Dr fisher- 10 months post op pics

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Hi, I have been lurking on this site for quite...

Hi, I have been lurking on this site for quite some time lol. I'm 29, 5'8 165 pounds and actually had a bbl about 8-9 months ago with a different doctor, but was not pleased with the results. Yes, he did help to improve my shape, but I don't feel like he gave me enough projection. Th company offered to do a revision, but I would rather have another doctor perform the surgery.
After much research I decided to go with Dr. Ghurani. He was such a pleasure to talk to and made the process very easy and comfortable. He say i have an "a" shape and he will help improve it by reducing my waist and adding to my bottom. I told him I want a big butt, but i dont want it to look fake. I was so excited after our consultation that I immediately put a deposit down. I would like to have the surgery now, but I am currently in grad school, so I will wait until after the semester ends in May.

I will add photos soon

Booty obsessed

I find myself constantly looking at bootys!! I spend soo much time on this website, looking and reading about everyone's experiences. Even though I've had this surgery before, it honestly feels like the first time. My first surgeon made no mention of lymphatic massages and the surgery also did not require drains. I'm a little apprehensive about all that, but I suppose it will be all worth it. I constantly imagine what my new bottom will look like!!

Wish pics

I see these pics all over, but I'm very fond of that upside down heart shape :)

Before pics

Here are a few of my before pics

Constantly on my mind

I literally think about this surgery ALL DAY EVERYDAY!!! I just wish May would hurry up and come! I literally go on real self every day lol I just want my new a** already. I've already made a list of everything I need to purchase by going on a lot of you lovely ladies pages. I want to slowly start buying things, so it doesn't hit me financially at once, especially since I'm paying for this surgery with cash.

I have a new self timer app... So I will update my page with more pre-op pics soon

More pre op pics

I really want a lot more projection and a smaller waist

Co workers

I'm surely not one to let people I work with influence any of my life decisions but it's so damn annoying that people at work always find the need to stick their noses where it doesn't belong. When I had the bbl the first time, there was much office chatter... Like can I live lol Sooooo I know when DR. Ghurani updates this ass, they're going to be talking all kinds of mess. Oh well, I have to do whatever works best for me.

May 7th

Last week I went to vanity and paid down half of my surgery!! I was able to lock in my date for May 7th!!! I'm literally counting down the days!!!!


I'm so bad at updating my profile, I'm not really the blogger that I thought I would be. Just to update you guys I am having my surgery at the end of the month with Dr. Fisher. I decided to switch my date

Paid in full

My balance is paid! Now just to get some of my supplies. Dr fisher suggested I gain about 5-10 pounds. I've already gained about 10 and I'm just dreading the idea of gaining more. I feel soooo unsexy lol I just want my new ass!!

More pre op pics

All of my fat in my butt is at the bottom. I'm really hoping dr fisher can help to give me a more round shape

i cant wait

My surgery is next week Thursday and im soooo freakin excited. I think about it all day and dream about it when i sleep lol I got my period this morning and was sooo happy that I got it early, so I wont have to worry about it during my recovery process. Im already a big ole baby and do not need anything else to make my healing process even more uncomfortable.

I am going to take soooo many pics after my surgery. I love reading posts accompanied with pics, so I promise after my surgery I will keep you guys up to date with tons of pics. I really hope I end up with a big ole butt and shapely hips!!! lol


Very excited and nervous about my surgery tomorrow at 7 am. I've gained a little over 10 pounds for the surgery... Hopefully that will be enough to yield the kind of results I want.


Realself deleted my damn update. Not in the mood to write all that again but I have made it to the other side ladies

Post op pics

More post op pics

I love dr fisher!!

Update pics

I know I've been slacking on the blogging but my body has been in so much pain! I had my first massage yesterday and I had to fight back tears :( I have a large amount of swelling on my stomach and lower back. I took a few pics today

2 weeks post op

hey guys, I am officially 2 weeks post op today!! I finally returned to work and was miserable all day long lol I tried my best to dress in a way that would not showcase my butt, but everyone could clearly notice that my bottom was a lot larger. Its really no ones business but my owns, so I didn't entertain any of their comments. I'm still really swollen around my waist, cant wait for that to go down. The swelling is so damn uncomfortable. I need check my full body measurements, but as of today my butt measures 45 inches.

Post op pics


Just some pics of playing around with done clothes. Hope all is well


Some*. And I'm not wearing my garment in the above pics.

Garment pics

Just a few pics of my in my garment



4 weeks post

Hey guys I'm three weeks post op today. I'm bottom is still measuring 45. Here are some pics... Sorry for the edit cover ups lol feel free to ask any questions. I'm still very happy with my results. I'll take undressed pictures soon.

Meant to update as 3 weeks post op lol


Front body pic

Found this today

Found a pic I took before any of my bbl procedures. Man I had like negative booty lol !!!! Thank goodness for plastic surgery lol


So I went out this weekend to a bar/lounge for the first time since surgery and I wore a body con knee length dress. It's just crazy how booty obsessed people are lol I've always gotten attention when I go out but this was on another level. The attention is not just from the men either. I had several women approach me and give me compliments on my body and a lot them wanted to touch my booty lol I did have a few people inquiring whether or not my butt was real lol look man I paid for this, so this is all mines lol

Booty pic lol


Hey guys! Hope all is well. I'm still very swollen... I'm a 27/28 waist and booty is still holding at 45.

In the picture above I'm not wearing my garment


6 weeks and 2 days

heys guys ive reached my six weeks mark and I am still loving my results. My butt actually went up about a half an inch so I'm 45 1/2 inches as of now. my waist is 26/27... hopefully i can get that down to solid 26 soon. Honestly there are times when i look at my butt and I cant belive that it's all mines lol The only part that annoys me is when people feel the need to negatively comment about me having this procedure :-/ Like can i live ???? one thing is for sure is that i can not hide this ass , no matter how hard I try lol i try to play it down in sweats and long shirts but to no avail, people will still notice your booty lol My stomach is still super tender. I cant wait to feel normal in that area again.


Sorry about the crappy edits lol


Now I am exactly 8 weeks!!!! I'm still in love with my butt but I'm still incredibly sore on the lipo areas. I started back waist training this week... Hopefully I can my waist even smaller. Good luck to all future dolls! Muah!!!

Sorry about the edits guys lol

Butt pic lol

Front view

Hey guys, just wanted to update with some front view pics

Front view

the weeks just seem to fly by

hey guys, I am going to be 11 weeks post op this Thursday - almost 3 months!! yayyy!!!!! I am still loving my new butt. its crazy how much people look and comment when I go out. I still do not sleep on my back, especially because the top part of my butt is still store and thats my favorite part - so i def dont want to flatten that out lol I have been super slacking on waist training. I started again last night and i instantly saw a difference when i woke up this morning, so I am going to wear it every night over my faja, I no longer wear my faja during the day because its gotten loose and it makes your butt look even BIGGER! During the day i wear shape wear. my butt feels completely normal again and by this i mean its nice and jiggly. i hated how stiff it was during the early part of my recovery. Its so crazy how quickly you get used to the size - my family is always talking about how big it is and to me it just feels normal like ive had it my whole life lol I honestly love the size - not too big and not small. if you have any questions, just hit me up. have a great day ladies!!

Trying on some jeans

Just a photo

Hey ladies! Hope all is well



Just a jeans pic

Hope all is well! Im still sore around my stomach Ughhh, but other than that I love my booty! Feel free to ask any questions.


And my bottom measures at 45 1/2 - 46 depending on the day and my waist is 26-27

In regards to CCs

A lot of people have asked about how many ccs I received.. Granted I do feel that ccs isn't the most important because 1000 on one body make look like a big bottom and on another woman it may look small. I received approximately 1100 in one cheek and 1200 in the other . I don't recall the exact amount. Hope this helps ladies.

Wow time flies

I know it's been a very long time since I've updated my profile. Well I still wear my garment to sleep coupled with a waist trainer. My butt used to fluctuate between 45/46 but as of late it is a solid 46. I do love the overall shape dr fisher gave me. I had no idea how much hips would change my shape and I love it. I'm still a woman so I'm still picky about my body lol some days I think my ass is too big and some days I think maybe it could be bigger. Random people will compliment me about shape and I must admit that it makes me blush but I love it. My butt feels completely normal. It has a nice jiggle to it :)

Back view


Some more pics


I Love dr fisher

Sorry guys I really haven't been updating much lately. I still love my new body. I am so happy I chose to have my surgery with dr fisher. I'm still in shock at times, when I look in the mirror. He not only gave me a larger bottom, but he also enhanced my overall shape. I don't think I'll be updating this page anymore but I am truly grateful for this website and I wish everyone the best of luck

Butt pic

Here's a pic for you guys

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