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So I have been wanting to get a bbl for a little...

So I have been wanting to get a bbl for a little under a year now but thought I'd take my time to find the perfect doctor for me. My intial plan was to get the procedure done in my home town (NYC) because I thought it'll be smarter to be closer to the doctor after surgery. So I started doing my research and spoke with a few doctors in nyc who quoted me between $8,000-$10,000 which was more then i wanted to pay, so i started looking else where. I then found cgc and was interested in Dr. Freiman who quoted me at $4,000 it was a big difference from my previous quotes but for some reason his results didnt WOW me so i continued to search. I then ended up at spectrum and was intrested in Dr. Ortgea who is also a Dr. At cgc. Ortega seemed better then Dr. Freiman but i didnt think he gave his patients the small waist and perfect booty i was looking for.. I keept searching until i found the amazing booty Dr. Hasan. OMG i instantly knew he was the one for me lol.. I've been on this website everyday for the past month looking at his results and im in love with his work. He snatches the waist and gives you that phatty (just what i want)

I'm a wife & mother of three and i need to get back to what i use to be. I honestly dont look bad to have had 3 children. I've never really ever had a big ole butt, I've always been just right. Nice butt & big boobs but after my children I've been left with a few extra jiggle in my tummy. My first thought was to hit the gym until a light bulb went off in my head about getting a bbl.. Well here i am today 7/17/15 and i finally left a deposit to move forward with my procedure. My sx date is 8/31/15. I'm excited, nervous, scared all in one, but i'll be in gods hands so i know I'll be just fine..

Cant wait to see my ending results

Suprise for hubby

So as you all know my surgery is set for 8/31/15 which is extremely close. I discussed the idea of getting a bbl a few months ago with my husband and he was completely against it :( going foward this time around i decided not to tell him the exact truth only because this is what i want and i don't want him trying to talk me out of it. I told him i was only getting lipo to my tummy & back LOL
Idk why he dont want me to put the fat in my butt smh. I thought most guys would love for their spouse to have a banging body. Anyhow he sure will be suprised!!
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