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Hello I'm a newbie to this site, looking to feel...


I'm a newbie to this site, looking to feel good about my outward appearance. I'm 36 yrs young with a daughter 5'7 @ 175lbs. I've always had confidence about my appearance but over the years and after having my daughter had my bottom running south of the looking forward to having a BBL with Dr.Fisher in Dec 2014. He has amazing results with just about every patient I've seen on this site. Im nervous about traveling to FL by myself and having to go through this experience alone. My sister is willing to help but may not be there while im in surgery..Wanted to know if anyone was schedule to have SX around this time. I want to make the best possible decision Health and cost wise. All info would be greatly appreciated.

food food and more food

I stop working out so that I can have enough fat for my bbl. Im trying to get my weight to 180lbs. I want 200 cc in my hips and 1400cc in each cheek. Is that too much. Lol

decisions, decisions, ...Supplies


I definitely need advice on what supplies I need for my SX. I've been reading a lot of post which contradicts Others. My question is what type of faja to purchase to start off with, creams to protect and prevent infection, etc .I'm also reading that Dr.Fisher uses drains now, which I'm ok with it if it reduces the chances of developing seromas. I have also gained weight to have enough fat to get desired results,so my confidence level is not sooo great. Never thought that making decision to have bbl would be sooo damm But I'm finally doing something for me at any cost vs always looking out for others and putting their happiness before mine.

wish pics

I think I'm ready

First I will like to say it's been very helpful reading posts from RS sisters who had gone through their transformation and those who are preparing for it. I decided to go with Dr.Fisher, but was very hesitant due to the posts about poor customer service. I've been working with Selena and so far she's been prompt with responding to my questions and emails. I've heard horror stories about Vanity receiving money, then no contact afterwards. So I decided to ration my it's been fun in away to sit and eat my a** off and not go to the gym which im use to going 5 days a week as you can see the major changes. Kinda mad at the weight gain, but I wanted to make sure I had enough fat for the desired results. I'm nervous and excited with this upcoming procedure. So far the only person who's aware of my decision is my sister, who's going to travel with me ( I hope) in December, which is just around the corner. I felt the less people who know, the less negative feedback I will get. So I'm wrecking my brain to figure out the necessary items to purchase. I locked in the special of $6000. Which covers everything except plane tix, which relieve me from the stress of finding a place to stay, transportation, massages, garments, etc. Ladies if theirs any advice you can offer, I'll gladly appreciate it.

December? ??

Has anybody booked their sx. In December?? I know a lot of RS sisters had to reschedule do to Fisher going on vacation.

December 12 SX date.

Does anybody have a later December date. I was told I can get Dec 12. I would like a Dec 20th or later.

increase hemo

Hey ladies

I know for upcoming sx we are all trying to make sure our hemo levels are up. A lot of us are devouring liver as a source blah.... FYI after doing research it's known that chicken liver has a higher iron content than beef or turkey liver. Me beinf a chicken liver fan. Its a Plus you can buy it for $1.47 a container...Also you can prepare as if your going to fry chicken, which is a plus, to give it a better taste. Thought I'll share that. Best wishes.

second thoughts

Has anybody has looked at Dr. Del Vecchio's work. He is a beast and has locations in Fl, NYC, and Boston. He has a bbl technique that only takes 1 hour to perform. Anybody interested you can check him out at uptown body contouring or on instagram. Just FYI

future dolls


Don't ask why I'm up at 5am. But FYI any future dolls in the process of purchasing their faja..Vedette is having a sale that ends Dec 1st. I purchased a vedette that vanity charges $120. Ebay $68. But I got it for $48. Free Shipping for purchases over $75. guess black Friday sales.


Ok ladies I contacted Vanity. The faja that was ordered for my sx was vedette 929. If you go to the veddette store it's under the name Celeste. It comes in 929 bottom up or 944 zipper front. Hope this helps. They discontinued the vedette 340.

2 was before new me

Oh boy I'm getting nervous as hell my sx date is Dec 12th and I have yet purchased any supplies. .lol I want to say thanks to cocopuffs09 for providing info about the RH she stayed at(new body recovery service) . I made my deposit and will be staying there. Having a nurse 24/7, 3 meals a day, 5 massages, and transportation available for the same price that Vanity charges seems like a better deal. Plus they offer supplies if needed. After gaining so much weight. I still need hips and

New Body Recovery Service

I just want to say Moni from New Recovery Body Service is the When I called she knew who I was before I even identified myself and greeted me by my first name. When I spoke with her and explain how I wasn't able to order my lipo foam in time. She was gracious enough to contact a store in Miami and going to purchase some for me. I also didn't purchase a second faja because I wanted to make sure I get the right size. She knew exactly what brand that Vanity used and have some at the recovery house to purchase. I'm soooo happy I chose to stay with her versus Vanity recovery house. She's on point with everything. I feel assured that I will be in good hands having a nurse with me 24/7.

conflicting info at Vanity

So my surgery is the 12th. I stop taking my birth control on the 3rd. I was reading info that women should stop taking birth control 4 - 6weeks b4 surgery. So I email Fisher assistant and she said I can continue to take them WTF...have anybody heard about this..I'm nervous as Hell because I don't know if I stop in enough time for surgery. It would be 10 days on the day of surgery. I have a little one at home and I rather postponed to be on the safe side then to take that risk. Also going to see a cardiologist tomorrow been having chest pains for over a month. My doctor thinks I'm suffering from anxiety. But to be on the safe side I'm getting checked out before I head to Miami. Ugh..I pray I'm ok .Nervous wreck.

GET Ready to be PISSED!!!

I just received a call from Vanity. Once again Fisher has an emergency and will not be in on the 11th or 12th, which was my date for surgery. He will be out of the country and will not return until 1/21. So after all the lab work, just left the cardiologist office 5 min ago, just to be told your no surgery. This is bananas because she said I will be the first on to have surgery on 1/21. So what about the other ladies who was schedule for Jan 5-21. There's going to be alot of pissed off RS sisters. This is unacceptable. Now I have to cancel my flight, RH accommodation and all. Was planning on getting another job in Jan. Pissed pissed pissed.

Pissed PT 2

Now that my SX is postponed. Dr . Ortega is running a special $4000. For bbl. Looking Into it.

new sx date 1/21

Well today was suppose to be my transformation, but of course Fisher finds a way to suddenly have to leave out of the country unexpectedly. So I reschedule my sx date with Fisher for 1/21. I just want to get this over with now. The excitement of having this done is over with. My coordinator sent me a screen shot of every doc schedule for that date and it seems like Fisher had most of the appointments everybody else was non exist. I had a choice to go with another doctor but Fisher appears to be the only board certified plastic surgeon at Vanity. No offense to anybody on here that chooses other doctors that work here, but I want to make sure that the person that im putting my life in their hands had went through the necessary requirements to perform this surgery, not saying that he doesn't make mistakes, but it decrease the chances. So back to re booking my flight, redoing my lab work ,scheduling time off from work and finding care for my daughter since they will be in school. One thing Vanity does really well is
Inconvenience their patients.


Wow.. how time flies. My original date for my sx was 12/12/14. A week from today my life will change I'm starting to get nervous and excited. ..still haven't got all the necessary things I wanted done. As far as talking to doctor Fisher. I'm going to an idea from a RS sisters who he turned her body into a masterpiece. I'm giving him written instructions on what I want and the pics to go with it. I'm also going to interrogate his ass about the procedure as far as if he uses a blunt tip cannulas,reduce the risk of fat embolism how deep into the tissue does he insert the fat and etc.. One thing I'mma stress to him is to make sure that I make it through this process. .Ughhh.. stressing right now.

hopefully this helps

Hey ladies I know that a lot of us have been taking pur absorb to increase of Iron and hemo levels. I've started taking Alive women ultra potency whole food energizer and my hemo level went from 12.9 to 13.6 within two weeks. I start taking it the first time my hemo went from 21.1 to 12.9 then stop. Started taking it 2 weeks ago and jumped to 13.6.. been eating every fast food you can imagine and still increase my levels.

5 days and counting

This is getting real. I'm nervous as HELL.. I've been wanting this for a minute and now that the time has come, I'm starting to think about all the negatives. ..what if I don't make it through. UGHHH. ..I have a young daughter at home. That I'll give my life for. I've had surgery in the past with no complications, but it was medical reasons not elective. My sister (earth angel) usually is by my side during all my surgeries and now I'm going alone. Doesn't feel right going through this without her, I praying that God will look out as well as be with me while Doctor Fisher is doing my transformation. I feel like I'm ranting on and on, I guess it's true about the mixed emotions about am I making the right decision. Only time will tell. On a lighter note. Here's some of the supplies I taking to Miami. Luckily Moni from New Body Recovery Service my angel abroad. .lol have additional supplies that I can purchase if needed like lipo foam. We'll I guess is go Hard or go Home...


It's getting really surgery tomorrow

It's really getting real that I'm going under tomorrow at 6am. I'm sooo scared and nervous....I'm praying that God will be with me through this journey. I made sure I told my daughter I love her.. There's a RS sisters here who's having surgery tomorrow as well, so we are keeping each other in good spirits. I'm going to keep her in my prayers...I hope I make it through this journey without any complications. Moni with New Body Recovery Service is a jewel and her home is warm and welcoming.

This Is It


First I will like to thank Jehovah God for being by my side through this process... I arrived at Vanity at 6am and yes there was a patient there.. Some reason I had a calmness that I can't explain. Me and Moni sat and talked and had a few laughs, then they made me take a pregnancy test. Next they took me to a room to strip naked and started taking photos. Soon the anesthesiologist came in and asked a few health question. He's a handsome guy. He explained what to expect before and after. Then the man came in Fisher. He was energized and ready to roll. He saw the paper that had my questions and on the top it stated bold I DON'T WANT TO DIE. He laugh and said your gonna DIE. .lol just like you would in a car accident. He then took more pics of my body and told me what to expect. He said I look good for my age which made me blush a little and said I had a nice frame...yeah right. so we sat down and went over my questions and I had photo copies of my wish pics as well. Ladies make sure you have questions b4 sx to address any issues or concerns. BTW Hasan was doing surgery and blasting Biggie Smalls..YES they were clubbing. In I asked Fisher a real serious question. I asked him how many fatalities did he had...0. Whew..I asked if he used a blunt tip cannula (YES) THANK GOD. I asked where they inject the fat. In the muscle and fatty tissue..OK...Please forgive me mz_new_booty I totally forgot to show my wish pic and used yours as a example. We were the same weight and height. Then off to the O.R. they strap me in and the anesthesiologist put the I.V in and explain what I was going to feel. He then put the oxygen mask on and I can smell the mess or whatever then off to lala land. I kinda woke up feeling a nurse putting on my dress and turning me on my side. Then to the recovery room. I was shivering like crazy and asking for heat. I wasn't nauseous or dizzy, just sore and cold. Moni came and was giving me ginger ale. I was in recovery for 3 hours. I was told that he put 1500cc's in each cheek WHOA. I wasn't even expecting that not sure how many cc's in my hips. But the nurse was saying I was In more pain because I got a big then off the Moni's. LADIES I can express enough how professional and caring Moni and her sister Chelle are the night before we sat at the table with another RS sister and ate dinner and laugh. I felt so comfortable and at home. Today they were on top of their game making sure I got up to walk, take meds, and keeping me hydrated. I had my own personal room and bath and whew it was a blessing. BTW Fisher stated that when using the bathroom to sit on your but YES.he stated that placing a yoga mat or something underneath your legs can be dangerous and can cause clots. We'll I'm feeling ok now that I got drugs in me. I think that's enough for tonight. I will try to post pics tomorrow. For the ladies who's having sx in the next few days. I will keep you in my prayer...Good luck.

1st day post op

Today I felt very stiff and sore. Very hard to move. Went to Vanity today for my follow up appointment. I was using a walker and cane chair. Yisel and the other assistants kept stating that i was doing good from just having sx. Fisher saw me and said it was a good look. Lol. I didn't get a chance to see him but an assistant look at my incisions and man when she pulled down my faja she had no mercy. Back at Moni's I had to get my massage today. The only think I kept saying was help me Lord. ..she started that my faja was loose that I had sooo much fluid in me that we can hear it squish around while she was giving me a massage. PAINFULL. I end up purchasing a smaller one from her to get a better compression. Dinner at Moni's was delicious I had talapia sweet potatoe and salad. Ladies I can't stress enough, if your coming down here alone New body recovery service is the place you need to stay. They accommodate you 100%.

back shot

day 2 post op

Each day seems to get better. I saw Dr.Fisher for a follow up. He stated not to use any bbl chairs, cane chairs etc..he check my incisions and everything was good. He also stated that your faja shouldn't be really tight, but you need good compression. Had my 2nd massage with Moni. Wasn't as painful as yesterday but my sides are sensitive as hell and the slightest movement felt like my flesh was being ripped apart. Funny that my but doesn't really hurt. Please excuse ash and the powder in my crack. Just had another shower and needed that fresh feeling


Dinner provided by Moni's ..soooo

6 days post op

My flight home on Monday was o.k. i purchased a round high density foam to sit on, but it didn't fit the seat. So i had to roll up my p-coat and sit on it. I sat mostly through the flight except for 7 min. I had a 1hr 57 min flight. my sister and daughter picked me up and when I got home my daughter eyes dropped straight to my she smiled, only 7 yrs. My sister was calling me Bertha. I was back on mommy mode climbing up and downs the stairs (I guess it's a good thing). I was able to shower and put on my garments but it takes forever to do. I'm numb on both sides of my waist and my stomach feels like a brick but so far everything is holding up well. I love the way Fisher sculpture my body. He is truly an artist.

10 days post op

Everything has been a steady improvement. Showering is becoming easier and i stop wearing my compression socks today. Still use an urinal and sit on a yoga mat to do the #2, although Fisher said just sit on your but. I actually been driving which is uncomfortable. I have to use a bean bag cylinder placed under my thighs with my seat push dam near the steering wheel so my leg can take the brunt of the weight. I've been alternating faja size 42 w/ lipo foam and board and 40 w/ just lipo board. The 40 seem a Lil too tight , but hey.... My male friend who haven't seen me in a couple of weeks stop by. I didn't tell him I had a bbl instead I told him I had sx on my lower back. Hey part while watching tv on my bed he said he couldn't see anything because my ass was in the way. Made me blush and chuckle a bit, confirm that Fisher did his thing. Don't know if you girls heard of this but I'm using this lotion / cream from iso curves that's a but enhancement. It contains Voluplus that suppose to increase the density of adipose tissue and raise fat I apply it to my Bootay instead of lotion. Hopefully I won't loose too much volume.

11 days post op

7 months update

Hey Guys,
Its been a minute since my last post. Its been very busy around here , but I wanted to update my stats so here it goes. So far I've gain a few pounds and havent stick to a diet, and it surgery my waist was at 32 and hips & ass measure at 46. NOW my waist is at 33 and hips & ass is at
47 3/4. To 48 inches. I waited until 4 months before sleeping on my back and still drive sitting on a yoga mat. Its still feels a little uncomfortable sitting bare on any car seat. Still feel stiffness in my abdominal area, guess its apart of the healing process. My family automatically notice the difference when they seen me and wondered where all this ass came from, they were touching my ass to see if it was hard, soft etc. I never told them about my sx. I went to a friend party that I havent seen in 10 years and she came out and said girl your ass is booming in that dress. Made me feel like my sx was well worth it. One thing I noticed that a lot of doctor Fishers patients complain about is the bulges or uneven lipo in the stomach area and im one of those patients. I have a bulge on the left side of my stomach below my navel area thats noticeable if you look hard enough. I guess he didn't lipo that area well, so im going to do my ab exercises to see If I can flatten that area. My BF constantly on my asking if I was a stripper in the pass and how your ass is so perfect..Overall Im happy with my results. I have my days where I look and questioned about having round 2. I'll show some pics and ladies you tell me if it's needed. Dr.Fisher is the man when it comes to BBF. Although there are some imperfections, he did an amazing job.
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