the Master Himself-Dr. Fisher

Follow up today, drain out, stitches out....Fisher says everything looks great! My blood pressure is up, 130/90..never have I had anything close to this. It stays around 117/78. Fisher tells me not to worry, the trauma of the whole ordeal could have caused it. I'll be monitoring closely the next few weeks.


I waited until my last day in Miami to do this because I know how important it is for us ladies to have a decent and trustworthy place to recover. Traveling along without someone who loves you to undergo such a painful ordeal can be terrifying! Whether we know it or not, our lives depend on these people who help us recover !

Kayla has a very nice 3-Br home in a very nice neighborhood. It is very clean, modern, quiet, and decorated tastefully. She has AC and will adjust the temp to suit you. I stayed in the master bed with a private bathroom. This couldn't have been more perfect for me. You have your choice to buy and prepare your own food, or at a small addl cost, Kayla will take care of your meals for you. Her kitchen is always stocked with healthy snacks, water and Gatorade. I thought I needed Kayla to prepare my meals but I had such a small appetite, she thought it best to pick up a few things from the store for me, and not charge me anything extra. That was very kind of her! Kayla encouraged me daily to eat right, drink and walk! I am stubborn. After surgery, Kayla made sure Ihad help using the bathroom, cleaning myself, in the shower, and she emptied my drain and changed the gauge regularly. When she wasn't immediately available, she had her assistant Elsie do it. Elsie is phenomenal! She will also give you a phenomenal massage with just the right pressure. My bathroom was cleaned every day with antibacterials, toilet, shower, everything. My linens and laundry were washed almost daily. Any supplies that I forgot, Kayla had; vitamins, gauze, neosporin, baby wipes.. I could go on!

Kayla made sure I got to the clinic promptly and ran my errands whenever needed. Kayla has 2 very adorable well mannered chihuahuas. She also has 2 quiet and very well mannered sons. You barely know they are there.

Overall I sm absolutely thrilled with the care at Kayla's , I stayed NINE whole days! She really cares, and is very knowledgable about this whole process. She was able to pick out garments for me and she even made a lower back triangle garment for me with her own 2 hands!! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND HER SERVICES! I would literally trust my own daughter here with Kayla!

????California Love???? Made it Home

Stressed all night about blood clots and barely got any sleep last night! Bummer! I'd planned to sleep most of the day and night prior to my flight home so that I could stay awake on the plane. Reading every article I could find on blood clots after surgery, flight too soon after surgery, etc. fisher didn't seem very concerned about it so I juse took an aspirin the day before my flight and an aspirin during. I also got up every hour to use the bathroom. I stayed in there about 10 min each time too! Stretching and marching in place. I didn't care who was waiting! I felt my survival depended on it!! Then when I got back to my "first class" seat (which I purchased as an aisle seat but turned out to be window, because AA decided to give us an old school plane instead of the new model advertised online when I booked my flight) I sat there and did foot, toe excercises, wiggled in my seat and did the funky chicken!! No shame!! I am trying to save my life!! After the 5+ hour flight, my boyfriend picked me up, all the while I'm listening closely to my body...listening for any symptoms of DVT/bloodclots, chest pains, breathing issues etc. things seem to be in order. I made an appt with my primary care doc do she can check all vitals, labs, blood pressure and possibly a venogram. PLEASE LADIES! do this for yourselves...go see your doc when you return home from these cosmetic procedures! These plastic surgeons aren't equipped to deal with some of the issues that may arise in our bodies as a result of these surgeries!

A new way to sit!

After a couple hours admiring myself in the mirror from different angles (I am very happy so far with my results), I came across this very comfortable way to sit in front of the TV! My back is on the couch with my ass hanging over the edge, then my legs are resting on a foot stool. Pillows propped under my head makes this really comfortable. I can easily sleep like this.

Post-op days 9-11

Whole lot goin on. Went to see my primary care doc to make sure everythang is everythang. Blood pressure is good again 104/68, instead of the 140/90 that I had at Vanity last Tues...then again I don't know about them. Should I trust the integrity of anything that goes on there? Had a venogram, NO CLOTS!!! Thank God, I was VERY concerned about that. So now after my clean bill of health, I feel free to move about the land!! I've been bad, not consistently wearing my foam and board, had a few glasses of wine, but still avoiding excess salt and carbs. Went to the mall yesterday and bought a cute skirt and "larger" size pants. I dont know how to accept this larger size. I was an 8-10 before surgery now I'm 10/12. Of course it's cuz of the ass. I bought 2 skirts, 1 size 10, the other 12. 2 pairs of slacks 10 & 12. I shouldve waited til my body settled in. I think I'll be a solid size 10. I am gettin around much better. Still really tight and sore. I'm due back at work in 2 days..not looking forward to it but hey, I love my job and I can be flexible. IVe been bad about sitting too!!! I'm working on that! I don't want to have to see Fisher for another fill-in.

Cute Skirt

Pics didn't post

Post-op Day 19

Tomorrow starts my 2nd week back at work. All last week at work I was exhausted, doing the bare minimum, practically useless. I feel like I have more energy now. I started taking pur-absorb and EmergenC to replenish the blood, minerals & nutrients that my body lost during and after surgery. I'm still incredibly TIGHT around the lipo'd area. My torso feels like a vice grip is wrapped around it. I get stiff and sore any time I sit still for more than a few minutes. I start endermologie massages tomorrow. It will be my 1st massage since I left Miami 3/4. Dr Fisher told me not to get a massage until 10 days after my drain was removed. So far I am happy with results. My tummy is flat, waist is small except for a lump that I'm sure will dissipate with regular massage. I only wanted my butt rounded out at the bottom and if def looks better than it did pre-op. I believe it will look even better as I continue to heal and things soften up.

Before And After

Not too bad...a little rounder. I really didn't want much more volume at the top.

6 weeks post op

Hello Dolls!! It's been awhile. I've been working hard and in the process of moving. We all know how STRESSFUL moving is!! Well I'll make it brief. The booty is doing well. As u mentioned before, fisher did only what I asked..round it out a little at the bottom, I didn't want anything Added to the top. I think I would have liked it a little rounder but I didn't have much fat to work with due to all the scar tissue from my prior lipo. He did snatch the hell out of my waist and I am STILL FEELING IT! my sides and abdomen still are VERY SORE! I get extremely tight and uncomfortable in those areas. I get endermologie twice a week and massage myself with arnica cream for temporary relief. Here are a few pics in clothes. I'll take some nudes soon..overall I'm happy with fisher. I thought about mcadoo, his buts look decent, some a bit too bubbly and unconvincing. His lipo is inconsistent as well. Seems to leave a lot of fat in the tummies I've seen. oh well, NO MORE SURGERY FOR ME.

3 months post-op

Still fighting swelling, stiffness, soreness and fluid retention but overall still satisfied. Wish there was more of a cuff but he didnt think i could get the cuff i wanted because of my natural shape, or lack thereof.

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