6 weeks post op update Bbl Revision W/Dr Hasan Sept 30th - Miami, FL

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I've Been meaning to write my review from when I...

I've Been meaning to write my review from when I first started researching but never found the time. I started my research about 1 1/2 months ago and decided to go in for the kill. I contacted Vanity on 8/31/15 and sent my pictures etc.. I wanted to get my surgery done in September since it had the cheapest airfare I can find. Ana my coordinator told me they had 2 dates available which was Sept 23rd and 30th. I intially chose the 23rd but had to change it to the 30th due to work and I wanted that extra time to prepare myself for the surgery too. i had a bbl done about 3 years ago I do have a review on here for that one you can check out my profile for that one. This time around I wanted to do the bbl for a smaller waist I didn't want a bigger booty just a little bit extra and a little bit more on my hips to even it out but my main concern is getting that smaller waist because with my first bbl I never got the aggressive lipo that I wNted otherwise I wouldn't be writing this new review.

Pics day of surgery

Omg I've had this surgery before but damnnnnn this recovery was hardcore I woke up shivering like everyone and the nurse gave me a heated blanket I woke up on my stomach around 12 pm I went into surgery at 6:45 ish but I was at the clinic at 5:30 am as I was walking into the clinic another lady walked in at the same time and said she had a surgery with Hasan too I'm not sure what surgery she had though but she went first. Sorry I'm kinda telling my story backwards lol. Anyhow after I woke up and the nurse put the blanket on me I stopped shivering like 15 mins later then she helped me get into a wheel chair which was the hardest thing to do I was on so much friggin pain but once I was in the wheel chair she just rolled me over to a couch just to get out the wheelchair and get on the couch again hard as hell to do. So I managed to get on the couch in a kneeling position and I was just kneeling there for what felt like forever but I think it was like 10mins the nurse didn't even tell me what I was doing or what was going on, so when I had the strength to speak I asked umm can I go home cuz I was so weak and light headed the whole time on the couch and she said oh yes we are just waiting for your husband to pick you up and then she was like you want to call I said yes so she handed me my cell phone and I saw missed calls and texts from my husband asking if I was ok and he was getting worried. I called him telling him to pick me up with my shakey weak voice lol and he said ok he was just down the light. I was pissed cuz they didn't even call him to tell him I was out of surgery and ready to be picked up, damn it I was kneeling on that damn couch for no reason waiting for nothing. Ughhh that annoyed me, so my hubby arrived 7 mins later and I had to get wheelchaired out through the back and I layed down In The back seat of our rental thank god it had black seats cuz I leaked all over my maxi I had. Once I got back to the apartment we rented on south beach which I regret getting so far from the clinic, I knocked out. Oh yea when I was getting out of the car to walk into our place I literally shedded tears I was in so much pain and at that moment I was regretting ever doing this surgery. I guess I'm not as strong as I thought I would be since I knew what to expect since I've done it before, but I think this time around I was in more pain because dr Hasan did more aggressive lipo which i asked for. No pain no gain right.

October 1st

I was suppose to go back to the clinic the next October 1st for my post op visit at 10:30 am but I drained all night and was super weak I could barely get up to go use the restroom so I didn't go and they did call me later that evening they were doing a follow up call which was nice I told the girl I was in pain and couldn't make it in that day and she said that's fine and she will have Kayla dr Hasans assistant call me back to confirm a date to come in. So Kayla called me back and asked why I didn't go in and I said I was in pain and she said I know you are but you must come in tomorrow anytime before noon and I need to get up every hour and walk at least 5 to 10 mins.

October 2. 2nd day post op

Here are my 2 days post op pictures I did take a shower the night before but I couldn't manage to get my garment off below my hips so I just showered with it on and used a blow dryer to dry it. I was so light headed in the shower. I did go to the follow up visit and was seen my Kayla and she said everything was looking good I told her I didn't want to take my garment all the way off since I couldn't I don't even know how the hell they put it on me cuz my ass was wayyyyy to big to get it off. So she said its fine I can leave it half way on, she did have to drain me with a syringe on my right and left lower abs, I told her I was leaving on Tuesday so she said to come back on Monday to follow up and make sure I didn't get any more fluid buildup.

October 3rd 3 days post op

Since I just started doing my review today I will just write an entry for everyday leading up to today October 9th so kinda like a journal. So October 3rd I was tired of being sore and feeling sorry for myself so around 3 ish I said f this I'm going to try to get ready and go out and do a little sight seeing since I haven't even seen the beach since I been in Miami I landed on Tuesday sept 29 at 3:30 and went straight to vanity to sign my papers I made it to vanity at 5:30 pm oh yea once we landed it started raining hard as hell. So I wasn't able to see Miami at all that day and I was scheduled the next morning at 5;49 for surgery. Sorry I went backwards again. So I did manage to get ready and my gunny drove down two blocks to ocean drive we were staying in south beach so we weren't far from the beach I did that thinking I would be able to walk after surgery lol I was wrong, I only went out October 3rd and fro only 20 mins walk on the beach I was exhausted lol.

Sunday October 4th 4 days post op

I didn't do anything that day stayed in all day and slept lol and too lazy to even takes pictures of myself.

Monday October 5th 5 days post op

My last day in Miami, I was dreading having to sit on the 5 hour plane ride the next morning back home to Cali. I did go to my last post op visit with Kayla and she did have to drain me only on my left side and it was a little bit this time she said to call if I had any questions she was nice. When we left vanity I told hubby I wanted to at least try Cuban food before we leave Miami so we went to El Palacio de los jugos and ordered to go it was only like 5 mins away from vanity and it was bomb.

I flew home on October 6 Tuesday

1st time actually sitting on my butt sooooo uncomfortable the whole 5 hours home I did make a seat out of pool noodles and I sat on it on the plane the thing is I'm super short 5 feet even so my feet was dangling with the pool noodle seat so I couldn't even hold myself up with my thighs . Plus I had lipo foams on with my garment and felt so bulky and could barely move I was uncomfortable that within the last hour of the flight I couldn't take it and I went to the bathroom to take the lipo foams off cuz I felt so constricted in them that was a relief.

Here are my pictures today post op 9 days

Today I woke up not as swore and more energy I been taking one a day multi vitamins and iron pills cuz I want to get back to me already and I go back to work this Monday so I did practice my driving sitting on the pool noodle seat it wasn't so bad just hard for me to turn back to look when I'm backing up. I forgot to mention ladies please don't forget to take a stool softener omg!!!!!! I seriously thought I was going to die! I passed my first stool Sunday when I was 4 days post op and I was taking a stool softener since day 2 post op it didn't help it was hard to poo and only little balls came out sorry tmi. But after that day I figured I wouldn't be constipated anymore since I passed my first stool so I didn't take any more of the stool softener pills, boy was I wrong. After Sunday Wednesday was the next time o had to go this is the day I was sitting in the toilet regretting getting this surgery just cuz I couldn't poop, it felt like it was stuck and I just would not come out I felt like my inside was going to explode literally. I swear I sat on the toilet for 1 hour and 45 mins not even actually sitting I was half way standing and sitting on my thighs if that makes sense. It was sooo bad my legs were falling asleep and I finally said f this I have to stick a piece of soap up my ass cuz I remember my mom telling me to do that if I was ever constipated. So I violated myself lol and as soon as I put that little tiny piece of soap I swear it worked like a miracle! Everythang came out lol. Back to today I didn't wear my compression garment all day today I did wear a not so tight compression garment that only goes thigh to my waist. The compression garment I had since the surgery is a vedette and I had it on all night but it was so uncomfortable all night cuz the butt part is way to tight it leaves big round circles around my cheeks so I didn't wear it at all today and I plAn on getting another one that Doesn't have that circle on the butt. The waist part on it is perfect I just hate how the made the butt. I'm still swollen and hard I can't wait to find and get a lympathetic massage so my waist can go down more ....

6 weeks post op

Sorry I haven't been updating y'all,been super busy...but here are my progress pics over the past couple of weeks. Today marks exactly 6 weeks post op.

6 weeks post op update Bbl Revision W/Dr Hasan Sept 30th - Miami, FL

10/12/15 updated pics 1 month 2 weeks post op.
Miami Physician

I choose Dr Hasan based on other reviews I've seen on here and I like that he can contour your body. I can't say much about him personally since the first and last time I saw him was for only a brief 5 mins right before my surgery. But I guess his work speaks for itself.

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