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Ok, I never thought I would consider a BBL, but as...

Ok, I never thought I would consider a BBL, but as I look at myself, I could use a little bit more shape to my butt. I need lipo for this back and abs more than anything. After 3 children and 2 c-sections,(children sure can take a body down...lol). I couldn't take it anymore so I had a tummy tuck in 2009, but the way the surgery did mine, there isn't any real shape to it, but still one of the best decisions, I ever made. My waist has never been really wide, I am very high-waisted, think right now, I am between a 29-30. I spent nights upon nights researching surgeons. I first started out with Vanity and Dr. Fisher, but they didn't have the date I wanted and said they would squeeze me in for $1000.00 down. After I read about the last minute cancellation and people having a hard time with their money. I said no, I can't afford to keep rescheduling flights, hotels, RH, and changing vacation time. I researched Dr. Alveraz and Ghurani, I finally chose Dr. Ghurani, I literally set up into the wee hours of the morning for weeks looking at every review, I am obsessive like that. I know surgery is a gamble and you don't always get what you want and can be disappointed. I am hoping he can get me close to where I want to be so I can move on to some other things I want like a breast lift. I have been reading everyone's reviews and staying posted. I am getting nervous now, I just received my request for clearance.

Here are my Pre-Options pictures.

Figured I'll be brave so many of you have helped me.

Update---received prescription for testing

Ok, my test came back everything good except that darn hemo 11.6; I tested in April was 12.9. I was on my menstro at the time so I am going to retest tomorrow. It's been a week and I have been taking 325mg and liquor iron, with orange juice. I don't eat a lot of red meat...maybe once every 3 to 6 months, I don't know we will see. I am sure everything will be fine, it's just the waiting. I was taking my iron with food that is all wrong. Suppose to be on an empty stomach and orange juice is a good source to drink
it with.

Went To Doctor on 12/2/2016 for Clearance

I have been going to my Dr. for a long time; so he asked me a lot of questions and wanted to see my bloodwork...lol. I said OMG, are you my husband? Anyway EKG good and he gave me clearance and said good luck at the end. he doesn't know this is just the first one, I have two more to go.

Evelyn from pre-op called me and said she needed to speak to me before 4:30 for clearance. I called her back she never answered or replied to my message. I have spoken to her before she was nice and just talked to me and told me how many patients they have. I mean think about it they have hundreds of people calling in and out of the country. Anyway, I will try to reach her on Monday and hopefully can get full clearance.

Yes baby girls cleared!!!!!

I am so happy I received my clearance today. I went shopping this weekend to get the rest of the things I need. And, to my surprise my husband was being super supportive. He does not agree with PS so I was surprised. I guess he feels she's going to do anyway...so might as well roll with it...lol
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