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Ok ladies, I've been on this site 24/7. All of ur...

Ok ladies, I've been on this site 24/7. All of ur comments, suggestions, have been nothing but helpful. I'm planning on going w/ Dr Perry. From what I read, and can see this man is the Truth. I've seen a flat pancake bootie turn into a donkey bootie!!! OMG!!! I'm so sold on this Dr!!!!! Anywho. I've been waiting very very impatiently waiting for a quote to get this ball rolling. I'm gonna give u guys a short bio of my self: I'm 5'6, 178, butt gone! Lower back twisted! Stomach looks like I'm about 4 1/2 months prego. All I can say cute in the face' wack in the waist!!! It's been a long time coming!!! Never been a fat girl, not saying that I'm one now, but when your use to weighing anywhere from 156-160. I'm that fat chick. I had my daughter in 07, since then I haven't been the same. That lil chick took me down! I've never had a huge but or hips but trust and believe I had a cute shape. It's so bad that I don't shop anymore for clothes. I'm straight leggings and a shrit, and thank God that I work As a Lab Tech so I wear uniforms. Ok so what I need to know from all of my BBL sister's what I need to know is what can I expect to pay for all of the lil things that's needed, a sis is on a budget. Thanks ladies

Ok ladies here's my update.... I got my quote from...

Ok ladies here's my update.... I got my quote from Perry and it was $ 8,000. I've been doing my research to see what the going rate was for Dr P. When he told me the damage I was a lil taken back only because I've seen prices a lil lower. Non the less, I've decided this was a job that had to get down. I spoke to Perry he told me that he would do my entire back, flanks, stomach, hips, and thighs. Ok I don't know about u ladies, but me as a black women I like my thighs, so I told him that I'll pass. So now that I have a quote I'm on to the next step. I've booked my date for Nov 1st. I'm flying out to Miami on Halloween. This is so exciting I can't believe that I'm taking such a major step in my life, like all of these ladies that I've read bout, I to can't wait to become a Perry Doll.

Soooooooo Depressed!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok all of my bbl sister's I'm checking in. I have a horror story for u all out there!!!! Ok, so I live in NJ and this past weekend we had a heat wave. For a person like me that hate their body, this is the worst type of season!!! I don't want to do anything, nor go anywhere because of my body! I dont want to go shopping and spend a bunch of money on clothes that Im not going to have next summer, I dont no what to do. My friend told me to wear maxi dresses, bs I dont want anything clingging to this gut of mine. I'm so sooooooooo depressed right now!!!! I would love to fall asleep and wake back up come Oct 1. These nxt 5 months cant come fast enough!!! My boyfriend want to do thing's, as well as I, but I just feel to fat to go out and try to look cute. Awwwwwwh what's a grl to do?

Wish pics

More wish pics

Booty update

Ok ladies this is my bootie wish pics. I want a nice heart shape a$$!!!! Something to fill out those Hudson and True Religions? No I don't want a big shelf donk, I guess 1200 cc's in each cheek should give me the look that I want to achieve. I finally no how to post pics, so tomorrow ladies prepare ur selves for the horror.

The Ugly Truth

The Ugly truth is that I truly let myself go!!!! I am truly disappointed with myself!!! I knew that I was getting surgery sum time this yr, so I figured that I mine as well go all out!!! And that's exactly what my body look's like!!! OMG I feel soso disgusted with myself!!! I pray that Dr P can get me back to the old me... Im at 184 today, b4 I leave to go to MIA I want to get down at least to 170-165. I have 4 months to get it rt!!! Pray for me sister's!!!!

The ugly truth

Keep it real ladies

Keep it real ladies, do u think that Dr P can make me look like my wish pics??? I no I no he's a plastic surgeon not a magician!!! Lol, a girl can dream, rt?! Lol

July 8th is where phase 1 of my journey...............

July 8th is where phase 1 of my journey begain. I'm doing the Paleolithic Diet, This diet seems pretty simple. All I'm doing is cutting out all dairy products, carbs, and sweets. I can eat all of the meats that I want, fruits, veggies, and nut's. This is how cavemen ate during that time. ( sounds crazy) maybe, I need to really get this extra weight off of me so that I can have great results like barbz1 and sweetlady just to name a couple. So as of this week I'll be walking at least 2 miles if not everyday, hopefully every other, and nxt wk I'm joing the gym. I'm sadden what I'm about to say! I gained 3lbs, which now put me at 187. That's so so scary Ive never been this big b4!!! I'm not going to be one of those that weigh myself everyday, that will only drive me crazy!!!!!! So I'll check in, in 2 wks. Wish Me luck ladies......

Let's Get It!!!!!!!

Let's Get It Ladies...... I weighed myself today and I'm down to 182.5. I'm on my way, small step's at a time.

Doing My Thing!!!!!!!!!!

Update on my weight journey.............. Ok ladies I've been DOING MY THING!!!!!!!!!! 4wks In and I can say that I'm 10lbs lighter.... WHOO WHOO!!!! lol. I'm down to 177. 3 months to go!!!! I gotta go hard. Still on the caveman diet, Still no dairy or no carbs. I've been also walking 3x's a week, might I add 3 miles. Keep praying for me sister's!!! Cause the Lord know's it's a struggle!!!!!!!

My Mind is playing tricks on me...................

My mind is playing tricks on me. I started having 2nd thought's about this whole thing ladies. And of course I voiced this to my mate, bad mistake. He's like that's what's up! This is my son's last yr in school, I guess I should use the money that I saved to Pay for school, and what ever else that's needed rt? I go take a family Vay-K to the Cayman Islands, Right? Or I could get My Gucci Rididng Boots and bag to match, Rt? Yea, I can do multi things with my $$$. But key wrd is MY MOFO MONEY, RT???? Or am I really just being self centered. I can do all of those things and still be unhappy. SMH

WEIGHT LOSS UPDATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm on my MOFO way!!! Lol. Yes Doll's Ur girl is now at 175! Let's get It!!!!!!!!!! I can't believe that I'm really making it happen without diet pill's. I guess when ur at the bottom u can't go anywhere but to the TOP. Starting from the bottom Now I'm here, maybe not all the way but a lot closer than b4. 15 lbs more. Yes Yes. Girls there's this site with really cute dresses on it it's called POSH BARBIE BOUTIQUE.com. I don't go out or do the club scene, but please believe when I hit Vegas ur girl will b rocking a few of those #'s that's on that site!!!!!!!!! HEEEEEYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!


Ok ladies, I've been a little naughty. Last night I stepped off on DR Perry. I went to see Dr Alkon. I've decide to check him out because:
1. He's close to home
2.Save money
I sat in his waiting room watching my Ipad, when I over heard one of the girls say that everyone that was waiting were their for a follow up visit. My head shot up so fast!!!!! This is where I called myself "playing it off", I acted as if I was watching a movie but really watching the women bootie's as they walked to or from the back room, I felt such like a PERV!!!!!!!!!! Lol. Anywho, It was now my turn so I was lead to the examining room, while in this room I took a few pic's on my phone of myself, I tried to upload them, but had no success :0(. So about 10 mins later, Dr Alkon came in. ( Wasn't hard on the eye's I must say) He looked better in person. So he asked me how could he help me, I ran it down: I want Lipo,BBL,Flank's, Entire Back. He said ok sound's fair enough, He then asked me to open up my robe, He felt on my stomach while i coughed a few time's. After he did what he did he dropped not 1 but 2 bomb's on THAT ASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
1. I have a hernia
2. Instead of getting lipo he suggested a tummy tuck
His reasoning was because I have stretch skin at the bottom of my tummy!!!! WTF!!!!!! I felt like a big blob!!! He said that it wasn't bad, but with lipo I wouldnt be able to have that flat tummy that I wanted, which make since. Now u ladies know that this changed the game for me. He also said that a specialist during surgery could remove the hernia, which would be covered by insurance. Mymy When It rain's it pour's like a Mutha!!!! He also mentioned that I didn't have to get the hernia removed, but there maybe a buldge on my stomach. I'm like come on now, if ur already in their just move the damn thing. His qoute for the BBL, TT, lipo, hip's and thigh's is....... wait for it, wait for it.............................. 9030. Yes 9030. Smh. Now I'm schedled for Perry come NOV 1st. Do I want to go all the way to Miami to have a buldge? Now Perry is charging me 8000, once I take my flight, hotel stay, massages, waist clincher, supplies, an what ever else that's needed. Shut The Front Door!!!!!!!!!! And yea that's Perry's price for Lipo, not a TT. He would prob add a addional 1000-1500. Good Lawd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ur grl is done. SMH, I'm done for the day...........Have a Wonderful Holiday Ladies

Change is a mutha

Change is aMUTHA!!!! After much thought, I'm now heading to DR to Duran Y'all!!!!! After learning that I needed a TT, I figured if I'm going to go that far I mines well let the Queen of Booty give me that donkey that I've been so desperate for!!!!! Been working with my grl Jaz. Also I'm changing my date untill Feb!!! Now I have to get a passport that's 1st thing!!! Here are sum new bootie shot's

Bootie shot's

5 Months to Go!!!

Ok, as you all know I've switched teams!!!! Sorry Perry girls!! ;0/ I'm now officialy a DURAN DOLL!!!!! I made a appt with my primary Dr for this Friday. I'm going to let her know what's going on, do sum early blood wrk b4 I make my deposit. I also want to address my concern as far as time off, I was told that sum Dr's in DR don't write a excuse note during ur recovery period, so I'm going to see if she could give me 1 during my recovery, with Perry, Norma was going to excuse me for a month, I just want enough time to slowly get back into the groove of things. Hopefully my DR agrees to excuse me just in case Duran doesn't. I'm still waiting to hear from Jazmine on this topic. Wish me luck!!!!


Ok doll's I've been looking at flight's flying from Newark, NJ, going to DR. I've saw some really crazy number's out there!!!!!!!!!!!!! Even with my Triple AAA card there still qouting bogus price's. AWWWWHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!! I won't be booking my flight as of yet!!!!!!! Maybe as the time get's closer, I'll find a deal.

Keeping my fingers crossed!!!

Ok ladies keep ur fingers crossed for ur girl!!! I know ur suppose to have ur labs done rt b4 surgery, but no not ur girl!!! I'm going tomorrow!!!! I feel that this is something that I should do, I want to make sure that I'm in tip top shape b4 I put my deposit down. I dont want to get all excited, and then rt b4 I leave to go to DR, I get a call with some BS. So I ask God that he guide me in the right direction, and no matter what my out come will be only he know's... I know that it seems shallow, but I pray that I'm healthy, that I'm able to have this surgery!!!! I just don't want this, I need to have this surgery!!!!! In Jesus name, I pray, AMEN!!!!!

I'm Baaaaacccck

Wow, It's been two months since I've updated. Ok since then I found a Wonderful Sx friend!!!! Heyyyy Willow82. She's def been on her BUDDY JOB!!!!!!!!!! My girl helped me find a flight from out of Jersey for no more then 450, We have our RH checked, she and I have been texting back and forth like old friend's. I feel so relived that I have someone that I can talk to and bug out with. She anbd I r a match made in SX, lol. Once again I've decided to go with Ur Girl the HOLY GRAIL Duran!!! lol , She's the truth. So I have about 4 more months to go, so I'm starting to buy things here and there so I wont have to go crazy right b4 I leave. I'll be updating a lil more up untill my sx date. And oh yeah ur girl is now at 173 and pushing for another 10lbs. Today I'm back on my Caveman Diet!!!! Holla Back

21 Mo Day's

Hey RS, I haven't been updating or chatting because I haven't had much to say. For the last month of been trying to get everything organized at least that weekend b4 I leave. I'm such a last minute packer. I have 21 MO DAY'S b4 the shedding of this chubby suit, can't say fat because I'm not a fatty, just a little more than out of shape. (lol). I've gained a few lbs I'm now 176, I'm busting my butt to lose another 5. I can't belive how quickly the time has passed, It was in October when I met my girl Willow 82, she's been nothing but a Trooper!!!!! she's been giving me info on vitamins, she's been there when I have my moment's where I'm scared to death of what were about to do, she def bring me back here on earth after a pep talk. I'm such a ball of nerverous engery. Don't get me wrong I can't wait!!!!!!! So ladies I'll prob update the night b4 I leave, if not def once I'm there. So in the word's of my boy Jay-Z.... Holla Back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Miami Plastic Surgeon

I'm no longer going to Dr Perry. I'm now going to the infamous Dr Duran, I'm scheduled for Feb 26 2014...

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