Loving the new me

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People always saying you don't need a bbl, your...

People always saying you don't need a bbl, your body is perfect or I wish I was your size but no one would ever understand how I feel. I've learned a lot of tricks over the years on how to hide my rolllllllls of fat and I'm sick of hiding. I want to wear a swimsuit without having to put a coverup over it, a dress without a little jacket and hick I want to put on a backless shirt without worrying about my back fat!!!!!!

40 more days in this body

Lord I pray Dr Osak Omulepu can fix it


Won't he do it...? YES LORD


My wish


My wish

Omg this is what I want

Please let my body come out like this :-D :-P

yes lord

Soon will be me

so ready

Waiting on a couple more things in the ma

my count down begins

May 31 I'll be on a plane to Miami.... June 1st my friends and I will be in our new bodies....

my favorite

This is the look I'm going for

lab work tomorrow morning!!

The count down truly begins..June 1st I'm so ready for you to come..


Omg 26 more days.... I'm starting to get very nervous.. I can't stop thinking about this bbl... Omg I'm getting scared

I'm cleared

Yes, yes,yes

I'm cleared

..I'm cleared... 24 days to go...

last bit

I believe I have everything that I need for my aunt and I

wishes, wishes

More wishes


16 more days until we leave for Miami... For some reason I'm.getting scared.. I can't sleep because I keep thinking about what can go wrong.. Lord please be with me..I have 4 little boys to be here for, I really want my bbl.. Why am I getting scared now??? Have anyone else on here felt like this????!!


Omg we will be in Miami in 13 days.... Time is going by so fast.... I'm excited and nervous

only my fiance

So my fiance sends me this picture, talking about you might want to go get my money back.... Wdh ever.... I told him I don't care who ever this female is will heal... I'm nervous but he is not about to change my mind for nothing... Smh


Wow! I've been waking up at 2am lately knowing I have to be to work at 630am...all I think about is this procedure...what if one cheek is bigger than the other, will my butt be the right size, will he suck out enough fat from my back, will my hips and stomach look right... Ugh I feel like I'm going crazy about this bbl..have any of you felt like this as it got closer to you get your bbl????????


Me on the right, what I want on the left.... Do anyone know this doll's name???? Really want to see how she looks from the front... She went to Dr Osak

I love my bestfriend

Lord knows I wouldn't be able to go through this without my bestfriends support... I'm so happy we are going through this together... I know it's alot to deal with when you're going through something like this,so if you ladies can find someone to go with you, I'm telling you it would help you through this..

Omg you have too

Omg ladies you have to go follow Atlanta PYT

loving K Michelle's new look

Looks like K Michelle had some work done.. I'm loving her new look..


Excited and nervous

helpful information....

As you can see I haven't been sleeping much...... Anyway. Here's some tips..... You want to start taking Fish Oil, Vitamin C,B12,Women's 1 a Day and at least 3 iron pills.. Remember 2 weeks before your sx only take iron nothing but iron, orange juice and water.. Oh 325/500 mg of iron in the last 2 weeks.... These are all the items I have... Foam roller,eucerin-repair lotion,arnicare gal,enemas, clear tape, gauze pads,alcohol swabs, bandages, Tylenol, compression socks, an extra compression garment, aceite de Rosa mosqueta, benadryl, peroxide, pineapple enzyme pills, stool softener,bobby pillow, pee ez, feminine wipes, cotton swads. Ivory soap, always ultra thin pads, neosporin, arnica Montana pills and 2abdominal boards...hope this helps


K Michelle

I loving K Michelle's new look

might be

Might be my new wish


I need hips


More booty booty

getting in shape

I started this workout for better results... I'm already seeing a difference

can't wait

Can't wait to see the new me

7 more days

In 7 days I'll be complete...... Out with the old booty and in with Ms NEW BOOTY..


My anxiety level is at 1000...I can't sleep. All I'm thinking about is this bbl... I keep reading other dolls pages and seeing all this stuff that went wrong.. Smh l almost called and cancel today but I thought about the advice I just gave to one of my co worker's Friday.... You only have one life, so do what makes you happy... I really want to see my shape again but I also want to be here for my kids.. My emotions are all over the place right now..

where are you

Omg sleep where are you??????????


MONDAY IS 3 DAYS AWAY.... I'll be on a plane to Miami Sunday morning!!!!!

we'll be on a plane at 12am today

WOW!! Our sx is tomorrow.. We pick up our meds from publix as soon as we get in at 3....Karla dorp it off for us Friday and she has someone name Pablo picking us up from the airport... My bestfriend sx starts at 10:3am,mines start at 1:30pm and my aunt's is at 4:30..Karla told us we will have to drive together, I guess to save on gas.. I'm fine with that because we are each others support... We set up our massages for Tuesday and Wednesday... I guess we are ready.... Please pray for us Dolls:-)

we are here

We made it safely.... It's 3 other girls here and they are so cool... Well ladies we will have new bootys tomorrow..

recovery house

We all are in one room, which is cool I love these girls...... And at least we have our own restroom

recovery house

karla recovery house


Waiting room at Spectrum-Aesthetics


Here we go

not sure why these didn't upload

Spectrum office


I got a bigggggggg booty...lol

spectrum office

Spectrum-Aesthetics office

karla recovery house

recovery house

my bestfriend

She took her shower first... Oh he did that

karla recovery house

Our care taker Dagmi is so awesome.. She's such a beautiful person...


My butt has a mind of its own... Lol

my aunt

My aunt was like if you take a picture of me I'll break your phone and buy you another one.. So no pictures please... Anywho I still took one


Feel so good to be home


The swelling is going down.. I'm so loving my new body since my fat rolllllllls are leaving... My butt is still huge though!!!

day 4

Before picture 1st, day of my sx picture 2nd and 4 days after my sx 3rd picture...can yall see the difference?????

Day 4

Before is the 1st picture,day of my sx is the 2nd picture and 4 days after my sx is my 3rd picture... Do you dolls see a difference??????!


Hopefully the rest of this back fat is just from swelling of


Ready for the swelling to go

can't wait for the swelling to go

Hi ladies!!! I so happy with my new booty but I can't wait for the swelling to go down.. By back looks the best it's ever looked I'm my whole life but I was hoping to see no rolllllllls at all. Even know they are very small I want them gone by my wedding so if there not completely gone I'm 3 months I'm going back for another bbl..a little more hips and no back rolls. I want to wear a backless dress on my wedding say..can anyone of you dolls let me know how long it took for the swelling to go down??????

lower back

Omg ladies my lower back is itching like crazy... I have to get in the shower and put the water on as hot as I can take it... I can't even explain how good it makes it feel.. Iv been in the shower 6 times already today!!!


Hi doll's I still have a little more hips, not as much as I thought I was going to get and my butt is starting to look the same way it looked before my bbl.it just look like I got hips added..I called spectrum today to see what they can do but haven't heard anything back from them.. Have any of you experience this?

am I tripping

Does my butt looks the same, just with a little more hips??? Am I tripping?

waist trainer

Slept in my waist trainer last night.. And I just ordered my 2nd stage garment.... Hopefully it makes my back looks like I want it because if it's not right by September I'm going back with my aunt and mom...they are getting tummy tucks

looking better

feeling myself yesterday

still swollen

So far so good

booty booty booty rocking every where

Can't wait for all the swelling to go down

done with hiding

I'm done with hiding myself from you ladies. We are all going through the same thing. I was feeling myself at work today.. Going back for my touch up in September

past few days

Past few days I haven't been feeling well. All I've been doing is.sleeping.. I think I went back to work to soon.. I feel so swollen

10 days after sx

For some reason the site wouldn't let me on...hi ladies

He's the best and very funny

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