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So I have been researching BBL for over a year now...

So I have been researching BBL for over a year now and I'm finally going through with it! I will be getting my BBL with Dr.Hasan August 19th and I'm so excited, anxious, and scared but this is definetly something I've been wanting to do. Living in Atlanta you see all these big butts everywhere, I have booty but I want mine to sit up real nice and I want no waist at all lol. Can't wait to begin this journey :)

Deposit made

36 Days to go, Its getting real!

I'm so nervous and anxious and so ready to get this over with. My coordinator is Shirley and she was super cool at first emailing me every single day then I made my payment and I haven't heard from her since then. I emailed her multiple times and finally got a response today which had me like girl byeeee I been had emailed you! I reside in Atlanta and will be flying out to tampa since thats where my friend who will be coming with me lives and we are going to drive down to Miami from there. Do you ladies know any places I can get Massages from while I'm there?


Excuse my childish panties lol

Women's Iron Complete

Stupid site didn't post pic

Wish pics

Does anyone want to switch dates with me?

Hey I was seeing if anyone wanted to switch dates with me I'm scheduled for the 19th of August and need to go around the week of August 10-14 if so please inbox me :)

Ready to get this shit over with lol

I'm so ready to get this over with, 22 more days to go!

13 more days to go :)

This is getting real, I have all these crazy emotions right now. I can't believe I'm doing this. The only thing I'm scared of is not waking back up and I know I shouldn't think like that but it's kind of hard not to. Just praying everything goes good and I get the results I've been seeing in my head lol

Just landed

Heading to vanity and surgery is tomorrow. Super excited and ready to get this over with. Plane ride was very short :)

Today is the big day

I'm on my way to vanity and I'm super nervous yall! I'm just hoping everything goes good and I make to the other side. Please keep me in your prayers and I can't wait to show you my results!

Lets go

Currently waiting on Hasan, so excited. I'm the first of the day.

This is no joke :(

I made it to the other side, thank your everyone for your kind words. Lord let me tell yall how weak I am I almost passed out walking in the house. I cannot get up at all. Surgery was scheduled for 7:30 met Hassan at 9 he's super nice we both are from the Bay Area. He marked me up took me to the room and next thing you know I woke up shivering like a mf. I want to clean up but my body will not let me :( I just hope I can get up tomorrow

Hasan snatched this waist

Hey ladies, it's been a rough three days. Im trying my hardest to get through this. I finally took a shower today and got to look at myself in the mirror and Hasan did the damn thing. I have no stomach at all and booty sitting real nice lol. My garment is washing right now I'm probably gonna have to order a second one because I just feel extremely weird without it. I have a lot of fluid down below. Going for my first massage tomorrow. I'm to weak to stand up for pictures but I promise to update you tonight. I went for my check up yesterday and let me tell yall them b****s at vanity have horrible customer services please excuse my language but they are just flat out rude as hell. It's sad because the doctors are nice as hell but everyone else is rude. I'm just glad that I'm ok. Idk how I'm going to make it back to Atlanta ok Monday. As far as the foam boards how was that going through tsa?

Pics do no justice


First massage

Had my first massage today, it hurt but when I say I feel so much better! Recovery is no joke and something you mentally have to get ready for. Please feel free to ask any questions. Head back to Atlanta tomorrow can't wait


Flew back home today and let's just say that was the most uncomfortable plane ride ever. I requested wheelchair service that was pretty nice being that I was about to miss my flight. This fluid is killing me I have another massage tomorrow I'm really just over it. I hate feeling down like this. Just waiting on the stage where I'm happy about making this decision because right now I'm looking back like was this worth the pain I'm going through now.

New pics

So I put my waist clincher over my faja just because my faja is real big now, hopefully this is ok. It's real tight on me and I think I need the compression

Feeling better

Thank you realself

Just wanted to thank everyone on here, you guys have helped me a lot with getting through this recovery. I hated myself for doing this surgery for a couple days. The past couple days I've been looking at myself in the mirror and I'm so in love with what Dr. Hassan has done. The fact that I didn't need to even show him any wish pics and he delivered! All my old niggas want me back and I'm acting real brand new! Lol I look and feel good. I'm so glad I did this for myself. I was in a abusive relationship and gained so much weight from being depressed and when I lost the weight I was still self concious about my body but now you can't tell me shit! My ex was like you got that fat transfer huh like yup I sure did with MY MONEY clown ass little boy! He was like you look so good like tell me something I don't know Lmaoo yup I'm feeling myself and every woman should after this!


Hey ladies I wanted to know if hardness in some places is normal or a bad thing?

So in love


I was playing dress up, I'm two weeks today. After this you guys will be seeing me monthly :)

Ok I lied, I'm back lol

So ladies I went out last night for the first time and being without my garment was so weird I couldn't wait to get home and put that mf on! I'm not gonna lie I've been sitting on my butt since 2 weeks post for no more than a hour. I haven't lost any volume at all and my butt has gotten so soft and giggly! I know I know they say we aren't suppose to but hey I still look good as hell. Lower stomach, back, and sides still very tender and sore. The attention is definitely real! People just stare like to the point where it's starting to get annoying. Oh yeah and all my old boo's keep calling my phone like goodbyeeee I'm not interested! Lol but I think I'm going to get my breast done next year. Not quite sure yet. here are some pics enjoy :)


This inflammation is killing me

1 month post

Tomorrow will be one month for me. Still very stiff in my lower stomach and back area. My butt gets softer and softer everyday. I had sex yesterday and lord it was crazy lol. I'm currently waiting for the fluffing to start. I wear my garment and waist trainer all day everyday faithfully. Still sitting for no longer than a hour or 2 and don't think I've lost any volume. Gonna buy an ab board to smooth out my stomach a bit more. See yall later ladies :)

Real self needs to get their shit together

I hate uploadin pics on this damn site like fix this shit!


My stomach is still very bruised I'm hoping this dark color goes away soon. I've been applying coconut oil on it twice a day. My butt is completely soft and dropped. I've been thinking about getting my breast done since I have none lol. Goodnight ladies


Video of stomach


Before pic

I don't have any naked before pics

This weekend

Hey ladies, so these are pictures from this weekend. These will be the last pictures I'll post. I don't really need this site anymore so I'll be deleting it. Thank you everyone for your support and kind words during my journey I really appreciate it.

The itch is real

Hey ladies, I feel like the itch is getting worse and worse instead of better. I use Benadryl but it doesn't really work well for me. Any suggestions?

Stomach update

So my stomach is getting better, I've been using the Nivea skin firm gel and wearing my waist trainer daily. I'll be back in the gym this week just to tighten up some areas. Also I keep getting asked the same questions over and over so PLEASE READ THIS because I will ignore you if you ask me again. I'm 5'5 and weighed at 172 before surgery. I still haven't got on a scale till this day to see what I weigh. I bought my garment from Vanity and I'm not sure what type it is. I just know it hooks and zips on the side. I don't have any before naked pictures I lost my phone and all the old pics in there. All I have is before pics with clothes. I put down 3000 and paid the remaining balance which was 1000 the day before surgery. I began sitting on my butt the second week due to school. Now I sit on it all the time and lay on my back. Everyone's body is different but what I can say is I haven't lost any volume my ass is real fat and I get compliments on it all the time. The hate is real people you thought were your friends show their true colors. I'm very satisfied with my results :)

Fat booty lol


So my butt has definitely fluffed out. Everyone keeps giving complements. Not a big fan of my stomach but I'll get over that.

3 months

I'll be 3 months in a couple days. So far I feel 80% back to normal. My stomach and back get very stiff when I don't wear my waist trainer. The fluff is definitely real. I get a lot of stares 24/7 it gets annoying. I'm getting many ladies asking why I chose Hasan. Well I don't really have to do much explaining lol his work speaks for itself. The work I saw before my surgery was exactly how I wanted to look. All his butts look very natural looking and he snatches waists and that's what I was going for. I didn't even show him a wish picture I just said give me a big natural looking butt and no waist lol. I'm not sure how many cc's were placed in each cheek.

4 months

Hi love bugs, it's been a while. Just updating you guys on how I am now. So things are better I'm 90% to myself. My stomach and back get real sore after some time. I still wear my garment after a while. I've been eating like crazy so I have been working out. Lord the attention I get seems to be getting realer and realer by th day. My mom was like honey don't wear that waist shaper anymore your butt is big! Lol and men are always like your butt so big and nice " is it you or you paid for it" like bitch get out my business you ain't pay for it so it don't matter. Excuse my lanaguage y'all but these bitches back in the Bay Area where I'm originally from are just haters. Bitches I've never even seen in my life have something to say. I honestly don't pay attention to any of it at this point because I look and feel fabulous! This was definetly the best decision ever I'm so happy and in love with myself.


Hey ladies, just giving you guys an updated. Nothing much has really changed. My stomach still swells from time to time. I've been working out to get it more tighter and flat. Overall I'm really satisifed and have been thinking of possibly getting my breast down later this year. Please read my profile before asking questions that I have already answered or I stated on here pleaseeeeee.

Booty still fat

Hey ladies, just wanted to update you guys. I'm 95% to myself now. My stomach does get very tight every now and then.

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