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Hey Dolls, I'm 50 years old, 2 kids, 164lbs and 5...

Hey Dolls,
I'm 50 years old, 2 kids, 164lbs and 5 feet 5 1/2 inches tall. I've always been big busted and have had a breast reduction previously. I definitely missed out on the BOOTY! Lol. I've been wanting to do the BBL for a really long time. I found a doctor in my area that was getting some acclaim but unfortunately he died. Then when I checked the pricing of other doctors it was over $10K. So I kinda put it on the back burner and moved on with life until I girlfriend told me about Dr. Fisher in Miami. I check out his work and was very impressed and thanks to all the Fisher dolls who shared their stories, I decided to go with Dr. Fisher. I will try to keep you updated not just with pictures but by answering questions regarding recovery and along the journey. I love all the pictures but sometime want more details on the recovery. Anyway, I'm excited to take this journey with all you dolls. Best wishes to all on this journey.

Comfort Is Key

Like everyone I'm really concerned with not being able to sit on my butt for several weeks so I set out to find options for being as comfortable as possible during healing. One thing that everyone mentioned was the need for a boppy pillow, the BBL Pillow or the Booty Buddy. I chose the BBL Pillow. I heard that the Booty Buddy was a little hard along the edges. In truth I think any of these could work as its personal preference. It cost $99.

Sleep Is Crucial

After reading hundreds of reviews I kept hearing that it's difficult to sleep on your stomach and that many complain of neck pain from sleeping with your neck twisted to one side. I figured I'd look for options to be comfortable. I mean how can I heal if I can't sleep. I found a great option for sleeping with a twisted neck.

Gotta Get That Beauty Rest

Speedy Recovery

So I'm really nervous about the recovery. I 'm committed but a little nervous. However, I heard Dr. Fisher is now offering CellSaver. It is an additional price but is designed to "clean" and replace your blood lost through the aggressive liposuction. The will aid in faster recovery and less sickness. Most of the dizziness, nausea and sickness following the surgery is due to blood loss from the extreme lipo. Check it out Dolls!

Cell Saver

Gaining Weight

I was asked to gain 10 lbs for this surgery. Gaining the weight was no problem but I just hate the way it looks and FEELS. I can't wait until the extra weight is gone. But at least the extra weight will go towards a good cause. Lol

Negativity Free Zone

Hey Dolls, just stating that my review is a negativity free zone. I'm here to share my experience and inform and encourage other dolls like I have been encouraged by all of your stories. Remember my experience is mine. It may not be the same as yours but I will be respectful and I ask the same of you all. Let's keep each other encouraged on our journey's. Take care Dolls!


Chase Your Dreams

Do I believe this surgery will change my life? No! I'm happy with who I am as a person. I'm a loving, good hearted person and I love me. Flaws and all. But I would like to upgrade me in some areas. Me-- just better! I want to chase my dreams. Be the best I can be. I want to get off the side lines and really play in the game. So I'm putting aside my fears and reaching for the brass ring. I'm not getting caught up in fear but like all you Dolls, I'm chasing my dreams of being the very best version of me. Congrats to you all for putting yourself first and doing the dang thang! You go Dolls!

Face Down Pillow

Many Dolls say their neck hurt so hears another option for saving your neck

Go For Your Dreams Dolls

Help Dolls! Have You Used Cell Saver

Hey, I am just wondering if anyone has recently had BBL and used the Cell Saver. If so, please tell me what you thought about it and how was your recovery. Below is what they said about it:

Cell Saver Elite is a revolution in patient care for liposuction and fat transfer. Blood loss is the leading cause of symptoms after surgery. With cell saver you will:

1) Feel better after surgery
2)Recover faster
3) Heal better
4) Have less chance of blood transfusion.

Commonly known as a "cell saver", has demonstrated to be safe and effective at reducing blood transfusions after an elective surgery, specially for surgical procedures when the risk of significant blood loss is expected. The intraoperative cell saver is a machine that suctions, washes, and filters blood so it can be given back to the patient's body instead of being thrown away. The recovered blood is collected , processed and readministered to the patient. One advantage to this is the patient receives his/her own blood instead of donor blood, so there is no risk of contracting outside diseases. Because the blood is recirculated, there is no limit to the amount of blood that can be given back to the patient. The cell saver is also viable alternative for patients with religious objections to receiving blood transfusions.

Laugh of The Day

Pre Op Photos

New Date -Nov 1

So excited! I moved my surgery date from Nov 29 to Nov 1st thanks to someone canceling their date. I'm going through crazy emotions right now. My surgery is 5 weeks away. I just want this to be over. Im so ready to just be recovering and thrilled with the new me. I'm going into hyper mode to get all my supplies. Last night I bought my airline tickets. I plan to rent a home through AirBnB for my recovery and I'm hiring a nurse to take care of me for the first 4 days.

Traveling Advice - Vets

I am a little concerned about traveling after my BBL. I have two three hours flights on my return home any advice for traveling so far. Vets were are you?


Call the airlines and let them know you are having surgery and need extra assistance on your trip. I called my airline and they are upgrading my seating and offering wheelchair service to help me get through the airport security and flight changes. Happy Travels Dolls!


I decided to rent a home to recovery through Airbnb. I can be a little picky about my surroundings and would like to recovery in private. I'm traveling with my sister to help with my recovery. However I'm also hiring private care. Her name is Joselyn and she is a certified patient care technician. Many Dolls say you really need help the first few days much more than just a friend or family member. Another Doll I talked to is using her and I will update more on the care provided by Joselyn but for right now this is my plan. She also gives you a free raja if you get her 3 day special (3 days for $350). Feel free to ask for her number if you're interested

What I want

All I want is a super flat stomach and abs a snatched waist, a lean back a nice round teardrop booty with projection and volume. I want my waist sculpted and snnnnnatched! Here are a few wish pics

Dr. Fisher

Choosing a surgeon is one of the most important decisions we can all make. And it is important to do your homework. I chose Dr Fisher because he is double board certified in Georgia and California and has the record for the most BBLs. Experience was important and he has really high ratings amongst RealSelf dolls. Hope this helps is you are researching Fisher. I will keep you updated following my surgery.


Searching for recovery information RealSelf has a website page with good recovery information following the BBL. Check it out. Also check out The are similar to RealSelf with a few twists to the format. Here's some information I found for planning.

More on Fisher

Ladies we need to be informed about our doctor's credentials. After all we are trusting them with our dreams and more importantly our lives. Hopes this helps you with your research. I pulled this information straight from regulatory and governing agencies.

Do Your Homework

To check Fisher California license: His license number is 90665
To check Florida license go to Florida Department of Health website. His license number is ME96746
Just in case you can't see the pictures I posted you can do your own research. I'm not advertising for Fisher and you can check any doctor you are interested in. We are paying a lot and trusting ourselves to these doctors lets do our homework. Good luck all my fellow Dolls!


I just got my clearance. My labs are good. Going into turbo mode. It's happening y'all!

Preparing for the Boo-Tay!

Found a lounge chair for cheap and cut the butt out using a box cutter. Then I sealed the edges using duct tape. I will then place body pillows around to relax without seating on my butt or laying on my stomach. Got this idea from several Dolls on this site.

Dr Fisher Says.....

Cell Saver

Live Your Dreams


Praying for a Speedy Recovery

After searching for a good arnica product I decided on this one. I learned how important arnica can get be when a recent friend had surgery and didn't take it the first couple days. After getting it her swelling really went down. I like that it has varying dosages for various stages of healing. I will give my experience post op.

Instructions For Use: SinEcch contains 12 capsules and comes with a blister card on which the information about when to take each dose is printed. The dosage regimen is Arnica 1M for the first three doses and Arnica 12C for the next 9 doses. SinEcch should be taken 3 times daily for 4 days starting on the day of surgery. For best results, do not eat or drink for 15 minutes before or after taking this homeopathic remedy. Ingesting food 15 minutes before or after you take the pill will diminish the effectiveness of Arnica Montana.

More Sleep Worries

Since I'm big chested I ordered this for sleeping on my stomach. Yes the sleep is crucial. I'm so concerned about sleeping on my stomach for a couple months. Just looking for ways to have a quick, speedy, comfortable and full recovery. Hopefully it works and the girls (and me) rest comfortably. Lol

Paid In Full

Yay! I'm all paid in full and ready to go.


Decided to use AirBnB for my accommodations. Found a beautiful one bedroom and one bath condo with a panoramic view for $150 per night. Cheaper than a nice hotel and I get the comforts of a home. Hired a private nurse to assist me the first four days. Planning to stay for 10 days before flying back home.

More Accommodation Pics


I'm so grateful to have a wonderful group of family and friends. I have only told my immediate family and close friends but every one of the has been so supportive. I feel so grateful for their support. It means a lot because on this journey we are all just striving to be the best we can be. We have worked on our inside and now we are working on the outside. A lot of us give so much to our families, children, husbands, friends and jobs and it's nice to do something just for ourselves. And because we often support others it's nice to be supported. Dolls I wish you well on your journey and may you have and find the support you have given!!! Muah!


Thought I'd share some miscellaneous things that I have incorporated as part of being the best me. 1). Earlier this year I decided to learn to wear false eyelashes. Yeah I know. I'm late to the party. Anyway I started wearing them and got good putting them on using an eyelash applicator. Problem is no one said how to take the off. Long story short I ended up with sparse short natural eyelashes by the time I learned about Almay eye makeup remover which is great by the way. Anyway I started using Latisse and not only are my lashes back but longer and thicker. I got the large size from a medspa for $175 and it lasted four months. I re-upped and learned that I could use it on the second bottle Mon-Wed-Fri for maintenance purposes and maintain my lashes. This means the second bottle will last at least 8 months. I also use a small eye rush I bought to apply the product since the brushes they give you soak up the product. Thought I'd share as we are all evolving and sharing to our best selves. Enjoy pretty ladies!

Vanity Name Change

Vanity has changed management and its name to Eres Plastic Surgery. In other Vanity news each Vanity doctors prices can be different depending on the doctor. I wondered why the prices varied but it's based on the doctor and their experience and demand. Also the doctors are all independent contractors and that's another reason to really check out your doctor.

Measurements Pre-Op

My current measurements:

Bust 41
Waist 34
Butt 42

I'm really hoping for my waist to around 26/27. Keep you posted post-op. Still determining what I want for my new Boo-Tay!!!! Teehee

Popeyes The Sailor Man Lol

Don't know if I mentioned I am having my arms done also. Can't get my waist snatched, booty popped and keep these Popeye arms. The don't look to bad down at my side but out like this I may take flight. Lol. I always had bigger arms. Thanks to the gene pool. A lot of Dolls want to get their arms done so I will include this in my review. There was a $500 add for arm lipo. Arm lipo yields the best results out of lipo, coolsculpting and sculpture but coolsculpting is about $700 per applicator and with 2 arms that's $1400 for one treatment and I might need more than one treatment. One treatment yields about 25% reduction. So long story short, I think lipo will give me the best results and at the best results. BootyNvy had her arms done and included it in review. Her results were good so I decided to addd them. I will be sure to share results, pics, discuss skin retraction, etc. It's going down Dolls in 5 days. OMG! I'm so excited. I just can't wait to be on the other side.

Current arm measurements - R 13 inches / L 12.75

4 Days Away

Hey Lovelies!
I hope everyone is having a great day. I just want to encourage everyone to love and believe in yourself. As we all make changes to the outside I also pray peace and happiness on the inside. Ladies of all the complacent, complaining people you are the few courageous Dolls willing to chase your dreams and take the necessary steps to MAKE the life you want. Y'all some bad girls. Keep making changes for the best whether its inside, outside, that new job, or going back to school. You are proof your a BOSS and you can do what you want. Go get it Dolls!!!

Tomorrow's the Day

Dolls it's almost here. I arrived in Miami this morning, checked into the condo and headed to Vanity/Eres. Today was my pre op appointment. I arrived at 9am. I was prepared to wait a couple hours based on previous reviews. Surprise! My whole appointment was less than 35 minutes. I was immediately greeted, taken to try on my faja and then taken to a private office to sign my paperwork. I was impressed. They were organized and very nice. I then went with Joselyn, the patient care tech, I hired to take care of me, to a place where you bought me an extra free faja as part of her care special. Then she took me to Walmart where I bought last minute supplies like Chux pads, and groceries for the week. Afterwards I came back to the condo, made me some homemade chicken and rice soup for my recovery tomorrow. They called and my surgery will be tomorrow and I have to be at Vanity at 6am. I promise to update further on Vanity, the service, Fisher, Joselyn and more. Well that's it for now. Say a prayer Dolls! I trust God for a safe surgery, optimum and ultimate results and a full and speedy recovery -- and it is so.

I Made it To Bootyland Dolls

Full review tomorrow. Love ya for all your prayers and well wishes. You guys are the BEST!

Hey Dolls

Finally getting my life back enough to do a decent post. Guess I will break this up in multiple post to catch y'all up. I arrived at Vanity/Eres at 6am. Changed clothes and I was taken back to preop. Met Fisher and he was very disarming and kind. He was all the good stuff you've heard. He was also very realistic with me about expectations. Sadly all the paperwork I signed the day before I ended up resigning. I guess they didn't leave the chart out. Irritating! I gotta say this was the only example of disorganization. Vanity is really making changes for the better. My customer services was excellent. Fisher drew me up and the anasthesologist said you might feel a little burn or taste this in your mouth as he gave me some medicine. I didn't. I just felt cold. Next thing I know I was in post op and shaking horribly and uncontrollably and my body felt like a rock. Lastly I was on my back. I wanted to scream get me of my back. But I was hurting so bad and shaking so I could say nothing. My nurse came and picked me up and off to the condo we went. Coming out from under was the toughest part. Uggggh! So I added my arms and CellSaver. So far my arms look great and I'm glad I added them. As for CellSaver I would not have wanted to feel any worse. So I'm glad I added it to help me bounce back.

Again thanks Dolls for the love. I plan to respond to everyone individually as I get my strength. Much love Doll!


Dolls let me tell you Fisher did his thang! He snatched my waist like he was mad at it and gave me a beautiful, voluminous booty with great curves. One the day after your treatment you go back to Vanity/Eres for a follow up where they check your wounds to ensure you're healing well. Their service was great was immediately taken back to the after surgery waiting room. You can tell who just got their BBLs because we are all kneeling in chairs on our knees. Lol. I was very happy to have several girl ask who did mine and how much they loved it. Grinning! Anyway back to Vanity/Eres I waited no more than 5 minutes before being taken back to a room for my follow up and being released. Let me also say Vanity/Eres has called to check on me every single day since my surgery. So far I feel like Vanity is really working to change their name related to customer service. This is important because many Doll adored Fishers work but questioned Vanity. So I want to give you information to make your decision after all this is our money and our lives. I will keep ya posted Dolls!


Okay so I bought I primary faja ($120) from Vanity/Eres because I wanted to make sure that after every thing I would go through and all the money spent I didn't want my results hindered because I refused to spend and extra few dollars on my faja and it didn't fit or worse. That said and done Joselyn, my caregiver, after my preop appointment took me to a place to buy a second faja ($89). I bought one faja and the arm sleeves from Vanity/Eres and one from Joselyn's spot. Well so glad I bought the extra sleeves they were actually better than Vanity sleeves. Why? The Vanity sleeves stop just past my elbow and the wound sight is just above the elbow and cost $60. However the extra sleeves come down 3/4 way or midway my forearm and cost $42. They extra sleeves feels more comfortable and I don't have to keep pulling down the sleeves. I will add some pics to give you Doll planning information for your journey.

Initial Post Op Pics


Still really swollen and bruised and I haven't added more pics because right now I'm like a rolly Polly. Im still in my original faja but you can't gauge my size because I'm swaddled with foam all around me ab boards and butt boards. Lol. I plan to switch to smallest faja and will post new pics.

Drains Are Out, Drains Are Out

Thank Godi got my drains out! Fisher uses drains with his BBLs. I had one drain in the front and it was the Bain of my existence. He leaves the drains in 5-7 days or until you are draining less than .75. Well being that I could only lay on my tummy it was irritating to say the very least. Fisher actually showed up for my final appointment and gave his own work a thumbs up. lol I didn't wait more than 30 minutes for my appointment and while I was happy to take out the drains it did hurts some. Not excruciating pain but it was quick and more like OMG!

Sorry for late responses my RS app has been just timing out lately. Ugh! It appears to be working so I'm trying to respond to everyone. Feel free to ask any questions.

Who was my Caregiver?

As mentioned before I didn't stay at a recovery house. I rented a condo brought family and hired a caregiver. I learned from Dr Fisher the BBL has the toughest recovery and the first 3-4 days can be hard. So I hired Joselyn Ashby, a patient care technician, to care for my the first 3-4 days and as needed. She served as my driver because she had a van with a blow up bed I could lay on in the back rather than kneeling in a seat on my knees or laying with my legs bent up across a back seat. She took me to surgery answered any questions I had brought me home, haves med, checked my vital signs, feed me, etc. She use to work in a recovery house and was very knowledgeable about the care of BBL patients and the various doctors. She charged $150 the night of treatment and $100 for 5 hours of care the subsequent days. First night is higher because you need the most monitoring. Her number is 407-764-0165

She was genuinely sweet and patient with me. I highly recommend her. I will attach a pic of her and her card. Take care Lovelies!!!!


I had my first massage the day after surgery. The masseuse was a lady named Laura and she was a recommendation from Joselyn, my caregiver. Ms Laura was wonderful. She was knowledgeable and took time to explain everything before hand to me. I was really anxious about the massage because I had heard many stories of how painful the massages can be. However she was very gentle and while working sore and bruised areas is never fun I wasn't excruciating pain fame either. She came to my hotel/condo everyday to perform the massages and charged $60 per massage. This was great considering I did not have to leave or pay for travel to massages. I highly recommend her as she did wonders for me. I had a total of 6 massages with her before returning home.

Home At Last

Thank God I made it home! Since I want to forget my flights home this will be brief. Six plus hours, 2 flights sitting on my BBL pillow and standing for 85% of the flight was not fun. By the time I landed in LAX to grab an Uber and go home I politely ordered an SUV laid across the back seats on my stomach and didn't move until my sister shook me and said we are home. No place like home!

12 Days Post Op Video and Updates

It's 12 days in and I'm starting to get my energy back. Still very swollen but right on schedule. It takes time to heal and I walked into this journey with that in mind. Dr. Fisher prescribe Colace (a stool softener) at time of surgery. I almost didn't take it but so glad I did. When the time came it was a breeze. I took the Percosets pain pills the first five days and then weaned of to extra strength Tylenol. I'm still real sore and still but I try to stretch just a little everyday. I'm getting use to sleeping on my stomach although I can't wait till I can go back to sleeping on my back. I'm home now so at least I can alternate between lying in my butt out lounge chair. Still really bruised but getting better.

Regarding fajas, I wore my initial post surgery faja for the first five days and then it starting getting to big. I then added lipo foams and and ab board to make it fit tighter and more snug for better compression. I then purchased a second smaller faja which I'm wearing now. As it gets smaller I will add in my foams and ab board. Also I plan to have my first faja altered by a seamstress to make it smaller to be my next down size faja.

Still very happy with my arms. I rub myself down with Arnica gel every day twice a day and it does seem to help with the pain and stiffness. Fisher recommends no sitting for three weeks but I plan to extend that some. I am attaching a copy of Fisher's recovery rules so future Fisher Dolls know what to expect. Anyway Dolls have a wonderful day and remember "Life is about improving not about perfection!"

Keep Improving Dolls

Two Weeks

Started walking through my neighborhood yesterday. Since the gym is not an option figured I would walk instead. Walked about 3/4 mile.

Been taking Arnica tablets and Bromelain 3 times a day. I am now adding foams to my smallest faja. Oh I ordered a butt board from Amazon and started using it. My masseuse said it very important for proper shaping. Vanity/Eres didn't have any so the folded a chux pad and placed in the space. Ugggh, this hurt and was so uncomfortable. Ladies do yourself a favor and just order it from online. It's a lot more comfortable.

My bruises are about 80% gone and I rarely take even Tylenol now. I bought a tiny hand held massager and it is my best friend for quick massaging out lumps and bumps.

Arm Update

So glad I got my arms done. After gaining weight for the surgery I felt like it all went to my arms and abs. After the surgery my arms were very bruised and hurt but not to bad. Mostly they hurt if touched. It's been 2 1/2 weeks and my arm bruises are almost gone and they rarely hurt. The pain is so little that I haven't taken pain pills for anything in near a week. My arms are still swollen but already look pretty good. One of my concerns was would the skin contract. The last thing I wanted was to go from looking like Popeye to having Bat Wings! Well the skin contracted and I was told it will look better after all swelling subsides. My current arm measurements are 11inches. I wear my compression sleeves everyday. They are not uncomfortable at all and since its winter I'm not to hot. Fisher charged an extra $500 for my arms. He made one small incision on each arm just above the elbow and on the inside of the arm. It's so small the closed within a week and the scar is already fading and barely visible. Hope that answers any questions but feel free to ask me any questions. I will keep you Dolls updated on the progress. Have a great day Lovelies!!!!

How I'm Living

I have three weeks under my belt. Thank God! So far I'm really pleased. My waist went from 34 inches to 29 inches. Yay! Down 5 inches. And I've added 3 inches to my hips and butt. I didn't get hips but because Fisher made my waist so small my natural hips look more pronounced. Now he did fill in the dents. I absolutely it. According to Fisher you can sit after 3-4 weeks. I've decided to wait 5 weeks for good measure and even then only for short periods of time. I hate not being able to sit. It's so irritating but a necessary evil to protect those fat cells. I also hate always being wrap in my compression garment, lipo pads, ab board and butt board. But again this is a commitment. I wear my compression garment religiously. I wear it 23.5 hours per day. I only take it off to shower and to wash it. It's a a journey and not an event. I have no more pain and all my bruises are gone. I massage every day at least twice with Arnica gel. I also still take Arnica pills and Bromelain pills to decrease swelling. I also rub Mederma Scar cream on my tiny incisions.

I also remind myself that this journey takes many turns. I read how many Dolls get discouraged thinking they are losing volume and this is what I've learned from other Dolls:

First week booty is swollen and hugh

Week 2-3 swelling starts to go down and many Dolls get scared they are losing volume. I'm there! Lol

Weeks 4-7 booty starts to settle and we get use to seeing it and it appears smaller

Weeks 8-12 Settling finishes and the Fluff Fairy visits. I have heard it takes 4-8 weeks to finish. During this time you typically gain back the 1/2 you thought you lost.

I remind myself not to freak out during all the transitions. If you find yourself freaking out relax your not alone. I will keep you posted. Waiting on the Fluff Fairy!! ;)

Getting Back to Life

I'm 4 weeks in the game y'all! Time is flying. So Dr. Fisher says you can sit after 3-4 weeks. However I still haven't sat yet. I decided to wait an additional week. No sitting for me yet. Gotta protect those fat cells. ;) I called to see how long I need to wear the arm sleeves after my arm lipo. I was told by Fishers assistant that I should wear them for another two weeks. Ugggggh! I hoped to be free of them but oh well two more weeks it is. My arms have no more sore spots or bruises and the skin retracted very well. I massage everyday with Arnica gel and still take the Arnica pills. Back at the gym as of this week but only doing the treadmill. Got both of my fajas taken in as the were getting loss even with the foams in. I also started driving again and even got my nails done again. It feels like I'm finally getting back to normal. #Happy

5 Weeks Post Op

5 Weeks and Counting


So I finally sat down for 3 minutes yesterday. No one tells you this part. I finally sat on my butt. I could only do it for a few minutes. My butt felt tight and it felt like I was sitting on an air balloon. My butt was a little sore and it felt uncomfortable. Fisher and most doctors say you can sit after 3 weeks. I waited almost 6 weeks to even try. I decided to sit for just a few minutes each day over the next week until it's comfortable. Besides I'm still treating my booty with "RESPECK" (Birdman voice).

At six weeks I feel pretty much back to normal. Still tightness and numbness in my back but that is expected. Can't bend over and touch my toes. I found a lymphatic masseuse and plan to do a few more massages over the next few weeks. I also started waist training with a Cherry Ann waist trainer. Trying to keep it tight and right. Also learning how to dress my new extreme hourglass shape. Been doing some online shopping but can't wait to be free of the faja which seems to make my butt look bigger and wider to me. Still walking on the treadmill and plan to start light weights next week. Love my new shape. Is it the answer for world peace? No! But love the silhouette it gives me in clothes and it sure makes me smile.

To Dolls looking ahead to your surgery, you can do this. Do it for you and no one else. You deserve to feel beautiful and be happy. To Dolls on the other side Congrats for having the courage to DO YOU!!!
Miami Plastic Surgeon

I haven't had my procedure yet but my interactions with Vanity has been excellent so far. They have been responsive and very helpful with answering all my questions,

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