Pre-op with Dr. Salzhauer - Miami, FL

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I used to be voluptuous. I'm 50 years old now with...

I used to be voluptuous. I'm 50 years old now with all my children, five, grown. I work out regularly - always have, and eat healthy. However, I've grown "square" in the back (I will attach pics soon). I would love to have my full bottom back and to get rid of the back fat! That is my dream! I want to feel confident in a bathing suit and dress again. I'm so hopeful that this will work, however, after reading some of the stories I am scared. Has anyone had a BBL with Dr. Salzhauer?


I'm scheduled with Dr. Salzhauer for 3/31/14. Wow. This is really scary. I have so much hope that I can proudly wear a bikini again.
Any advice ladies!!

Before shot 3/25/14

Flying out tomorrow.

Flying out tomorrow. With the 15 pound weight gain my measurements are now: 40.5 hips. 36.5 waist. 46 bust. I've thought and prayed about this for years. I'm so happy and filled w hope. I want to feel confident in a dress and clothes. My dream is to sail on my own boat in a bikini and feel good about it!

not worth it

6 days post procedure still in miserable pain. Staff at the doctors office is not very sympathetic . I have not heard from the doctor since last week although i called and specifically said i want to talk to a doctor! All they saying is take 2 vicodin every 6 hours.


Went for my one week f/u on tues. Dr. Salzhaeur told me I have a stroma on my right abdomen due to the lipo. He suctioned out 100 ccs of a bloody tinged fluid. Said I needed to come back Saturday b4 I fly home. I still feel the swishing around. Came back yesterday? Now I'm feeling it on my left abdomen as well.


I meant seroma. Not stroma - auto correct on these devices can b trying.....

2 months post op

I'm feeling back to normal and, for the most part, happy with my results. I still have this pouch that comes and goes on my right abdomen. Every once in a while I feel a tearing sensation there. I will call the office if it's not gone by 3 months.
Dr. Salzhauer is a true artist and I feel so much more confident. I'm glad I did the procedure, but I would not want to suffer through that pain again.
Ladies use ICE all over the swelling post procedure! Use the gel packs so you don't accidently freeze burn the skin.
I will post pics later in the week.


I'm 2 months post op. I love my new curve! However, I'm really disappointed that my fat transfer failed -as you can by the pic. Also, the seroma is still there.
I will b calling Dr salzhauer in the fall about a revision.

My Skype consultation went well. He was very informative and reassuring. Procedure is this Monday - 3/30/14!!!

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