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Hey y'all, new but not really new because I've...

Hey y'all, new but not really new because I've been lurking in the shadows lol I'm 24 college grad and I want to finally do something for myself that I truly want! Brazilian butt lift that is. I have an appointment with Dr. Salama and Dr. Ghurani next week

Wish pic

I love how much volume she has here.

I saw dr. Salama!

Well I saw him and he stated that I needed to loose 20 pounds. I'm currently 5'4 217 lbs. but I think I want to lose at least 30. He explained the procedure to me and all the ups and downfalls to the surgery. I have MS so he said he will not complete the surgery until I get clearance from my neurologist and once that's done he wants to speak with him before the surgery. That made me feel like I would definitely be in good hands because he looks at every aspect of his patients health.

His office quoted for 8,500 for the procedure. I want to have other options so I'm going to also check out dr.ghurani.

Pregnancy after surgery?

One thing that is kind of holding me back is pregnancy! I'm 24 and I have no children but I want kids. I don't want to get the procedure done and lose the bbl effect and sexy body. I'm kind of thinking I should wait after having a child......ugh ! Maybe get the procedure done towards my late 20s.....????????

To tummy tuck or not b4 bbl that is the question

I think I want to get a Tummy tuck before my bbl I think then I will have the body of my dreams!

UNITED STATES warning about low cost Dominican surgeries

Yikes, I pray for the young lady family. ???? cheaper isn't always the route to go....

Fisher... fisher...fisher

Haven't updated in a while....I think I like fisher's work more and more. I originally was set on dr salama but ehhhhh fisher may be the best choice for me. I'm going to set up a consultation soon for fisher

No one believes that I'm serious about getting a bbl...but I'm set on it. I mean I love my curves and my shape minus a few pounds lol. I have thick thighs, nice hips, and 40 c boobs but no ass and too much tummy. The bbl is just what I dreamed for when I was younger. With the MS that I have I suffer from fatigue I'm always extremely tired without doing much....and I hate it. Makes it harder to even want to work out and get in shape ugh and I hate feeling so tired all the time. I'm thinking about going to a weight loss clinic to assist me with loosing about 30 pounds. I know I would have to loose that amount of weight before a bbl.

I'm currently 216 and my goal weight is 190-185

So ready

I wish I could fast forward to having the money and medical clearance and the right dr for surgery.


Lately I've been feeling so antsy about moving my plans along to get bbl surgery. I want to wait to get my money right. I'm trying to find a full time job. I'm a college grad still looking for a steady paying job with benefits ughhhhhhhhhh....I work part time with ok pay but I trying to aim higher so I can live more comfortable and less stress. Jobs overlook qualified graduates because of lack of experience and minimizes the experiences from college......

I'm frustrated with the men in my life or lack for me lately has been soooooooooooooo B-L-A-H! My phone is extra desert dry lol but that's partly on me..I've been really reserved and to myself. I know I just need to get my Situation together in all aspect to be in a happier place. Church is one of the only places that helps

Slight vent session

What's a waist?

Dreaming of a Snatched waist, thick thighs, and a whole lot of asssssssssssssssss!

Tips on choosing a Doctor

Picking the most qualified doctor
1. Interview several doctors, and pick one certified by a board recognized by the American Board of Medical Specialties.

2. If you're not going to a hospital, be sure someone trained in anesthesiology is present, that the surgeon has privileges at a nearby hospital and that the operating room meets state regulations, with emergency equipment in case of a crisis.

"In America, it's amazing," he said. "Most women spend more time finding a pair of shoes than they do finding a cosmetic surgeon. You can take the shoes back, you can't take your face back or your life back."

Financing/Paying for your plastic surgery options

1. Health care or medical credit cards
Medical credit cards are the latest wrinkle in borrowing for beauty, according to a July 16, 2011, article in the Wall Street Journal. Business is booming for the cards, which only cover medical expenses and are often offered as a financing option to cosmetic surgery patients.

Pros: Health care credit cards often come with attractive 0% promotions, and some can have reasonable interest rates and payment plans. Since they are limited to medical expenses, they can lend "a sense of control if you tend to overspend" on regular credit cards, says Billy DeFrance, an El Paso, Texas, certified financial planner.

Cons: There has been a spate of predatory lending allegations against health care card lenders, as well as lawsuits against medical providers who signed unknowing patients up for the cards. Sometimes the cards were marketed as having no interest, or the interest was applied retroactively to the entire balance rather than the remaining balance if a payment was missed or not paid off during the 0% introductory period. Also, medical providers may have received commissions from the card issuers for new cardholders or charged procedures to a patient's card before they were performed. And if you miss a payment, the default APR can rise to 30% in some cases.

Advice: Research the card and read the fine print. Do not pay for multiple procedures upfront -- such as a series of Botox injections -- but insist on paying as you go. "A surgeon's job is not to determine whether a patient can afford the procedures, but rather to communicate whether the procedures can achieve the patient's goals," says Dr. Ariel Rad, director of aesthetic plastic surgery at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine in Baltimore. "Patients should to take a step back after the consultation and ask: 'What procedures do I really want or need?' and 'What amount can I really afford?'"

2 . Regular credit cards
You can use an existing low-APR credit card or apply for a new card with a 0% introductory period to pay for the procedure(s).

Pros: Assuming the card has a reasonable interest rate, this can be an affordable way to pay for the surgery while you maintain or even build your credit. Plus, you can rack up cash back if the card offers it.

Cons: A large purchase such as cosmetic surgery can tie up your credit line and reduce your credit utilization ratio (which may lower your credit score) while you pay it off. If you can't afford to pay it off promptly, you may need a second facelift before you've paid off the first.

Advice: Don't pay more than 10% interest, Kautzmann says. Don't add other purchases to the balance. Pay the balance off before the introductory rate expires, and don't charge more than 30% of your available credit.

3. Bank loan
Another option: A personal loan from your local bank or credit union.

Pros: While the interest rates of an unsecured loan from a financial institution run close to those on credit cards (depending on your creditworthiness and ability to qualify, of course), bank loans have fixed interest rates and a fixed amount of time in which to repay. Plus, if you've never taken out a personal loan before, it can boost your credit rating (by showing a variety of types of loans you've repaid) -- provided you make the payments on time until the repayment term is complete. And, unlike a credit card, you can't add more to the balance.

Cons: Unsecured loan interest rates can add quite a bit to the final cost (in interest charges) of your elective procedure. As of July 19, 2011, rates vary from 5.42% to a high of 23.37%, with an average of 11.43% (see today's personal loan rates).

Advice: For a lower interest rate, you may want to ask about a secured loan (where you offer up collateral against the loan, such as a car or house), although if you end up being unable to make the payments, you risk losing that property.

Sitting here thinking....

I remember in high school I had a nice shape but I had a stomach and no ass lol I felt like I was blessed with a shape but I must have missed out when god was passing out butts to everyone in my family lol (joke) . Before even knowing about brazilian butt lift surgery I always wanted one. I use to grab my gut and say "damn I wish I could move all this back there (to my behind).But anyway, I was discussing bbl with my best friend and I told her that my goal is to seriously get one done. Her reply "...oh, cool I'm happy with what glad gave me, I'm not altering what he gave me" but yet she has tattoos, dyed hair and piercings lol *eye roll* she is #teamnoass like me she's stated in the pass when we talked about plastic surgery that she would get a tummy tuck if she had the money but my point is

Why is it that of all the plastic surgeries, bbl is looked "down" on? Like people are more open to the idea of breast implants and tummy tucks, lipo but when you talk about bbl then you're vain. A lot of women seems shameful to admit they've had a bbl... Many celebs will admit they've had their breast done or teeth but will deny like crazy if they had their ass done.
Regardless of what you get done it's really none of people's business.

But Eff that I won't be shameful but it's damn sure not nobody's business unless I make it theirs.

Still pondering how I'm going to come up with extra cash

Sighs daydreaming one day
Miami Plastic Surgeon

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