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I have finally got the nerve to put down my $500...

I have finally got the nerve to put down my $500 deposit to lock in my BBL price. Looking for another Doll to hang out with while I'm recovering in Miami...Will anyone be having their procedure done around June 18, 2015 by Dr. Fisher or any other doctor at Vanity? Is a recovery house needed or a waste of money? If any Vets have any advice they would like to share it will be greatly appreciated.

New date... paid in full..

June 30th is my new offical date with Dr. Fisher. I hope something opens up before the 30th because my birthday is sooner after my surgery date. I don't want to be uncomfortable on my birthday. Someone may want to take me on a date and I dont want to have to bring a pillow to sit on lol However, it gives me more time to be nervous lol

Ready. .. or Not

I've been absent for a bit trying not to think about the procedure. I'm so thankful for this site letting me know Vanity customer service sucks but the doctors are still worth it. My surgery date is 9 days away and no one has called to let me know if they received my labs or if I should redo them. I've tried contacting Yolanda via email and phone. Ugh Once they get your money they ignore you. Any suggestions beauties?

Surgery Date

I have been silent for a couple months because I didn't want to stress myself out from being scared lol I'm so thankful for this website helping me along my journey. One week until my surgery date, and I decided to check with my recovery house to comfirm my stay. Well I found out prices went up on me over $20 per day smh I see some people do not believe in integrity. Oh well. The show must still go on so I will give Mayda Recovery House a call in the morning. I received a call this morning which confirmed my labs are good to go. I still want to see the results myself when I get there. If anyone will be in Fla 06/29 to 07/08 let me know.

Recovery House

I booked this recovery house 4 months ago and I decided to check on everything a week out. She let's me know her prices have gone up. Even though it happened after I agreed to pay one price. So now she doesn't want to refund my money. Really! ?

It is almost my turn...

Flying out tomorrow evening. Nervous is an understatement but I know I can't pray and worry. Anyone staying at Mayda Recovery House or having a surgery date of June 30th?

Mayda's Recovery House/Surgery Day

I could just hug and kiss Olga and Mayda right now. They are angels. Taking care of me as if I were their own child. Also, Christiana had surgery 3 days ago and she is a huge help. I'm blessed to have them around. I will update you ladies as soon as my medicine wears off because I would not send my enemy to Vanity's nurses. Dr. Fisher was amazing of course. However, sometimes the people you hang around can drag you down. I hope he finds another place soon to do his surgerys at.

I'm so over this garmet already ugh

How long is too long to keep your garment off? I feel like a turtle trapped in a shell. So before my massages I lay nake for about 30 mins to an hour before getting suited back up. This journey has been an easy experience for me (besides I hate the garment). No pain even after surgery. Alittle difficulty getting comfortable sleepy but no pain.


Ladies where is the best place to get a massage and what kind of massage do I ask for? I'm back home now and need a massage.
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