I Always Put Myself Last; Now It's my Turn Dr. Ghurani Here I Come! BBL - Miami, FL

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Ok, I never thought I would consider a BBL, but as...

Ok, I never thought I would consider a BBL, but as I look at myself, I could use a little bit more shape to my butt. I need lipo for this back and abs more than anything. After 3 children and 2 c-sections,(children sure can take a body down...lol). I couldn't take it anymore so I had a tummy tuck in 2009, but the way the surgery did mine, there isn't any real shape to it, but still one of the best decisions, I ever made. My waist has never been really wide, I am very high-waisted, think right now, I am between a 29-30. I spent nights upon nights researching surgeons. I first started out with Vanity and Dr. Fisher, but they didn't have the date I wanted and said they would squeeze me in for $1000.00 down. After I read about the last minute cancellation and people having a hard time with their money. I said no, I can't afford to keep rescheduling flights, hotels, RH, and changing vacation time. I researched Dr. Alveraz and Ghurani, I finally chose Dr. Ghurani, I literally set up into the wee hours of the morning for weeks looking at every review, I am obsessive like that. I know surgery is a gamble and you don't always get what you want and can be disappointed. I am hoping he can get me close to where I want to be so I can move on to some other things I want like a breast lift. I have been reading everyone's reviews and staying posted. I am getting nervous now, I just received my request for clearance.

Here are my Pre-Options pictures.

Figured I'll be brave so many of you have helped me.

Update---received prescription for testing

Ok, my test came back everything good except that darn hemo 11.6; I tested in April was 12.9. I was on my menstro at the time so I am going to retest tomorrow. It's been a week and I have been taking 325mg and liquor iron, with orange juice. I don't eat a lot of red meat...maybe once every 3 to 6 months, I don't know we will see. I am sure everything will be fine, it's just the waiting. I was taking my iron with food that is all wrong. Suppose to be on an empty stomach and orange juice is a good source to drink
it with.

Went To Doctor on 12/2/2016 for Clearance

I have been going to my Dr. for a long time; so he asked me a lot of questions and wanted to see my bloodwork...lol. I said OMG, are you my husband? Anyway EKG good and he gave me clearance and said good luck at the end. he doesn't know this is just the first one, I have two more to go.

Evelyn from pre-op called me and said she needed to speak to me before 4:30 for clearance. I called her back she never answered or replied to my message. I have spoken to her before she was nice and just talked to me and told me how many patients they have. I mean think about it they have hundreds of people calling in and out of the country. Anyway, I will try to reach her on Monday and hopefully can get full clearance.

Yes baby girls cleared!!!!!

I am so happy I received my clearance today. I went shopping this weekend to get the rest of the things I need. And, to my surprise my husband was being super supportive. He does not agree with PS so I was surprised. I guess he feels she's going to do anyway...so might as well roll with it...lol

Nails Off....Sad Face...Getting Ready!

Two days before surgery....getting weird.

I Have My Time

I received the call surgery at 7 am. I am a bit numb right now not sure how to feel; it hasn't set in yet.

Here waiting

It's really real now...no turning back.

Made it thru 3 day post-op

The first day was hard but I was up and walking around by the afternoon. So far Ghurani did a great job. My butt already dropping yesterday it was too high and big, I was scared. I had my first real massage it hurt but not that bad and worth it. I will post pix when swelling goes down more. My arms so sore you really need them glad I didn't do lipo on arms.

Post-Op day 7

I am sorry I haven't updated I have been recouping. I was actually up and walking around the afternoon of my surgery. I have been more still and sore then in pain I had about 3 real massages in Miami. Elsie is the truth because they are a must. I still have 10 pds of fluid but I am working on it. Booby greed yup you start to get it. I told my doctor natural though. The first I was scared because it was huge now it's looking normal. I am afraid of the three month mark. My pictures don't do much justice my waist much smaller than it looks. Dr Rami Ghurani amazing and really cool. I saw him twice before I left. I met some cool people at my really that I hope I stay in contact with. I am going to put up pix but keep in mind I go down everyday. I see some things he missed but they are minor.



Post-op in dress I had to wear waist trainer or a 1 piece spanks...pix don't do me justice but I don't have a professional photographer....lol. keep in mind pictures make you look bigger.

More Post-Options Day 3

I am still very swollen especially legs...I have to work on the fluid and tightening them up. I am just trying to help those thinking of or preparing for surgery.

My husband

My husband keeps walking by rubbing my butt...lol

Post-Op Day 9

I think the worst thing that can be done after surgery is to really keep looking at yourself because you will find things you don't like and the body gets better and consistent as the swelling goes down. So in 2 days I lost 8 pds of fluid...I rest a lot and when I get tried I take it down, I am very active person so it's hard for me to do that. Yesterday my waist was 33.5 my starting point, today it's at 31.

Trying on clothes

I was trying on some of my clothes they are tight fitting right now as the swelling goes down it will get better.

Post Op day 11 (Post-Op date under name wrong)

I cleaned my room 2 days ago bad move. The following day in bed the whole day in pain. I think because swelling going down my nerves are starting to feel again. I have def lost volume in butt and hips, but I did ask for natural and that's what I have. I hope I don't loose much more on either. I don't have any fat on my stomach so curious to see how I move past 30".

Post-Day 11

So far so good, but recovery no joke I get tired easily.

Post-Op Day 11

So far so good, but recovery is rough, I get tired very easily. All the bruising almost gone.

Post-Op day 11

7 weeks Post-Op

Things are slowly but surely getting back to normal. I used to take a lot of vitamins, I have to start again, because I get tired easily. I also have to remember my body is still healing. My waist 28.5 my butt takes steady at 41.5 to 42 inches I didn't want a lot. I see some things that I want to go back for my back needs more lipo but trying to wait for complete healing to access also want a breast lift. I also stay compressed majority of the time, I am rarely out of garment. I also had my garments taken in on sides Overall, if I don't go back I see myself happy with current results. I am ready to get into gym now. My clothes...ugh need all new or altering.
Miami Plastic Surgeon

I wanted to wait until after my 4 week post-op to comment on Dr. Ghurani and Spectrum. First Dr. Ghurani is a great Dr. not to mention handsome, genuine, and personable he doesn't sell pipe dreams. I did a lot of research stayed up late nights looking at every review of each Dr., I wanted. In the end, I went with my gut. I felt going in I don't want perfection, (perfection would take a round 2) just fix a few things so I can wear my clothes confidently...#ILOVECLOTHES, He did an amazing job; on my body, my back fat was loose and saggy, previously, I was told by others that I might have to get a lift, because lipo wouldn't help. The only problem with PS is that once you start you see more and more things you want done. I am thinking about getting a breast lift now, but that will be done down the road when I am fully recovered. I am also committed to a good diet and exercise no use of wasting my money. I found Spectrum good as well considering all the volume that goes in and out of there. Everyone was professional from the finance team to the front desk. I understand why people complain these people are busy and I am sure exhausted at the end of the day, only to turn around and do again. Dr. Ghurani told me if I had any questions to contact his personal assistant and I thought that was great seeing that most of the complaints are about after-care. I want to thank everyone on Realself for their feedback, journey & support! Let's not forget Realself for creating this great forum....

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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