Ready for my Procedure with Dr.Ghurani - Miami, FL

I initially was wanting Dr. Ortega or Alvarez but...

I initially was wanting Dr. Ortega or Alvarez but they were not available for the dates I chose. Ghurani was higher in cost and I had not done any research on him. I was so paranoid and Emily assured me I would like my results. I will be staying at New Life Recover house for a week and Willie has already called me with his personal cell phone number. I'm 6 weeks away from my surgery and can't wait- come on 12/14/16!!!!

My pre-op photos

1 month away

So in 30 days I will be in Miami preparing for my procedure. The one thing that grosses me out are the bloody fajas. So now I'm shopping for extra fajas.

High white blood count

I'm 3 weeks away from surgery and have not been cleared yet. Was taking vitamin c and iron and The vitamin c was giving me chest pains. Wbc was 11.8. Went to see my pcp and he said nothing is wrong. I don't have any infections to treat and unfortunately I may just be in the top percentile for high wbc! I see other people getting cleared and I'm just waiting around- flight and recovery house booked- fingers crossed

Really getting bummed out

I'm so sad right now. My surgery is scheduled in two weeks and I don't know when I'm supposed to have my blood work redone. I think this is very last minute and I don't think they should make anyone pay a deposit until they have been cleared for surgery. Just my opinion but it seems like that makes more sense. I just feel like I'm waiting for someone to say yes we'll take your money or no we can't do anything for you. I hate to be anticipating something and be shot down. I have no post-surgical supplies and I NEVER do things last minute

Yasssss! I have been cleared!

Update: surgery was not performed on Dec 14

So my surgery was not performed on 12/14/16. I got all the way to Miami and the care credit that I got from someone declined! My new surgery date is 1/25/17 and I'm paying for it myself. This has been so bitter sweet but I am finally excited!
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