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After 2 years of lurking on realself I have...

After 2 years of lurking on realself I have finally found two doctors. Dr. fisher and Dr. Salzhauer both in Miami Florida. I have chosen to go with Dr. Fisher I am waiting to hear back from my coordinator on whats the next step. She gave me pricing and information but I have lot of questions. I sent in my photos and filled out my evaluation. She said she will review the information with Dr. Fisher and get back to me. Anyone who has ever been to the Vanity recovery home please send me info on what its like. I want to know if I should stay there or get my own hotel room and hire a helper. Please ladies all help and information is needed. I live in Chicago so going out of my comfort zone for this is really scary!!! I have no support system but I am sooo tired of feeling self conscious of my body. I can't wait.. It feels so unreal knowing I have finally started my journey.

Its really happening.. I'm booked!!

I have told a few of my friends what I plan to do. A couple said they wanted to do it but the thought faded away from them. My very good friend aka tha bestie:) decided she was going to join me on my journey. She is booked for the same day with Dr. Fisher and we will be staying with each other out in Miami. We are going to rent a hotel and hire a nurse. I have been working with Esther she is a very busy woman :) I have read great reviews about her so shes my top nursing pick. We have decided to stay for 10 nights 11 days. Right now we are researching where to stay so that we don't have a far drive from Vanity. Esther told me that a 13 minute drive can turn into a 30 minute drive in traffic and I dont want to get stuck in that after sx. Anyone have any thoughts on where I should stay? BTW can you please leave comments on where you bought lipo foam and other products im having a hard time finding the lower back triangle lipo board. I will keep you peeps updated on my journey. an thanks for any help its greatly appreciated!!


I am 6 days away from getting on the plane and heading to miami. I'll be snap chatting my whole experience. My user is jaciii9 if you want to join me on my journey. I have been receiving packages all week that contain my supplies.

Supply List
1.VitaMedica Clinical Support Recovery (Morning Formula, Evening Formula, Bromelain w/ Querctin & Arnica) $106 bought off iderma.com cheapest I've found
2.Master Lock Safe Space $15.58
3.Mckesson Thigh stocking compression socks $9.99 Amazon
4. Prestige Medical Compression socks 3 pack $16.74 Amazon
5. Suction hook $5.99 walmart
6. Equate Stool Softner 2 pk $4.00 Walmart
7. Bio - Oil 4.2 oz $13.99
8. Arnicare Gel $12.01 Amazon
9. Nexcare Tegaderm (waterproof transparent dressing) $12.00
10. Lipo Foam 5 pack $37.50 Amazon
11. Curad Advanced Gel Scar Therapy $18.34 Amazon
12. Mederma Scar Gel 50gam $28.20 Amazon
13. Fajas Salome 2507 Flatting board $22.97 Amazon
14. P EZ Female Urinal $3.30 Amazon
15. 0341 Lower back flattening triangle $14.99 inthepinkroom.com
16. 3555 abdominal lipo tummy foam short torso $42.50 inthepinkroom.com
17. 0308 Saalome Mammopslasty Bandage Faja #1 $22.99 inthepinkroom.com
18. The booty buddy $80.00 thebootybuddy.com
19. Arm sleeve (faja) $25.00 Leonisa
20. Disposable bed pads $26.99 Amazon
21. Iron pills $6 Target

I still need...
Tanks to wear under garment
dresses to slip on
Slip on shoes
lymphatic system massage (post-op)
antibacterial soap (pre-op shower)

I really hope I have everything I need. I feel like I am forgetting a lot. Please dm me if you see that I left something out that can really help me.


So I went and had my blood work taken and I'm in the clear. It wasn't what I expected. I read reviews they take 13 vials of blood they only took 3 for me and a urine test. I am a little scared right now bc I am so close to my surgery and I'm sick!! Can you believe that! I have been perfectly healthy this past year and my immune system stops working for me when I need it the most. haha. oh well i'm going to drug myself up and pull through! I am determined to have my BBL. I still have not talk to Dr. Fisher and I honestly don't care that I do until my surgery. I feel I will be in good hands. Margaret has been my coordinator shes great not that I bother her with questions. I rarely contact her. The first couple calls I asked all my 100 q's and received my answers. That was good enough for me. She calls or texts me to keep me updated. I still have not been given access to my online portal which is a bummer. I know how to google if I want to research things I need to know anyway. I paid paid my surgery two weeks prior to my surgery date a total of $5000 I added on arm lipo to bc I gained weight for this surgery and my arms got fat. I will be staying with Rosemary at her Recovery home for the first 4 days 4/1-4/5 $800 after that I will be at the Provident Doral at the Blue
4/5-4/12 $1140. I still need to find out where i'm going to stay the first two days I'm in Miami. My friend and I our doing this together we have split a hotel room and my sisters and her mom are coming to watch over us and they will be in there own room while we are recovering. I don't feel scared right now but I just want to get it over with already. I feel like once this is over and done I will be able to get back to my normal self. I have been really self conscious of my weight. I'm tall 5'6 I started off this journey at 125lbs I didnt have enough fat so I gained weight and I think I went a little over board bc now im 168lbs (hmmm i wonder how that happened) haha My BMI is 27.1 so i am still cleared! Now that I gained more then enough weight i hope Fisher does an 'amazin' booty on me. I want to be able to say like DJ Khaled (MY PRICE WENT UP)

Pre-op at Vanity

Sorry I forgot to update. I flew in Yesterday at midnight bc my flight was delayed multiple times. I'm here at Vanity now for my pre-op. Will update as I get more info of what the pre op appointment includes.

Wish pics


There's a post above with websites I bought from

I still need to get massages ????

Please message me good deals you've found for post op massages. I have no idea where to go.

SX is set for 4/1/16 @ 6:45 am

So excited I got my sx time. Now I have to find where I'm getting my massages. I'm heading to the dolphin mall I was told they have fajas for $65 ????

I found massage at a great price!!

So I didn't realize my recovery home offered massages I didn't even have to leave. I went to AR Homeaway Care Carmin,Reina,Yani took care of us. Thes woman are fucking amazing!!! The cared for us like we were their family. We were so comfortable. They made sure our meds were taken on time they made sure we stayed hydrated and they also fed us. We were taken to our follow up appointments I went back like 3 times bc I was having problems with my drain and Fisher said he wanted me to take it out. They didn't mind at all they only cared that I was in good health. We stayed at the recovery home with them for till the 5th now we are staying in a suite at hotel Provident Doral Blue in Miami. They come to give my friend massages bc I was told I have to wait. And they also hang out with us. It was truly sad to leave them. So glad they come to visit. If you want their info please in box me.

Meeting Dr. fisher

As soon as Dr Fisher walked thru the door I lit up instantly I was so excited I felt like I was meeting a celebrity haha. We talked for an hour it was crazy we talked about everything. Personal life, college days, recovery, goals and so much more. We talked so much the nurses came in multiple times and told him he needed to begin surgery haha. I wasn't drilling him with questions but for some reason words came poring out his mouth he even stopped and said I have no idea why I'm telling you all this.. I like you lol..it was cool it made me feel like I was in good hands. This whole experience hasn't been nerv wrecking at all I've been pretty chill however I had lots of questions about the anesthesiologist. I wanted to google him and find out his history Fisher made me comfortable and said I'd have a chance to talk with him which I did. He was very handsome and kind/gentle. He explained everything to me. I told him that he is my biggest worry that everything else didn't bother me I was just scared about going under. My friend was the first surgery of the day and I was the third. We did great in surgery when we woke up our recovery girls where there ready and waiting for us. They loaded us into a Lexus truck and a jeep and took us to the home they would care for us.

Hi ladies just an update

I'm 3 months away from being post op 1 year. I paid a total of $12,000 surgery recovery home, hotel, nurses and lots of supplies that were really unnecessary. I stayed almost 3 weeks out there. Dr. fisher was great he did an amazing job! After surgery if there was an issue they would tell me to come in immediately nothing serious was wrong with me except that my drain had twisted because I think I'm incredible hawk and was up walking and moving around the day after surgery haha.. any who here is a pic of my shape. I get so many compliments. I'm ready for round ?????????????

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