Present for my 23 Birthday - Miami, FL

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First time every writing a review..I did surgery...

First time every writing a review..I did surgery on my breast n got the best results eva ..n should of did a review then but u kno u live n I been reading everyone reviews and I can't lie you guys are giving me the best information I made need to know about this procedure..before I decide I wanted titties I always wanted a nice fat round ass but after having a kid my daughter decided to f**k up mommy young perky titties n make them into sagging cow nipples so I had to chose doing my breast first...n make my ass wait..I went from nice perky b 38DDD. .I figure if I'm go fake I'm go big...n that's exactly what I need done to my ass.. a flat stomach tiny waist n a fat time is coming up n I'm really excited n scared at the same time...I just want to feel complete..

did all my blood work today's 10 days away from surgery and I'm super excited n scared n just can't wait to get it over with it n b in the big booty tiny waist crew!!! I hope my test results come out clear n i get the green light..I can't sleep without trying to picture what I may look like..I just want a good surgery and to wake up with a new body...that's 1 out of 2 of my fears..not waking up. ..or not having a body that looks great n not botched..damn can I b any nervous!!!

Took out my back piercing today

So today I had to get my back piercing taken out well actually really just 1 of the cut out CUZ the other one got took out couple days ago but this 1 was really stuck so I had to go get it cut out...which really sucks CUZ I had them 4 3yrs n thought they was really cute but I was scared to keep them in for the surgery. .when I normally gain weight it use to irritated me n since I see how big n swell we get after the surgery I was scared those shits will sink in n can't come out or even worst get infection from the fat going into me. .so I refused to take the back hurts like a bitch!!!seriously very painful but I did it 4 a good cause..I'm officially 9 days away from surgery and super nervous n excited.. so I decide to post some pics of my body before...without clothes so u guys can see how I look out of my clothes..n u will see you i took out the piercing...

7 days in counting..

Omgggggg I'm almost there. ..I'm getting so nervous n excited I just want to do this n get it ova with...Sunday my bday n it sucks cux I can't turn up the way I want drinking or smoking weed 4 me..can u say the turn down is real!!!!...but I don't mind CUZ then 5 days I will b a,brand new person...I'm nervous I want my test results to out clear..I find out on Monday..hopefully everything goes well...I'm more trying to get my mind fully prepared for the worst recovery guys keep it so honest on here n I have yet to find 1 person to say that there recovery is bearable..n being that I can't take pain 2 much ooo yea I already know I'm b the biggest baby eva..I feel sorry 4 my boyfriend CUZ he definitely gonna b hearing alot of crying. ..I'm so excited can't wait...

4 days in counting

So my bday was yesterday. .I had the most calm n relaxing n sober bday..cux u kno we can't smoke or drink a week b4 surgery. .so my bday was a turn down 4 real..but I'm excited cux I'm doing my surgery. .anyway so I did my labs couple days ago..I'm out of town in new Orleans n had to my labs today now I go into the office to have them fax my labs over to Anna the coordinator..I got to the office only to find out this God damn doctor is out until the u understand how upset I was ..cux I'm like wtf how am I supposed to do my surgery if I can't get them my I called Anna n discuss my issue to her..she explained to me I will b ok just get to the office by the 4th n I can do my labs u understand how I relief I felt when she sed that..she sed I just need to keep taking my iron pills n drink alot of water..I'm felt soo much better knowing I can still try n get my surgery going ..but God make miracles..n the doctor from new Orleans called me back and told me every thing is good n I'm in the I had her fax it ova to Anna n now I'm waiting for Anna to get the clear from Dr O...n tell me we can get things going...

I'm super excited u just don't know. .I'm driving from new Orleans to Miami. .they sed I gotta be in the office by the 4th which is fine with me. This shit is getting real!!! I'm nervous that the doctor won't give me the ass I need cuz idk if I have enuff fat...I want a nice big ass but with so lil n so much fat they can use i just don't kno...I'll b mad to have to do a round 2...

can't stop worrying! !

So maybe it's because I'm getting so close to the date..but I'm worried I'm worried im.not gonna get the outcome i want...I'm small u kno..I don't have as much fat as I see everyone else have..which I'm not talking bad about anyone that's bigger than me shit u guys should b lucky cuz at least u able to get a nice fat on the other hand I just don't know! !!!..I've seen Dr.O work n I do love his work some he do the best on n some it's okay normal. ..I don't want to go threw all this pain n tortured I'm about to put myself in only to get a normal ass..i want a Fat Ass!!!..please God I ask that u see me threw this surgery n give me the best look i can get... ladies I'm scared n nervous. ..I'm about to change my life me this is a life changing thing..n I just want the best change I can get. ..soo nervous ladies so nervous!!!!!!

2days left

So I drove from new Orleans to Miami. ..I'm almost there we had to stop last night cuz apparently I'm the only 1 driving n I was ode tired...u think my bf would've took ova...yeah!! NOT!! ..anyway so I'm about 5hrs away from Miami Beach n I'm super excited. ..I told u guys I was having a lil issue with getting my labs fax ova..well apparently they was able to do it..but now it's like I got to b on top Anna my coordinator to get her to get the doctor to look at my results n give me the green light...I'm so excited n nervous I keep saying it i just want a nice round big ass n I hope Dr.O can give it to me... hey so my Bf wanted me to get a tattoo today but I doubt it possible. .do u ladies kno if it's possible???...I just found out I gotta get in to the office n do more labs

2morro the big day

I'm extremely excited n so nervous. .being that I lost a friend doing this surgery (not with this doctor )..I'm very much scared...I'm just want to wake up with a nice body...I'm have a lil girl I gotta live 4 so I just want to b able to open my eyes and thank god!!..but other than that I'm super excited n ready to get this done...n b a O doll!!!..ladies plz I beg u pray 4 name is Debbie..n I'm just trying to get threw's almost's my trying to eat 1 more time b4 12am..after that I will b fasting until after surgery which by the way is at 1 pm 2morro. .gosh I kno so late in the afternoon but I heard that's when he started 2morro. .Friday is usually his late days...cuz he work so hard on Thursday he need longer time to rest..which is find with me I rather he b fully rested then super tired fight his sleep..I need him to do a perfect job!!! Ladies I'm excited n scared...God I can't believe I'm truly doing this...ahhhhh

Today the big day

Omgggggg today the day..I wanna thank all u ladies for the support n the kindness u guys been giving me I truly feel it from u guys..n just in case n God forbid something happen plz,kno I'm truly thankful for this experience n for meeting some many of u ladies who care n understand the feeling I'm going threw I'm truly blessed to have spoken to some of u ladies....on a better note I'm excited scared nervous n straving lol...I can't sleep anymore it's 8am..n I got surgery at 1pm...geshhhh few hrs to go....I got all my supplies I need. ..I sed I love u to all the ppl important in my life all I gotta do is wait to become a "O" doll...ahhhhh so excited

got to reschedule until December 3

Had to reschedule because of the stitches I had in my bac if u remember I told u I had to get my piercing taken n it got stitch up ..well my stitches got a lil infected when dr. O seen me today he saw it n refuse to do surgery cuz the puss in my bac can travel to my ass n infect me n it can go bad ..which I'm not mad's better safe then sorry..I truly like Dr.O ..he's sweet n honest..he told me right away he wasn't going to do it until I'm better which I truly respect n understand. ..he's not like other doctors I can tell it's not about the money for him he truly wants his patients to have the best results eva. I'm bac on the count down ..n I will update every 1 about my process of healing my bac..o yea he gave me antibiotics to help me..

December 3 is my new date

So of course I was a lil bum that I couldn't get reform sucks but I believe God let everything happens a reason n it just wasn't my time to get reform yet it..which is fine with me..the best things comes to those who wait!! N I'm a very patience as of right now I'm in the airport heading back to Las Vegas where I live..n plus Dr.O is just giving me more time to get more money n stack it up...n plus I'm happy I get to eat thanksgiving food sitting down lol lol...n I can surly be able to thank god 4 giving me another chance to enhance this beautiful body he already giving me.. ladies I'm will surly keep u up dated on my back ..the faster it heal is the better n safer I will feel getting this surgery done. .

23 more days in counting I'm dreading for my day to hurry n come...23 more days all over again. ..n crazy part about this whole thing is my bac is heal in a way..since Dr. O took them old bad stitches skin has heal it up on it only problem is it heal real I don't think the doctor will be pushing another hole threw it he might have to just go slightly under the scar...but I'm not gonna rush it ..I'm still wait my 23 days just to b on the safe side. .once again u can't rush perfection!! I will . wait like I'm supposed to...but I see all u ladies getting your body done n looking great I'm just sitting here back in vegas like damnnnnnn...I'm supposed to be healing right'm more just super excited n happy 4 u guys. .I'm just ready to feel like u guys n look great. ..I'm mm will update pics of how I'm healing a lil later cux I'm at work now..but I can't wait ladies I just can't wait!!!

18 more days til my surgery

Hey ladies how is everyone healing going..I kno u guys are in pain but remember it's all 4 a good cause. ..I'm sitting here in vegas I can't wait until my day comes. .I'm praying 4 November to finish..once thanksgiving is over I kno I b right there. for my bac it's healing really well's actually close..i told u guys in my last review that it was healing hard but the scab has finally fell off so it's going soft...I want to get done like now but I'm going to b a patience girl n wait...

this can't be happening

Omgggggg I got 15 more days n I'm coming bac to Miami 4 surgery. ..I'm feeling so depressed cux I solve 1 issue n now have must I say my back is close n perfectly fine now...but now I got a god damn cold!!! A damn cold!! I don't want to b sick I can't afford to b sick..I don't want to have to reschedule all over again n I swear if I do it just must be a sign in shouldn't get it...but man only God knows how bad I want to get this this cold can't happen...I have 15 days to knock this shit outta me...n I been taking all I can ..any suggestions ladies????plz i need some...

13 more days

Sooo I been sick lately. .I'm busting my ass trying to get this cold gone..each day I feel like I'm getting better but I just don't know. ..I'm really worried I might have to reschedule again. .I'm taking thera flu n sweating it out..taking my iron pills..dressing warm..I'm doing everything I can. . .but I'm scared cux in the pre op instructions I can't take no medicine a week b4 surgery. .what am I 2 do??? I only got 13 days until surgery..n 6 days b4 it makes a week n I can't use nth!!!omgggggg I'm freaking out ..ladies u think I can get this cold gone in 6days????...

9 days left

So my bac is last review I was worried about this cold I have..well I feel about 90%better. .I got a lil cough n my nose is a just a lil stuffy...I been using Vicks to try n clear my nose...n drinking the thera flu..I got 2 more days to keep drinking this thera flu n then the next 7days I'm gonna make the rest of the cold take its course..I really feel that this cold will go away ...I'm doing alot better than how I was couple days back...I'm really excited n scared. ..cux I really want to b able to have a nice n ass n enjoy life with it...I tell u this much im alot more excited this time around then when my surgery was scheduled for November 6. .4 some reason I was scared shit less n felt something bad may happen..this time around I'm really excited n feel I'm make it threw n get a nice shape...ladies I can't wait for this day to come...geshhhh almost there!


Can some one explain to me wtf is going on ..y is Dr.O doing this to his patients. .just last min up n leave I the only 1 that's hurt right now!!!!

I change to Dr. Hasan. ..

Omg ok where do I really beginning. yesterday I get a call from Anetta my coordinator that Dr. O had some family emergency n another doctor name Jacob McAdoo can perform the surgery for now I get that call that shit blew away I'm like wtf u mean ..who is this doctor? ? Is this doctor good??? what u mean dr.o can't do me ...well can I reschedule for when he's a available. ..u kno what this chick tells me. .well she don't kno when he b available or if he even coming back. now I'm really like wtf !!they say I can look that doctor up n see if I like his results..or I can switch to dr. Hasan or dr. Fisher. I hang up n look at this McAdoo guy work n first I must say his work is ok he just do alot of big girls. like the real real big girls. .which is fine. .no then there was Hasan work who I had love from the beginning but I was so stuck on Dr. O n his work n going to him I ain't pay much attention to hasan..but he was definitely my second choice 4 sure..anyway me n my dude talk about it n talk about it n he decided he love Hasan work 2. N that he behind me no matter who I pick but I should lean 2 ward Hasan. .cux God make everything happens. 4 a reason. ..n this is not the first time im Close to surgery n I gotta reschedule I decide to go to with Hasan February 12.....

70 days in counting

Geshhhh it feels like I'm never gonna get this ass done...I never went threw this much trouble finding the right doctor for my I been told Hasan has great work he's a beast!!..which is good I want the perfect results...but it really sucks to b right there 4 the second time n can't get it done...I guess third time a charm!!!..2 months seem so long right now.?

everybody is really worried! !

With everything that's going on with me having to reschedule twice right b4 surgery got every one thinking it's not meant 4 me to do it!!.. n honestly I don't know how to think of min I'm thinking God is just sending me to the right doctor. .n then the next my bf n everyone think it's just not meant...cuz I never went threw this much Bullshit getting my breast done....idk how to think of this seriously...i done read so many girls review that went threw a few obstacles b4 they was able to do surgery n end up with great results n haven't lost there my girlfriend that pass she had no trouble what so ever everything went smooth up until the time she was supposed to wake up shit went south!!!. so I'm just sitting here really scared n worried n nervous cuz I heard vanity has a few deaths but just among of great recoveries...any advice ladies???? I know a few of u guys been threw this b4??? Help me plz!!!!

nothing seem to go good 4 me! !

I'm heart broken today while I was cleaning I left my back door cracked just to clear the smell of the bleach ..n just literally 5mins into knowing I should grab my puppies n lock them up of them escape n ran baby gina..which is by the way a good friend of mines dog..but ive grown attach to her cux she been living wuth me 4 a while.I'm fuckin devastated cuz it was a mere accident. .I walk around the block 4 3 hrs hoping some one will b a good person n just try n see if there owner is looking 4 her...but nope nth!!! heart hurt so bad cux I don't kno if she okay...or is she fed or is some 1 watching her!!!I can't stop crying. .any 1 who has a animal will understand the pain I'm truly feeling...n on top of that she not even my fuckin mistake n I probably never see my baby anymore...ladies if u kno any place that sale teacup yorkies let me know???..I feel truly bad losing my friend dog n not even losing such a sweet lil thing

I made a Instagram

Hey ladies any of u guys have Instagram plz hit me up ..I made 1 just 4 this process...sweetdoll2016

60 something days to go

I'm super excited n can't get to get this surgery done. from last month til now I gained some weight. ...n omg I feel so fat n I refuse to do any dieting cuz I'm small so the more fat I put on will b more better 4 a fatter ass I think...2 months to go ..I'm just waiting for December slow ass month to finish cux I kno January gonna be busy 4 me 4 work so time will go fast ...n then boom February will b here...February 12 can't come no faster

48 more days to go!!!

First I wanna say merry Christmas to everybody!!!!...God I got new years n then a few weeks after that n it's my time to get reform. ..alot has happened since I last been updating. .first I'm gaining so much weight n I'm really not liking it At all..I keep saying it 4 a good cause cux more fat a fatter ass...but it's not a good feeling. .n second my bf who was once so with me doing this surgery is now having second thoughts n is scared 4 me..which now got me super worried n wondering again is this a sign not to do bf saw a link about Hasan having dead patient under his belt n that he is not board certified. ..n he's now like you would u still want to do this for...but I can't lie I love dr. HASAN work...n I kno he can snatched my waist up n fatten my ass up...I feel so down cux out of every 1 my bf always been on my side on things I wanted to do ..he was there 4 my titties every step of the way...n now he just switching up on me ..I can have every 1 telling me no but I really can't cope with him telling me not to do this. .we supposed to b in it together. ..I get he scared shit scared too but I'm just ready im ready to do this next part of my chapter ...if I make me I will b so blessed n if God forbid something happen i honestly kno I have no regrets...ladies I don't want to b scared like this I just want to b excited!

38 more days to go

I'm getting so excited for this day to I got a call from vanity stating I gotta pay a extra 600 cux Hasan price is a lil more money than Dr.O....which is,not a problem but these mothersuckerz could have told me this the day I decided to switch doctors. .not weeks later!!! But u kno what I been waiting too long 4 this day to come so they will get there money. ..I keep dreaming about what I'm look like. Keep trying to put it in my head that my recovery will not be a easy road. ..I just can't wait..I got for labs coming the 15 of this month ...n then it's setting seals from there!!!...super exciting !!

28 more days to go!!

I'm counting down ladies once again 4 the third time..let's hope 3rd is a charm...Mann I've gain a few pounds n I'm really starting to feel so uncomfortable..I really can't wait ..I gotta start looking into doing my labs again...gotta,pay these ppl there extra money. ..sooo I got a slight cold u kno I'm on everything to get to go away b4 it times to go's been a long journey n I can't wait to finish it n start a new 1...I'm loving every 1 looks ..alot of us is scheduled for this month so I'm seeing everyone transformation just waiting 4 mines. ..

At my last with Vanity ..switch back to Dr.O

Wtf is with these ppl...something always wrong. .so I called roxi to see about giving them there extra money 4 Hasan only 4 her to try n tell me they never noted that I wanted to change n that now all of sudden Hasan cancel all his surgeries 4 this month n February. ..n that I can go back with Dr.O or wait til march!!!! Like wtf u just sed to me!! what is wrong with miami doctors and this fuckin canceling all the now dr.o will be doing me all over again. ..I can't tell my bf or he's going to flip out n claim that's this not a,good idea n that I should 4get about the surgery cux we ain't never been threw no shit like this..I'm tell him they switch me again but maybe when we get a lil closers to the date...even tho my flight is booked already 4 Wednesday night !! I don't kno how to feel about thus anymore. ..I was so excited to get done by Hasan n now they burst my bubbles n let me down once again...ladies u think I get my results I need from O...I know I wanted him at first but then I switch n was so convince that Hasan gonna give me that look n now I'm bac with O...idk how to think..anymore. .smh stresss

Dr O I'm bac again let's actually do my surgery this time

Soo i spoke with my bf ..even tho I sed I would wait I just couldn't make thus decision on my own...n we spoke n he's actually happy that I'm going bac to him he's like he feel so much comfortable knowing he's doing me cuz we met him n we all click with him...soo once again we are back on this journey n tell u the truth I'm about ready to get this done n over with ....let the count down continue to count down!!

18 days to go til I'm in miami again

Omg ladies the time is whining down...I'm so excited I got 2wks n I'm bac at this again...I'm so nervous about this cuz twice already I have almost got there only to get let down I really want to b able to get this done. I go 4 my labs tomorrow to get done n fax over to vanity...from what I kno everything should b good to give the clear...I'm still taking my iron pills from bac since October so my iron levels should b high enuff...I think I might be getting my period 2 which to Me is a good thing cuz come the 12th I don't want to have to b dealing with my whole body bloody n my pussy 2 lol lol. ..another thing is I'm 2wks away n I think I'm coming down with a cold slight itchy throat n stuffy nose...ladies help me what I take to knock this out real quick cux I can't afford to cancel cux have a stuipd I'm so ready 4 this to happen i can't stop coming on this website I can't stop looking at other ppl asses on the streets trying to image if my butt will look like that. I'm excited ladies anybody who been following up on my posts will kno this has been a long journey for me n I'm just about ready to get over I took some pictures in these dresses I can't wait to wear again after surgery so u can see the difference. ..oo n by the way I gained some weight geshhhh. ..

doing the labs

So I'm here at the medical center doing my labs...omg I can't believe once again I'm almost there..they say 2-3 business days they fax over everything to I gotta try n knock thus slight cold away n it should be easy sailing from there...

16 days to go

Ladies I have a quick question. ..I don't have a full blown cold. ..but I do cough on occasionally n when it happens mucus does come up ..same as my nose it gets stuffy every now n then...can u guys help me n tell me what I can use or take to knock this out 4 good I got 2wks to get this gone...which I rather use a week to do so n use the other week to not have to put anything in my body.... ooo by they way I feel so fuckin fat I feel like a pregnant women in ha last trimester u kno how they just blow up out of no where n they always tired...I b so tired at work .can't wait to b off 4 a while even tho it won't b relaxing. .

medical labs Cleared!!!

sooo ladies let me u tell u vanity is so fuckin unorganized it's not even funny..I went Monday to do my labs they sed it b ready in 2-3 business days...n they will fax it over to Miami. ..ok problem. .remind u I live in las vegas very organized no Bullshit place when they say they gonna do something trust me it's getting done. ..I ain't never went threw this much issue getting my breast done like I have with Vanity n a bitch ain't even got under yet..anyway bac to the story I called vanity Thursday to see if they got the medical labs cux the ppl on my side sed they fax it to them...anyway called vanity they gonna tell me they ain't received nth which the ppl told me 4 sure they sent I got in vanity ass like wtf u guys are to unorganized I kno 4 sure they sent it to u she sent me my conformation. Anna gonna claim like no its not them sometimes this happens when u fax. .I'm like yeah w.e bitch in my head...anyway she goes n give me two fax numbers .I took those numbers to the ppl myself hand deliver it ..I apologize 4 miami unorganized self n ask them to send it to both the fax number just so I don't gotta hear they ain't get nth..anyway today is Friday I called vanity n see if the receive the labs! !!..yessssssss finally they iron is 13.8...yayyy you so now it's straight sailing now!!...I got 13 more days n I will b reform !!!! Now I'm just work on clearing my chest n nose 4 these next 4 or 5 days...congested like a motherfucker!!so that's what I'm working with now!!

11 days to go

I'm sooo excited ladies omgggggg the times is coming...I'm flying out to Miami on the 10 surgery on the 12..give me a day to enjoy miami n my body 1 last time b4 it goes 4 it's make over...excited!!! Got my period today soo I'm happy cux by the time surgery comes around it will b over n done with...I can't believe this,is happening all over again 4 the 3rd time...let's me it threw surgery this time tho!!!yayyyyyy

7 days left!!

I don't count the day of surgery that's y it's 7 days left ..I got 7 more days in this body n then it will b a new chapter from there...ladies I won't sit here n front like I'm not scared...shit my bf is more scared than me...he really asking if I feel it's really worth it. ..I told u guys I had a friend died from.this type of surgery. ..5mins b4 she was supposed to wake a fat got in her vessel n travel to her lungs n suffocate her...sooo yessssssss I'm shitting bricks cux she actually start n finished ha surgery but never got the chance to open her as me n my bf is sitting n talking about it he just scared he want to see me open my eyes n then he worry about how my ass look...he say I'm so head strong it's no turning back from here...I'm gonna do this. ..n ladies I'm sorry but I am's something I want done it's something I want to finish n accomplish. .me n my girl we had dreams we had plans after the surgery life ...n it hurt me to my soul that my bitch isn't here to watch what we started but I don't want to live in fear of not doing what I want cuz it could be a possibility I can die...if the Lord wants you in all honesty he will take u's no running from that. happy my girl ain't have to go in any pain or suffering she was already sleep...but don't get me wrong I pray ..I pray when I get to thinking this deep ..I pray when I get too scared ...I ask my mom n friends to pray 4 me...I pray n I'm at a happy place now ..I have faith n hope that the Lord will see me threw this n stand by me as I recovery .. ladies I'm excited this time around n if this happen to b my last post just kno I'm happy doing this n I can't wait 4 my results. ...I kno Dr. O IS Going to give me a great ass... ok so.that was my serious moment 4 a sec ...omgggggg ladies the time is coming I'm so excited ahhhhhh...I'm ready 4 this fat nomore drinks n weed 4 medicine. ..noo nth just the real offical countdown!!!

3 more days!!!

I'm really excited ladies...I feel like I'm stalking the website more n more alot lately. ..just checking on every body posts ..reading there experience. .how it feels right after surgery. . I leave 4 miami on Wednesday I got 2 more days left of work..tonight n tomorrow night n even that I can't wait to stop lol...getting tired of work lol...I'm so excited I been praying every night n the more I pray the better n more relaxed I I have no worries I kno I wake up after surgery. biggest fear but u kno I got faith n I kno I b fine....omgggggg shit is getting real I can't wait to get this over with...yayyyyy!!

1 day til I'm in miami n 2 more days til surgery time.. February 12 here I come!!!

Omgggggg shit is really getting real...I can't believe I'm right there now..n this time it's actually getting done...geshhhh 4 months ago I should've been doing this n so much has happen to allow it not to happen..n now it's really time...I kno my Bf is scared probably shitting bricks gotta keep convincing him everything is going to b alright. ..Mann I've pray every chance I mom is excited to see what I'm look friends are excited. .shitttttt I'm excited. .I can't wait to post to you guys like ladies I made it!! Lol those are gonna b the best 3 words eva,to say!!!.. my flight leaves tonight so I b in miami early 6am 2morro. .then heading to the hotel n then later to vanity to go sign my self away to them n see Dr.O once again 4 the second time around. of right now I'm packing n finding a doggy sitter 4 my puppy..then gonna go do my feet ..I'm not putting no nail polish on there just cleaning them up cuz I won't be able to do them 4 a while so I gotta at least fix them up...I'm so mad my lashes are falling off n I at least wanted them to stay on 4 1 more day.. (got the individual on) cuz I can't put the strips on 4 shit...but hey w.e they gonna have to come off actual hair is cut like amber rose so I dyed that black to go natural 4 surgery. .omg so I'm just ready. ..can't wait ladies!!!

airport flow!!

On my way to Miami. excited omgggggg. ..

here in miami

Yess ladies I'm here at my hotel relaxing with my boo boo...I got a call from kyla I got surgery at 9:30 am tomorrow. ..yayyy I hope that make me number 1 if not I can deal with number mean Dr.O is up n going n won't b on no slack I'm ready guys let's do this!!!!! Ahhhhhh yayyyy

at vanity

I sign my papers n met with Dr. O again..n he's the best he made me feel so comfortable n at ease...I told him look Doc I want a fat ole asss...he's like yeah u want that ass where everyone is,like damnnnnn I'm like yup yup just like that. .he sed okay I got u!!! N I believe him 2...Dr. O IS the best so cool n funny ..had me laughing the whole time. ..n the ppl at vanity is cool too..I had no problems. .everybody there was so easy to talk n made me feel real comfortable..ladies I'm really excited more worries just excited to see my results

surgery day ladies

I'm here at vanity checking's really quite right now. .not everyone is here ..they say Dr.O is here so that's all that matters...a little nervous but not shutting bricks like I was b4...I'm calm I'm at ease n kno I'm in God's hands right buddy tho on the other hand looks really scared n worried would thought he was getting surgery today it's the waiting soon as I open my eyes I will let everyone know. ..wish me luck ladies n keep me in your prayers!!

I made it!!

Ladies I'm in so much pain ..will update when I get the energy

feel like hell

Ladies when I really get the strength to write I tell u the rundown of my of right now all I can say is thus SHIT HURT SOO FUCKIN BAD...I thought I was mentally ready 4 this but that's Bullshit I'm no where ready for this feels good to lay down even tho I feel stiff. .I hate having to go to the bathroom. .it takes me 5mins every time to pee with all the water running...walking back to the bed hurts so bad ..stomach don't stop burning..every movement i make my stomach burn.'s the already annoying my guy. He such a hood nigga so patience is not in his vocabulary smh...but I'm strong girl I'm get threw this whether by myself or not!!..sorry about lil mad with him 2..but utility I'm laying here n I will depend tell u guys about my day when I am strong enuff 2...o yea I'm drinking alot of water..

ladies I need all the advice

Plz dolls help me as much as u guys can...plz don't feel that I don't want to read it..I need all the advice u guys can give me..n all the support n push u can write me plzz I will truly appreciate it. .

day 2 post-op

So went to vanity today 4 my check up..n 2 see my bidy..every one say I look great i hope so .getting a massage now..I'm so scared..I'm tired of these pains ..I'm such a cry baby. ..ladies I will give u guys the run down of surgery day still gotta find the strength 2 do so.. here's some pics not the best tho..

during my massage

day of surgery

So I was told to come in at 9:30...I got there at 9...we wanted 4 Dr.O for 3 hrs. .vanity claim it was traffic that was holding him up but when he got there n started marking me up he claim that he was at another clinic turning other girls u see that...he was honest n real ..couldn't say the same 4 vanity tho....which by the way beside the setback of waiting 4 O I really did enjoy the staffs..the girls that work there is really cool n attitude or anything. .just cool ppl..which was good..anyway O marked me up i met with the anesthesia he too was a nice guy...I told him he better keep a good look at my heart rate while I'm down..he sed no worries girl u gonna wake I sed that was my biggest I lay down on that table I swear to u I prayed..n then sed " as I lay down to sleep i pray the Lord my soul to keep if I should die today I pray the Lord my soul to take"..after that all I remember is waking up on my stomach. first words was did I make it. .lol thank u god..then a cold shock took over me...I shake 4 about 10mins...after that I had to pee which took me literally 20mins to do so...anyway I walked to the car n lay down in the back seat...I felt like hell omg like I got hit by a truck then reverse on n then pick up n thrown off a rocky cliff lol gossh that pain was real...I ask my dude if he got my medication n he sed no not yet..right then n there is started crying like a big ass baby..he just looked at me n shake his head...I got to the room n got my meds n was out..I woke up to this man with the a/c on high n nowhere to b found i was so cold n I didn't know how to get off the bed yet...ladies I started crying again. .I think I cryed 4 30mins straight until he came back. ..he had went out to get me my soup..which by the way I couldn't eat nth yesterday. ..I got up too pee every half hr n every time I pee I threw up..smh i just couldn't take it...over all threw out the night I woke up every 4 hours n walk around 4 a bit ..took my meds n went back to sleep..did it all over again....
Today now I went 4 my follow up which the doctor sed I look real good..I 4got to ask how much cc but as soon as I find out I let u guys kno...I went for my massage with marain I think is her of the girls at clinic recommend me to her which was the best thing eva cuz she was really good n real careful with me. .I stop at 30mins cuz I didn't eat b4 I went which was the wrong thing to do so I felt like I was gonna faint so we stop n decided I b bac on Tuesday. .cuz she close Sunday n Monday is a holiday. .which I totally 4 got..ladies the pictures doesn't do not justice my waist is small ass on the other hand I don't kno 2 much u guys think It's gonna get fatt??? I guess I'm wait n see ...I will do my best n update u guys on judy n ha progression. .

the stiffness is real

Omg this stiffness is crazy real...I think all the medicine is out my system so now I feel everything. ..hate going to sleep only to wake up so stiff. .walking around make me feel better...up until i start getting dizzy..this shit sucks so bad ..trying to keep taking these oxycodone which really helps 4 me...ladies when am I supposed to shit??? What's longest wait til after surgery? ? I'm scared to take that route but I kno I have to do that. ..I don't feel the need to do so but i kno I need to get a stool thingy n get it done...
O yea I bought another faja n foams cux the first 1 was really really this second 1 i put on right after my massage..not much bleeding on this 1 which I figure is a good thing...

day 3 post-op ..happy Valentine's day ladies

Geshhhh what can I say other than the pain is real today..I get stiff every time I lay down or doze off n wake feels like heaven when I walk around...I'm out here on South Beach trying to enjoy it a lil...every 1 keep staring at me like they never seen a bitch fucked up after surgery. .this miami it's a chick doing surgery everyday come on ppl act like yall have some sense n stop staring!!lol lol...I'm trying to do as much walking as I can today...gotta wash my first garment today 2 ...I can't lie to u guys I'm scared to shower im.not ready yet..I been washing up with soap n water n my rag at the all the important areas ..arms ..coochie..feet u kno the whole nine n spraying alcohol on my wounds keeping clean but just not ready to throw myself under a full blow shower head...I wonder when I get the nerve to do it...I'm Jamaican so I kno how to keep myself clean with soap n water lol lol..u kno how them Caribbean family are..I really thought laying down will b my life right now but I guess I was wrong.'s not like the boobs I can't just lay 1 place all day...walking is gonna b my new thing from now on...that's the only way I feel better...well let's see how long this man gonna have me outside up n around..I hope u ladies enjoy ya v-day n don't go making no babies today ladies especially the ones that already recovering n got that fluff going on...muahhh

he finally sent me pics he took

Ladies here some better pics of my body from when I went 4 my check up..the bf finally sent me my pics..

day 4 post-op

There a thing call no fuckin sleep anymore. ..I feel like today is going to b my worst day...I don't sleep 4 no longer than 2hrs ..the longest is 4 hrs n God if I do make it that long my body is totally rock solid with stiffness. ..walking around this room is what I gotta do every time I wake up...I wake up to my whole entire body stiff...I'm starting to feel it in my ass now...B4 I didn't feel nth back there tho I feel 2 big ass rocks back there...does anyone know if vanity is open today though cuz I'm running real low on my oxycodone. .n honest that's the only thing that works 4 me tyneol no nth else..from I did my boobs those what works n only work 4 me...I'm so happy I'm still cool with my breast doctor cuz when I go bac to Vegas I will definitely have him write me some meds n those strong doze 2....another thing I always been a dreamer when I sleep now I'm bac to dreaming n man these dreams are getting so weird not only i wake up stiff I'm waking up like wtf kinda dream is that...ladies I'm so over this long am I gonna b sleeping 4 only 2hrs????...I just want to not wake up stiff..then maybe it's my mind getting to me but I feel like my booty getting smaller n my stomach is just staying huge. ..I told myself I wouldn't depressed myself cuz I kno the changes your body has to go threw while boobs did it...but Idk I'm starting to get sad n completely annoyed with this healing thing...I just want to feel normal...a lil TMI I haven't shit yet but I'm definitely passing gas alot hopefully the shit is coming soon... ughhhhhh

vanity is open

I guess they say fuck president day...that's what the all about there money...I'm so annoyed now cuz my meds is not enuff to last me all day n they gonna tell me I can't get nth til 2morro when I see the doctor wtf are u serious. ..I'm happy I don't live out here..cuz in vegas all I gotta do is call my doctor assistance n tell her I need more meds she write it out n get the doctor to sign it 4 me n then call me to come pick up the paper to get my medication ..out here is so ass fucking backwards ..u telling me I have to see the doctor every time n Dr O is 1 busy man what If I can never get the chance to cuz his ass want to work at 2 or 3 different locations n always in surgery. ..oo I feel it 4 u locals here in miami dealing with this shit!!! So I guess today I'm have to let my meds stretch til 2morro. another reason 4 me to really be annoyed...I wanna go home now! !!

day 5 post-op. .yall say it gets better each day well I think that's fuckin bullshit!!

Here i am again another sleepless night!!! I'm going threw the sore neck neck hurt so bad I'm only sleeping every man! !...then it's like when I sleep my body swells up even more on me cuz I wake up feeling so big n everything suffocate me in this may go down 4 a lil while I walk but it's swell right bac when I lay wtf is that supposed to this shit telling me I shouldn't fucking sleep!!!...I don't take the faja off nor the foams but yet I'm still swelling like a fucking blow up machine. ..yoooooo I'm so fuckin over this recovery shit...I wanna give up but can't cuz it's not like I'm get better if I stop wearing this my back is so fucking swollen it's crazy..n I got the triangle back there...n some of the side foams 2 but I think I'm have to get a foam bac there to keep some pressure's right in the middle top half feels fine n lower part got the triangle. offense to the ladies that does this a second but my opinion u fucking crazy n definitely got some type affections to pain cux I don't eva see me doing thus shit again I don't give a fuck how serious the booty greed is I will do squats til the rest of my life or I would just b happy with the ass I was given after this surgery. ..this recovery is no joke n no money no attention no self confidence Bullshit can eva,pay me enuff to do this again...n I'm still being told after 3 months u still feel lil fuck that! !!!!! Ladies I'm sorry I'm just venting n really upset cuz if I had a slight clue to how this recovery would have been I don't think I would've done it but u can read as much as u want n do the research but a hard headed bitch like myself always gotta find out the hard way!!! I kno tho n man when I say the gym n eating healthy is my new life I'm so serious ...I will b just like them celebrities bitches that live in the gym cuz they can't afford to put on a pound....I'm so mad so mad so mad cuz I feel my day my weeks will b hell..ughhh doctor today definitely getting more medicine. .n my massage today I can't wait to get that done hopefully she can get most of the fluid out my bac....

Masssge #2 ..

I couldn't wait to get here..this the best thing outta,this recovery getting these massages..marian is the best so gentle n firm with her shit ..I just love it..some ladies hate it but 4 me it's the best thing eva...I took some pics b4 the massage n after I show u guys..

I just had to snap some pics

Right b4 the front massage. .

idk how to feel

Ladies help me out..plz encourage me that my ass will look nice n fat..cux I was talking with my dude n he's like we'll we know 4 sure ya stomach n waist gonna be small but your ass is,gonna go down. .it won't b much of a change... (tears tears)...i kno the swollen has to go down but is my ass really gonna go down..I've seen alot of girls smaller than me with no shape n there ass came out well even after surgery. ..I had shape b4 this n a lil something bac there so am I really about to not have a,fat ass????...I'm not expecting it to be big like black chyna..but I do want to see a nice bubble bac bf can b such a meanie sometimes but lil do he kno I'm b really hurt if my.ass turn out to look like it did b4 I did surgery. .cuz I did this 4 my asss..he wanted thus done 4 the tiny waist and flat stomach. least he got his wish ..cux If my shit tiny now n I'm swollen I already know what it will b when I worries is my ass seriously. ..I feel like the next few weeks is gonna b torture...sadddddddd

day 6 post-op finally shower

Lol I kno title sound crazy lol don't worry I definitely kept this pussy clean prior to today...I just was really scared about how the shower head was gonna feel on my skin so I stand off 4 a,lil bit but I couldn't anymore I'm girl who loves her showers it's the next best thing to busting a nut 2 come out a bathroom Clean n fresh!! So I finally did it today n u kno what it was the best feeling evaaaaaa!!!lol lol anyway I go home tonight n I can't wait I miss my bed n I miss my lil puppy I heard she stress out over there she won't eat as,much as she normally do but that's Coco 4 u she does that whenever I leave outta,town n don't take her with me...that's my travel buddy n she knows that so when she notice I'm gone 4 a while she tends to get dramatic n don't eat ...make a mess n the whole nine I can't wait to get bac to her..I'm walking alot faster today 2..n we I understand what u guys mean as each day get better...sorry 4 being such a big baby pass couple days...I still hate sleeping n waking up stiff like a board...right now I decide to take a walk around the hotel parking lot it's so nice out so I'm just killing time til tonight. .can't wait to b in vegas..sweet o vegas!!

saying bye to Miami

Vegas I'm coming home..heading to the airport. .ladies I had throw the wig bac on ..wasn't going to the airport looking like some body bald-headed ass homeless chick lol...I'm already padded up n walking funny couldn't look funny in the face either no matter how much pain I'm in

finally home...

The worst plane ride flight was bf bought me 3 seats the whole row so I can lay down....4 take off I put my big ass blanket I took with me 4 surgery under my thighs n press on it..I sat in the middle so I can hold my weight up on the arm butt never touch the seat i don't think it even touch the blanket I held my weight the whole time in my arms. ..after that I lay down..but ladies I didn't stay down cuz I started stiffen I walk up n down the back aisle...omg my pain meds 4 some reason just wouldn't work I was so in pain half the time...n man idk being to high in the air did some shit to my ass cuz I swear I felt all the fat in my ass moving around n then my ass just got super hot. .like scorching I couldn't wait to get off...n now that I'm home it's the best feeling but I got stairs in my house n ladies it's the hardest thing eva ..those stairs takes alot out of me..n they not just a few steps it's a whole spiral staircase damn near so it's so hard going up that shit!!!!... n my bed let's just say it's not a hard bed..the bed is the softest being that my arch is so deep in my bac i gotta throw a pillow under my tummy to at least try n level my this is really gonna b hard recovery. . In the morning I will call my breast doctor n let him know that I did lipo somewhere else n he hurt my boobs (just a lil lie)..but I kno 4 sure once he hear them big things hurting he would give me what ever medicine I need I kno 4 sure I'm get a better doze of medicine from my great doctor. .n my AB board...n then get a appt 4 my now I'm home n on the real road to recovery! !

I think I been counting wrong day 6 not 7..

Omgggggg second time trying to write this shit me tight ..stuipd ass post. .anyway I think I been counting wrong. .instead of started counting the day after I started the day of...cux if u think of it 2morro makes it a week I did surgery cuz it's Friday. was a terrible day 4 me I cryed all day today cuz my bf had to get bac to doing his errands n shit so I was all alone n man I felt so helpless..I'm a person who hate depending on ppl I like to do things on my own n if I don't know how to i damn push myself til I learn to do it on my yea today I cryed n cryed n just kept crying. ..I go see my breast doctor 2morro n go get more meds. .my AB board n whatever else i need. .I can say this 4 sure I love what my ass look like out of my garment garment doesn't make me look like I have a ass like some ladies it pics doesn't do it justice. I can't wait to fluff...I took some pics b4 I shower today tell me what you guys think....ladies my coochie coo just so swollen I hate it n my ass crack is so itchy. geshhhh

day 7

It's 5 am Vegas Time n I feel like hell..I slept for 4hrs n I think that's the worse thing I eva did..I woke up harder than eva....I been walking 4 the pass 45mins n It's just not working..omggg. ..then on top of it 1 of legs is more swollen then the other...ughhhh...oo don't mind how my garment look it is clean ..It was the first 1 from surgery n I never the direction n I call myself trying to bleach it first cuz it had so much blood on it ..anyway long story short I guess u never supposed to in bleach ...look so yea I did that n try to.throw it in the machine 4 only 4 it 2 come out clean but looking real dirty lol..silly me gosh..

is this normal

My ass is starting to hurt not no painful omg it hurts but the top n middle kinda feel right ass is soo bigger than my left...can the garment hurt your fat cells in my faja is not tight n its not loose its just right but I can't help but 2 get scared that something can happen to my new bundle of joy......I was told no massage in the booty which is fine but I can't help but to gently rub my hands over my butt or lightly touch the top of it....ughhh


Ladies I feel like this 1 leg that's swollen my god ...idk y is it just 1 leg...y 1 leg so there something wrong???..ok I can get 2 legs or even the whole leg but that's not the issue.'s that 1 thigh ankle not swollen my feet nth just this 1 fucking's just get it ...then it hurts ..every 1 like to just lay down...Mann if I can fuckin lay down without getting stiff I will but I can't I lay 4 2 long I'm stiff!!!it's just fucking I'm just trying to follow yall directions n eat some pineapples n drink the juice...omg help me I hate this

day 8..finally took a dump..I kno I kno TMI..

So yessssssss I finally got to take that God I thought it never happen..I had to take purelax. ..n it really's tasteless. .n odorless. .u just throw it in whatever you drinking n within 30mins u going to the bathroom.'s the was hell to shit tho..took me 15mins to get everything out..after that I was sweating n breathing heavy like I just ran a
So yesterday I went to see my breast doctor n have him check me out n man he was truly impress with Dr.O work..he sed hands down that man did a great honestly I can't understand what it is I'm really hearing about Dr.O getting his license revoke. .so stuipd n wrong ..ppl really just b hating see another person doing good..cux I kno dr.o is getting that moneyyyyyy he got patients 4 days n work at other clinic so he payedd. .the devil is strong n just wanna see that man down...but anyway I was told I have no more fluids in me I'm just hopefully u kno I don't have to eva worry about that seroma thing I read about ...I was told to keep my swollen thigh elevated n ice pack up to get the swelling down..I definitely took off them nasty ass compression socks 2..I truly feel it was that ..that made that shit happen but it's over now just focused on getting my swelling down...also ladies every place is different my doc ain't kno about them AB board so he don't have any. .where can I order them from if u guys don't mind telling me???...n also I'm need that waist trainer not the one with the bones but the sport 1 that u just wrap around u ..because my guy is heading to California next weekend 4 a dog show n I need help every time I take my garment off to shower i need help putting the foams back on ..I can't do it by myself. .do you guys do it by yourself?? N if so how long into surgery did it take u to get them things on correctly? ???...but yeah he's gonna b gone n I kno I can't do it alone. .so I'm need something to keep me tight n compress 4 them 2 if u guys have a good website I can order from plz don't hesitate to tell me....anyway I decided to play a lil dress up..tell what u think..I really wish I can keep this size

my doctor saved me

I'm tight cux realself is fucking with me n these fucking posts!!!...anyway I told u guys I was going to go to my doctor n get stronger meds...well he gave it to me n it's the best...he sed it's 3 of my old pills in just 1 pill now...n ladies it's the best...I don't feel no pain at all. .don't get me wrong when I sleep n wake up i kno I'm swollen n super stiff I can feel the tightness. ..I will walk around n feel me getting loose all over again but guess what no pain ladies...n this is what I can cope with ..I can now heal without always crying n cussing up a storm nomore coming on here to vent n act crazy lol...idk it's like the pill is a body armor. .idk kno the pain is there the stiffness n swelling but I don't feel it n that's what I need...w.e miami got ain't shit compare to what my good ole Vegas Doc can give so nomore of me on here venting n sounding like a crazy fool..I can update u guys with a

day 9..feeling better

Hey dolls, I'm feeling alot better today especially with my new meds by my ass still really skin starting to itch especially the butt crack. .that 1 thigh still swollen but not as bad as b4...girllls my day b soooo boring!!.. I even think my dog is annoyed with me lol she b hiding from me n shit...I'm looking into getting that AB board to get this stomach alot smaller cuz it's definitely real puffy...ummmm when do I get to my stage 2 garment? ??.. cuz my first 1 is still fitted on me especially when I swell up from laying to I guess I'm not ready for it yet..which sucks cux that mean my swelling is taking it time to go down..anyway I will update u guys whenever I can. .

a lil worry about my stomach

Idk I'm going threw it again ladies...I feel like my stomach is not flat enuff...I kno I'm swollen I kno but...I feel these foams not doing anything anymore ..or maybe one of the ladies are right garment is a lil loose..or maybe I just need my AB board n another massage. ..all that I will get 2morro but right now just looking in the mirror I'm like wtfffffff. I try 2 suck my stomach in n u can see a difference of me suckin it in n just letting it go..yea u kno I took pictures 2..maybe I'm bugging. .or maybe not but idk...I been eating too but not no greasy food..straight salads ..Grill chicken..fruits..the healthy shit..I eat 3 times a day like I should cuz I want to feed my baby ..n I drink alot of water 2..ughhh I'm just having 1 those nights ladies seriously. .I may not feel no pain but I'm so emotionally n mentally hurt when it comes to this recovery it fuckin sucks!!!!..from me hoping my ass don't shrink 2 my flatness of my stomach. .or the huge ass 1 thunder thigh I'm having. .shitttttt

day 10

Mann I was sooo bored all damn near today..I sat n watch the love &hip hop marathon all damn day ..n pop these damn pills so I wouldn't feel no pain. ..I shower today n switch my garment. .I can't say it's the stage 2 cux it's the same size like the first 1..I just bought it cuz the other 1 was 2 bloody n I need another 1 to wear while 1 was washing...this 1 I'm wearing is real tight compare to the other 1..which is good n comfortable 4 me..took a few pics..I gotta get massage cuz I'm getting a few lumps. .I try massage it myself while I'm in the I kno it's time really try n get these massages...

day 11 post-op

Today real simple doc gave me more meds 90 pills so I don't have to keep coming bac..yayy me...I got appt 2morro at 2 4 my massage. .my bf found a place so let's see how good they gonna b...I also finally order my board so It should b coming in a few days from the bf also bought this abdominal binder for me to.wear in the mean time..I told u guys this Saturday he leaving me to go to California for a dog show n I b needing help to put these damn foams on so with him.not being here I'm have to wear this thing question is do you think it will work?? Give me the firm tightness I will need for my stomach n back????.. ladies other than that nothing has really change..o yea other than my booty went from rock solid hard to a lil which means it's not rock hard so much where u can knock on it's hard where u can see it slowly move when I walk..but it's still hard like helll...

day 12 ..massage #3

Sooo ladies today I got my massage done..n let's just say it was the best feeling evaaaaaa. .the lady really did good on me deep in them tissue. was a few times I had to tell ha to get ha hands off my ass don't touch the ass but after a while she got the hang of it...she really did a number on my bac cux that's where my swelling was.....she did the sides n the a lil of my stomach cuz it hurted like hell when we got to the stomach so she sed we gonna ease our way to the stomach. .she don't want to do 2 much damage to my stomach when it's still really swollen n very painful. ..she told me my waist is about 23 in. ..n she's normally never wrong on the shitttttt If I am at 23 then God damnnnnn I can't wait to heal..I'm b what a 20 if not smaller...she makes me want to go n get a measure tape ..n see 4 myself lol..overall I'm see myself coming here n getting these massages...I got a lil scared that my ass shrunk cux of the few times I caught ha tryn to massage it...when it was time to do my stomach is did go on my side but not really interested definitely put more my pressure on the front are of My thighs. .really hard to explain but I ain't put no pressure on this booty of mines. ..I'm just scared I don't want my ass to go down..omggg

wow this damn spell check

Ok so the last half of my last post ..idk wtf I wrote it hate these damn smart phones..mind that part

wow stupid spell check

Man idk what I wrote on my last post towards the end ..but please pay it no mind

day 13 post-op. .finally got my cc information

Damn this fucking post..I been trying for the last 20mins to get this shit up...anyway after 2 wks of constantly calling n nagging vanity they finally send me my cc information. ..I got 1500 on my right cheek n 1500 on my left cheek so all together it's 3,000cc of fat injected in me. ..


I dont think im looking as flat as I want it to it really still the swelling...i b 2 weeks 2morro. .how long these swelling last????.. so I go n fell asleep in this damn binder n I feel like this shit was crushing my ribs ..I woke up in so much pain shit didn't even make sense. .I think that's y I'm so madddd n emotional right now. ..just every thing is so overwhelming. .so today I realized that I ain't shit in couple days so I took that thing I show u guys n within 20mins boom I was butt ass naked in the bathroom trying to ladies I kno TMI but I gotta tell u guys that shit was not easy at all..20mins of alot of pushing n I thought I was giving birth again ...smh i push I push n I push til I started sweating n it was crazy 4 me in that bathroom...n finally it happen n u kno what I was mad as hell cux all that shit i went threw u think I blew up the fuckin toilet. ..yea right!!!!!! That shit was like lil fuckin pebbles that could probably step on n it does not damage to ya was i heated as fuck...cuz I went threw all that got naked..struggle sweat n everything 4 a few pebbles n now I gotta put back on a faja (at the time I ain't even think I can put it on ) that takes me 10 damn mins to get over this swollen ass n with foams on n then to clip up which I couldn't see cuz these big ass triple D's wanna be in my way...but I did it ladies I got it on n now can put my shit on alone..which sucks in a way cux that was the only thing I got a chance to work my guy into doing something 4 me n now I don't need him ...I guesss I'm happy in way but I just don't feel like I am...I try walking today to go to taco bell n what usually takes me 10mins to go n come back..took me about 25mins..I got super tired n hot cuz the sun was out n shining real bright today. .then other than that I was stuck n back in the house...oo yea I use my hoover board today which was a lil fun riding around the house with...but yea ladies this my day...n honestly idk if I can do this 4 another 4 wks...when I use to b at work I couldn't wait to do this surgery to b off 4 a lil bit...but Idk i miss shaking my ass 4 my god damn cash!!!... lol lol...ladies I want a fucking blunt so damn bad it's not even funny ..I really do!!! smoking weed gonna effect me??? Has anyone hit a blunt after surgery? ??? I'm scared to do it cuz I don't want my ass to shrink that's all ...ladies I'm losing it seriously this shit is just sad

took some pics..

So decided to snap some pics b4 I did my night time shower n then after the shower n did a lil dress up afterwards. . Ladies I got some lumps in my ass is that normal? ?

day 14 post-op. .I'm 2 weeks today!!!

Ladies I made it to 2wks happy now I got another 6 wks to go stay home ughh..n another 6 wks to not sit on my's coming along ...not much has happen other than I'm starting to feel a lil pains in butt cheeks is that normal? ??when u touch my ass it's so tender n hard but tender....n for some reason my top incision are hurting I can't press on it or it stings. .why is that??? Has that happen to u ladies ????... I'm still feeling alot of I was trying to see if I can do without my meds n I still Can't at I truly can't go pass 4 hours without taken my.meds ...if I do I feel all the pain n tightness that I have no choice but to have to take my I'm feeling pain but I'm good with my medicine. ..still waiting for this damn AB board to come in the mail ..I lost my mailbox key so I haven't been able to check my box..I truly hope it's 1 of them packages that come to your door n don't get shove in my box..but I'm give it couple of days n if it's not here then I look into getting my mailbox open...other than that ladies I'm here chillin n looking at other post n eating oatmeal cookies n watching t.v...yup that's my life as of right now... oo I took a pic of me n my puppy I'm looking crazy as eva ..don't judge ladies lol lol plz kno I can clean up nice but we all have our times where we just look crazy at yeah that's me crazy looking lol lol..

I did some snapping

So u kno I have a thing for dressing up after a nice warm I took some pics in my work clothes ..just to see how I'm look when I throw some of them outfits on....can't wait ...oo yea that evil red bitch came to visit me today..which sucks i hate that heffa..she better be staying for only 5 days n no longer..

I'm so upset 15 post-op

Ladies I'm fucking upset nigga just kno how to pissed me the fuck off...I hate guys sometimes. dude lil brother is here n he's fuckin lazy!!!!like I don't get how guys could be so fuckin messy n lazy n that shit just piss me off cuz I'm not a dirty chick I hate a messy house n this nigga n his brother just here leaving shit every where!!! fuck I look like a god damn big booty maid!!!!!!!... I have 1 fuckin kid n she not here with me right now soo y the fuck I'm walking behind niggas picking up behind them. .I kno y cuz I'm a damn fool!!!! N these drugs just got me doing n feeling real stuipd....I just wanna smoke a blunt sooo fucking it's not even funny ..I truly feel like just one blunt is not gonna hurt me especially if it's gonna help me with dealing with my stress..."smfh"..... I took the cutest pic of my puppy in the deepest sleep eva..I swear she makes me so happy..

cooked some healthy food...

So u kno with this good body comes a healthy diet nomore fried foods. .straight baked chicken. .fish n shrimp n vegetables n them healthy whole grains pasta things ...yup yup I'm missing all my greasy food but this is what comes with the territory of a new body....

day 16 post-op how do you know???

Ladies how do u kno if I need to go to my stage 2 faja??? N which is the best fit???.cuz the 1 I'm wearing now it fits me n it's a lil snug but not as tight as it was in the beginning but with my foams it's snug...smh I'm still waiting 4 my AB Board so I wanted to at least try that on first with the foams n see from there if it's still not as tight as if I ain't have the board....I been on my guy ass about my board cux he sed he order it for me from off amazon...soo we still waiting it's been about 4 or 5 business day I think now..smh..anyway he told me in the meantime to use the binder but 4 some reason idk i think I'm doing it wrong...I kno I kno I must be slow the fuck could I b doing it wrong...well ladies I think I put it on too tight cux my head start to hurt but then when I loose it up i feel like it's not doing nth I feel no compression. ..soo what am I to's not like I can wear the binder with faja ..cux I feel weird without it...I just think I need this board to hurry n come so I kno what I need to do...
Anyway today for some reason after I finish cooked I swelled the fuck up. ..yeah I put a lil to much salt in my food n even tho it was good it sure wasn't good 4 my back n stomach. .them I took a shower without taking my meds first n ladies let me tell u that was the most painful as shit i could eva have done to myself. ..the shower head felt like lil needles stabbing the shit outta me...never again will I shower without taking my meds..I'm about tired of this recovery already it's not even funny...ughhhh

day 17 post-op. .massage #4

Sooo u kno i was happy to b getting my massages today cuz yesterday I swelled up like a damn blow up today I went in n got my massage. .the lady tells me that my swelling went down alotttt. .which I thought differently. .but she sed from 5 days ago til now she sees a alot of changes. my arch in my bac is deeper. .she can see my tattoo on my bac taking form to my curves more..she sees alot of changes.which to me I thought totally different. ..I felt like I wasn't getting much compression. ..that my garment isn't tight enuff n so n so....well there i go with being so paranoid. .I am actually making progress. Today she truly pop some lumps in we heard that shit popping when she was massaging me..n I felt like I was in heaven. .like she really work wonders on my body..n we found out that my swollen thigh may have a lil blockage so she been focusing more on that leg.she sed in time the swelling will go down n that every 1 all got a side on there body that they put more pressure on n I guess my right side is that side for me....soo i must Confess I had a bad day after I came bac from my relax massage. .my day turn upside down in a split second. .n I just couldn't handle it I literally no lie i literally took 7 pulls of a blunt..yess I counted it i was fuckin nervous doing it number 1 that's y i only took 7 pulls. the beginning I was so mad I ain't give a fuck about what can happen. .but after the 4 puff puff exhale..I was thinking like oo no wtf I'm doing ..puff puff exhale. .I don't think this is right ...puff puff exhale I'm b mad if my booty gets 2 small...puff puff exhale naw fuck this I'm not smoking this shit i ain't losing my ass 4 no one...n out it went really quick....then my ass started tingling. .I was like ooo shit what I do. .lol soo i got paranoid 4 a good 5mins n promise myself I won't eva do that again yeah that was my relapse 4 a again cooked some healthy food n definitely ain't put 2 much salt in it this ladies I'm so tired of this recovery already it needs to be over by now..geshhhh

day 18 post-op. ..

Today was a relax day 4 complaints here...still swollen. .n I need more meds so 2morro I will be calling my doctor for more...sooo my booty is getting soft ..yayyy only at the bottom tho ...way at the bottom. .every where else is still rock hard.....once again still waiting for this damn AB board. ..It should come any day now from what the tractor thing is my I'm really at my ends with this recovery shit...I snapped some updates for u ladies ..

day 19 post-op. I'm in big trouble

Omgggggg ladies I did a stuipd thing...I waited til last min to call n see about my meds cuz I need more n I can't get my meds til Friday when my doctor is at the doctor office near me. .I thought today he was going to b at the office near me but actually he's on the other side of guy is super busy so he can't make it over there in time n obviously I can't drive there..n here's the bad part..I only have 6 pills left n I won't be able to get none til Friday. ..cuz he's in surgery all day 2morro. I'm shit outta luck til Friday. ..I'm scaredd I don't want to have to deal with this pain ...smfhhhhhhh. .they told me that I could use a tyneol extra strength n that should help...oo my god never again will I wait til last min to reup on my drugs..

so I'm coping

Sooo I'm coping with the lil bit of pills I got left ..I'm trying to make it last at least 4 the night...I'm have 3 left..saddddd...n then hopefully the tyneol will work 4 me for all day 2morro. ..anyway I snapped some pics..the swelling in my back is going down ..

it #20

No pills 4 me today I got the tyneol but like I knew it wouldn't it does not do anything. ..n I can only take 8 pills threw out the day..this pain feel so bad that. .I'm all over stiff..n my ass is hurting ...I'soo mad I can't get my meds til 2morro...

I'm sorry

I hope I'm not scaring every body. ..I'm just a big baby I don't do well with feeling uncomfortable. ..I don't think the pain is soo serious 4 the ER me I kno I run to the ER 4 everything. ..I just can't cope with this feelin...the feeling of feeling stiff or feeling the swelling inside the garment n can't do nth about it...I'm just a big ass baby I hate feeling really uncomfortable I just want to be normal again...I think how I'm feeling is normal I'm just really dramatic. .don't worry sisters the moment I feel like this is 2 much 4 me I will go to the ER but honestly thank u 4 yall support...

I woke up crying. .

The tyneol don't do nth 4 me but knock me out..n then while I'm sleeping I'm stuck hurting cuz I can't switch to no sides ..I get up kneel on my knees just to stretch my stiff back out.. n this is while I'm still sleeping. .when I'm fully awake I just cry...I've never like to be uncomfortable. .n to be in this position where I'm so uncomfortable it kills me. .I just want to tear this faja n foams off of me .when can I stop wearing this????? I rather just wear the waist clutcher or something. ..I want out of this shit...I'm getting my meds today's not ready to stop yet it..don't worry I'm not gonna get addicted I'm just not ready to walk around uncomfortable all day n be crying all day yet...n I just wanna thank my realself sisters 4 helping me threw this n reminding that I'm not the only 1 going threw this cuz this surgery is really hard 4 me honestly.

I'm 3 weeks today

Ladies I'm in hell I try to put my prescription in n the fuckin pharmacy ran out..I don't want to deal with this shit...I'm suffocating in this faja I want this shit offf...I really don't know how I'm cope with out my meds..I just feel like locking myself up n cry...I hate this shit

feeling like myself with my meds..

Sooo ladies my guy save me he went to walgreens n got my meds...fuck cvs they can kiss my fuckin the fuck u run out of oxycodone. .like damn!!!! First n foremost I wanna thank all of u guys for honestly being there 4 me n trying to give me all the advice I may need..I truly love this website. ..u guys are soo caring n helpful. ..second I want to give all u ladies that stop taking meds so early n coping with this pain u guys are fuckin soldiers. ..I'm sorry to say I'm not one ..I'm can't do it without my meds. .it's hard 2 hard...i will not become addicted but I'm also not ready to stop my meds yet...when I do u guys will be the first to know. ...I feel so better right now it's not even funny. ..n 2morro I go 4 my massages. .which I can't wait 4...but seriously ladies I'm tired of this faja n really want it off....I can't just wear the damn waist clutcher or just a binder I gotta wear this shit???????...any who I snapped some pics 4 guys..

I got a question for my vets????? answer me as soon as u can!!!

Hey ladies I hope u guys reads this b4 I go get my massages cuz I don't kno what to do u can see in my pics I have lumps in my butt..n my massage lady want so bad to rubb on this booty but I'm scared to let her do that becux my ass is not completely soft yet only the bottom cheeks are. ..every where else is rock hard. I'm scared she gonna deep massage it n kill my fat cells that tryn to settle in but hasn't settle yet hasn't find its home yet what do I do??? Do I keep telling her not to touch my ass ???? Cuz I'm b mad if this baby shrink she's already small n natural looking I don't need her to get any smaller ....or do I let her massage it???? N if I don't when do I start getting that massages on my ass when she soften up????????? I need to know this so please all my vets who's doing massages on a daily answer me n let help me figure this out. ...

And another thing way off topic u guys keep telling me about Rd 2. .Dr.O does a great job but what is about his work that makes all his patients want to go 4 that Rd 2...cuz I'm thinking about it. guy 2 he definitely want it n ready to pay 4 it as soon as I'm available to do so..I only want a Rd 2 4 a bigger booty ..he gave me what i ask 4 with a flat stomach and small waist but I didn't get the projection I wanted especially when I kno I'm might shrink even more .. :( :( like I sed I'm thinking about it part of me is still screaming hell no y will I put myself threw this again...n then I also have my mom telling me u gonna get addicted to plastic surgery like then (no offense to any white girl on here just telling you how my momma think,especially being she come from a era when surgery wasn't the thing) but she sed I'm b like them white girls in Hollywood that gonna get addicted to the plastic surgery lol crazy lady ...but I'm really hoping I don't have to go 4 Rd 2 that the gym will help me out n poke my booty out a lil more but if not I been loving dr.cabral I think his name is ..they call him the king...oo yea he been doing the damn thing on them asses...but u kno I have my scared moments 2..but Raiders the fact I'm going outta the country oo lord to do this ..scaryyy...or the fact that the second time around hurts more cuz we have scar tissue ...n last the god damn I truly built 4 this pain. ..I can handle my titties which by the way I will definitely love to do again but no time soon..if I'm go bigger booty I will need bigger titties to match them..I can do the breast job in my sleep easy light work but this bottom half oo man now that's something totally different to cope with..but it's in my mind I went from a bug total hell no Rd 2 ain't eva gonna happen to ok I will think about guy is already thinking about a Rd 2 way b4 I could of even think about it but I been telling him no no no its not happening..but it tiny bit in my mind...but anyway ladies help me figure out my lumpy booty problems please! !!!

3 weeks 1 day post-op. requested

Hey ladies I snapped some pics in a tight fitted dress with no garment on ..tell me what u think..going 4 my massages

3 weeks n 2days post-op. ..I'm up early 4 some reason

Good morning ladies. ..first n foremost I wanna say thank god we can open our eyes to see another day!!!!... ok I got so much to say...I'm up early 4 no apparent reason I'm just up..I got massage yesterday which was soo wonderful. ..definitely ain't like the heffa touch my booty but 4 some reason she dieing to do seriously she claims that she does the best on the ass but I'm not buying it i think she obsessed with "Lil Bit back that's my new name for her..she can't wait to rubb n tugg on that thing back there...n she's not gay she's a older married woman but heyyy I guess she appreciate a banging body lol lol...but yeah I definitely gotta keep reminding her hands offf... anyway I decided to find a way to lessen my intake of the meds cuz I kno some of my sister's here was worried I would become a addicted to poppin them pills which I don't blame you guys I definitely overreacted when I couldn't handle a day n half without no meds u can definitely say I truly depended on them drugs..soo instead of taking 2 whole pills every 4 hrs cuz I definitely was doing that ..I decided to take 1 pill n cut it in half n take that 1 pill chop up..n u kno what ladies it works!!!!! N 4 some reason I'm able to do that n instead of 4hrs ..I'm lasting at least 6 hrs b4 I feel some pain n need to take that's good 4 me...less pills I'm taking n I think making it a lil easier for me to b able to probably pull myself off when it's time to come there u go ladies no need to worry no addiction over here ..lmaooooo. ..okay soooo my board came ...yayyyyy fin-fuckin-lly!!!!....I was starting to wonder if this dude had eva order my shit...but it came n it's here...but guess what which I kinda had a thought already it's time to switch to stage 2 of my faja...cuz I try the board on n there was no firm tightness to my body garment. .if anything I felt like the board was stretching it out this is where you ladies come in ...n help do I pick a good stage 2 faja...I look on my tag n it say I'm a 36 which is a medium n the name of the faja is diane..this is what vanity gave me...soo do I go a size down???? I would think so...but is using a Diane again is good???..I read u ladies put up so many different other names I don't see alot of diane being used again????... n then when I look it up on amazon they got this chart up with waist measurement n weight sizes. ...too bad honest I really haven't check my waist size or My after surgery weight cuz I didn't want to become obsessed with shrinking my waist cuz I kno me I definitely will especially if i kno I want a 20in waist ...cuz I heard it's sexy lol..the smaller the better...I'm already going crazy about the size of my stomach n how is not flat enough 4 me. ..but I guesss I'm have to pull out that measuring tape n scale to get my size so I can figure this out. ..another thing I want a shorter faja this knee high shit is good n all but I don't have no dresses that's to my knee to cover this thing ..I've always been small slim thick small so I always wore my sexy dresses n dresses that was just to short 4 me lol lol ...can't help it i love dressing sexy! !!anyway I wanna b able to go outside n go 4 walk with my doggy n not look like I got surgery written all over me ...n u kno how the can tell when I got this short cute dress on n then my damn knee high faja is showing at the bottom. .lmaooooo yessssssss ladies I'm not hiding it...but that's only cux I was on some I don't give a fuck shit about what any one gotta say I'm recovering!!!! Ok but now I care ...not too much care but I feel better now I'm walking more moving more looking better more I think it's time to hind the faja. .so I want a short one that has compression. .has good material n that I can close up with no problems. ..I don't need a workout every time I gotta put the shit's already hard enuff with the foams n now board....soo my vets sisters I would truly appreciate it if you guys can help me out give me some choices to look into n let me smaller like u ladiesss...please n thank u!!!

3 week's 4 days post-op. .feeling good

Hii ladies how are u guys doing ..hope everyone is healing good..n those that's not hope u excited about your surgery day coming I'm chilling. .I been feeling good swelling has gone down alotttt. ..I can't wait to hit that 6 weeks mark cuz then I should be heading back to work. .driving around again n just getting back to normal stuff..I got 2 n half more weeks to go can't wait. pain has gone from coming in every 4hrs after I take my meds to now I'm lasting at least 6 to almost 7hrs b4 I need to pop 1 pill.....I'm sleeping threw the night now..don't get me wrong I'm wake up in pain but I'm not waking up every few hrs threw the night..soo yayy me! !! I decide instead of buying a new garment I'm going to go n get these 2 I got taken in n call it day..don't feel the need to stress myself out on which right garment is for me or even ordering 1 over the Internet and getting the wrong size...n plus I save more money. ..anywho I snapped some pics i played dressed up again. .

1 month post-op. ..almost there

Hey ladies how are u guys doing. ..I'm doing well ..I slow down alot on the meds I'm able to sleep at night now..I think I take like 3 pills threw out the in the morning when I wake up cuz I still believe in pain when I wake up...1 in the late afternoon maybe 2:00 n then one more at around 12 at night u see that's a good 9 hrs I'm going without my meds...soon I won't need it i can't wait. I decide not to buy a new faja I'm just gonna go get the 2 I have taken in get this shit tighten's a one day thing so I bring that im.scared of blowing up n swelling I decided to wear this binder thing I hope it saves me from getting too swell...gonna snap some pics 4 u guys...I heard after 6wks I should be good I really hope so...

1 month 2day post-op

I'm feeling real down n it has nth to do with my body. ..well in a way it does but not really in the mood to get deep into it ...I wish ppl could appreciate shit alot more...but anyway ladies I snapped some real booty pics of how she coming along...

2 days away from 5 weeks...

Ladies for some reason my ass is on it's really tingling or very sensitive. that my ass feels like u know how u get that numb feeling in our lower back..well that's my ass...then I got lumps in my ass is that normal's wards the bottom not the whole ass...n if so y is that? ??'s money going to try n do a close up so u guys can see what I mean n I'm do far away cuz it's noticeable. ..tell me I'm not trippin it's normal. ..i hope

5 week post-op today

I truly love n appreciate this website. .u ladies are so helpful. .when I don't know a answer to something I most definitely can come on here n ask any of you vets n get a real answer to my questions. ..I'm so thankful for this cuz this recovery is not easy n u guys most definitely help me out...I decided to wear my faja without my foams cuz it w killing me I couldn't breathe but it's most definitely still fitted with out them on..

I'm back n looking into Rd 2

Hii my realself sisters how u been..I been good sorry I haven't been on here 4 a while now alot has happened n I just haven't had time to come on here . Well I'm 6months in ladies . Wow .n I love my outlook ..Dr o did his thing but the booty greed is real n I want more since O is gone I need a new doctor..I got my mind on Daniel delvecchio...yily in DR n Duran...I haven't made my mind up so that's y I'm back on here ..doing my research n back to meeting my sisters that's going threw what I went threw n looking at you guys result..u help me out alot last time so I have no doubt about this time 2..

Overall I'm very pleased with my outlook..he's a great doctor who's very confident and cocky about his work..which I don't blame him not to be. ..funny n real honest ...I would recommend him to everybody

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
3 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
3 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
3 out of 5 stars Wait times
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