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So I've been researching and stalking this page...

So I've been researching and stalking this page for about two years now. I'm 23 years old and I just had my third child so I'm pretty much done in the kids department and I'm ready to get rid of this booty-do (when your belly sticks out more than your booty do) :( when I lose weight I'm pretty much comfortable in the size that I am in but even at a small size I've always wanted a smaller waist and a bigger butt. I also have annoying dents on my hips that have to go. Although I am young and had my first child at 16 my second at 18 and my third at 23, I've always been applauded for my hard work! Ive had my own place since 18 and now live with my fiancé, the father of my youngest. I am a full time college student, mother and own my own thriving business and have dedicated myself for my children and building a better future for them and setting an example.. But now I need to be a little selfish and do something for me!! This is why I went ahead and put my $1000 deposit down and scheduled surgery for October 7, 2016 with Dr. Fisher!! I truly wanted Dr. Miami but being that his next available date is in October of 2017.. I'm going to the next best thing!! I've been looking over Fisher and love the work he does!! And not only does he specialize in BBLs but he's board certified.. Although some of the stories I hear about Vanity annoy me I will not let that be a determining factor because I am ready to be annoying and petty as need be to get the results I want!!

My current body situation :(

So this is pretty much what I'm working with right now... I also added a pic of my body before my third because I'm hoping I get down to that size before sx.. Right now I weigh 170lbs! I was 146 before my little booger bumped me up a whole 60lbs to 205!! I had him Jan 15th so I've done pretty good at losing the weight so far.. At 146 I wanted to be slimmer but the skinnier I got the flatter my butt so I stopped there hopefully after the bbl I'll be slim in all the right places and thick in all the right ones ????????

So crazy but reassuring!

So I went out with my sister and some friends and one of my friends that has been MIA popped up looking mighty fine!! After a while she lets the bomb drop that she just had a BBL done! In Miami! At Vanity! She went to Salas because she didn't want to wait on Dr Fisher since he's booking for a few months but damn she looked brand spanking NEW! It was so motivating!! I didn't know Salas was that good and she is a little more heavy set and looks AMAZING!! That definitely made me happy to see her look so good and know I soon will too :) She did say to prepare myself for the pain though ???? That I'm not ready for!! She said her body was like cement and it was hard to move :( But overall worth it for her.. Everyone is different though so I can't waittttt for Rick Ross to love this Pear ???? lol
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