41 Yr Old Mother of 2 with Huge Breast, Major Love Handles, and No Butt. Miami, FL

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I am 5'8 and weight 190lbs. I have huge breast...

I am 5'8 and weight 190lbs. I have huge breast (42H) and have hated my body since birth...LOL. I have stalked this site for years and have finally decided to do something for me.....change what i do not like about my body. I am excited, i have already chosen a doctor (Fisher) and will be staying at the Vanity Recovery House.....purchased my packasge (with United).... just waiting on my date to get transformed.

Here are my before pics.....can't wait for my transformation!

Looking for a place to stay....

Finally have a set date.....02/27/15! My mother and my aunt want to go with me (what a blessing). Trying to find a reasonable, clean place to stay where we can all be together. Any suggestions with pics from vets would be appreciated!

Change of coordinators

As you all know...dealing with Vanity, can be a headache. I had to change my coordinators....and now things are moving rather smoothly. So...don't be afraid to ask for a new coordinator if your questions are not being answered. I waited for over 2 weeks for my old coordinator to work out somethings that my new coordinator was able to work out in 30 minutes.

More details finalized

So i have decided to just stay at the Extended Stay....reservation complete. Round trip flights paid for and confirmed. Just paid my deposit to get massages with Marian. Now i need to get on the shopping for necessary supplies....time is moving so fast!

12 Days and counting.........

JC Penny's had a great sale yesterday on underwear, cheekies, thongs and boy shorts....got about 30 pair in different sizes as i am unsure what size i will be after i get this new booty! Just paid for my final order from Amazon. Went ahead and ordered the lipo boards and arnica cream and gel, p-ez, chucks and raw cocoa butter! Heading to wally world tonight to buy the neosporin and maxi pads. I have plenty of maxi dresses from my trip to Jamaica last summer.

Right now i am a bag of mixed greens. One day i am excited and can't wait...the next day i am crying and can't believe i have spent all of this money and the next worried that my results will not be as good as all the other vets that have already had the surgery. You know how it is you read a few bad stories and assume that will be you...since i do not normally have good luck. But i am determined to stay positive...which may mean staying off of this site for while....but i am so addicted. RS puts me to sleep every night!


Of course as we all know....got a call late Wednesday evening from Yiselle (Dr. Fisher asst) stating that i needed to have a medical clearance from my PCP and an EKG. Besides the fact that i live in an area of the country currently on lock down to the winter storms, why are you just now telling me this. I explained that i asked this very question (to both my old and new coordinator) and was told it was not needed. I even have it in writing as RS has already showed the true colors of Vanity staff. So of course, Yiselle stated she would work it out with my PCP and call me back on Thursday morning. She did not, so i called her at 5:36 and she stated she was too busy and did not get to it, but it would be done the first thing Friday morning. Not wiling to waist my time since my surgery has already been paid in full...i called my PCP myself. It is Saturday and i still have not heard from Yiselle, so i called Vanity myself today and of course Yiselle is out.....

My nerves are a on 10. I quite smoking a few weeks ago (specifically for this surgery) so i am eating everything in sight and this extra stress is not helping. I will now only salad and steak for the rest of this week to ensure i am not over my BMI.

Please keep me in prayer that i concur this challenge as i only want Dr. Fisher.....

I also planned on only taking maxi dresses to FL....but i am bringing the cold weather to Fl with me so i need to shop for some warmer clothing for use after my SX.


Transformation is complete. Not as painful as i expected. My waist and back are snatched....the verdict is still out on my ass! Fisher said i had "good skin" which would not allow much fat to be inserted. My emotions are all over the place right now. Will post pics later!

Praising God i made it through safely.....and i will continue to pray for those preparing for their transformation.

2 days post

Faja store

Help Miami vets....looking for the Faja store near Vanity so i can buy my next garment. Can u advise me the name or address?

Thanks Dolls!

Not too bad

Last night was ruff...but after my massage felt better. Maria explained that i was n so much pain b/c of the extra fluid. She was closed on Sunday. After she drained me (so so painful) i was able to have a #2. By then i was exhausted.

Did want to share that i went to my follow up on Sat morning with Fisher assistant....no discussion of foam placement or the marble in the belly button. Maria went above and beyond to show me how to place the foams and gave me a marble. She is the best!

Last Days n Miami......

Had my drain and stiches removed today. Had my final massage....and Thank God b/c mother nature also came today. Now my pain/uncomfortability is menstrual cramps. Glad to b going home...really miss my kids and my puppy! Please pray for safe travels home for me as I am leaving 80 degree weather heading into 10-13 inches of snow.

5 day post op pics during my message

Safely Home

The air ride home was the worst part of my ordeal. I had the letter from Vanity/Dr. Fisher to give to the airplane crew however Fisher did not sign it so they would not use it. Full flight both planes and a lot of turbulence so unable to stand or lay while in flight. I did have my bbl pillow (which Fisher is totally against it) but it was not comfortable. As Fisher states, it cuts off ur circulation. Was n the airport from 7am-4:30 pm....by the time i made it home i could barely move. Just now feeling well enough to make new post.

Ohh...since some of my pics from 5 day post op did not upload....uploading them again today.

Feeling pretty good....

Feeling pretty damn good! Just can't wait to sit on this new booty. Here are some pics from today.....praying i maintain this volume in butt and hips.

Thanks for all the well wishes and Happy Healing to those still n recovery!


Ok....vets, need some insite the itching is terrible. And this occurs mostly at night before going to sleep. I use the Arnica cream and even bought some benadryl cream last night to no avail. How have you handled the itching?

Ohh, i failed to mention that i got 1350 CC's in each cheek!


Since Dr. FISHER stated i could sit after 14 days....i did it today...wew! Let me say it is very very painful! While using the boppie i am still n so much pain.....i am suppose to start work on Monday. I have a sit down job.....Jesus take the wheel.......

Back at work

Hey Dolls, started back to work 2 days ago....and it was not bad at all. Actually i think it has been helpful n my recovery b/c i am staying busy and not focusing on my recovery. I alternate between my boppie and bbl pillow....since my legs go numb aftet sitting with either to long. Nothing but positive comments from my co-workers (I think they are more excited than me..lol). Had my first massage today since returning home, it was awesome (not as good as n Miami, but better than none at all). Not much change in my bootay.....


Hello Dolls,
Hope all is well with those preparing for or in recovery from their transformation. As for me, i am well. I have lost a lot of volume.....but it still looks good. My bootay looks natural on me for my body style....meaning having these chicken legs.
I quit wearing my garments at 6 weeks. Currently i wear a torsett all day at work and wear my waist trainer when i get home until time for bed. I have not ventured out on the town yet; just work and back home. I still swell a lot around the lower abdomen and back. Still getting my massages, and still sitting on my boppie or bbl pillow. For me, it still hurts to sit without any cushion.
My Bae loves the body and will not let me out of his site...when I'm not working. As much as he was against it initially....he is ALL in now....lol!
My bootay is not as big as i wanted it, but i look 1 million times better than i did!

Finally, a call from Vanity

I must be honest and say i was bothered by the fact that i had had surgery and no one called to check on me. Even after having my tooth pulled the doctor called on a Saturday night to see how i was doing. So i had postponed writing my full review, and holding on to some disappointment that they did not care enough about me to check on me. Well i got the call last week. I am feeling fine.....but just wanted to know i was more than some $$$ and that they (Vanity) actually cared about their patients. We all know that these are not calls that doctors actually make. So, now i can say i am pleased.....even with Vanity. So after reading all the bad reviews about Vanity; it's all about you taking control of the situation. Keep them on their toes. RS has helped me do this....cause there are some things that you would never know to ask or follow up on. We already know Fisher is the bomb.com so all the complaints were with Vanity. Happy healing!


Hey Dolls, enjoyed an evening on the town last night....all eyes on me. I didn't get a back side pic, but they say she was giggling. She was definitely feeling herself.....in more ways than 1....lol!
Happy healing dolls....I have no complaints as i am healing perfectly.

Loving the improved me

Hey Dolls, sorry i have not kept you all updated.....just so many good things happening thanks to my awesome transformation!
I have lost some of the butt, but by far better than were i started!

Loving the improved me.....

Hey Dolls! Sorry i have not kept you all updated.....just so many good things have happening thanks to my awesome transformation.
I have lost some inches, but by far better than were i started.
Here are some pics from my vacation in The Dominican Republic
Miami Plastic Surgeon

I wanted to wait until my body healed some before making my full review. I had my transformation on 02/27/15. I met with Dr. Fisher on 02/26/15. He was awesome and very informative. My mother and my aunt traveled with me and was there for the consultation. My mother is a nurse and although she was skeptical about me having this procedure, after meeting with Dr. Fisher she was at ease. Dr. Fisher explained that since i was so flat, i might need to come in for a round 2 to get projection on my bootay. But, to God be the glory.....I look good! So i must say it turned out better than even Dr. Fisher predicted. I was not a fan of Vanity initially as my coordinator had dropped the ball. Vanity had also changed their policy on dealing with care credit and referred me to another credit company. However Vanity and this credit company had not worked out the legalities so there were a few issues. But once i changed coordinator's and just got a loan from a bank....things progressed smoothly. I love my body. I love my shape. I love Dr. Fisher and i can attest to the fact that he is a miracle worker; cause he worked a miracle on this body messed up from birth. The only thing that i think can be improved on is the after care guidance. I think Vanity could do a tip sheet on some of the common question that would be beneficial to us all. For example, when to change to the next garment, how long to wear the garment, how long to sit with a pillow, when you can stop using the pillow. RS helped me through the process and if i did not have this option, i am sure i would have been lost or made some major errors in my after care. Vanity has earned the lower rankings below; not Dr. Fisher. I have explained the payment fiasco, and not getting my questions answered timely from the first coordinator. And not getting a call or email from anyone at Vanity until last week. I think they should check on out of town patients within 2 weeks of their arrival to their home state. But ultimately, i would give this entire process a 10 because they turned me into a 10! #HAPPYHEALING #TEAMFISHER

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
4 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
3 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
4 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
3 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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