BBL WITH Dr Omulepo DEC 14 - Miami, FL

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I have chosen Dr Omulepu at the time, price 4000,...

I have chosen Dr Omulepu at the time, price 4000, but see mixed reviews for and against him, she told me the 3800 special is for Dr. Llorente, havent looked at much of his work but i have this weekend to decide. I originally wanted Dr. Fisher but I read to many bad reviews for the office ( the process starts there so....) not him. Im so grateful for this site. Ive been considering the BBL for a while and the time is now. I have to have it done Dec 14 or Dec 15 soon as school ends which will give me a full 3 weeks before going back in Jan. I spoke to my coordinator Emily, shes so nice, and she told me Dec 14 is available. I told her Ill give her a call Monday to lock it in!! I really want this done, but im EXTREMELY nervous also. Im getting mixed decisions from my family and friends but my man says do it if i really want it! Any suggestions, opinion, anyone going to surgery soon, or by Dec 14, i had ran across someone but cant find the person anymore scheduled for Dec 14 so we may also keep contact.



It's OFFICIAL... I just made my deposit

Soooo I thought long and hard about the sx over the weekend and also got some opinions and I've decided to go for it!!! Just made my deposit with Emily at Spectrum and she further reassured me. She actually just got hers done too and crazy she went back to work in 6 days! However this is just an update and I have 34 days to surgery! Started Working out this morning and headed to store to get iron and vitamin c! Any info or recommendations that I will need are greatly appreciated! He's some more wish pics


Soooo, shit jut got REAL!!! I was ready to go take them today lol only to find out I have to fast for 8 hours! Needless to say I made appt first thing in the morning! I hope they are ok so I can be cleared. Any dolls have an estimate of how long it will take for results??? I'm so anxious I just want to kow I'm cleared so I can start to purchase supplies! I spoke to Emily this morning she said massages can start 24 hours after! Won't be sore he next day! Surgery is in Monday I was thinking massage Wednesday Thursday and Friday! Should I go Tuesday??? Im going to Marian at medical massage professionals her videos are AMAZING! Their Instagram also has lots of good info. I also found a site last night called medico international they have good deals on foams? How many do I need j heard 3 and an extra set because first ones will be stained by blood? And when do we start to wear an board and lower back triangle? Any answers thoughts suggestions welcomed!!!! Praying everyday... (Labs,travel,surgery) also I attached another yucky before pic, my kaoir waist eraser and treadmill pics...! I lost 5 pounds though last week!!!!! Eating better and cardio.

Waiting for my lab results... does anyone know what ranges Spectrum looks for? #24 DAYS

I took my labs this morning 11-19-15, the lady told me 2 business days possibly tomorrow the doctor will have. Im gonna go crazy if i have to wait all weekend! i signed up to be notified when results come in. By chance does anyone know what ranges Spectrum are looking for?

Lab Results In.... My Hemo is low, But I Will definitely get them up!!!

Soooo, I was so eager to know, I called them and my hemo is low :( i smoke so im sure thats why but im quitting TODAY! I talked to Evelyn and she told me Dr O will review all his charts and labs after surgery today, but she said he will not take the 10.9, she told me I must have at least 11.5 and she sending me a prescription to retake CBC in two weeks, everything else was good. She told me to go buy Floradix (liquid iron) and drink that 3x a day and still take my 1 325mg iron pill, she told me I can stop taking vitamin C until we get iron up? Then I can start back. Has anyone had low hemo and what did you do to get it back up??? Everything else is ok

13 days... Loading up on iron

Soooo, I retake my labs this Thursdy at 9 am! I'll know results Friday, please send a prayer up that all is well. I've been taking my Floradix (liquid iron) my iron pills and vitamin c! I made a beet smoothie today and eating liver and onions for dinner. I'm overloading until Thursday for this hemoglobin! I ate so many oysters over thanksgiving weekend and Starting ordering some things got an extra faja since vedette.con has half off got my Vedette 945 for 48 bucks also bbl pillow was 40% off got that for 59.99! I will order all my arnica, chux, gauze and pee ez Friday morning once I get my lab results!!! I also paid my deposit for 3 massages with Marian at medical massage professionals. I already have a room reserved and my surgery buddy is cleared!!! I hope to be joining her in Dec 14 at Spectrum...Talk to you guys Friday :)

11 days...! Lab retake tomorrow, supplies and in

Heyyyy sistas! Once again please please please send another prayer up for my labs I go at 6:45 am To retake them tomorrow and I should know by Friday morning, of course I'll be back to update you ladies. I ordered my bbl pillow and practiced sitting briefly I'm also going to get a half roll for back support. I also ordered the Vedette 945! 11 days... I don't know what emotions im feeling right now but once I get my labs and they are good (POSITIVE THINKING ONLY) anyone had low hemo and got it up what did you do, I hear the Floradix works like a charm and I've been taking it faithfully! Once I get the clearance Email im sure it will seem more real and I'll be EXCITED... Added a couple pics I'll add more of the pillow later but I love it it's really firm and I'm glad I chose this pillow! I haven't tried on my garment yet will do that later! Sx date: Dec 14 will be here before you know

Faja and Labs

Ok to lol my late night RS sisters send a prayer up for my lbs tomorrow morning! I tried on my faja and I guess it cool it's comfy not to tight. I ordered my actual size XL for my stage 2 garment here's some pics!


I'm sooo sorry you girls going to Vanity are being lied to. Everybody reviews started to scare me! I just called and spoke to my coordinator Emily at Vanity and she flat out told me that is. Lie Vanity came up with and Dr Omulepu will still be doing surgeries at Spectrum not sure about Encore but she DEFINITELY SAID VANITY MADE UP THAT LIE!!! Sorry dolls hope it gets better. I honestly just think they overbooked him and now that it's time they are trying to get everyone scheduled but you may not get your original date! Hope this helps someone :)


Hey sisters!!!! First off I want to thank everyone who sent a prayer up for me because my hemoglobin went up to 11.7!!! I was at 10.9 two weeks ago so if anyone is having that problem I would recommend the Floradix (liquid iron) a 325mg iron pill, and 1 500 mg Vitamin C with it twice a day!!!! Took the labs yesterday, CBC only it was $29, got results this morning spoke to Evelyn the pre op nurse for clearance...Confirmed with my coordinator Emily at Spectrum Dr Omulepu is still doing surgeries!!! Got my clearance email.. 9 days... I'm ordering all my last minute supplies now! MS NEW BOOTY HERE I COME!

3 days 13 hours 59 min 20 seconds!!! Got that from my countdown app

I'm sooo ready for this! Been texting with my two surgery buddies everyday for support! I can't believe it 3 days and a wake up lol. I've ordered all my supplies, not going over board! I got lipo board, arnica tablets and gel, Bromelain, extra faja, bbl pillow, chux pads, half roll pillow for back support, Pee ez, hibiclens to wash with before surgery, and disinfectant spray! My lipo foams are being delivered tomorrow and I'm going to get gauze, tape, neosporin, band aids, alcohol wipes, baby wipes, disposable wash cloths, scar cream, back scratcher, house shoes, stool softener, Benadryl, Dial soap, shower curtain liner or ether a sheet to lay on, and last but not least suction cups just in case I get drains!! In hoping I don't though! So if I'm missing anything vets please don't hesitate to let me know! I'll also post some more before pics before surgery. My suitcase is packed and ready to go. I'll be leaving Sunday around 10am and stopping by my moms so she can come down with me. My boyfriend and I are going together and possibly my cousin.. In about to take my liquid iron and iron pill and vitamin c now. I was advised to stop taking two days before surgery so I will stop Friday! I also started my arnica and they told me to take that 3x daily up until surgery! I'll start Bromelain and pain pills after... Oh does anyone Know about facial piercings.. I will take out my clit and breast rings but my facial dermal should be ok right??? Talk to you dolls later!


Sooo, I just got my call to confirm again and time to come in! I have to be at Spectrum at 7 am Monday Morning, absolutely nothing to eat or drink after 9 pm Sunday night. Come in loose clothing. Bath in antibacterial soap the night before and morning of! No makeup, deodorant, lotions, jewelry, or tampons!. Im so ready for this, dolls keep me in your prayers as I travel down tomorrow and go into surgery and a fast and speedy recovery! Im going to store to get all my lat minute supplies today. Talk to you guys soon :)

TOMORROW IS MY BIG DAY! 8 hours and 45 minutes

Soooo I'm laying up with my boo and texting with my Realself sisters! I'm not sleepy and I got be there at 7 am! I need to get a good night rest buttttt I'm not sure if I'm nervous or what emotions I'm feeling! I had what felt like MY LAST SUPPER when I arrived in Miami... My favorite... Dj Khaleds FINGALICKIN (video below) I didn't eat all of that just the quesadilla and seafood rice! I decided to check in with you guys since I'm up! I'll keep y'all posted as much as possible! Send your last prayers up before me!


I have arrived! Hopefully you're on or the first because parking is limited but they can tell you where a second lot to park is. I'm in the waiting room! First impression... There a housekeeper seeping the floors...First I paid my balance and you have to ask for a receipt! I was given a cup to pee in ( I believe it's just to check for pregnancy) I went this morning so I could only get a little she said it's more than enough! So no I'm just waiting to be called back. Here's a couple pictures I took this morning I'll update as the day goes! My surgery sister is in now and one had to push hers back for a couple hours but I've Ben praying and with the help of you dolls everything will be ok!

Made it to the other side

Will update later

Hey Dolls... Surgery Day I'm feeling great

I'm feeling like Adele! HELLLLLO FROM THE OTHER SIDDDDEEEEE! Y'all won't believe this but I feel great. I went in at 7 I was leaving by 1230. I took one pain pill right after surgery I would say my pain was a 6 on a scale of 10. I took my arnica and bromelain once I got to hotel. I walked around really well with my boyfriend we walked in my hotel complex to a cafe and I got some soup! I didn't want to lay down because it felt worse then kneeling or sitting with bbl Pillow so I sat up to eat! After eating I used the potty and took a nap after checking in with my 2 surgery sisters we were all there together today! So now I'm up thanks for all the well wishes! I don't need any more pain pills since my pain is about .5-1.0 on scale of 10 now! I'm gonna get Tylenol extra strength if needed. Once again I have a high pain tolerance so it may just be me. There was a girl in recovery room next to me moaning due to pain like a dog whimper so I felt bad for her and didn't want to hear that so I got up off my bed and walked around recovery room! Told them I was good and ready to go my family was there so the wheeled me out in wheelchair on my knees...I also won't be taking the nausea and anxiety as I don't need them either! I will be taking all my antibiotics! Here's a couple pics I took. Dr O told me I will leak a lot a lot tonight so when my boyfriend left to get prescription he grabbed 3 shower curtain liners from dollar tree so $3 for car and hotel bed! Got my meds from Walgreens that was prob a mile down the street on the right across from McDonald's! I got a couple pics for you ladies. I'm drinking lots of water as instructed and I drank pineapple juice immediately when I got to hotel! It was good and cold got the little cans taste like heaven! So I'm up if you guys have any questions just comment and thanks again for all the prayers I'm feeling great don't judge me I even did a little TWERK!!! Lolololol oh and my surgery sister are great too we been texting all day and sent a little video of our new PLUMP ASSES!!! my post op appt is wed was at 8 am so I will post more pics then!

I'm sure no one is up except me!!!9

I'm up and can't seem to go back to sleep at the moment! Seems like I just keep taking cat naps. I went to bed about 11. Drinking the instructed amount of water I been having to get up and pee. I got up about 2 then again at 4 now I'm up!!! Plus I was stiff and wanted to stretch a little bit. Earlier I was doing very well body pain at a 1!!!! Butt is definitely sore though and my incisions! I feel sore toward end of day maybe it's anesthesia wearing off? We walked ALOT TODAY felt great, however our last walk was a bit more painful, not really painful but more sore than earlier today so u hope it doesn't hit me hard tomorrow. I needed more help tonight gettin in and out if bed then earlier today maybe it was my adrenaline lol do i did take Valium or whatever generic brand they gave me, my arnica, bromelain, and antibiotic before bed! My boyfriend has been a TREMENDOUS HELP getting me in and out bed. A caregiver is VERY MUCH NEEDED! I guess I'm gonna try to get a little more sleep my hotel is serving breakfast at 6 so I'll be back up in a couple hours! Goodnight

Post Op Appt

Pictures!!! Love my results he told me to keep drinking water and keep my foams on 2 weeks with extra compression for my waist and start my massages and that last roll under back will leave just keep pushing in my waist! I'm gonna put my waist trainer on over my garment when I get home. Go for my first massage today! I'm so excited loveee dr o and I go back for one more follow up Friday before I leave

Before and After pics

Here some before and after side by side pics I just made

Day 3 post op pics

Here's a couple pics since surgery! I put some extra compression around my waist as Dr O suggested by folding up some gowns (pics) for my back roll and it's working great! I'm posting a before and after from yesterday and today.balso gonna put my waist trainer on over garment once I get back home! I also put my ab board on last night on top my foams so my tummy it's getting extra flat!!! I even let my hair down and out some lipstick on to get cute today lol

Quick pics

My damn period came on when I was coming home having a slight spasm in my left check but goes away with meds.. I tried to drop the bathroom out sorry! It's only three I'll take plenty more later trust me

1 week Post Op-Christmas Shopping

I love RS BUT DAMN I TYPED THIS 3 times and the app keep crashing. So short and sweet. I'm healing great i'm at the mall about to go Christmas shopping I will take some BODY pictures later I don't think I have much fluid left but I scheduled a lymphatic drainage massage in my hometown for tomorrow at 4 PM with massage envy they have an introductory special for 39.99, if impressed or further needed then you can get a monthly membership.

8 days Post Op

Hey dolls. I still love my results. I went to massage envy today to get a massage it felt great... Very relaxing... However I'll just be having my man do them from now on. I don't have any drainage since about day 3-4 so besides soreness I'm good. I'm taking it easy drinking lots of water and not sitting on my butt. Here's a couple pics I took.. Sorry my hair was in the pic it looks easy didn't do much today so I have bed hair...


Hey ladies. I absolutely still LOVE my results!!!! However the worse part is the soreness. Its like from my belly button down and all around my lower back is NUMB! Which is actually good because I can't feel it until my man massages me ( HIGHLIGHT OF MY DAY) And when I take a shower I self massage, but it's just the pressure I feel! I'm healing great, my incisions are healing good, I can walk around good but I'm so bored laying around!!! I go from the bed to the couch. On my knees for a while and back to the couch. I can sit for a while but not suppose to sit to long I have THE BBL pillow and I love it!!!! I commented on an ig picture and I'm getting lots of questions from girls i keep telling them about Realself for good info. Glad your guys are here, since I can't do much but I'm gonna get out again tomorrow to get last minute stuff for Christmas and groceries. My two sx sisters are doing great also thank god for their texts too..they get me through the day. This experience was great having them to talk with, we all went same day... Backkk to backkk! Ok I'm rambling I took daily pics after I shower so I'll post them. Bye dolls.... oh does anyone know Dr. O assistant name? I wanted to send them a thank you. She always took my vitals, I signed all the pre op paper work with her and she took some pics???

Day 11- Merry Christmas

Hey there dolls. Stopping in to say Merry Chrostnas and share a couple pictures. Days are still sore but getting daily massages by my boo. Here's a couple Pics. Leopard panties and blue house dress yesterday day 10, naked and burgundy skirt with black tank today! Happy healings!

Oh I forgot to mention- 1 stitches fell out

The stitch on my lower right leg and my middle back stitch is just about to fall out.. Once the one is my leg fell out it feels so good to stretch I can even lift it like high knees at 90 degrees! But this left leg can only go about 30 then it's sore so I try to stretch it haven't walked like I should. In thinking my treadmill and just go really slow? I felt so guilty eating my Christmas dinner today I cooked but it was DELICIOUS!!!

HAPPY NEW YEAR DOLLS- 1 day shy of 3 weeks

Soooo? This has definitely been an EXPERIENCE! I am still very satisfied with my results. The worst party for me is the back stiffness! Around my lower back and sides. I honestly feel like a rubber band that won't stretch any further when I Bend down to touch my toes it ain't happening!!! I have a very very very slight pinch of soreness in my left cheek that I was convinced would not go away since my right cheek stopped completely about a week ago. One doll told me she was the same so that have me hope. I would say it should be completely gone by tomorrow. I've been slightly doing stretched and lunges to help but I plan to walk on my treadmill tomorrow. The stitch in my lower left leg was bothering me so I had my boyfriend cut all of them out and now I feel great. I have started wearing what you would call my second stage garment I order prior to surgery in my original size this garment is a lot more comfortable then the one spectrum provided in the butt is more loose so compression is not squeezing my ass only my torso currently I also wear my Kaoir waist eraser around my garment for my compression, I will start waist training once this stiffness goes away I previously had a waste trainer and it's a size 34 so when I get in that I know I have definitely gotten smaller. My current garment size is 40, like I said I ordered it before surgery sent a lot of girl said they didn't lose lots of weight after the surgery I bought my current size which I feel I need to have this garment taken in a little bit. I still have my boyfriend massage me daily and I plan to get a self massager or handheld from Walmart which I have yet to do but results are looking great. Oh when my skin gets tight ( if I'm out of my garment for long) my tummy looks weird like tiny holes, has anyone experienced that??? And I will be taking some more pictures here's a couple I had in my phone. My ass looks to have dropped and is sitting very pretty!!! I switched my hair color to dark also for the new year! Enjoy any questions feel free to ask.

3 weeks Post Op TODAY

Here's a couple pics for you ladies. Loving my AMAZING RESULTS. Still lots of swelling on my lower back and sides, each day gets better!!! I'm no longer in pain just stiff in morning and I have very minimal soreness. The only problem is the stiffness around back and sides were in swollen is a REAL BITCH! I'm still wearing my garment and my Kaoir waist eraser for compression, I tried to sleep in my sisters trainer last night under my garment but hat only lasted a couple hours until my sides were sore again, since I put it on right after my daily massage lol, a couple hours each day I'm sure it will he easier. When I don't have waist trainer on I'll be in Kaor! Enjoy

1 day (day 27) shy of 1 month PO- 4 weeks

Hey guys, everything's been ok small soreness in my butt I've sat for about 3 min on it. I've started driving with my bbl pillow, and two regular pillows. I can now sleep on my sides with no soreness. I ordered the full torso abdominal foam in M loved it but sent it back for a small! I'm shrinking everyday... My left side is still very swollen it's crazy but my right is pulling in quicker. I also went back to garment 1 from Spectrum because it fits much more snug until I can get the other taken in. I think with the full torso foam it will be fine. I will then alternate with the foam between my kaoir waist eraser and my corset with ab board! Still been getting daily massages from bf too... Talk to you soon

5 weeks Post Op Today

Heyyyy there past, present, and future dolls! This Journey has been ALOT but I still love my results. I'm still doing daily massages from my boyfriend about 20 to 30 minutes he's only had two days off since surgery lol but it's helping with the lumps (I tried to get some close up tunny pics. I ordered a full abdominal torso foam from inthepinkroom suggested by another doll that I love, I bought small so it's very tight, but I am now able to get in my waist trainer! So I'll be switching between The foam, kaoir waist eraser, and corset! My corset is a size 34! I'm just in the first row of hooks! I went out for the first time last night so I'll add those pics too, the attention was at an ALL TIME HIGH! For some reason I still have a soreness in my left lower/side of cheek that drives me crazy but manageable hope it goes away soon. And my left side is still much more swollen than right! I got back on my treadmill yesterday for 30 minutes but it's so cold so I'll be skipping that today I'm going to have to bring my treadmill in the house well I'm open to any questions or concerns talk to you later dolls. I've taken a bunch of pics this time for you gals

Picture updates

Hey y'all I spoke with my coordinator Enily today from Spectrum were following each other on ig and she loves my results they're gonna post me on Spectrum page so I sent some pics and decided to share with you guys also! Those aren't rolls on my back I still have LOTS of swelling.... Getting better each day

6 weeks post op

Hey ladies I'm gonna make this quick I don't want to neglect you ladies but I've been so busy back to work this week and school. Honestly I am say overal this has been my best week for recovery! I'm itching like crazy so my nerve endings are coming back my massages no longer hurt vey minimal soreness on sides indentions! I can sit with bbl pillow with no very minimal discomfort. I still have lots of swelling especially my left side stomach back and sides. Dr o asked me to text him some pics at 6 weeks so I had my boyfriend do a dr o photo shoot lol ( that's what me and dr I called it at spectrum) if you've had surgery you know he's like turn 45 degrees turn 45, 45,45,45 lol goodnight feel free to ask any questions until later dolls

7 weeks 5 days

Hey dolls hope everyone looking and healing good. I'm doing great this week... still a lil bit of swelling however my butt has softened up so I'm loving that!!! I just quickly snapped who pics will update again soon

10 weeks and 2 days

Hey ladies I'm so sorry I've been missing in action but I've been so busy with work and school I really only have time to answer questions but here are a couple pictures I snapped tonight

11 weeks

Just trying on some clothes, this new body got me having to buy smaller sizes!!! Dressing room chronicles lol

Finally reach my 12 weeks yesterday!

It's been s long time coming and it hasn't been easy but I made it. Everything is healing fine but taking its course. I'm still in love with my results I've been wearing my Aborn and course that and it has helped tremendously with the lots and of course time. I still have slight swelling in my lower back and sides but all together everything is coming together absolutely amazing! Here's three pics I just snapped have a great day ladies

Dr Omulepu will be back March 17

Sooooo vanity and encore are calling girls who want to Dr. O he will be back March 17 and they are scheduling for April he will not be coming back to spectrum just wanted to let you girls know who are still wanting Dr. O. My cousin was inquiring and spoke with someone today they said his price is 4500 they are taking $1000 deposit but if you pay the full price they will throw in two garments and two massages and of course they tried to get her to pay the deposit immediately I highly do not recommend vanity but if you want Dr. O you got to do what you got to do

I found out some mor info on Dr o and highly suggest Dr Alvarez

Hey ladies, so i found out today theres a possibility Dr o may come back to Spectrum but they wont know for sure for another 2-3 weeks. However, I personally really like Dr Alvarez work, ive posted a picture his office support sent my cousin. His ig is SergAlvarez and he has some pics there too and hes also done alot of celebs and hes Board Certified, You ladies should def check him out. I thought Dr Ortega was good, but a pic Spectrum posted today made me question that, not that hes not good but i didnt like those particular results.. So make sure you gals really want ortega or llorente and dont just choose him because thats all they offered, and dont let them get away with making you pay a rescheduling fee for something that wasnt your fault. take care ladies

14 weeks Post Op- 3.5 months

Hey ladies I hope all is well here are a couple pictures from this past weekend very small swelling in my lower back itching like crazy especially after shower any questions are welcome take care i'm going to post a video in a separate posts because sometimes the videos don't post and I didn't want to hold this one up but I no longer wear any compression garments in every other day I will wear a waist trainer I am going to start back fully working out this week

3 month videos

Sometimes the videos don't post on here but I'll try but please follow my Instagram and shapchat they are Both: mzconceited2u

vacation on Miami Beach

Here's some videos, i tried to post Them from computer because they take forever from my phone and never end up posting! Lets see if this works.

Where have you ladies found your Squeem (Latex) Waist Trainers- i need a smaller size

Hey ladies, could you guys tell me wearing you're getting you waist trainers, i had my first from long ago i paid about $80 bucks for it ( its Ann Cherry) 4 years ago, i know they are alot cheaper now. please leave comments with suggestions. looking to order asap, i need a 32 now. my current size 34 is big around my waist so it folds?

16 weeks Post Op

Hey ladies hope everyone is well here's s quick update video! I feel 95% healed lowest part of back and sides (basically the shelf) is still a bit numb! Other than that everything's great!



21 weeks Post op

Hey ladies... Everything on Fleek.. Follow me on ig @ mzconceited2u for all pics

I had my BBL done DEC 14. Dr O was very wonderful and he has transformed my body like I never imagined. He was very honest at what he could do and he did just that. I highly recommend him if you're thinking about this procedure. He was very pleasant at my post op appt Dec 16 also and I will go back to see him a final time Dec 18 before I leave. Any questions don't be afraid to ask him or me by InBox and remember DR OMULEPU IS THE KING!!!!! I'm EXTREMELY satisfied with my results.... I GIVE HIM 2 THUMBS UP AND HE COULD GET 10 IF I HAD 10 THUMBS LOL! Once again, THANKS AGAIN DR O FOR MAKING MY DREAMS COME TRUE :)

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