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Like so many I have been on this website day and...

Like so many I have been on this website day and night once I got the idea I wanted to get a BBL. I have been driving myself crazy thinking of what doctor to choose and saw some good results from Dr. Salama, Jimerson, Duran, Yily, and Ghurani. Because I have children I had to put the idea of going out of the country out of my mind. Yes those results and the price is soooo tempting but the what ifs and my safety, my health, and my children ultimately took that dream away. Living in Atlanta seems as if I would go with "Mr. Booty" doctor but I def don't want an outrageous booty and after reading so many girls feel as if they got so little aftercare and not that much attention from the doctor steered me away. And lets face it those wait times and price are a little cray cray. So I got some quotes from another Doc from ATL, Salama, and I saw a few girls talking about Ghurani and a newcomer Dr. Fisher. Salama was def my first choice but after talking to Claudia from Vanity I was so torn. Dr. Ghurani does do BBL at both places but at Vanity his prices have now risen to 8500-9000 (ouch). Salama really gave me good feedback about my body and the results he could provide but I was still a little worried about him being so busy and so many girls saying they weren't getting their results (he's at 8999). Talked back to Claudia and she started telling me about Dr. Fisher and his work and of course his price (5000) 7K if you add the all inclusive stay which is a great deal. If I convince my S/O to help me out and pay it within a certain time I can get $500 off so I was sold. Dr. Fisher it is. Claudia was great didn't rush me and follows up in a timely manner. Sent me more pics of Fisher's work since I didn't see much and assured me he does aggressive lip and can get me about 95-9% of where I wanna be. I'm super excited and may push up my date!!!!

Guess i didn't mention..

I'm 28, 5'8" 158, 3 children. Both focs said it looks like i have a great shape to work with and with the lipo i may see a better result than my pre-baby body.. yay!!! w/ an actual booty of course lol.Still in research mode tho and excited for all the girls with upcoming sx dates so we can see those new curves

pre op

biting the bullet and putting up pre op and some of my wish pics for now eeekkk.

why am i still so tempted

So although I put my deposit down for Dr. Fisher I'm having second thoughts. I requested some more pics from my coordinator but after getting my deposit I haven't heard one peep from her. Before I put down the bulk of my surgery I really want to be sure he can deliver. Im waiting for a few girls I'm following to keep us updated to make sure he is the right decision or I may have to reconsider the DR thing. plus ive heard a few ppl talk about Ortega just waiting on some more quotes.


So to be open minded I asked for some quotes from baez, yily, duran, ortega, amd my last one will be lagrasso. I don't want to get overwhelmed so I want to make a list and cross them off lol. Yily quoted me at 3500 and 4500 if i want a tt. baez was 2800 but 3100 if i want a tt. they both returned quote within a few hours so i guess im one of the lucky ones. still no word from duran and ive hit her up on whatsapp and email. I'm pretty apprehensive about a tt though. Im afraid of the scar and the fact many us docs won't do a tt and bbl at same time due to the hard recovery and sacrificing your results of the bbl

A few more wish Pics

I swear I am consuming all my time with this site lol... Auuggggg so if I go to the DR I would need a travel buddy my husbanf says he can't imagine me staying that many days but better safe then sorry and I don't want him to see the initial after shock of the booty he'd trip himself out then me lol. Soooo I'd be thinking end Of May early June or even early July.


So hope you ladies enjoyed you Valentines Day!!!. I swear I look at shapes and bootay wherever I go lol. Good News Yily hit me back and said all of my summer dates were available. Makes me a little nervous because of she is in high demand like that how can she have so many open dates that fast???? I really don't want to go to a factory. Also to you girls who had a tt/bbl what do you think she says she recommends them together and i kinda only want to recover once.. But i know thats alit for your body to go through


So I finally got my quotes from my 3 choices in the DR.. Yily, Robles, and Baez. Buttt now I'm freaking myself out again. i recently read abt girla coming back to the US with crazy infections due to sterilization techniques or the lack there of in the DR. Of course theu don't give names but i mean you gotta listen to the CDC right???

Ugghhh finding an affordable doctor who does great work seems impossible in the US. What to do!!!!!

The struggle continues

Thank you so much baezbeauty2014 for your help. Ladies I have been so back and fourth about this surgery and getting it done in DR. Got a quote from Salzhauer for 13k for lipo, bbl, tt. Thats a little more than I expected since the surgeries are combined. Do any ladies know any pcp in the atlanta area that will look at you if there is a problem with surgery. That's a concern of mine..many doctors don't want to touch you if you've had surgery out of the country. Plus I'd love a surgery buddy for June 3 or July 8th this year.


It's been a while since I updated, but I am still considering the surgery but have been a little discouraged with the recent news of some Duran and Yily patients that are not having successful surgeries and many of the complications that are arising. Seeing pictures of girls laying in puddles of their own blood, the dated equipment, I even saw a girl who's IV bandage was covered in blood and not changed.It's very frightening to say the least. These docs are becoming overworked and I don't know if they can keep up and give quality care. I will be refocusing my journey to the US again. Vanity has been awful. After I put down my deposit I barely heard anything from coordinator Claudia. I then told her I did not want to do the surgery because of the communication and so many girls are design their results fade after a few weeks :-(. Of course she didn't respond to my weekly then daily emails until I told her I was reconsidering Dr. Fisher...Shame on you Vanity. Long story short I called people called me to confirm surgery after I stated I filed a refund claim 4-8 weeks ago. After still hearing nothing and not even being allowed to talk to a manager (she was in a meeting all day they told me each time) I just contacted my bank.

Board Certified

Just checking if anyone has seen where Vanity surgeons are board certified.I had to research Fisher before he just isn't current but can't find anything on Hasan or Salas?? Point me in the right direction I've checked www.abplsurg.org, www.absurgery.org, and www.plasticsurgery.org.

Thanks in advance ladies

Florida Options

Ok ladies I've still been actively looking fro the right doctor for me. I've been in a consult with Dr. Salzhauer and he was super nice and calming. If I want to combine the procedures it would be 11,000 (ouch) but I was thinking of financing half of it. Not sure I really wanna go that route just yet as I'm in the process of rebuilding my credit. I love Ghurani's results but where does he really work (LOL). I got a quote for 8k and although frightening I'm thinking it may be worth it. Also Ortega seems to be having nice results lately and is very cost efficient. He doesn't sculpt like I'd like but I hope to get my tummy tuck about 7 months after so I can save up again. He looks like he may be the one!! If there are any girls going to the miami area for surgery Aug/Sept what do you think about splitting the cost of a private nurse and condo???

More Wish Pics

Took the Plunge

I just woke up like I am trip pin' I've been thinking about this surgery day and night and wondering about going to the DR still..even when I told myself NO a million times lol. I've seen a few recent infections and ultimately decided that's not the route I wanna go. Even though we want instant results I have to use my better judgement for ME. So I got a quote from Vivian at spectrum a little while ago and it's been super hard to even get her to call me or email me back. So I decided to look into other places Dr. Ortega worked at and can across Imagene Cosmetics and CG cosmetics. Imagene responded relatively quickly and so did CG and at CG Dr. O was $1000 less than Spectrum so I immediately putt down my deposit. YAAYY! Finally I know. So still looking for a travel buddy booked for surgery July 24 and eval Jul 22 so let me know we can split the cost of a nurse and room if needed. Super excited now I can go shopping for some stuff.

It's Official!!!

Surgery is now 34 days away. I get to start buying things like a mad woman and losing this pesky 15lbs that has been hounding me for the past year. I bought my flight and scheduled my stay with a private nurse recommended by the clinic. Inbox me for her number if you will be staying in the Miami area. She only charges $80/day includes food and I'll be staying with her so she will take me to my appointments and massages.

26 days

Under 30 days. So i've bought almost everything I need except my faja. Unsure of which kind to get really or if I should just buy one in Miami. Labs scheduled for Monday and gotta pay the remainder of my surgery next week. I'm so excited and nervous each day as it grows closer. Will update soon. Hope to lose 10 more pounds within these days even if I have to juice.

10 Days

Wow now it seems like everything is going so fast. Although excited it still hasn't hit me that next week I will be having surgery. I decided to do the Suja juice cleanse I just bought a 3 day program at Whole Foods and it was around $100. I haven't been too hungry but and thinking about doing this last week with 1 meal and just juices and smoothies during the day and exercising for 30 min on elliptical and walking. Sending my labs tomorrow and hoping to get down another 5-6 lbs. Wish me luck ladies!!


So I followed the list on RS of course adjusting to what I have and I ended up in total with the $100 faja only spending around $300 with ordering everything from Walmart, Ebay, and Amazon here are some items I got. 6 days out confirmed my pickup with my nurse and my sis who will be watching my children while I'm gone...This countdown is real ladies

Tomorrow is the Day

I wanted to update you girls before surgery just in case I don't feel up to it. I arrived i Miami Tues and my caregiver (CG) picked me up from the airport on time. We went straight to the clinic for my pre op appt. Since we were waiting for Dr Ortega to get out of surgery we waited for about 3 hrs :-(. During that time they had me do a bunch of paperwork take pre op pics. As mentioned before I had my own labs done so I didn't have to do them at that time. Finally saw Dr. O he was very nice and went over my health information again with me and discussed my problem areas. ( the staff is super busy luckily my CG is always up there and was able to keep asking them whats going on abt the wait. After seeing Dr O they gave me my prescription and told me they'd call tomorrow to schedule my surgery.
I was up and hadn't eaten since 4:30a so as soon as we got back to the house my CG showed me my room and then made me something to eat. She's super sweet and takes good care of me. We even went to another one of her friends house who is a recovery home for Spectrum and I was able to speak with her awhile since she had just had the BBL w/ Dr. O at Spectrum. He definitely changed her body. I'm even more excited after speaking to her. Oh they did mess up my meds as I have an allergy to percocet now I will have to get a new prescription before surgery tomorrow hopefully.. Thanks for all your support ladies Have a great night

Made it to the other side

Hi ladies just wanted to let you girls know surgeru went well and I will update with pics asap.. Really tired TTYL..

will post pics soon

I promise you ladies I have not forgotten or disappeared on you.Im unable to post pics from my phone for some reason so will do it once I get home this week.

Recovery Home

I'm getting a lot of questions about the recovery home so I'll explain here. I am staying in Miami for 6 days after my surgery as 5-7 days minimum is recommended after surgery. I arrived 2 days before so in all I would be leaving my 9th day. Dr.O requested I wait 2 weeks for post op massages since he does not use drains so we can't really do the same as girls who have drains with openings (we arr stitched) That said I had to cancel my appointments I booked with Marian at Massage Professional.. Important ladies read the refund policy you must give them notice 48 hrs before appointment to cancel..they tried to switch it up on me but I made sure I read that again and she will be refunding me by check in the mail. Ok so on to the recovery home. The recovery houses used by Spectrum and CG cosmetics sre actually someones home to my knowledge (that's where I was and another girl I met from Spectrum) The one the girl from Spectrum stayed in was very nice/upscale own room/bathroom abt 30 min from clinic. I stayed in a smaller home very comfortable my own room/ bathroom.. They have many of the things you need like chuks and guaze..back triangle. Yes you will be staying with someone's family but in your own space. My nurse was great she slept on the couch near me night of surgery in case I needed anything. She makes sure I take my meds on time and brings you three meals a day plus snacks. She makes you feel like part of the family. You are not limited to your room you are encouraged to walk around the house. She pretty much has been pampering me and trying to stuff me lol. I've had to flush food since she gives me so much and wants me to eat eat eat lol..She does ask what you like and don't and if you have allergies to anything just be vocal. For these 9 days I paid $800 well worth it to me. I would have paid way more to be in a hotel then hire a nurse. But she does do the one night of care following surgery abd taking you to your post op appointment fir $250 if you really want to stay in a hotel. Inbox me for her number. I'd hate to just have someone's info just out there.

Finally Home

Ok so I'm finally home in my comfy bed and can update you ladies finally.

Day of Surgery:
Sine my meds got screwed up I had to pick up my meds by 1p so I could get to my surgery at 2:30p on time (miami traffic is awful). I wore a maxi dress and brought my faja with me. Make sure to bring shoes you can slip your feet into. Arrived at clinic and was told there still was one person ahead of me. Since my nurse is so awesome and everyone likes her she makes sure to ask all the right questions for me and the sweet nurse says she will take my urine sample then so I could just go back when a room was available. So about 3:15p I was headed to the back undressed and took this anti nausea medicine (put under my tongue). Dr. Ortega came in to mark me up. He was friendly and tried to get my mind off the surgery talking about personal things. I let him know what I wanted while marking me and he said I was headed straight to surgery since I was actually ahead of someone else (AHHH). He left then the anesthesiologist came in. We went over my file once more and he told me about general anesthesia. He was super funny and after my nurse gave me a hug and kiss we walked back to the OR. Got on the skinny table and about 3 nurse were around prepping things. The anesthesiologist still making jokes inserted my IV and after about 30 secs I was out. I woke up in the small recovery area right next to the OR which seemed like minutes like 7p. I was on my butt, but the nurse was turning me to my side. I was shaking pretty bad so they brought me another warm blanket and was asking me a few questions to help me wake up. I saw another girl being brought out of surgery and they were trying to wake her up. After a little but they brought my wheelchair and while standing me up told me how good I looked. I felt like I was ran over by car really I was in pain 11/10. Laid on my tummy in the back seat and rode back to the house. I couldn't take another pain pill until 1 am so I pretty much sucked it up and tried to sleep. I had to eat some bites of soup since i had not eaten since 12am the night before. My nurse slept not the couch just incase I needed anything but she woke up to check on me like every 2 hours really to make are I got up to walk.

Next Day:
I felt so much better the next day I was walking a little and was ok to go to my follow up at 12 noon. The other Dr. Ortega checked me out and said I looked good make sure I drank plenty of water. So pretty much from this day until I left aaas routine. Slept in cat naps. Walked as much as I could, take my meds (antibiotics). I stopped taking y pain and muscle relaxers by Day 3 as I didn't really need them. I did get my stitches taken out Day 5 by the "other" Dr . Ortega he is also very sweet and personable. That kinda hurt :-( . Said I was looking well and to start wearing my ab board at week 3. Since I still plan on getting a tummy tuck he said that I had very promising results. Fast forward to my flight home. I had wheelchair service but since I felt better I didn't use it plus I didn't want to sit more than I needed to. Good news was my terminal was right next to the security check point so WIN. Sat on my hoppy on the flight super scared I was gonna crush my booty. I don't think my pics do it justice. It is a nice size for me. I was a little disappointed the first day but feel it will fit my body now. Hopefully once it drops and fluffs out I will be happier. I'm definitely aiming for 36-26/28-43 Right now I'm at 36-30-43 .



Wow guys so sorry I've been away for so long. The girls are not lyon once you get your surgery you start focusing on the aftermath of care, routine, and of course those of us with children try to balance that all in. I'm now 6 1/2 weeks post op and I feel better each day. I pretty much felt good after 1 week and am now trying to add in my regular exercise. So garment wise its hard to find someone here to alter my garment so I end of wearing a Vedette 100 over my garment pretty much all day and if I'm out and about that day I go with my Trufigure garment. I got both on Classicshapewear.com. I still swell some which is kinda irritating because my 28in waist bloats out to a 30 after a few hours :-( . It's pretty expensive to keep going down a size in garments so Ive been pacing my self. in a small now started with a large MariaE fa ja. My measurements are 36-28.5/43 still I think I do want to go to a 26 waist or at least 27 just to make my butt look a tad bit bigger. Although I'm 5'8" my breast size is 36DD so I don't want to look to crazy right now I look super natural and people just ask me if I'm a personal trainer LOL. So needless to say the results get better with time I was disappointed at first but my hubs told me to wait it out and he's not into super big butts so it's cool. Still hoping for a little bit more fluffing come my 8th week tho LOL.

Will upload pics soon I haven't really taken any in outfits like that..Go figure right.


Sorry ladies I haven't updated in awhile. I'm doing well and have just been really busy with work, school, and the kids of course. I did remove my pics as I had a few people in my personal life looking for answers. So sorry about that I do like my shape it still is very natural and my waist is steady shrinking. I have a 27 in waist and 43 in hips. I just want to hold at this so I don't look too funny. I'm thinking about getting my TT in the beginning of next year unsure if I want to travel again or just stay in my home state. Still hoping for a little more fluff as I'm not completely soft but it does jiggle :-). The husband is very pleased and doesn't want me to go overboard.

Clothing Issues

Where do you girls now find pants that fit?? A great problem to have but with our waists being so small and butt bigger I'd like to wear some jeans not only leggings..LOL
Miami Plastic Surgeon

Changed Doctors to Dr. Ortega in Miami (CG Cosmetics) July 24th surgery

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