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3 year old child stretched and made me saggy,...

3 year old child stretched and made me saggy, ready for the new ME!! It's time for mommy to make a come back!! After gainjng 80 pounds with pregnancy, and losing it, thisbbody was in desperate need of repair. Though everyone told me i looked good, the story was not the same with clothes off. I had become very subconscious with my abdomen area, so I had been researching the tummy tuck with lipo and bbl vs lipo with bbl. I checked Hills few doctors in the Beverly Hills area, but most were too expensive. Met with 1 and I loved his attention to detail. He took out the time to speak with me on a Sunday afternoon, spent about 45 minutes on the phone with me, even took the time or to meet with me for 30 minutes prior to deciding to choosing the doctor. Wow, this doctor had the best bedside manner, was a little on the expensive side, but not too much, but I was just unsure if he could give me the exact shape/result that I wanted. So I ending up choosing Dr. Anthony Hasan in Miami, FL. Not sure if I made the right decision, but we'll see.

Recovery House disaster or should I say stable house

Please do not stay at the Xanadu Recovery House . It started off OK, but slowly got worse as the days progressed. This place is so unorganized and unprofessional, it is ridiculis!! I am not 1 to complain, but there was only 1 person who I felt actually cared! They can't keep any workers. The driver came to pick me up from the airport and put me into this tiny room in the front. Don't get me wrong, the place is nice, but it is misadvertised. It is adverised as a 3,000 sq feet home, but doesn't indicate the room's size. It is attached to a horse stable/school, so I was constantly smelling horse hay and booboo. Then, there is no way to get out to walk on the street without a car physically being present in front of the gate sensor. They did end up placing me in a room with a double bed, which happened to be the biggest room in the house. The breakfast was apples, bananas, oranges, and bread!! No real breakfast. This place is so unorganized...they don't tell you what's going on until the day of or late the nigtheof. The drivers are always late for your appointments and to tolike/icing on the cake, 1 latino driver. Lazara, is very rude and talks about you in Spanish. She is lazy and acts as if she has tons of stuff to do, but goes back to thr recover house to sit around chat. I had problems with fluid buildup, and the medical assistant to Dr. Hasan told me that i should try to add more compression by using a waist trainer/cincher and told me that there is one right next to the clinic on 8th street. Instead of this lazy driver taking me there, 0.26 milez walking distance, 4-5 minute drive, 2 blocks, she takes me back to the recovery house which is 20-25 mins away and acts like she has to get the other girls. Lazara was at the house was at the house for 55 mins before she left. I asked her for my $24 tip I gave her on the first day. Lol. Then she almost made another girl in the house late for her flight so I told them that my outgoing flight left at 5:15. Its a good thing that I did because that sorry driver didn't show up until 4:45 pm. I arrived at the airport at 5:17 pm, which is ridiculous. This

Pics at 1 week post-op

I am still very swollen after 1 week. Living my life with a 3 year old child and trying to keep RealSelf is hard. I was still very swollen here, esp in the suprapubic region. First time I felt like taking a pic after surgery...

Pics at 1 week post-op

I am still very swollen after 1 week. Living my life with a 3 year old child and trying to keep RealSelf is hard. I was still very swollen here, esp in the suprapubic region. First time I felt like taking a pic after surgery...

Only needed a tighter garment

So a tighter garment actually has helped my fluid buildup. I do notice hard places in my abdomen from time to time. I bought a tighter garment. I have lost 2 inches from my waist and 1 inch from my butt. This garment that I purchased fits tighter on my hips and butt and I hope it's not decreasing my butt size. Lol. Just wondering if i should cut a part out of the buttocks!?! I need my first garment altered. Never understood why I tried on my garment before surgery and they wanted it big if fat was going to be removed from my abdomen. That's 1 of the reasons fluid kept accumulating in my abdomen. It's a shame that Dr. Hasan or his assistants couldn't tell me that.

2 weeks post op

I definitely have more junk in my trunk. This recovery process has not been easy, as I've had to deal with several seromas in the abdomen. I do not like how my abdomen looks, but it is looking better by the day. I still use my lipo foam and board. The board seems to help the most. I hadn't had a massage in a week and I am long over due. I scheduled an appt for a massage on Monday and took the pic in the black dress on Tues. It was definitely a big change. I noticed my abdomen looks flatter and feels better (not as sore) I haven't taken anything for pain in over a week, so I'm proud of myself. :-) It's still sore, but my lower back hurts sometimes. Ibuprofen or Motrin normally helps. Holding to try to work this weekend sometime for the first time. It's going to be a long 12.5 -13 hrs. :-/ #Not looking forward!
Miami Physician

There wasn't much interaction. I came into town on the Friday before my surgery. I was told that I would meet with the doctor on this day, as well as complete the rest of my labwork. However upon arriving, I found out that I wouldn't meetvwith the doctor until Monday, the day of surgery. I checked into the recovery house on the night before surgery. I was told that the surgery would be at 7:30 am. On Monday morning, I arrived at 7:30, spoke with a medical assistant, met with the anesthesiologist, who is fine ah and built!! :-) lol. Met with Dr. Hasan, where he marked me and spoke to me for about 5 minutes, but upon surgery, I asked him if he knew what I wanted. He responded "what all the other girls want." That is very vague. But I knew him to do good work, so I felt like he would make me like some of the wish pics that I sent a month ago, that were supposed to be in my chart, but weren't! Anyhow, I was so sick that I couldn't see my body until post op day #2. I feel like he could've gave me a little more hips because the shape was a lil more important than the butt. He could've gave me a little more butt also, but I look better than I did before, so I'm somewhat happy with my overall cosmetic result, but felt like Dr. Hasan should listen more to the individual person, instead of assuming everyone wants the same thing or better yet, look at wish pics to give me exactly what I wanted. I just hope my abdomen gets my desired result after a few days of training!! After having to go through extreme measures (speaking to director and complaints coordinator) to get stronger pain meds (because this doctor only prescribes Tylenol #3) for fresh post-op pts, I will definitely have to say that I feel like I went to the "Swapmeet doctor." I was concerned about the continuous seromas/fluid collections I. My abdomen and he said this to me, "At least youre in the medical field. You can just find someone to drain the fluid every other day. Some people go back to Timbuktue and dont have anyone." Like really, U should try to eliminate it or help me out." Smh. You pay, then u keep it moving. I mean, the Dr doesn't try to make u feel good about being his patient or try to see you at any post-op appointments!!!

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