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Hey ladies, so I finally decided to make one of...

Hey ladies, so I finally decided to make one of these after reading all of your reviews for months! Thanks a bunch cause you have all helped me a lot in many ways to prepare for this surgery. So my bbl surgery is on August 15 (next Friday!!!!!), my surgeon is Dr. Salzhauer and so far, he and his staff have been awesome. They've answered all my questions quickly and are very informative and super professional. I'm 22 years old, height is 5'7, 169 lbs I believe, and I was always a very very thin girl, until I had my first and only child. I have gained sooo much weight in my mid section (back, stomach, love handles!!) And to make matters worse, I have the flattest butt I've ever seen and very skinny legs and no hips. My body looks terrible, I'm too ashamed so I'll save my pre op body pics until after my surgery. Promise. For now, I'll share with you my wish pics. I'm getting lipo on full abdomen, upper and lower back and flanks. I want want want an upside down heart shaped booty!! With fullness on the bottom, lots! I want all my back fat GONE, well, all my fat I want gone lol. As small as possible(on me) waist. On the day of my consultation back in March, he said he'd give me a coke bottle shaped body lol. I can't wait to have a beautiful woman's body.
Shopping for clothes makes me sad because nothing looks right on my disproportionate body. This is a surgery I've been wanting for a very long time, I begged my husband countless times for this until he agreed cause he's tired of my complaints about my nonexistent booty and he wants to see me happy so this is something I'll be thankful for to my husband and Dr. Salzhauer for the rest of my life. I want this more than anything and I cant believe it's actually happening for me. I'm much more excited than nervous!!! I'm confident that Dr. Salzhauer is going to create the body I've always wanted to have.
Right now I'm just taking arnica and using my dial soap. I have my supplies list ready and my prescriptions ready so I'll be getting that very soon.
I'll be updating you all so be ready for my pre op and post op pics, my experience and all the details!

Biggest insecurity!! :(

Okay so I have decided to be brave enough to post pictures of what I'm most insecure about... My body. Ladies, it is extremely difficult for me to expose my body and I can't believe I'm actually going through with this. My insecurities about my body interfere with my everyday life in a million and one different ways so this surgery will be life changing for me. On the bright side, my surgery is in only 8 days and I know I'll be seeing a dramatic change and Dr. Salzhauer will hook me up with a great figure. My husband says he's scared but happy for me. He's great because even though he was against this, he has supported me 100% and hasn't complained. He's also glad that I became a part of RS after I explained to him what this is all about.
Well here it goes.. Here are my 8 day pre op pictures :(

Booty day in the A.M. tomorrow!!!

I've had a busy week but guess what!? Tomorrow is the day!! Going in @ 9am. Not nervous, I'm so excited!!!!! I can't believe this is really happening. I'm still in disbelief. I thank all you beautiful ladies for your support. I'll update after surgery as soon as I can. Wish me luck! Xoxo.

Painful recovery!! (post op pics)

Omg this is the worst pain I have EVER felt in my entire life!!!! But so far I'm loving my new and improved body although I'm much more swollen today than yesterday. I'm trying not to pay attention to it at this moment. Well here are my post op pictures from yesterday and I'll be writing a detailed review when I'm feeling better. I feel terrible ladies. Thank you all for your blessings and best wishes!

more pics!

I'm not sure how I feel about my result right now :/

I need to practice patience!

I know it's too soon, it's only been a week, I know. I also know that I had an extremely flat butt to begin with. But I look at other girls post op pics and even early on right after surgery they have a very dramatic change in their butt. I know that my shape has changed but I am disappointed with my butt, I'm afraid it will only get smaller as swelling goes down. I keep comparing my pics to other RS girls. Maybe I'm exaggerating and yes I'm sooo impatient. I feel very sad and discouraged. If I don't get the results I wanted, it's gonna take years and years and years for me to be able to afford round 2. I hope it was worth it. Here are some pics from today. By the way, my left cheek is noticeably bigger than the right as of right now.

more pics front and back

2 weeks post (lots of pics)

Thank you awesome ladies for all your support and sweet words. You all lift me up and make me feel much better so thank you so much loves! Okay so I feel pretty good physically, but of course I'm an emotional wreck. Mentally, I'm a mess. So I'm loving my tummy and my back and the hips are just right for my frame. I can't wait till they drop as well as my butt. Like I said before, my booty is too small for my taste and it sucks. And my right cheek has a flat spot. I hope it all evens out. My body has changed so much and I'm loving it. I'm very happy about that. I've been dying to measure my waist so I'll get to that soon! Ladies, I want my life back!! I'm tired of staying home 24/7 and only laying on my stomach. This is all crazy but so far, worth it. I know I'm not liking my booty and I don't blame my surgeon because I know that he is great at what he does. It has to be my body that didn't allow this to happen as I wanted. I haven't talked to him about this yet but I'll be sure to address it once I see him again. So here are some pictures for you girls from last night and today. Please be honest and tell me what you think. God bless and I hope you all have a nice night!!

And here's the backside :/

Oops here it is

I love to play dress up!

With my new and improved body, I can't help but just try on everything I can!(not anything tight of course). Still don't like my butt very much but it's okay. At least it's way better than it was before and I don't know what my final results will look like yet anyway. Lol I'm just trying sooo hard to be positive! I know I'm not on here much but I try to stay off of my phone/internet as much as possible! Well here's some pics.

Small booty??

I find it impossible to stay away from the mirror and obssesing over my booty! Help!! It's unhealthy for my mind lol. I'm posting a before and after side by side so you all can see the super dramatic change in my body. Being realistic though, yes I wanted a much much smaller waist(I know it should be going down more once swelling subsides). But my love handles were humongous to begin with so I can't expect a super tiny waist. But overall I like the shape. Yes, my legs are very thin :( And on the real, I had no butt at all what so ever!! None. Nada!! But I just want a liiiiittle more projection and it'd be perfect for me. So I'll wait and see what happens and if I'm not satisfied with the final results, I'll definitely consider going for a round 2. Plus I have flat spots on both my cheeks. It's flatter on my right cheek and when I look at myself at an angle, I can totally see the flat spot :( So far, I only like my booty better in clothing because I dislike the funny shape of my butt on the bottom(as you can see in previous posts), I hope that changes a little. In the end, I do see a HUGEEEE improvement in my body and I think Dr. Salzhauer did a wonderful job and my hubby also looks at my body and tells me that my ps is a great one! I love when my husband tells me I'm skinny, I just have the biggest smile on my face. He tells me my butt looks big to him but I don't believe it. Sometimes I like my butt and sometimes I don't but I see that it happens to all the girls on realself, so I don't feel alone. So the pics I'm posting are from today and the before and after, the after pic was from 18 days post surgery. Thanks again for your support ladies! :)

Unhappy. Butt getting significantly smaller!!

I am crying right now :(

Follow op appointment in the morning!

I'm ready to get answers to my many many questions! I'll update tomorrow. God bless, dolls!

3 months post op!!

Quick update before I go to bed. I can't believe it's been 3 months. Well this surgery has definitely changed my life!! And I thank Dr. Salzhauer because he did an incredible change in my body and I was never before able to say that I AM CONFIDENT and it feels amazing!! I am so happy! BUT I'm not 100% satisfied with my results. As you can see, my booty from behind has a very unattractive shape so I still can't wear yoga pants because it's not a very pretty view. My butt looks nice in jeans. It's MUCH much easier to find clothes that look good on me and that makes me extremely happy. Omg ladies, the happiness I feel when I'm trying on clothes and seeing the way my body looks is just indescribable! I am just so thankful to my hubby for making this dream come true for me. He saw me suffer, he stood with me through everything and he sees the big change in me, no matter where we go, he can see that I'm comfortable in my own skin and I can see that he's happy for me. I have a wonderful husband. And I can't thank my surgeon enough! No, my butt isn't exactly what I wanted but I look at my before pictures and see the dramatic change and I try to be realistic and it's a huge improvement!! I see Dr. Salzhauer December 1st so I'll express my concerns there. I know I'll be going in for a revision, my butt needs some improvements. I think I've gained some weight or it may be swelling. I'd like to have a smaller waist but I'm afraid to lose weight because I don't want this little booty to get any smaller. Well here's my pictures. Please let me know what you all think. Oh and thank you so much for your lovely comments and support xoxo!
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