Ready to Get Bodied by Fisher - Miami, FL

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I have a decent body shape but I want more curves...

I have a decent body shape but I want more curves and an invisible waist with hips for days... ready to embrace the name big booty Judy!! I want a super small waist line and fabulous hips to compliment my booty..I wanna turn heads from the front, side and back view..I know dr fisher can give it to me!!!

Face to face consultation today with Dr fisher

Sooooo I went to vanity today for my face to face consultation with Dr fisher and let's start by saying I waited a longgggggg 3+ hours because he was in surgery and the receptionist ddnt tell went great. He examined my body and he said if I wanted to I could gain 5 more lbs but I have enough fat to achieve the look im going for..overall he was very explaining, he listened to my concerns, answered all my questions and insured me I was in good hands which I already knew time is winding down and I'm overly excited..July 1st here I come..

I have all my supplies

Well my time is approaching faster and faster..
Received all my supplies now I'm just waiting for my lab day which is June 3rd....
I cnt explain this feeling but ish gettin REALLLLLL

It's getting closer

The time is getting closer and closer ish gettin REALLLLLL...I'm ready to go...I do my labs next Friday then it's on from there..I'm getting kinda nervous but more so anxious to sport my new booty then anything lol...blessings to all on this journey and congrats to the dolls who made it safe and is now in bootyland!!!


So I went down to miami this past Friday to do my labs and I must say vanity was on point..I only waited 10 minutes and I filled out all my paperwork that day as well..labs only took 5 minutes so I was in and out in about 45 minutes being that the paperwork took up majority of the time... received an email in patient portal today saying all my labs were fine so I'm all set to go...ish gettin REALLLLLL

6 more days....

I'm overly excited..time is winding down...ready to be snatched by Dr fisher!!! Bootyland here I come

Overly excited

I'm packed and ready to ride...
Dr fisher

Very explaining, informative, sweet, cool and cute

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