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What's up errrybody I am looking into getting a...

What's up errrybody I am looking into getting a bbl by Hasan I am 5'6 182 pounds. I will be trying to lose weight so I can be about 160 I think that will be good. I have three babies three c-sections. So I have stretch marks galore and hanging skin. I'm not looking for a super flat tummy I'm ok with my mommy evidence lol I just want yes a flatter stomach, smaller waist, and Bootay! Lol I'm excited, I don't want to but will do my best to take pics and post them lol I know we all like to see before pics no matter how bad they are, plus it takes courage to post my reason is simply because I do want help from other along with support as I will do the same. Okay until next time folks!!

Before Pics

Losing weight

Hey ladies I am not sure if I shud continue to lose or not, I keep getting no, I did send pics and speak to two women there who says not to lose any but I'm not sure, I think I shud lose ten more pounds, any thoughts? Right now I'm 5'6 182 bmi 29.4

Surgery date not set as of yet but planning for June 2016. Pics fully dressed.

Spandex are high because I lost a good amount of weight lol no spanx or anything today just me. Booty so sad.

Wish Pics all Hasanified!

I LOVE itgirl22's butt I think it's perfect. So for just butt wish pic that is #bae #goal lol Next I love BeautifulOne, her waist is Crazy stupid SNATCHED and she has loose skin that has retracted, something I hope to achieve. Last but certainly not least is me26 I love her results because although she is much shorter than me we have very similar shapes, and again she has loose skin that has retract soooooo well!!! And they are all Hasan dolls :-) #winning

Weight loss and bmi

So I had to go to the doctor this weekend and they did height and weight and in actually 5'6.5 I'm so excited for that half of inch it makes a big difference in bmi. I gained six pounds so in at 188 which puts my bmi at 29.9 I am just gonna make sure my weight is at 180 even sx day. But secretly I want to be at 176 making my bmi 28. Something with me and even numbers lol. I shud be at 180 within a week I always just do no sugar, low carb to drop weight quickly plus I'm doing 3-5 miles walking/jogging a day. I have a Fitbit which helps me track steps, and I drink a gallon of lemon water a day.

Different procedure?

Hey ladies, so I've been debating for awhile now if I want the bbl anymore, the sudden, and different explanations/assumptions of Hasan's absence is what prompted this. I only want him to do my bbl, and at this point I feel like I don't want to be bothered with Vanity and the shenanigans. Reading the different reviews on how the situation was mishandled in my opinion left a bad taste in my mouth so with that said I'm looking into lipo, of waist abdomen, flanks with a full Tummy Tuck. Right now I'm pretty confident in my research of Dr. Thomas Cochran. I got my quote this morning, I am waiting on a response back hoping My April date is possible. Will keep you guys posted!


Ugh... Now that I've got my TT quote and all questions answered I'm stuck...I thought I was good to go, gonna make my deposit on TT but the more I think about it the more I want a butt, yes we all know ain't no snatching like a full TT with lipo, lol but I want both small waist and cakes... Hubby is still supportive he just wants me to be sure whichever I choose... I guess I just have to wait for Hasan to reappear, fisher has done a good job on the last three Hasan dolls too which got me a lil wishy washy as well, pre hasan doll and TTlove lookin good!

Weight loss. New bbl doctor.

I think I'm good with losing weight I want enough for my phatty lol I love how I have an hourglass shape with the cinched on, I'm hoping I will look like that after my bbl. I contacted spectrum for quotes on bbl through email this morning so I shud hear back on Monday. I'm gonna go with Dr. Omulepu which was my first choice back in 2014 when I first researched the procedure, I'm going with him bcus I want bbl but don't wanna deal with Vanity at all, in 2014 the coordinator I spoke to was Lizbeth so I will as for her and hopefully I can go in April, which is Best for hubby to take time off. Do hall think I'll look like I do in the clincher (front view) with a bigger butt of course when it's all said and done, I wanna be realistic?

Recovery houses

So, I was for Cosmicare because of the obvious all inclusive, but I did find it odd that u have to request a quote instead of it being on the site already as others are. I believe this is done to give people different prices, smh I was quoted $1800 for five day inclusive with cosmikit and $2300 for seven day inclusive. Everyone that has been so kind to private message me or speak with on the phone was quoted less. Smh! Oh well back to the drawing board, per my Osak vets I'm goin to look into a new life recovery...if anyone has stayed there, comment with ur experience I would greatly appreciate it!

Deposit Made, 4/25 is my Bootyday!!!

I'm so excited! Finally I have a date, I am still trying to solidify a RH. So amp'd!

Another Bites The Dust

Copy and paste to see Dr. Osak Omulepu has officially been put on restriction by the state of Florida. UGGH I should've known when Lizbeth didn't respond because she ALWAYS responds to any questions or concerns.

Hasan is BACK?!?!

I wonder if the details of his long absence will emerge along with him....

Breast Reduction Surgery

Hey everyone I am preparing for my breast reduction sx on April 11! I'm so excited for the pain to be over! I will post pics u can see in my profile it took me some time to figure out what I wanted to do after Hasan left, but I figured I should get rid of the pain and have this surgery done which is completely covered by insurance before having any others.
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