29 Year Old Looking to Enhance All my Beauty with A Big Ghetto Booty. Going down in June 2016

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I am looking to feel better about me. When I was...

I am looking to feel better about me. When I was you get I had this big butt that was amazing but I got taller and my Ass got flatter I got BBL done not happy with results at all. I was looking for fullness on mid and bottom butt, howerve all I got was upper shelf look and I hate it and I asked the surgeon not to give me the shelf look. Nevertheless I am going for round 2 with Doctor Fisher in Miami. He looked at me and assured me he can get results I'm wanting. I don't want a Kim K ass I just want some side projection, I don't want hips I don't want my butt any wider I just want projection. I believe Doctor Fisher can do this . I plan on going in late May 2015. I'm paying little by little. So I will be posting pics and last time I didn't post wish pics but this go around I am.

Soooo Anxious

Even tho it's early I am so excited to be getting this done. Lesson learned from before, just keep thinking about how much better I'm going to feel about me. Dr. Fisher should be the king of BBLs because I see so many reviews and ppictures of his work than anyone else. I mean in the USA, plus he does hold the record for the most BBLs in the US. I have seen so many people go to him with great results whether it be first round or second round, the results are pleasing. My coordinator is Mageret Gil and so far so good.

Hope i dont stroke out....

Well I can't seem to find any wish pics. I just want to be filled out more rounded and more projection. I don't want anymore hips I have them it's booty I don't have. I'm thinking May will be good for me. I have paid a little bit of money to Vanity and it's been taken out my account and they are saying they can't find it. I sent through PayPal link as I was told. Anyway I hope I don't stroke out I'm too excited for it to be so far away. Keeping my dolls updated and girls hit me up I need all the advice I can get. Anybody know where I can get a BBL butt out chair???

Quest to get Iron levels up!!!

So I sent labs and release from my pcp to Dr. Fisher office with my doctor of 11 years permission to do cosmetic surgery EKG and Hemoglobin 11.7 I was told I need to get it to 12. In order to get surgery. I was sad cause my hemoglobin is never ever more than that but I was also happy because I ain't scheduled til next year ,so that gives me time to get my levels up. I am anemic not severely not moderately but mildly. I have been taking Pur-Absorb only for about a week so I don't know anything for sure about if it's working. I was prescribed (preque10) from my PCP to get better nutrition antioxidants and most importantly Carbonyl Iron. Mine is a script but they have over the counter carbonyl iron it's called (Feosol) it is absorbed easily by the body at a natural rate but the exception is you get the full daily value not just a percent like other irons. We will see I will keep updating. Hope all you dolls to be are doing well.

really thick small waist....

I love the shape and thickness. What do you all think?

How I want it!

This is a pic of me that I retouched on a phone app.

Please help dolls???

For those of you who did BBL with Dr. Fisher, I got full body Lipo witch is upper back and lower back upper abdomen and lower abdomen. They my coordinator told my that means he will Lipo clear of to my neck... Okay so has anyone had their entire back included in their BBL???? I mean the whole entire back??? If so please tell me what your experience was and how you kept swelling down? The BBL normally includes bra line down but I got the one that does entiure back. Help me out ladies.

Vedettes to use after BBL/ Fajahs

Here are 4 that I have, 2 of them were from when I had first BBL

I wish I wish I wish

I want this kind of projection.

Anybody out there that used Mel Ortega for BBL???

Hey if anyone has any info on Mel Ortega and McAdoo for BBL please share with me, I don't think I'm going to be able to get Dr. Fisher as my weight is too much and I have no plans at all to loose as much as they asked me to loose. Anyway if anyone has opinions please hello me out good or bad just give me reasons. Thank you fellow dolls...


Ok so I was told that Dr. McAdoo does BBL and I have been looking for his work I could not find enough info on him. A few ladies on RS but not very many and most didn't post pictures. I saw some on Vanity web site and his work really ain't bad. The girls that it showed did have amazing results if I do say so myself. He also has 18 years experience but he is with Vanity now so he isn't authorized to show the work he did previous to working for Vanity. I don't know what I'm going to do because I don't want to be writing a review about a 3rd BBL. Anyway dolls he starts off giving full BBL witch is abs, flanks, upper and lower back and upper Abs too for $3500.00. I still want to see more results before I make that big choice. If anybody has any info please post.

Might Be Dr. McAdoo yall ??????????????????

Wow well my mind is officially at ease with Dr. McAdoos work. I have no doubt he can and will give me the results I so desire. Wow Magaret Gil my coordinator went into long detail about all 3 doctors and my mind is at ease plus the pictures I've seen are great. Either doctor I choose whether it be Fisher or McAdoo I feel in my heart I will be happy. I'm so excited dolls.

fiercely Fisher doll or magnificent McAdoll

Well what to do I have to loose so much weight for Fisher and I don't know where that good fat will come from if I loose too much as I had vaser Lipo on my abdomen b4 so I don't know how much is actually viable fat and just skin. McAdoo said he can definitely produce the results I'm so eager to have but Fisher said it too and doctor Hasan. They all went over my pics. I sent in very in Def pictures and I drew on them what I wanted so all the Doctors claim they can do it. They say in fact since its my second there are no doubts I won't get the results I want. I know I'm a bigger girl but I really don't want to be slim I'm healthy I work out I don't have high blood pressure I ain't prone to diabetes. I carry my weight very well. I can loose the weight yes but I will just gain it all back. For some reason my body don't like being slim. I hate to loose weight get a booty gain weight back plus all that Ass will get bigger too. Lol I want to loose some weight but not too much. Every body is different and I guess I have to decide between Magnificent McAdoll or Fiercely Fisher doll???

My choice is to be a Magnificent McAdoll

I love the results I have seen so far from Dr. James McAdoo, he is great as all my post states. I have asked Margaret my Vanity coordinator so many questions it's ridiculous lol. She's great girls and she is one of the honest one too.

6 months away dolls......

I am 6 months away and still liking for people who have underwent BBL surgery with Dr. McAdoo so if any body has inbox me. I have 2 children and I plan on having more so no tummy tuck. I want a butt with projection, I have had a BBL before and want projection from the side it's wide from the back I have a shelf and that's not what I wanted. Anyway. I'm looking forward to reading reviews and getting advice from everyone one I only ask that your comments be informative if it's negative. We are here for support and to help not to tear down each other.

BBL soon to be dolls hit me up lets support each others journeys.

Chyna1984....Sureucan....Bumbum33....Jaylegacy....allaboutme2015....sexeenangel....hourglassdiva....greencurlz....MiaMi35....bootyandbeauty....calibomb....hot girl2be....Empress85....sexyryder....DeliverusfromE....BBLDollie....evonne819.... Girls I hope you don't get mad at me but you all are beautiful and don't ever think you aren't. We got tall sexy thick gorgeous funny, big boned, chubby, radiant, slim, short, medium, heavyset, fine lovely lively women on here, and I am following your enhancement to that beauty journeys. Merry Christmas to all my beautiful ladies and dolls.

Why I Choose Dr. James McAdoo? (Manificent McAdoll)

Girls there are pics of Dr. McAdoos work look up Dr.McAdoo on this site there is a girl who had surgery just 7 days ago n damn her Ass is out there. When Fisher dolls go to Vanity they see McAdoo dolls and post what they seen. I ain't heard on bad review yet. In fact people switching. Girls he has a labtop with all his BBLs in them he can't post them do to contractual issues with past places he performed the surgeries but girl I'm telling you. Keep looking dolls $3500.00 BBL Dr McAdoo. why I trust my decision, Girls because he does his shit lol. He hadn't been at Vanity that long but he has worked in different places he can't post his past work on the internet because he had a contract to only post where he worked at the time. I choose him because I have literally talked to 9 people who was more than glad they went to Dr. McAdoo. I have been sent private pics of his work. I have seen b4 pics of his work and after. Not to mention all the girls that went to Vanity and seen Dr. McAdoo work and posted what they seen. I really trust he is honest and will give me what I desire. He really listens to you and he will be honest with you too. He doesn't make you feel rushed and he will strait up tell you no if he can't give you what exactly you want, but he will tell you what he can realistically give you. Plus I'm not thinking either and I really don't wanna loose much weight just to go to Dr. Fisher. I do want to loose about 30 pounds but Fisher wants me to loose about 55 I just am afraid I won't have enough fat to get the results I want if I loose 55 plus my belly is more skin than before because I've had vaser Lipo once already. But I honestly trust McAdoo.


Hey girls we all want to wear jeans that fit us just right. We all want to wear different style of jeans not just jeggings right? How many of you had problems getting your booty and hips in Jean after surgery? How many of you just started wearing stretch jeans or leggings? How man of you get frustrated because you find a great pair of jeans that fit everywhere but the waistline, then it gaps in the back? Well just for reference I have tried all these jeans and they are awesome some expensive some good prices. The fit for 95% of these jeans are flat on the lower back, coverage with no capping, fitted in the thighs, accentuate all curves, and a perfect fit in the waist.
1. Ariya curvy jeans
2. Forever 21 skinny jeans plus
3. PZI jeans and u can customize these.
4. Apple Bottoms
5. Silver Jeans Company curvy or one size up from normal size with stretch.
6. Levi Curve I.D (supreme curve) fits big booty, or above average booty, hips, thighs no gap in back and perfect waist.
Hope this helps if all else on a budget ladies Burlington Coat Factory is a good place to find jeans for full curves.

how i carry my weight

I am 243 on this picture no photo shop just me I'm a size 14 no booty lol I will get down to 215 220 lbs b4 surgery I just don't want to loose out my personal comfort zone...

HELP ME OUT DOLLS AND VETS......????????????

Hello all I hope everyonethat just recently had surgery is healing very well and getting better and all the rest that they need. I need some help so, I want to know what a Brazilian butt-lift pillow is? Is it any different from a Boppy pillow? Anyway I also heard something about a Brazilian butt lift chair, has anyone heard of this chair? If you have any information on these items will you please post or let me know? I would really appreciate any info anyone has. Also I am going in on Wednesday to get my iron levels and hemoglobin check wish me luck girls and dolls.

1 step closer to being a Magnificent McAdoll!!!

Hello dolls. I want to congratulate all the recent BBL Honeys, and all my beautiful (Magnificent McAdolls) Blackchyna your booty is coming along great I am definitely following you. Anyway I'm too excited I got $3000.00 dollars of my $4000.00 paid off I can officially set a date now. I also want to mention to you ladies Vanity does financing in house now, so you all may give it a try. I been working so hard lately and it's paying off. Not much new going on, I still didn't go in to the doctor ugh my own fault I started school and hadn't went in. So much to do. It's funny how something seems so far away but then it just pops up on you lol. Here it is February almost gees times going by. Shout out to SexeenAngel and support for her book. Chyna1984, sureucan hit me up. God bless and be with you all, I will update tomm with my official date. God made us in his image let's do what we can to empower each other and promote great self-esteem.

ok Magnificent McAdolls help me out.

Can we use our own garments for BBL or if not can you help me by letting me know what vanity or Dr McAdoo wants to be used? I want a a Columbian fajah but they may not like them for surgery.

Magnificent McAdoll coming June 3rd 2015

My date is set, I got my hotels booked, I am just waiting to get all my supplies and loose about 10 more pounds. I'm so excited I hope to see some of my RS sisters when I go, sucks I'm going in June but I'll be off work, and I am making a vacation out of it lol. So girls June 3rd is my date with the (Magnificent McAdoo) himself. Now I gotta get to Dr. To see where my iron level is and then go from there.

What I have left to buy.

So I have my maxi dresses, my leggings, my, shower curtain(for bleeding out) I have my vitamins, my arthritis strength Tylenol, my sandals, my hair style picked out, my absorbant pads, my arnica plus vitamin K lotions, and my Lipo foam pads. I do not have my fajas witch mostly will be black, I dont really know what faja to get. I am waiting to see what my weight and size will be in lat April before I buy more fajas. I have some they fit comfortable but I don't know if they gonna work as I'm smaller then when I got them last go around. I don't want pressure on my butt however I think butt out so early after surgery isn't good either. I also have all the anti-itching lotions too. I will buy scared creams and neosporin later down the line. Any help will be useful if I need to get more, just getting stuff bit by bit til the end of April.... Love you girls I will post pics of maxi dresses I ordered in tall lengths.

Doctors appointment @3:30 p.m. Blood Work!!!!

Okay ladies so much has happened lately. I been doing a lot of thinking about maybe not having the BBL. I don't know what to do anymore, I really just wanted to fill in my dents with a bit more side projection. I keep thinking do I really want to put myself at risk and recovery again? Is my ass that bad? I just keep thinking I could have 4 grand to save to fix up my house or multiple other things. Then on the other side I look in the mirror and hate the dents and uneveness in my butt. I hate the boobs in my back lol. I go to check my blood tomm I probably won't have results til Monday ladies but it's crunch time, it's time to see if this iron is doing it's job. So nervous but so ready to know. I will say I have way more energy I am so much more alert and my concentration is amazing. I even breathe better now. I'm in Oklahoma so estimate what time I'll be at my Pcp. Ok God bless you all and to those recovering and are going in you are all on my mind and I pray that all my RS sisters get through this smoothly as possible. I'd better go for now.

Hgb results!!! IRON LEVELS....

Short and sweet.... My levels are all up but not enough. It's partially my fault I will admit I haven't been consistent. I also only been taking 25mgs found out I need more so more can absorb. Well I'm getting 324mg of ferrous fumerate. It has 106 mg elemental iron and absorb better and not harsh on the stomach, I will continue to take my pre1Q because my levels are all up... Hemoglobin 11.7 everything else is within .5 of being normal witch is great cause I was low on everything. I will get it checked in April 2015 hopefully that will give this super high dose time to work. Girls pray for me I am excited because a lot of my blood work is better then it's been in years. Ok dolls I will post soon.

Booty dreams

So I'm dreaming I have on a sexy hot pink bodycon dress with black heels omg (so not me) I'm a tom boy all day mostly but my ads is out there all you can see is my legs shoes and close up of my butt as I'm walking. I'm getting it too, I got this swirl in my hips, I got this walk down like I know I'm fine go on and look at me. I even flip my hair and wink a some guy who was staring at me, I got stares and looks and my ass was just the way I wanted. Great dream and first time I had one like this. I may add that my waist was smaller an I had a way smaller back, man I seriously woke up smiling. Just thought I'd share that dolls. Hope everyone is recovering well and I hope everyone is loving their bodies more and more.

Wheres the booty!???!???

Where is all the booty gone? Sad I swear one day it's out other days it's like this, wtf. Sigh I can't wait til June ladies.

i hope roynd 2 the fat takes and stays gees.

Here we go again. I just don't get it.

Vanity BS/Hemaglobin Iron update

Hey sexy and beautiful ladies and dolls. I hope everyone of my beautiful sisters are well, I miss chatting with my girls on here allaboutme2015 Sureucan, blackchyna spook many more. Well I had been asking my coordinator for a prescription to get my blood work done but it had to have Dr McAdoo name on it and I asked for her to send a request for clearance, I been asking now about 5 weeks. I was told I would get it asap, well my doctor is meticulous and he wants to make sure things go as planned and legit. I called asked for Dr. McAdoos assistant and got voicemail then my coordinator sent me an email of what she sent the assistant and what the assistant wrote back, long story short I never got my lab script or my clearance request. I started super early because I knew some bs like this was gonna happen. Granted my surgery is in June, yes but I want all my Ts crossed way before time so 3 days before I go to Florida I don't get that dreaded phone call to do something I should have been told about months ago. Anyway I reached out to my coordinator yesterday and she was pissed, she said the assistant assured her she would send me that stuff and would send it. I know it's true because the email Margaret sent to me with the assistants reply to Margaret. I didn't say anything more thinking I would get it eventually but I never did. Margaret jumped on it got it done and I'm hoping to hear from her this morning. She text me all night and was upset that this happen. She goes it no wonder Vanity gets these bad reviews Lol. I said if I don't hear something I will be requesting a refund and going with another office..... 5 weeks I been asking girls.... On a good note my CBC was good it was normal my hgb was finally 12.1 I was so happy and excited. They only gave me iron results tho. I hope everyone of you are well and loving yourselves more and more. God bless you all and hope to read your experiences and journeys.

Inner Thigh Lipo Question....

Okay dolls and vet dolls, I would like to know did you all see the results of the inner thighs? Are you getting good results, average results or no results??? Please help me out I hear people say it's totally not worth it, then I hear people say it's totally worth it. Can my beautiful dolls shed some light on inner thighs Lipo. Thank you in advance...

Going To Get All My Labs!!!!!!

Hello beauties, well I'm going in today to get my labs just to see where I am, I am getting the full work up lol... I'm nervous, they told me to do it so we know what to work on b4 it's time to do surgery... Okay so we will see, girls my sisters wish me luck in all categories. I will tell you all where I am with it all.

All these Feelings...

So dolls boost me up I keep thinking I don't want to do this I just keep feeling money could be spent on something on my house renovation.... Sigh you know what it is and always has been for me is(inadequacy) For years way before JLo way before Ass was phased like it is now I had problems with my self image after my curves went MIA. The truth of the matter is I had ass for days when I was 13 til like 17 then next thing I know it just got flatter and flatter. Girls what it is for me is me looking in the mirror at myself and seeing something sexy,beautiful and honestly someone that will get noticed at times. Am I alone beauties???? It's never been cause my spouse made me feel bad or what others have, it has always been me and how I have perceived myself since my ASS disappeared... Dolls my first go around I'm telling you from experience your self-esteem went way up, to the point where if my spouse looked at other beautiful women, it didn't bother me because I felt I was beautiful, sexy and I thought I was adequate finally... Didn't affect me nor hurt me that he was looking because I was no longer lacking in my own opinion. Anybody feel me? I want this for my own self image but at the same time is it worth it? I'm scared, nervous, and my mind keeps going in different directions. One day my butt looks out there and projected, then other times I see why I decided on round 2. I do have craters lol ( dents and things) from round one I want to fix, the Lipo on my belly, the upper back and of course if you look at my pics I point to parts of my body I need retouched. I promise to put more pics up like starting the end of April so you guys can see me. I also will add I gained a lot of weight over the last few months. I am in good spirits and all the dolls omg I haven't seen any bad results yet . allaboutme2015 girl you day is coming I can't wait for your day. I don't know what happened to our girl Sheridan but I pray all is well. My Fisher dolls, Lord you girls looking fine, you Hasanified barbies omg he knows how to sculpture a nice shapely big sexy ass.. ooooh I'm thinking if I was thinner I'd go with him. Jk Jk I'm a Magnificent McAdoo Doll. I'm so happy you girls are happy. I feel for one of our sisters that's been thru health problems then now she gotta deal with going to wound care and stuff, to that sister I hope she gets a partial refund from Fisher. Dolls keep in touch Hlfadzn where you at lol. If you read this can you please inbox me about your thigh Lipo, and how you like it.. peace love and happy healings to you all....

Magnificent McAdoo doll to be ( go big or nah??? ) Advise.......

Girls I am still so dang confused sometime my butt looks projected and sometimes it doesn't.. ahh my problem is I don't want to look big and fake. I want to feel in my dents and round it out and of course that projection from the side is what I'm after. So looking at my pictures what would my dolls choose???? Tell em go as big as possible or tell him be moderate but to make sure I have projection?? I hate my shelf. I feel its wide and kinda long, I dont want any hips at all just booty... Lol I just am afraid it will be too big rather than sexy projected and shapely. This is my round 2 I won't come back for round 3. On another note my girls RS sisters all who had surgery looking amazing. Itgirl dayummmm!!! Love your body... God bless you all, and good luck to the dolls about to have their BBL. Dolls on the other side happy healing to you all.

Up late (Future Magnificent McAdoo Doll). !!!!

Well beautiful dolls I'm up late tonight just envisioning my after body lol,I was also envisioning that beautiful saying those beautiful beaches and that warm beautiful weather. here lately in Oklahoma it has been getting warmer but nothing compares to that beautiful Miami Florida weather. We worry about the girls who are going into surgery in the next few days, I know it sounds silly for me to be worried about people who I don't know but we kind of have a family and a bond because we are all trying to make our selves beautiful. We have our own reasons but we also know we have a bond. I stay up and pray for the girls are about to go into surgery and I hope everything turns out the way the beautiful dolls hope. I was worried yesterday but I am content now I feel a lot better and I have I only have a few more hundred dollars to pay off my surgery completely. my surgical coordinator Margaret has not been in the office I guess, because I have been emailing her and I have not gotten any response yet. however I am getting response from vanity portal. I don't know if I like their new system or not do you girls like it? It seems like it has changed quite a bit lol I don't know I guess I'm just used to directly talking to my surgical coordinator. Well nothing much has changed I just hope that everything goes well for all of you and of course me keep all the girls in your prayers and keep me in your prayers and there's not much to update I did purchase from amazon.com some new medical supplies arnica gel,I already have the Arnica cream so I figured I'd better get the gel they say that absorbs better and helps with bruising better. just wanted to let all my dolls know that I am following your reviews I might not always have something to say but you better believe I am reading your review and I am going through it with you you all have a good day and a good night I will keep you posted.

Vanity Of Miami (Portal Drama.....)

Omg!!! Aggravated so I literally was trying to pay my final payment to vanity, and they sent a PayPal to me I then went in to pay it and I start getting email after email stating Vanity has cancelled their request for my last payment. Then all the payments I ever made was saying it was cancelled through PayPal. Drama, that portal craps is getting on my nerves. I was actually happy just emailing Margaret (my coordinator) when I needed something. Bah anyway I guess the whole PayPal system was shut down because I'm not the only patient this happened too.

Other note this is pissing me off on behalf of my Fisher Dolls. So March and April Dr. Fisher is taking vacations when he has surgery scheduled, WTF!!! Are you kidding me? You got all these patients scheduled in March and April and in the blink of an eye with no warning you take vacation? That to me is unethical and why would you just take off that way? People have booked flights, taken off work? Paid hotel bookings, and spent countless times getting their affairs in order for the surgery date they paid for and Dr. Fisher just takes vacation mind you not even warning his job first. To my Fisher Dolls I'm so very sorry if you got burned in that bs. Dr McAdoo and Hasan does great BBLs if you don't want to alter your life again for the surgery.

PayPal is shut down girls at Vanity, it may be days or weeks before we can pay thru PayPal again.... My RS sisters I hope all is well with you all happy healing to my dolls who just recently had that booty makeover... Shout out to my beauty (allaboutme2015) who just got her groove back n I do mean back... And (fattycakes2be) looking snatched baby girl happy healing to you all...

Not much going on.... Pics

Well girls not much going on here, just taking my iron and trying to loose weight again... I gained weight damn you know I am a bigger girls but the fat isn't plentiful on the areas I'm getting liposuction on. Anyway I think today was an ok day on my booty projection. Seems like it's good one day and not good the next. Still ain't got Vanity my last payment cause of there failed system. I'm possessing about that. I guess I can send a wire transfer but it's a hassle. I hope my dolls are well and I pray everyone is ok and healing well. I want you guys to tell me bout these booty pics... Okay guess I'll go for now.

Anybody going to sexy Miami this June to Vanity????

Hello dolls and soon to be big booty beauties, how is the healing going for my girls that just had surgery? My journey continues for better body and sexier derriere. Ugh its a process ladies you know just when I feel comfortable with Vanity some shit goes down. I still ain't made my last payment cause the PayPal system is screwed. I live in a small town and there is no bank of America here at all or close either. I feel healthy tho and I feel more energetic too. I had been feeling kinda wimpy the last 5 weeks, I didn't post because I didn't want anyone to get worried then I get more worried. Okay so just wondering if anyone will be doing surgery between June 2 and June 8 in Miami at Vanity? I'd love to see some of my dolls when I go there. I will be there 05-29-2015 to June 15, 2015. IMA be having the time of my life before surgery hoping to meet some nice dolls along the way. I tell you I'm not looking forward to healing during the hot months but its the only time I can get off. This journey takes a lot of planning and money, so I hope Vanity don't screw me over. So scared about being put to sleep again its kind of consuming me. Still debating size too, I sure hate to get a super huge ass and everybody just noticing wtf

OMG Dolls 56 More Days!!

Okay so I got 56 more days til my booty makeover lol, I have literaly been reading all the reviews and updates I can't name you all but I have been going down this list. Dr. McAdoo has posted some pictures and I must say I am not disappointed in any of the results. All of you look so wonderful, oh mamita you look divine, sexeen love reading anything you write. Allaboutme2015 God bless you girl n you look great how you healing doll? I will admit you all scaring me with the pain but I do have a high tolerance for pain. I will admit Im afraid of getting lipo burned because there are areas on me that is thardly no fat. Everything is Ok for now, my Doctor says he has no problems with me doing the surgery. Nothing really new going on except I had a pregnancy scare. Still wondering if I making the right choice for round 2. I just want the fat to stay. I keep thinking if I got back the fat I lost in round one I'd be happy and satisfied. I think if 650 ccs stayed I'd be happy. I have booty lol just no projection.

37 more days to Miami and 43 more til surgery...

Oh boy counting down. Its getting slightly real girls. Just trying to stay healthy and loose this damn weight I gained. Hope all is well with everyone.

The Rainy Blues.....

So its rainy season dolls, I keep worrying about Miami's weather when I get there. I also keep worrying about my invoice, I'm getting full upper back done but no flanks done yet it says on the invoice" bra line and flanks. Should I be worried? I had ask them to correct this several times but they won't. Should I tell them to write what I'm having done or refund me?? I don't want no more damn confusion. Its too damn exhausting trying to keep on people about their job. Anyway girls I hope everyone is healing well, I hope you girls getting that summer body ready for all to see... its our year ladies let's do this. God bless.

Back Ladies!!!!!

So got all my stuff still creams, fajas, deposit, hotel, everything just ready to get going. Super excited too.

Dr. James McAdoo is my doctor.

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