28 Years Old, One Child, Going with Dr. Fisher! Miami, FL

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I'm 5'2" 130lbs, looking for a flat stomach and...

I'm 5'2" 130lbs, looking for a flat stomach and more curves. I was originally going to with Dr. Fisher, but ultimately I decided to go with Dr. O. My coordinator has been great, she's responds quickly and she has answered all of my questions and concerns. I'm super nervous but excited. If anyone has any tips that would be great!

Wish Pics


Date Change

So I never continued to post because when I came in Feb to have my surgery with Dr. O it was an absolute nightmare. I'll save the details for a later post. Anyway I ended rescheduling with Dr. Fisher, whom I originally wanted in the first place so it all worked out in the end. Here are some pre op photos.

Day of surgery

So I was schedules for May 16 with Dr. Fisher. I was scheduled for 1:00pm. After completing all of my pre op paper I met with Dr. Fisher. He was so nice and so informative, he made me feel 100% at ease. I went in for surgery around 4 or 5. Waking up from the anesthesia was a little difficult, I was shaking really bad but the nurse helped me to calm down and another doll talked me through it and eventually I stopped shaking. The first night was really difficult as I was in a looooot of pain but eventually the pain meds started to kick in and the pain became bare able.

1 day post op

I woke up feeling great but as the day went on I began to get very sore and stiff. I went to vanity in the morning for a f/u and after that I went to Marion for my 1st massage. Marion was really sweet but the massage hurt like hell. I will say it was a lot faster than I expected and I felt some relief when I was done. I was finally able to take a shower after the massage and that felt great. Now here's where it gets hard. Putting the garment on with the foams was excruciating! Probably the worst pain I've felt so far. Hope no one is offended by my boobs and my who-ha...I didn't know the app to use to cover them.

1st day post op pics

Best Scar Cream

Hi dolls! So I'm going on two weeks post op and I just wanted some suggestions on which scar cream is best. My incisions are closed but I'll probably wait a few weeks to apply anything to them.

3 weeks Post Op

Hey dolls. So I'm almost one month post op and I'm happy with my results so far. The swelling has gone down significantly. I'm still wearing my garment but I have started to sit because of my job. I use the pillow when I'm feeling a little sore but I mostly sit without it. I still have lumps in my stomach but I've been massaging at home and I can always feel the difference after. I was getting a little scared because my hips and butt have gone down so much but I'm still happy with my shape. I'm hoping my waist gets a little smaller so that my hips look bigger.

More post op

3 weeks post op
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