so ready to be that big booty barbie!!! Miami, FL

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Soooo. I've been looking through all the pics and...

Soooo. I've been looking through all the pics and reviews for about 8 months now. Being that Im located in Miami, Im leaning towards Dr.Fisher. Based on reviews, prices that iI've seen posted and pics. Also, Location! I've read a lot about this doctor. I've never had a procedure done so I am looking for any advice from anyone that has been through it, or headed that route. I don't have any siblings, so any support from you Bbl Queens is much needed and appreciated... ???

Unloading current pics


My Wish Pics!


Current 8/8/2014



So I want to pay in full. Problem! I haven't seen Dr.Fisher yet for a consultation. But they lady I've been speaking to wants me to pay the entire amount through PayPal without ever stepping in the office. Is that OK?

BbL Sistas Plzzzz Help! Lol

My Surgery Date is February 2,2015... I'm doing all my shopping now so I have everything in place. But I'm unsure of what size Faja to get. Can someone help. Plzzzz. I'm a size 15-16 in jeans. M-L in shirts. So how would I go by getting the right size? And how many do I need? Thanks in advance

Evening My Beautiful Sistas!!

Is there anyone getting there surgery on February 2,2015 or around that date with Dr. Fisher? If so, Message me. We can do a meet and greet. Be each others support system. Share experiences. Etc. Hope to hear from you!!! Toodles til then...

Faja Help

Sooooo... I've been struggling to find a garment. Been on amazon. Size charts are ridiculous. Any suggestions? Where are you guys getting yours? I'm a month from my surgery date. So I have to get the faja quickly... ????

Vanity Is Aggravating Me!

Soooo... I need some advice sistas... I've paid for my surgery in full. I'm scheduled for February 2,2015. What's the Problem? My coordinator doesn't contact me. I have yet to take my labs. And her number is the only number I have. I do have another coordinator number but all my info is with Yani. So I don't know what to do. Its let's then 2 weeks away, I have all my supplies and no contact. I never received a thumbs up on the do's and don't's before surgery or anything. I mean this chick is just unsupportive and unprofessional. Any Suggestions????

Much Needed Update!

Good morning My Beautiful Sistas... I know o don't communicate much, but I do follow a lot of your journey's. And this site has truly helped me prepare for this surgery. For starts, I'm 27yrs of age. Mother of 3 beautiful little girls. Been with there dad 11 years. Before my pregnancies, I had a banging bod. Couldn't tell me sh*t. Lol. I worked out and ate right. After my first 2 children I still had the shape just a little Pudge. April of 2009, I was 9months pregnant with my last daughter when I was pronounced dead on my bedroom floor due to an asthma attack. Yes! Pronounced DEAD. I was revived, 3 times, by the time I was rushed to the emergency room I was in a coma with a 10% or less chance of living. I delivered my last daughter via c section. She was also placed on life support. Fats forward... I tried workout, eating right, that pudge is a beast. So I've decided to just get his procedure done to assist. I workout and eat right after.

My experience with Vanity...

I live in Miami, so I always see their commercial. So I've done research and decided Dr. Fisher would be best for me. Contacted them, I first got Jessica as a coordinator. Didn't work well. Then I got Yani. She really communicates well. Answered most of my questions. With pricing, she was a bit pushy. But I want the procedure done, so I worked with her. I was quoted 4500. I paid it all in one day. Me personally, I have a shopping addiction so I felt paying in full would be best. Lol... She responded to texts right away. But during labs and basic questions well after labs, she faded. So then I had to boot her a little. I took labs on the 23rd of January. Got my results today. Took almost a fuckin week. They gave me the rum around. I took labs on Friday. I was told I would get a call monday. No call. I call Tuesday, someone will call. No call. Call Wednesdays, can't transfer, lines down. No call. Call they asses Thursday morning 9:02 on the dot. Got my results. Everything is clear. Bout damn time. Vanity is money hungry. Ladies, if you are going with vanity, yes prices are good, but you must have Patience after you pay your money.

Most of my supplies

I didn't go all out.I just got things I feel I'll really need...

Some wish pics i stole from yall Lol

I want a booty that's worth 4500 but looks 450000 lol


This is all I got....

Health Question Sistas

Has anyone with asthma already have their bbl done and if so, how was your asthma during surgery and after?

Help with Faja Question


Recovery No Joke!

Had my surgery Monday... Feb 2,2015... First night I had to thug it out. No meds. Worst pain ever. Tuesday I got my meds. Vanity fault. Feel a bit better. Not hungry. Drinking a lot of fluid. Peeing a lot. No #2. Very stiff. Swollen. Stomach has the worst pain. I just took a pain pill so I'm a bit sleepy. Will inform about entire process tomorrow. Thanks for the support and prayers.

Help! Booty Smaller?

Do anyone feel like after heir surgery, their booty is smaller than the first couple of days? The first few days my booty was so big and nice. Now a week after, it's seeming small. Is it just me?

Help Ladies

Soooo. I had my sx on February 2,2015.... My recovery has been pretty good... No complaints. Question. I wear my compression garment 24/7. Do everything right. I wanna go out this Saturday coming. Do you think its ok to take my garment off and slip on a sexy dress just for a few hours? Won't drink!!!

A few pics

I know I haven't posted pics so here you goooooo

Revision Question

For a revision, is it the same amount of $$$ as the original procedure or less?
Miami Plastic Surgeon

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