Ready to be fisherfied March 2016

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I have been stalking for about a month now on...

I have been stalking for about a month now on realself again since I did my tummy tuck 2 years ago. I'm 29 an a married mom of 3 :) I decided since I'm completely done having children I wanted to get my body back. The LAST STEP is this BBL! I'm so excited about it and have decided on Dr. Osak Omulepu. I have gone back and forth and just finally made a decision on him. My coordinator is Shirley at Vanity and so far so good at this point and I will continue to give you my full and honest opinion on this whole journey. I will be flying from Missouri with my hubby and also my best friend who is also going to be getting a bbl. I need to figure out a recovery home that will allow my hubby and has space for two surgical patients. Thinking maybe renting a home for my stay may be cheaper. Anyhow Hi Ladies and any tips or helpful hints are wanted and greatly appreciated.

Deposit down date for sure!

Paid my deposit today and set the date! I'm so excited! Yet so nervous ughhhhh now gotta figure out the labs. What can I take to make sure to get my hemoglobin up?

Ok so vets! This is for you ????

What did you bring with you that's a life saver or something that you wish you would have remembered to bring? Also if you flew ... How the hell does that all work? I'm so confused on the condition I'm going to be in after and how exactly the flight home works

Before pics!!!!!

So here is my before pics I actually sent into Dr. O's office. I hope he does good with me. I'm going to stress NO SHELF BOOTY!!!! I WANT the cheek separation with the V in the middle. I'm literally gunna take pics to show what I like and what he better not do lol we are gunna have a class during that preop appointment. If you don't know the V I'm talking about let me show you dolls

Just a random post butttttt

Where can I find this??? Just cuz I'm crazy about animal print I gotta have it for after the bloody mess of course ;) isn't is sooo cute tho?!

Cheapest pre made post bbl kit

So I've checked out a few pre made bbl post surgery kits and so far this place offers the most for your money. Check it out ladies


If any of you ladies hired a nurse can you please send me her info???

Labs today!

Hey ladies so going for labs in about an hour. Ready to be completely cleared! Will let you all know what I got my hemo up too. Lawd I hope it's right lol #26 more days


Went to my pcp for labs everything looks great and my hemo was a 13.3! I'm so relieved ladies!


Well ladies finally got through to vanity and I'm all cleared to go. Surgery paid in full. Labs all good. (hemp 13.3) Flights are booked. Car booked. Airbnb is booked. Nurse booked. 5 massages booked. Supplies ordered and coming in everyday. :) I can not tell you ladies how relieved I am.


So here I am not sure what to do exactly. I'm so upset ladies like crying crying crying. I will find out more details tomorrow. Going to sleep :(

So in light of the drama

Before vanity told me dr o wasn't gunna be doing my surgery March 10th due to his restrictions I was able to lock in March 9th with Dr. Fisher. I'm glad I listened to my intuition because when I called to confirm I was switched today they were just now gunna tell me dr. O couldn't do it. So just an update ladies I'll start keeping you guys updated again this whole thing has had me stressed to my Max.

10 days away from surgery!

It's getting more real now than ever! It's all I can literally think about even in my sleep lol! I've got everything already packed and ready to go. I'm really excited about going with fisher as well. I'm nervous as all get out but so ready! I will take pics of everything in my bag this week for the ladies still prepping for their dates.

3 days ladies!!!

I can't wait! Beyond excited and beyond nervous! The time has flown by so fast I literally can not believe its happening in 3 days and I'm the first of the day! Yisel has been the sweetest. Going to miss my kiddos so much for the week I'll be away :( I will keep y'all updated further when I'm at the airport! Here are some of my wish pics btw and another before pic

Probably my last update on rs

Nobody really pays much attention to some people on here so I'm not gunna do full reviews here anymore. But I will be updating my ig if your interested :) here is my before and after

Day 4 post op

I will do an official review of surgery day either tonight or tomorrow I've just been really out of it. But here's a couple post op day 4 pics for you ladies. I'm loving my results just not the pain. Btw that arnica pellets and gel have been a life saver! You see I have bruising but it's minimal now

NOW WITH FISHER due to Dr. Osak license restrictions on liposuction

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