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Let me start by saying that I have a very helpful...

Let me start by saying that I have a very helpful coordinator over at vanity she answers all my questions ..returns all my emails and phone calls …I've been reading really bad reviews on how vanity has a horrible staff but I haven't experience that yet and hopefully it stays that way …well its time to start buying clothes and things I need for surgery …and let the weight gain begin lol

Faja came in today

I received my faja today and not sure if I should stay with the size I have now (XS)or purchase a size bigger (S) due to the ab board and lipo foams …please help!!! lol

my weight gain

I'm so excited and depressed at the same time due to this weight gain…Ive gained 10 pounds so now Im at 135 and still active at the gym I want to keep my legs and arms tight and toned I was doing 45 min cardio before the weight gain and Lia my coordinator advise me to cut out the cardio so I started decreasing my cardio slowly and now I just do my 10 min warm up :( just to maintain …So ladies I don't suggest you stop the gym because of this procedure but I do advise to cut out the cardio …I will post my picture later for you ladies to see


Here are my pictures still need 5 more but I have time surgery next month

5 weeks away

I got my results in today hemoglobin 13.0 super happy I bought iron pills today to maintain and of course to take after surgery … I also contacted marian to book my massages and she also offers care givers for the ladies that didn't know ... hiring a nurse for the first night I don't want to drive my bf crazy lol and I would rather have a nurse take care of me for the first night

things I bought so far my vedette faja size XS for $69 and of course black I don't want my blood stains showing still debating if I should go up a size to a small …I also bought my lipo foam (3) $37 and ab board $ 25 in black very important ladies compression will be your best friend for the first 3 months …scar gel similar to mederma but for half the price and it has amazing reviews :)

Boppy Pillow $24 using it for sleeping comfort to help me sleep through the night without rolling over debating if I should purchase the booty buddy or the bbl pillow for sitting purposes ( I need input on these two items) compression socks were $8 ….I also bought leggings and lose t shirts not sure if I want to wear maxis and sandals I would rather be wearing my comfy sneakers I purchased leggings and and my v neck lose fitted shirts for less than $30 …and my camis for under garment 4 for $10 ..and my shorts to wear under clothing and pjs for the same price

chux pads I got a box at costco today on sale for $11.99 for 100

so far thats all I have

The Ten Stages of the BBL Journey

So I came across this from another real self member and had to share this crazy roller coaster journey lol ….

1. Excitement
You have come to the realization that you can change your body to the hour glass goddess shape you've always wanted. You stumble on RS and start to discover "wish pics". You start collecting wish pics and have hundreds! You settle on the shape you actually want. Maybe you download an app that modifies your pre-surgery body so you can see what you may look like after surgery.

You find a surgeon or several and ask for quotes.

2. Fear
The BBL surgeons give you quotes and the prices leave you shell-shocked. You realize BBL is a huge commitment and will change your life--that is very scary. Also, BBL can be expensive. How are you going to justify spending this money on yourself? You start to wonder if this was even a good idea. You decide you're going to go through with it anyway because you never do anything for yourself!

3. Shopping Addiction
You buy every ointment, gauze, pillow, garment you can find or that someone recommends, you buy. You buy new clothes in anticipation of your new body. You take some before pictures with the clothes on and fantasize about what your new body will look like in those clothes.

4. Anxiety and Doubt
Several times during the process, you are struck with a sense that this may not work out well. What if it's a scam? You check on reviews for your chosen BBL surgeon again and again. At this point, you've paid for surgery so there's no backing out, but you just want to be sure you're in good hands. You look at RS reviews by other women who have had this surgery by your chosen surgeon.

You try to calm your nerves and just go through it. Your surgeon sets your mind at ease and you feel no pain during surgery day~

6. Exhaustion and Pain
Surgery is done and all your anxiety about it has made you tired. Plus this is major surgery and it hurts. You feel every movement and sleeping on your face is no joke when you can't roll over on your back simply. You are stiff when you stay in one position for too long.

7. Sadness/Depression/Disappointment
This usually comes in its most dramatic form on Day 3-5 post-op but you may have it at different points during recovery. You start to think that because you can't see the results dramatically that maybe the surgery was a waste of money and it didn't work. You cry -- a lot. You go on your RS profile and you vent to others. You post pictures wondering if you're overreacting--in most cases you are overreacting. You realize the only people who can truly understand what you're going through are those who went through the surgery.

8. Exhilaration
The pain passes slightly and you start to notice your new butt. Maybe you've walked outside and others notice you more than usual. You start to feel a bit more confident.

9. Fear
If you didn't tell anyone you were having surgery, maybe you're afraid about what people will think since you clearly can't hide your donk! You start to think: "What if people I know ask me about what I've done?" Then you realize they won't...and they don't. If they do notice, you tell them you've been squatting a lot lately and eating well.

10. BBL-itis
After some fluffing, your butt really looks glorious. You may start to have some butt envy or BBL-itis as I like to call it and you are convinced that you can get a better bigger rounder butt. You start to plan for round 2 and go back to #1 on this list!
Like 11

Finally at Vanity

Today I went to vanity to fill out paper work I got to vanity at 10:30 I got called at 11:15 went to the back to fill out my paper work and to take pictures inside the blue room where I got completely naked ..I didn't meet with fisher today which sucks hes off Wednesdays but I was already aware of this ....let me tell you what all my real self ladies say about vanity it's so true it's a mad house 15 girls waiting in the back all for follow ups not Including the people waiting in the front so ladies be patient when they don't return your calls right away if you want a faster response from them use your portal time to get ready for tomorrow !


I will update my surgery procedure when I have more energy.

I purchased my garments (lipo foam, ab board, faja) on e-bay but Marian just informed me she will be selling everything needed from garments to accessories. She will be having a special, 2 for $150, which will be for your stage 1 and 2 fajas. You can pick up your orders at her location where she performs massages. The website will launch Monday 4-27-15, I will update with website information then. I find this to be more convenient for girls who are confused about their sizing, like I was. I didn't even end up using the one I ordered from e-bay.

Day of surgery and Day 2

I was scheduled for sx Thursday april 23rd at 8:00 am ...Fishers assistant called me the day of my surgery at 6:45 asking me to come in earlier which I tried but traffic was horrible I ended up getting there at my schedule time ...I called her when I arrived and she came out to get me she took me to the back room and asked me to change and she took some pictures of me and she asked if I had work done before due to my small waist and big hips lol...The anesthesiologist came in and started asking general questions he walked out and finally Fisher came he also took more pictures and said I had a really good figure and he was doing 10 areas which I didn't question because I originally had 7 lol he marked me up and left the anesthesiologist came back in sorry I forgot his name but he was very handsome and flirty ..he took me to the OR and I fell asleep ...I woke up shivering and extremely dehydrated I kept asking for something to drink and finally the nurse came back in the room with a cup of water and my wheel chair she took me out the back door ...and I went straight to the condo all I did was eat and pee every 10 mins it was such a pain getting in and out of bed just to urine oh and I did sit Fisher said I should so I did ...oh ladies please make sure you bring some Tylenol extra strength with you my boyfriend went to 7 different pharmacy's and they were all out so me having some really helped

Day 2 I woke up extremely swollen with puffy black eyes swollen arms , hands, legs , feet...I looked really bad my boyfriend freaked out and asked it was normal I also doubled In size my hips were disgusting I seriously thought I was botched I had my first post op appointment at 10:00 I was in so much pain and luckily a very sweet fisher doll gave me some of her Percocet wish I knew her name she literally saved me lol....I finally get called I let the nurse know that I went to several locations for my prescriptions and they were all out so she changed my prescriptions and called the pharmacy next door to have my prescriptions ready I also asked about my swelling she said it was normal .....I left vanity I got my prescriptions and went straight to marians for my massages best pain ever she is amazing I felt so much better after but I almost fainted as I was walking out she told me to lay down and elevate my feet and when I get home to eat some chicken and rice so I had chipotle I felt so much better I will update later and sorry if I have any typos don't feel like double checking

2 Days Post

Sorry completely off with my pictures but haven't been feeling well

Finally feeling like myself

This surgery took a toll on my body I was soooooo swollen as I stated before swelling finally started going down and today I look normal but still swollen mostly the right side of my body the left side looks normal…well hopefully its swelling and not seroma …here are some pictures I took some naked but the swelling wasn't noticeable so I ended up taking some with my dress and its somewhat noticeable ….and for the ladies asking here's the website for marinas garment site www.garmentsforsurgery.come swelling wasn't noticeable so I ended up taking some with my dress and its somewhat noticeable ….and for the ladies asking here's the website for marinas garment site

Thank you fisher

I was extremely sad and depressed when I put the weight on for this procedure but glad I did loving my results ...

Finally hit my 1 month

Compression is everything

Compression is everything ladies I wear my faja daily and when I have one washing I have a clean one on ....I haven't gone out for a night out because I do believe you need to take care of yourself for the first month

Still healing

I finally went out and let me tell you the attention was insane and a bit overwhelming …I had men and women starring me down and asking to touch my butt …and of course I had the haters and let me tell you it was real lol….now as far as my recovery goes my stomach its still swollen in some areas (bikini pic shows the swelling ) I did sit on my behind due to the rode trip but still trying to avoid it and still sleeping on my back …as soon as I hit my 6 week mark I did attempt to workout but my body wasn't ready so decided not to push myself and I felt a bit uncomfortable one of my gym friends called me and said that the guys had told her I was at the gym and if I got work done because it looked like I had two basketballs and wasnt going to the gym…and of course she had my back and said no she's been going to personal trainer who focuses on butts and legs lol….starting my gym routine tomorrow or should I say try …If I misspelled anything sorry don't have time to go back and recheck..btw my body and behind looks better in person not so much in this pictures

Back in the gym

Finally !!! Today was my first official day back I did legs and glutes I didn't get to do abs due to people talking to me lol my lower back still feels a bit tender when putting pressure measurements 1month post were 32 28 42 and my current measurements at 2 months are 32 26 42 finally my waist is shrinking ... In the pic I'm wearing shorts due to my tight skirt and thighs rubbing not wearing spanks lol ...I swear they weren't noticeable in person

Body still changing

It's been 4 weeks since I started working out and I see my abs coming out well sometimes they go and come if that makes sense ....I'm not really into checking my weight but today I decided to jump on the scale I currently weigh 130 my goal is to lose at least 5-10 pounds and as far as my current measurements I'm at 32-25-43 ... and for my future fisher dolls that always ask I did gain weight for my surgery ...I just don't remember if I was at 140 or 145 the day of my surgery sorry ladies ....oh and before I forget I am sitting and I only use my pillow while driving and I still sleep on my stomach and I still wear my garment and board ...any question feel free to ask

Do you

I read a lot on RS that friends and family try to discourage you from traveling for surgery saying why are you going to travel ...well ladies that was my case lol I had ppl saying why are you considering going to DR so many risk which I did take in consideration and found fisher once I found fisher I did my research and fell in love with his work but I still had people telling me why are you going to travel when we have so many doctors out here ...friend in the picture was one of them she had her bbl done two months before I did but she stayed out here In LA ...all I'm saying is glad I didn't listen and went to fisher I love my results and now she wants to see fisher lol the reason of my review is dont let people discourge you ..

6 months

I finally hit my 6months ...I still feel swollen in some areas (lower back and sides ) my Booty is sitting up high and I haven't lost volume first I wasn't satisfied I thought it was shrinking but my pictures say other wise lol and of course people's all in our heads ladies we see ourselves everyday all my future fisher dolls good luck

Quick update

Quick little update body still looks the same and yes I do workout ...I need to keep everything intact lol I thought my booty was shrinking until I saw myself walking lol video will be deleted shortly ..
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