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I have been wanting to do a bbl for about 3 years...

I have been wanting to do a bbl for about 3 years now. My bf has been so against. But he just had a cosmetic procedure I used that to my advantage now he as relented and I can so my sx. YEAH!!!

At first I wanted to go to DO to do my bbl. Then I decided its to far away and ish can go haywire and I wont have any help. So I opted to go to DR. Fisher. He is only about a 45 min flight from here and I assume its way safer than DR. Plus DR. Fisher results are AWESOME.

My stats are:
5'7 215 ( I want to be 175- 180 for surgery)
waist 35'
Hips 47'
After weight lost and surgery I wish to be
waist 28-30
hips 48 and full apple bottom :)

I have finally reached out to Vanity

Hi guys, I have finally got in contact with Vanity. I would like to schedule my bbl for March but there are only a few dates available that month. I was told I need to loose some weight which I expected. I was told to lose 30lbs but I think I will push for 40-45. I have read up on a pill which suppresses appetite I really need that I just ordered my pills today. . Its so hard to lose weight around this time of year ughhh. Not to mention my bf likes me to eat and drink this will be hard.

I think ps should also look at the fact that everyone carries their weight differently as for me I already have a nice shape I carry the majority of weight in my legs not so much my stomach. This will be tough but I can do it, I can do it. I am going to dive into low carb, low fat diet that seems to work for me. Happy Holidays everyone.

Its been a while.

Life happened and my surgery was put on the back burner. I am so happy I did not go through vanity because the horror stories I have heard are just unbelievable. So now I am back to square 1 researching doctors.
I had my heart was set on Yily because I think she can give me the results I want but the reviews are not good. I got quotes from all the popular doctors in DR but its so hard to choose. I am looking for a dr. That specializes in thick woman, aggressive with lipo in tummy area can give me nice hips and some lats.
I love dr manons work but I dont want to rush anything. Who ever I choose it will go down March 3 rd 2017.

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