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Hey Dolls... Im kinda new to RS I've been stalking...

Hey Dolls... Im kinda new to RS I've been stalking it every since I signed up I can't stop reading all the reviews and looking at some great BBl jobs. I've wanted a BBL for many years after my daughter was born 15yrs ago! Then about 4 yrs ago I had one in Westchester NY with Dr Lyons :( terrible terrible job that's cost lots of money...I wasn't put to sleep or anything he did smart lipo to my ab and flanks and injected 300 cc's to my butt which was nothing!!!! It never grew I was sooo disappointed from the moment I walked out. my stomach didn't change either and since it's grown even more! Anyhoo I've decided to do it the proper way. I've done all my research initially I was obsessed with dr curves in ATL for about 3 yrs his work is awesome but he is costly. Then I found by accident .(which was heaven sent ) :) Dr Salzhauer!!!! Aka Dr Miami I watch his snaps all day at work lol and check his IG daily Sooo he is the man! His work is phenomial! I have my virtual consult May 14 and already paid $3000 deposit and set my date for Jan 2016 that's how confident I am with him! Im 5'2 weigh 165 need to loose some before which is my plan I'm big on top and small on bottom :( .. I have big boobs with no ass :( looking to achieve a flat stomach, some hips and a FAT ass I CANNOT wait!!!! Will post pics soon...

Wish pics I want a FATTY

Wish pics

Virtual consult.... Tomorrow 5/18

Hey beauties.... So tomorrow 5/18 is my virtual consult I'm kind of nervous what should I expect ?? And how long is it? Any insight? I'm also going to add arm lipo... I can't wait to get this over with.. I feel like Jan 2016 is so far. I'm on the cancelation list for July I'm just going to try to push it for then when I speak with him tomorrow. Or keep calling and harassing Lol ..keep you all posted :)

Update on my phone Consult it went great....

I Waited all day for Dr Salz to call. I kept looking at my phone as I surely didn't want to miss that call! So he ended up calling about 7:45pm we chatted for about 10mins or so.. He is so down to earth and cool he answered all my questions..and asked me a few about my history, children etc..he said I would be a great candidate and he will definately give me the curves I desire.. I am on the cancellation list for July and I mentioned a few times how bad I would like to have my sx done then. I have my daughters sweet sixteen the end of the year. He didn't promise me anything but definitely understood ( he also has 16yr old daughter) and said he would see what he can do... I'll take it!! Overall, He is awesome. And I cannot wait to meet him in person I know I will be completely satisfied.


Hey dolls it's been a while. Well my time is coming (Jan) and I still have to loose a few lbs which I still have time. I'm 5'2 175 I want to be about 160lbs for best results. I've paid in full this month so I'm really excited. I was going to stay at the best western I have my mother coming down from VA. To take care of me. My kids will be home with my fiancé.but now I am looking for some options and maybe a recovery house in the Bal Harbour area Any suggestions ladies??

34 days and counting....

I can't believe it's almost time time has flown by I must say! I just ordered my bbl pillow,going to start getting supplies this month nothing crazy just nessaries.. Question to the bbl vets what's a good website to purchase stage 2 fajas? I'm looking for one that's not right around butt or even cut out

Pre op all done

I can't believe how time is passing. I had my pre op today going to fast and get blood work done tomorrow. My dr said I said be cleared and just fine. I have to admit it is nerve wrecking.. Jan is just next week! I can't wait to just hurry and get it over with I'm dreading leaving my babies for 10 days. Will post pre op pics soon

Phone pre op done

Hey dolls, my Phone pre op was done this afternoon the nurse went over all of my meds and instructions. Can't believe how fast time is approaching next week it is.. I fly in Miami next Wednesday, surgery is Friday the 15th. Feeling Nervousness, excited and everything else lol. Hope I get the booty I'm looking for this time around I definitely don't want to have to do round 2 .. Well let's see! Pre op Pics coming soon :)

Time has come...

So I'm at the airport on my way to Miami.. Omg surgery is in 2 days! Will update tomorrow after my pre op dolls Xo

Pre op done...

Pre op done everything went well, dr salz is a really cool down to earth dr.. Yeni took some pictures and went over everything. Surgery is at 12pm tomorrow.. How I wished it was earlier it's okay tho. Brand new me coming soon :) I'll post pre photos in a few .. Well time to eat a delicious meal and off to relax I go...

Day 1 post surgery...

Surgery was yesterday and oh boy how painful it's been after.. I was on snap the last case of the day the one with the XXL bbl lol. Everything went smooth thank god I have made it to the other side. Yesterday the pain was horrible I couldn't stand or sleep I continued to be dizzy,today it's moderate the nurse came and showered me and changed garment and I've been eating lightly so it helps the shower was painful but definitely has made me feel a little better.. I'll be posting as much as possible I know how important it is for you dolls to see and what to expect.. Ok off to sleep I go

Unexpected news :(

Sorry I haven't updated but the same day of surgery I received a phone call about my dad who passed away that night :( it's been a very tough road for me I'm going though soooo much. He was my world.
I called the office and explained my situation because I have to leave 2 days early. Everyone was very supportive and understanding the dr is amazing. So yesterday was day 4 and I got my drains and stitches out so I can travel tomorrow (Thursday).. He gave me his cell phone # to follow up and said I was healing great. Here are a few photos

Day 4 drains and Stitches out. No garment on

Day 9

Today is day 9 and I'm feeling food. Switched fajas bought a spanx the other day but it diners go up my butt :( so I have to exchange it. I had a body shaper garment very fitting so I'm using that with the foam that I don't take off so it works. Off all pain meds since day 4 I only take Tylenol because I wake up with headaches from sleeping on my stomach. That right now it the crucial part of recovery.
Still very swollen and sore. But everyday it gets better. Here are some pics. The round dents on my butt are from this faja I was using with the butt semi cut out. I stopped using it because of the marks it left.. But they went away.

2 weeks post op

Today makes exactly 2 weeks.
Still numb, butt getting much softer... Stomach is sore other than that I'm happy just hope my butt doesn't go down much more.. Hate sleeping on my stomach can't wait for at least another week to turn on sides

4 weeks post op

Hey dolls, I'm 4 weeks post opt, here are some pics. I began massages they are going well. Making my stomach very smooth and not stiff. My butt needs to fluff. I'm going thru the some days it's small then some days it looks good :( I'm still not sitting or even laying on sides. Only on stomach. Still in my garment all day everyday with lipo foam and ab board.

Nerve hit :(

So ever since 2 days after surgery my right hand swelled up and stood swollen for 3 days after that it began getting numb just like half a hand just my last 2 fingers and Palm. I just move my fingers around and massage my hand thinking it'll just go away but it hasn't and it's been like this for almost 5 weeks every single day it gets numb. I Texted Dr. Salz and brought it to his attention and expressed my concern.This is not normal. I did also have arm lipo. He explained to me it's an ulnar nerve and that it's common.
I did my research and it was a nerve that was hit at my funny bone causing this during the arm lipo. apparently it can get better or I may need hand surgery.. Smh. Not cool I really hope it goes away. It's my right hand and I am right handed. I go back to work next week and use this hand to write and use my mouse at my desk. Has this happened to anyone before??

5 weeks post op

Friday 2/19 made 5 weeks. I'm feeling almost normal. Stomach, back , flanks and arms still really sore and somewhat swollen. I do get lympathetic massages and they work good. Yesterday I began using my waist cincher and I will continue for another 2 months. My butt is no longer hard and it jiggles. I wished it was a tad bit bigger.i have some projection on top but the bottom needs to be fuller. Dr Salz said if my expectations weren't met I can do a round 2 in 6 mths. So let's see.over all I am happy. He does great work and he's very responsive when I have any questions or concerns. He did prescribe me a oral steroid for then nerve in my hand. I just started taking it lets see if it works.

3 month post op

Well this week makes my 3 mths post op. And it's bitter sweet. My butt has gonna down way too much. I am still hard on my stomach and a little on flanks but not back. My hips have gone down drastically too. (I'm not too thrilled) I also have a crease again on my bra roll as if it was never lipo'd. Its definitely not from gaining weight because I eat right and work out 4x a week and have a personal trainer. Overall my body is very different I like it I do however I requested a XXL bbl and it looks no where near. I wanted more of a bottom cuff and don't have anything near. It's actually sunked in some on the bottom with a higher top looks weird at times. I go through my ups and downs. I spoke with Dr Salz and expressed my concerns I will be sending him pictures and he stated he will do what he has to to make me happy. I love that he is a pleaser. Def in need of a touch up soon. I Was going to do a round 2 in DR but since I've paid so much money I'll past and just let dr salz fix his work. I'll post pics later on tonight.

Decisions decisions....

So Dr Miami offered me a revision this summer, however I am undecided if I really want to go back to him or someone else. I'm not confident in him anymore. I've been doing research on Dr Cabral in DR and I love his work, his shapes are great. The look I was going for day one. He got back to me with a quote of $3500 and I am considering. I just don't want to go back to Dr Miami and still not be completely satisfied after this second round, then still consider a third to achieve the look I want.. I swear I wished he just listened and stopped talking so much on snap and shit and did a great job, that surgery was no joke and I hate that I have to go thru it again!

It's been a while...

Hello ladies, so I'll be getting a refinement on Jan 24, 2017 exactly one year from my initial surgery. I'm very happy. Dr salz is open to pleasing his patients. I dont mind some more lipo on my sides and back and more fat into this booty. Lol. It's been 8 mths. My butt doesn't look bad it's def a difference but it don't hurt to add a little more. I've always wanted a bigger ass and I just don't think it's as big as I wanted and expected. Will post pics soon

Revision Feb 1

Well time is approaching for my revision feb 1. Hopefully I get the results I desired from day 1 this second time around... will update soon and post pics dolls :)

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