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Yesterday I received my first quote from Jessica....

Yesterday I received my first quote from Jessica. She's actually really nice. She said that the I already have a nice shape, and the doctor recommended an "aggressive Lipo". I am going to be giving her weekly payments until I'm paid up, but I want to hurry up and lock in my price. Time to put in hours!!


Soooo I've been emailing Jessica all weekend, and already she is showing her unprofessionalism! First she gives me my quite then tells me it's only good for that day like what type of bullshit is that? You expect me to pay up front without exploring my options so u give me a one day quote expiration? Girl please! Then I've contacted her twice just for general information and she just stops writing me back so I'm livid now ! If I get a quote n it's not at least close to what it was before then you won't get a penny!

first payment

Hello all, so I've been having mixed feelings about the procedure but I'm pretty much not turning back after next week Wednesday, which is the day I make my first my first payment. I was actually given the name of my doctor which I'll share after I make my payment because that could change again too :/... Im going try and shoot for 02/20/15 for my sx date :)

Locked In

Hey guys! I am soooooooo excited I just locked in my price today. Margaret has been so wonderful, I'm not paid in full but I will be soon. It's confirmed that I am working with doctor Hansan I am lookin forward to my procedure! I will be posting pictures of me, and also my wish pics later...

Wish pics

Hello All,
I haven't been on much after buying a scale, and trying to meet my goal weight for the procedure. I am happy to say I've met my goal weight, and I have some wish pics of the look I'm going for after sx. I have found someone who will be going with me, we have picked a hotel too. Here are my wish pics....As far as right now, I still have Dr. Hansan, but may actually change to Dr Fischer....

Before pics..

Sooo um yea I'm gettin myself prepared, il be having surgery at the end of this month, and it's funny cause I've gained weight which was hard but I'm trying to keep it up Til the "27" which is supposedly the date of my surgery. I still have Hansan which I'm not too worried about anymore cause he does nice asses but here are the pics b4

More pics even a front pic :(

Just more pics since I hardly ever post any before pics...I am feelin so damn anxious lol


So, I was gonna Pay in full tomorrow, however I may be getting fired from my job, the last thing I wanna do is have a brand new expensive ass, and no damn job !! I will find out by tomorrow if I have a job to go to, and if I don't get fired by the end of my shift tomorrow, then I'll pay the rest....ready to get this over with!!


So I finally bought a few things and I will probably double up on my order if I can fit the Garment. I bought a Black Vedette Sophie body shaper off of amazon for 26 bucks, and a pair of black knee high compression socks....I didn't get fired so I'm still planning on gettin my surgery I may reschedule for the 1st week of March thanks to my shitty ass job!


I swear it's been a ton of shit happening so the money I was waiting on to finish paying for surgery is gonna be postponed it could be months before it comes through! I'm so upset like seriously! I can pay with my work check but gettin paid weekly them MFS don't be enough to just pay a lump sum so I guess I'm going back on a tight budget! At this point I don't know when I'm gonna go

Received garment & compression socks

So I'm super excited today I got my size med vedette shaper and black compression socks! I almost tried it on but I wanna wait...

Back on Weekly Payments

hello all I contacted Margaret to start back making payments. I think that I am just going to shoot for may (unless anything else happens at work) I plan on droping a 800 a month if I pick up more overtime I can drop more. I wanted to be in my process of healing by then but I will be good enough by my birthday.

Pissed again

So when I found out I wasn't gettin fired I agreed to start paying weekly so I can have surgery before my birthday so I'm callin them every week to make sure I'm good, all the while I'm thinking they are takin my money I finally get an invoice with the same damn balance n I snapped out they were NOT drafting the damn money the level of unprofessionalism is so crazy I'm starting to think its not meant for me SMfh

I'm back

Hey all, I haven't been on here in a while but I'm back .. I'm pretty stable financially so I'm gettin this over with no later than November I wanted to add some more wish pics and before n after pics cuz of course I'm fatter

Changed and scheduled

Hello ladies, I have been scheduled for 12/1/16 with Dr. Valls. I initially started out with Hansen and then was changed to Mcadoo. Now because of the date I want I'm scheduled with. Although I haven't seen too many written bad reviews I wasn't really liking the pics I seen on certain patients. At this point I am seeking some advice from a former bbl patient of his. HELPPPP!!

Over and done

Hey guys so I am officially a valls doll after all this journey and contemplating back and forth with myself, my courage, saving, and patience allowed me to finally get it over with. I really love my results and I've gotten many compliments as well. My surgery was 3/21/17 so I'm only 2 days post op which I'm really sore n swollen. I don't know why valls patients don't post pictures because as I seen a lot of great figures of which he did. But here are mine and good luck to all u dolls out there

1 week post op

Hey dolls. Just touching bases. I am one week post op today and I am loving how my shape is forming. I took more pics because Valls patients don't update so here are some more for you all. I am still wearing a drain which I plan to have removed tomorrow.

Day 9 post op

Feeling like I get bigger over night

Almost 3 weeks post op

Hey loves sorry I took so long to update but I'm doing well I still get really sore sometimes n I swell in my stomach almost immediately with the removal of my garment. I've also made several attempts to contact my doc because I have a stitch in my back and one in each butt cheek n idk if they're dissolvable or not. I was able to find out that I had 2100 cc's of fat aspirated and 800 cc's injected in each butt cheek if I do my math correctly that only totals 1600 cc's into my booty so my next concern would be where the hell is the rest. I guess I won't complain because my butt looks really nice I just haven't spoken to the doc which is annoying. The fluid sometimes itches and burns but it's tolerable. I feel like I want more booty later down the line just because it looks so nice on me. I put on a sundress yesterday and ppl were just staring at me especially the men which I have a boyfriend so I don't really care about that part. My stomach needs to go down a little more cuz the bottom still looks like a wrinkly old man but I am truly happy. I'll keep you ladies posted on my healing. Well wishes dolls.

Sitting down

Hello ladies. No pics this time cause I'm at work but I had to share this story with you. Yesterday I was gettin ready to lay down and my son (who is only 5) had shoes on so I had to bend down to remove them. So he stated to wobble and he fell which caused me to plop right on my butt. I swear that feeling was horrible it wasn't painful but it was stinging. I have I BBL pillow so I hardly EVER sit on my but completely. Before I knew it I hopped up so fast and my son was just looking at me like what the hell ma lol! So be careful ladies just wanted to throw that out there and stay off of your behinds

New pics

Hey dolls. Sorry no update in a while but work and the fact that I've been considering a revision is stressing me out. My friend told me I might have "booty greed" because some of my swelling has gone down and I'm like noooo my booty so I been kinda over thinking just hoping it doesn't go down any more. On a positive note my tummy has gone down a lot and my waist so that's good news. My stomach is ugly because it was ugly before I had surgery I had loose skin so just imagine but I came to share pics N I'll be sending some a few times before today ends so stay tuned

More pics

Hey guys just keepin ya updated much love

Pictures 7 weeks post op

I love this dress today I have on a garment around my tummy nothing on my but

2 months post op

Hello all just some updates. For the most part my butt is soft all the way through and the swelling is gone. My butt is a natural size and fits me perfectly. There are some days where I feel like my butt went down more than I like but some days where it sits up perfect and looks plump..my abdomen is my concern.. I still swell up there everyday n get lumps I still have to get the lymphatic massages but where is that fluid gonna go that keeps building up there. My skin on my back n tummy gets really itchy still also. I am definitely considering a round 2 and it has everything to do with my tummy and back my butt is okay
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