Round 2 going to DR Babe!

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I've been researching for awhile now stalking...

I've been researching for awhile now stalking basically I stay on this website all day and night. When I first started I fell in love with Dr. Yilys work (DR) I really wanted to go extremely bad but I don't have the patience at all to deal with them I get aggravated extremely bad and after thinking and researching yes it is cheaper but the money is eventually going to add up so I've decided to get in done in Miami at vanity cosmetic with Dr.Salas I'm so ready they gave me a wonderful deal and Ms. Priscilla is such a sweetheart she's been helping me I mean going out her way helping me I bother her all day everyday she even be calling me making sure I'm getting everything I need we be laughing and clowning like we're friends I can't wait to meet her but anyways I'm 20yrs old no kids 5'1 I was weighing like 130 idk what my weight is right now because I've been eating everything I see I don't have a flat butt I have enough for my size but I want it bigger I want a tiny waist with a big fat booty I have plenty tattoos and I am a stripper so I know y'all see where I'm headed with this

Everything is paid!!

It's getting realer and realer everyday my flight is booked recovery house is paid for surgery paid for I'm so ready. Omg!!! I will posting pics before I gained weight for my surgery and now because I didn't have enough fat but now I have a lot lol I'm 141 I'm just going to post pics of me dressed until after I have my surgery then I'll let y'all see the fat n I don't feel like blocking my face n all that I don't care . I can't explain how happy I am and all these reviews and different experiences helped me out so much I swear.

Wish Pics

I want that hour glass shape.

Pre Op Pics

10 days and Counting.

I'm starting to get nervous shit getting real but I'm ready.

6 days until I fly out!

I'm so happy time has been flying by.

Pre Op in these dresses

I can't wait to try these dresses on after surgery. I deleted my other pictures because I was reading a lot of reviews where women take your pictures and I have to many tattoos for that I wouldn't be able to deny it so I cropped n colored on my pictures

Issues dealing with the RH...PISSED OFF!

Ohkay so I have 5 days before I fly to miami right n I am going by myself that's why I paid to stay to the recovery house so I can have someone there with me at all times but today I get this phone call from vanity saying that it's booked and I don't have a spot so I kept asking questions started getting aggravated then my ugly attitude came along because at first you tell me I have a spot I can see if I didn't pay for it but I did the same day we talked about it so she(Priscilla) was like well we are going to put you in a hotel and you'll get the same treatment as if you was at the RH Priscilla said she'll prefer a hotel anyway so I'm like well if you preferred that why you made it seem like y'all RH is the shit but now you saying different Ohkay so at this point I'm very pissed off n I'm being very rude but let me tell y'all the killing part they only have 3 rooms in the recovery house then the reason why they are trying to put me in a hotel because a woman that's already there booking it for more days so just like I told them well put her fucking ass in the hotel room not me what kind of shit is that so now my mama has booked a flight n coming with me n I dare them to have me in a cheap ass hotel n let me not get the same treatment ass the recovery house I'm gone chew out every single bastard over there!!! So we gone see.

Pre op pics

I'm thick as hell I just need that sculpting I'm in desperate need of hips n a fuller fat booty.

Flight to Miami!

This is my first time flying I'm so scared and nervous. I hope I don't start panicking omg I'm so dramatic. One more day it came so fast I'm so happy! Yayyyyyyyyy!!!!!

Very long day.

Today has been so long omg. I got over my fear of flying so that's a good thing when we arrived to Miami airport it took us like a hour to find our driver that was very frustrating but it wasn't his fault just miscommunication being that he doesn't really speak English why nobody warned me that everyone speaks Spanish but thank god for smart phones I downloaded that translator app and that helps a lot he's so nice and everyone at vanity was pretty nice and very down to earth Dr. Salas don't usually come in on Mondays but he came he was suppose to arrive at 4 but made it at 5 that was Ohkay because I was taking care of my paperwork anyway Dr.Salas seen me we talked for awhile he was very patient nice and caring he explained everything very detailed. He told me he's going to do his best because I have an athletic body so I basically have a lot of muscle with fat on top he explained about health and he really stressed that if he feels you're not healthy he will not perform the procedure because he looks at his patients like they're his sisters. My hotel is gorgeous have a kitchen in it big bed big room very pleased with that the only problem was that it only had one bed but he brought a roller bed for my mama so problem solved. My sx is at 11:30 am but I know it's not going to happen on time I'm just ready. I'm about to sit in the tub and relax now.

If it ain't one thing it's another.

So my surgery is postpone until Friday because I have a UTI I've never had a UTI before in my life and now I have one words can't explain how pissed off I am. So ladies have everything done before you leave home especially if you pick salas I'm so aggravated I didn't want to stay out here any longer than I have to I'm lazy so I'll be sleeping a lot until Friday this is some bullshit.

Today at 9:00 AM!

I'm sitting here waiting I'm very nervous but ready to get this over with. Thank you all for your prayers support and encouragement as soon as I can I will post pictures I promise.

Salas Booty!

Y'all I'm too sore to take pictures but tomorrow I will put pictures up! Everybody so cool up there they can barely speak English but they try ohkay now to my booty. I know this the same day of my surgery but I love Dr. Salas y'all I have a big fat ass n it fits my body I'm 5'1 he put 1000 ccs in each cheek and that's exactly what I wanted I didn't show him any wish pictures are nothing because like he said the only way you can get those results is if you're that girl I just explained to him how I am a stripper and I want that stripper booty he gave it to me now it's up to me to take care of myself n keep my booty. Im not in pain it just feels like you're very sore like extremely sore y'all I'm so happy that I chose Dr.Salas all you have to do is tell him what you want and he'll try his best to give it to you. I'm in love with myself SHORTY GOTTA BIG OLE BUTT!!! OH YEAAAAH!!

Same Day Pictures!!

Tough Day Today

I'm hurting terribly bad I took a shower today and washed my garment. Ohkay I paid $2000 for their recovery house I ended up being placed in a hotel n Priscilla said I was going to get the same treatment as the RH well that was a lie Priscilla thought she was slick but I am the right one boo no nurse has come to see me then one of the girls was like you didn't ask for a nurse then she switched it up n said a nurse didn't come cuz my mama a nurse n they assumed she was going to take care of me now if I didn't go in on they ass just like I told them y'all was quick to take our 2000 so get it together n do y'all job the hotel is very nice n all but Ms.Priscilla lied about the rate it's $95 during the week n a 100 on the weekends just like I told them it's either y'all subtract the cost of the nurse n give me my money back r give me an ab board lipo foam n a new garment next thing you know they giving me free massages n everything I asked for so ladies don't fall off that recovering house snit y'all I'm so doped up n falling asleep while im trying to type this

Post op Day 1

Feeling good today.

Besides everything else I am very glad that I chose Dr.Salas he listens to you n try's his best to give you what you want. Ladies if you want a really big booty say that if you want the natural look still tell the DR. Go bigger so even when some of it goes away it'll still be what you wanted I love my big ole booty n I'll be posting pics up tomorrow.

Before n after 2 day post op

I have on some big granny panties and my butt don't look too big but it's very big n round.

Me n HumbleBee Today.

My day 3 post op n her Day 4 post op

Everyone Bodies Is Different.

I've been getting so many questions n opinions I've never been the type to worry about what others say r anything so it doesn't bother me but what us women have to realize all of our bodies are different I went in my consultation thinking I had so much fat but I really didn't I have a very tight muscular athletic body I had fat on top of my muscles I play women's football n I use to run track n all that I don't have any kids I'm 20 years old n this the biggest I've ever been n that was 139lbs my skin is not use to stretching at all he explained how hard it was for him to get the 1000ccs that he got in me because my skin was so tight I'm very satisfied with my results I really do have a small waist no stomach n a fat ass I already had ass I was more worried about projection anyway. I rather have a safe healthy surgery then worrying about getting bad burns infections n all that other stuff I've read plenty reviews where doctors suck everything out of you n put so much in that your body can't take then they're writing reviews on how they're in the ER due to infections burns n etc. like I said I'm very pleased n lucky to get what I got n I could only imagine how bad I'm going to look when my swelling goes down n fluid is out I can't wait.

Just got out the tub feeling great

This is my 3rd bath since my surgery Friday. I had a massage Saturday but that hurted too bad n I was crying so I made her stop I let my mama massage me today though but I'll wait for massages until next week. When I get sharp pains in my ass my mama wet towels put them in the microwave then place them on my back n ass I be in heaven n fall asleep

3 day post op

Tried on some old panties

5 days post op

I'm still very very swollen my ass hard ass hell so when I try things on it's no crease I can't wait until that's over with. N I can't wait to start waist training too so my shape can really be bomb. I'm doing what my doctor told me to do I'm not trying to rush anything r nothing patiently waiting cuz I know when my ass drops n fluffs out it's going to be exactly what I wanted a NATURAL LOOK.

My nightly routine

Everyday after I take my bath I put towels in the microwave and put them on my butt cuz I be getting like throbbing sharp pains when the towels get cold I hear them up again n put them back then when that set gets cold I put my garment back on and this method solves my problem

13 days post op

Sorry I've been MIA. I've been driving moving around a lot and I had sex Sunday I have a hard head I just be doing what I want but I still love my results I just have to start getting massages often because my stomach is extremely hard and have lumps I wish I had drains so most of this fluid would be gone but it's ohkay I'm going to get it out I'm in a small squeem I'm just ready for this swelling to go uggh it's very frustrating this recovering is hell but it's worth it my ass softening up a lot I can make it clap a little. Oh n I know my butt way bigger cuz I can't fit none of my bottoms I even tried to squeeze in some of my tights n it wasn't happening

2 weeks post op

I'm back unfortunately

I'm speaking from my own experience. My results turned out horrible my stomach is still lumpy and looks very deformed especially when I eat I hate it. I should've just listen to my first kind and went straight to DR. My butt was the same size so all of it was a waste of time n money but anyways I just want lipo in my upper n lower abdomen bra rolls n I'm still debating on my arms I don't want a bbl bcuz I got my butt big the other way. Can someone please help me and give me yily and Baez contact info please.

Baez r Almonte

I'm really falling in love with Baez reviews. I like Almonte also but Baez is really catching my attention I've emailed them both just waiting on quotes.
Miami Plastic Surgeon

Overall Dr.Salas did not want to give me what I wanted it's about to make 1 year n my stomach is lumpy deform looking and hard as heel I still look swollen. Not happy at all wasted my money because my booty was still the same size.

1 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
2 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
3 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
2 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
2 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
4 out of 5 stars Payment process
1 out of 5 stars Wait times
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