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Hey Dolls, I'm 50 years old, 2 kids, 164lbs and 5...

Hey Dolls,
I'm 50 years old, 2 kids, 164lbs and 5 feet 5 1/2 inches tall. I've always been big busted and have had a breast reduction previously. I definitely missed out on the BOOTY! Lol. I've been wanting to do the BBL for a really long time. I found a doctor in my area that was getting some acclaim but unfortunately he died. Then when I checked the pricing of other doctors it was over $10K. So I kinda put it on the back burner and moved on with life until I girlfriend told me about Dr. Fisher in Miami. I check out his work and was very impressed and thanks to all the Fisher dolls who shared their stories, I decided to go with Dr. Fisher. I will try to keep you updated not just with pictures but by answering questions regarding recovery and along the journey. I love all the pictures but sometime want more details on the recovery. Anyway, I'm excited to take this journey with all you dolls. Best wishes to all on this journey.

Comfort Is Key

Like everyone I'm really concerned with not being able to sit on my butt for several weeks so I set out to find options for being as comfortable as possible during healing. One thing that everyone mentioned was the need for a boppy pillow, the BBL Pillow or the Booty Buddy. I chose the BBL Pillow. I heard that the Booty Buddy was a little hard along the edges. In truth I think any of these could work as its personal preference. It cost $99.

Sleep Is Crucial

After reading hundreds of reviews I kept hearing that it's difficult to sleep on your stomach and that many complain of neck pain from sleeping with your neck twisted to one side. I figured I'd look for options to be comfortable. I mean how can I heal if I can't sleep. I found a great option for sleeping with a twisted neck.

Gotta Get That Beauty Rest

Speedy Recovery

So I'm really nervous about the recovery. I 'm committed but a little nervous. However, I heard Dr. Fisher is now offering CellSaver. It is an additional price but is designed to "clean" and replace your blood lost through the aggressive liposuction. The will aid in faster recovery and less sickness. Most of the dizziness, nausea and sickness following the surgery is due to blood loss from the extreme lipo. Check it out Dolls!

Cell Saver

Gaining Weight

I was asked to gain 10 lbs for this surgery. Gaining the weight was no problem but I just hate the way it looks and FEELS. I can't wait until the extra weight is gone. But at least the extra weight will go towards a good cause. Lol

Negativity Free Zone

Hey Dolls, just stating that my review is a negativity free zone. I'm here to share my experience and inform and encourage other dolls like I have been encouraged by all of your stories. Remember my experience is mine. It may not be the same as yours but I will be respectful and I ask the same of you all. Let's keep each other encouraged on our journey's. Take care Dolls!


Chase Your Dreams

Do I believe this surgery will change my life? No! I'm happy with who I am as a person. I'm a loving, good hearted person and I love me. Flaws and all. But I would like to upgrade me in some areas. Me-- just better! I want to chase my dreams. Be the best I can be. I want to get off the side lines and really play in the game. So I'm putting aside my fears and reaching for the brass ring. I'm not getting caught up in fear but like all you Dolls, I'm chasing my dreams of being the very best version of me. Congrats to you all for putting yourself first and doing the dang thang! You go Dolls!

Face Down Pillow

Many Dolls say their neck hurt so hears another option for saving your neck

Go For Your Dreams Dolls

Help Dolls! Have You Used Cell Saver

Hey, I am just wondering if anyone has recently had BBL and used the Cell Saver. If so, please tell me what you thought about it and how was your recovery. Below is what they said about it:

Cell Saver Elite is a revolution in patient care for liposuction and fat transfer. Blood loss is the leading cause of symptoms after surgery. With cell saver you will:

1) Feel better after surgery
2)Recover faster
3) Heal better
4) Have less chance of blood transfusion.

Commonly known as a "cell saver", has demonstrated to be safe and effective at reducing blood transfusions after an elective surgery, specially for surgical procedures when the risk of significant blood loss is expected. The intraoperative cell saver is a machine that suctions, washes, and filters blood so it can be given back to the patient's body instead of being thrown away. The recovered blood is collected , processed and readministered to the patient. One advantage to this is the patient receives his/her own blood instead of donor blood, so there is no risk of contracting outside diseases. Because the blood is recirculated, there is no limit to the amount of blood that can be given back to the patient. The cell saver is also viable alternative for patients with religious objections to receiving blood transfusions.

Laugh of The Day

Pre Op Photos

New Date -Nov 1

So excited! I moved my surgery date from Nov 29 to Nov 1st thanks to someone canceling their date. I'm going through crazy emotions right now. My surgery is 5 weeks away. I just want this to be over. Im so ready to just be recovering and thrilled with the new me. I'm going into hyper mode to get all my supplies. Last night I bought my airline tickets. I plan to rent a home through AirBnB for my recovery and I'm hiring a nurse to take care of me for the first 4 days.

Traveling Advice - Vets

I am a little concerned about traveling after my BBL. I have two three hours flights on my return home any advice for traveling so far. Vets were are you?


Call the airlines and let them know you are having surgery and need extra assistance on your trip. I called my airline and they are upgrading my seating and offering wheelchair service to help me get through the airport security and flight changes. Happy Travels Dolls!


I decided to rent a home to recovery through Airbnb. I can be a little picky about my surroundings and would like to recovery in private. I'm traveling with my sister to help with my recovery. However I'm also hiring private care. Her name is Joselyn and she is a certified patient care technician. Many Dolls say you really need help the first few days much more than just a friend or family member. Another Doll I talked to is using her and I will update more on the care provided by Joselyn but for right now this is my plan. She also gives you a free raja if you get her 3 day special (3 days for $350). Feel free to ask for her number if you're interested

What I want

All I want is a super flat stomach and abs a snatched waist, a lean back a nice round teardrop booty with projection and volume. I want my waist sculpted and snnnnnatched! Here are a few wish pics

Dr. Fisher

Choosing a surgeon is one of the most important decisions we can all make. And it is important to do your homework. I chose Dr Fisher because he is double board certified in Georgia and California and has the record for the most BBLs. Experience was important and he has really high ratings amongst RealSelf dolls. Hope this helps is you are researching Fisher. I will keep you updated following my surgery.


Searching for recovery information RealSelf has a website page with good recovery information following the BBL. Check it out. Also check out The are similar to RealSelf with a few twists to the format. Here's some information I found for planning.

More on Fisher

Ladies we need to be informed about our doctor's credentials. After all we are trusting them with our dreams and more importantly our lives. Hopes this helps you with your research. I pulled this information straight from regulatory and governing agencies.

Do Your Homework

To check Fisher California license: His license number is 90665
To check Florida license go to Florida Department of Health website. His license number is ME96746
Just in case you can't see the pictures I posted you can do your own research. I'm not advertising for Fisher and you can check any doctor you are interested in. We are paying a lot and trusting ourselves to these doctors lets do our homework. Good luck all my fellow Dolls!


I just got my clearance. My labs are good. Going into turbo mode. It's happening y'all!

Preparing for the Boo-Tay!

Found a lounge chair for cheap and cut the butt out using a box cutter. Then I sealed the edges using duct tape. I will then place body pillows around to relax without seating on my butt or laying on my stomach. Got this idea from several Dolls on this site.

Dr Fisher Says.....

Cell Saver

Live Your Dreams


Praying for a Speedy Recovery

After searching for a good arnica product I decided on this one. I learned how important arnica can get be when a recent friend had surgery and didn't take it the first couple days. After getting it her swelling really went down. I like that it has varying dosages for various stages of healing. I will give my experience post op.

Instructions For Use: SinEcch contains 12 capsules and comes with a blister card on which the information about when to take each dose is printed. The dosage regimen is Arnica 1M for the first three doses and Arnica 12C for the next 9 doses. SinEcch should be taken 3 times daily for 4 days starting on the day of surgery. For best results, do not eat or drink for 15 minutes before or after taking this homeopathic remedy. Ingesting food 15 minutes before or after you take the pill will diminish the effectiveness of Arnica Montana.

More Sleep Worries

Since I'm big chested I ordered this for sleeping on my stomach. Yes the sleep is crucial. I'm so concerned about sleeping on my stomach for a couple months. Just looking for ways to have a quick, speedy, comfortable and full recovery. Hopefully it works and the girls (and me) rest comfortably. Lol

Paid In Full

Yay! I'm all paid in full and ready to go.
Miami Plastic Surgeon

I haven't had my procedure yet but my interactions with Vanity has been excellent so far. They have been responsive and very helpful with answering all my questions,

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