ortega doll to be!. Miami, FL

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I'm about 80% sure I wanna get the BBL. I was...

I'm about 80% sure I wanna get the BBL. I was almost positive id have to gain weight before hand but I sent pics to spectrum in Miami got and call and I guess I don't have to gain any weight...I'm 5 feet tall and weigh 111 lbs. I have an almost 2 year old. I got my breasts done in Connecticut which I'm happy with. I'm still gonna eat like a crazy person to try and pack on the lbs but my thing is should I get it done before summer or after summer? Ugh lol.

Has anyone stayed at cosmicare ??

Cosmicare in Miami ???

A good recovery house?!

Looking for a good recovery house in Miami...I'm kinda stuck between cosmicare and new you recovery home...help any one?!


I know my first post has pictures attached but these have better lighting. Ignore the terrible highlights (need my hair fixed asap) no makeup face and glasses and granny panties LOL. I sent in the pictures in my first post in my reveiw and they said I'd be a good candidate for it and didn't say anything about gaining weight...but I see girls with more fat than me to gain weight...I'm only 5 feet tall very petite weigh about 110 pounds...I've been trying to eat junk but don't want to put too much garbage in my body..I bought a mass gainer protein shake at gnc that has all this stuff I attached a pic. I have a decently fast metabolism any ideas on how to gain fat the healthiest route...I don't wanna shove French fries down my throat everyday just not healthy ): I'm so worried I don't have enough fat but they don't me I'd be a good candidate and didn't say anything about gaining weight...

Wish pics

I feel I need to Gain weight but it's almost impossible to

Recovery house?!?

So my girlfriend is coming with me to help take care of me and was going to do a recovery house that you can bring a guest to but 2500 for 7 nights omg!! And I make good money! Any cheaper recovery houses in Miami that are worth it or will I be fine in a nice hotel with my girlfriend ...?

Booked the date

Paid the deposit may 5 is my date! Here is my weight gain progress I've put on 2 lbs they're recommending 10-15 before surgery. Of course the first place I gain weight is my stomach lmao lucky me

Never been this fat before ):

So I know I'm definitely not considered fat lol but I've never been this flabby or weighed this much (besides being pregnant with my son) I wanna get to like 120 (I'm only 5 feet tall) and yes my boobies are fake they aren't going anywhere lol

Spectrum ugh

So I wanted to pay off the rest of the $4000 so my surgery is paid off had more than that in my account and they could only do $2000 cause they said $4000 got declined....sooo I told them to try the other $2000 again after I checked my account again (which had more than that in there) and the other $2000 once again got declined...idk if it's my bank being cautious or what. I'm going to try the remaining $2000 on Thursday how annoying. Anyone ever have this problem? Also the lady said I MUST bring my card with me the day of surgery or they can't do it -_-

Paid off my surgery

So I paid the remaining $2000 with the same card no problem. Weird, must be my bank or something. Anyways so my surgery is all paid off for. I went from 109 to 116 in like 4 weeks Lmaoo I'm only 5 feet tall so that's a lot for me right now especially in a small time....hey the more fat the better right lol. Although I feel self conscious at work with the extra fat...I'm an exotic dancer by the way.

Weight gain progress

So I hope this is almost enough weight.....been stuffing my face like crazy...no limits lmao. I'm only 5 foot and weighed myself (after eating) and was at 118...my goal weight gain is 120. I gain weight mostly in my stomach and flanks. Sexy right LOL. Any vets or anyone that has gotten it done got any input on my pics/weight gain?? Thanks :)

I gained enough weight

Yup deff gained enough weight y'all lmao 5 feet tall started at 107 now at 124 will I be able to get a huge juicy booty?!

Nobody will do my ekg!

Omfg I went to two walk in clinics with a doctors note from Ortega to get an ekg done and they said they needed more paperwork what the fuck

Ekg normal gotta wait on blood work

Finally found a place !! Ekg was normal :) now I have to wait on my lab work results hopefully tomorrow it'll come back ....crossing my fingers if I don't get cleared imma jump off a cliff I swear lol

So nervous about my labs

I'm so nervous my labs won't be cleared and I won't be able to do my surgery omg

I actually don't look too fat in clothes ...

Or do I? Lol. Feeling self conscious from gaining weight

How long for lab work results ??

It's been about 24 hours since my labs were done and I'm wondering how long it takes omg

Do you think they hate me yet

Still waiting on my clearance lmao

Are you fucking kidding me

Fuck this shit I swear to fucking God all because my white cells were a little high

So upset

Do any bbl doctors in Miami or the Miami area not require blood work ?? That's gonna have to be the case if they don't clear me


Soo I can't personally view my labs until Monday online which is bullshit but it says it's been sent over to the physician sooo....I'm waiting to hear back on what they are but I have a slight yeast infection which probably didn't help at all...I'm so frustrated I've been doing Monistat and a ton of vitamin c and I bought this nasty greens drink that has all this healthy green vegetable bullshit in it lol tastes like death. Probably will have to do my labs for a third time...cause of this yeast infection I got starting lastnight..of course after I did my labs I started showing symptoms. I'm so damn annoyed like just tell me if my labs are better or not just call me it takes 10 seconds )): imma call them at 4 if they don't let me know. They must hate me by now lmao. Imma still take my vitamin c and Monistat and my nasty green drink all weekend cause I'll probably have to do it again to get my white blood cell count down ):

I made a video

i made a video explaining everything and it wouldn't upload lmao. Well I have to wait on my second set of labs in a day to see if anything changed ..please pray


My wbc is now in range! My lymphs (a type of wbc) is very very slightly above normal range but lower than before...still waiting for the clearance but really happy! Funny story on why I think it was all fucked up before, two days after I got my first set of labs done I found an old tampon in me that I forgot about OMG disgusting I know but that had to have been it. Time to blow up spectrums phone now lmao


IM CLEAREEEDD OK now I'm scared lol

15 days away.

So nervous. I wonder how much fat he will be able to take out of me. Hopefully the whole 4 liters lmao

When you look fat as fuck at work )):

Looking super fat at work....and yes I'm a dancer

Nobody wants to spend money on my cow self

Lol I've barely been making money at work because of my weight gain here is me trying to be cute...okay rant over !

Atleast I got a little bit of a booty now??

That's the only plus lmao okay I'm done now!

Wish pics

Here are my goals

Rude comments from bitches at work

Next week I get it done so surreal...anyways this dumb bitch at work make comments about my weight TWICE calling me fatty and all this shit. Wait till I come back with a fat ass and tiny waist and make ten times as much money as her little ass does! Okay I'm done ranting. Anyways I'm 5 foot and 127 lbs. Jesus Christ lol. I've been taking vitamin c and iron

7 days !!!

7 days so excited been trying to pack on any last minute pounds and bought the last of my supplies lol hopefully I have everything I need

Surgery date sooner!

They called me today and asked if I wanted to do Wednesday instead of Thursday and said I'd be the FIRST one of the day ! Eeeek!

Something nice for myself pre surgery

Few days ago. Decided to get a light chemical peel. My skin is glowing now! And yes I look like I'm 15 I'm 21 I swear lol

Should I get my inner thighs lipod?!

I'm thinking of adding on my inner thighs for another $800...here's a work pic from lastnight my thighs rub together now I have to use a powder or else they chaffe...

About to board the plane

About to board the plane....my girlfriend is such a bitch she does nothing but treat me like absolute shit. My shoulders were hurting me from carrying all these bags and she only had one so I asked her to hold one for me and she said "why should I carry your bags for carry it yourself" I went to use the bathroom and she just walked the other way. I sit next to her and she tells me to go alway. I'm now sitting by myself waiting to board the plane. Wow I've never felt so alone in this journey...I deserve to be surrounded by love...this is just crazy. I feel so sad.

Just got here for my pre op

Waiting to get called for my pre op. I'm the only white person in here lmao I feel a little awkward

Ladies my surgery is in the AM...

They told me to come in at 7 am...I have to stop eating at 10 pm...I am so nervous...I got 2 hours of sleep last night cause of my plane ride and haven't been able to sleep since and won't be able to sleep tonight I just know it. It feels like there's a pit in the middle of my stomach ...I've been taking tons of arnica and iron ate pineapple today bought tons of water filled my prescriptions have all my supplies everything. I'm so nervous I hope this isn't too bad ... ):

I'm alive lol

Long story short arrived got me into surgery quick I was the first one. He got 1000ccs in each cheek. I wasn't the fattest before the surgery just a little extra fluff lol and I'm only 5 feet tall so I think that's a good amount...basically I laid there on the operating table for 20 minutes anxiously waiting started my IV of fluids then the guy told me he gave me something "for anxiety" I felt loopy as hell and felt real nice Lmaoo then next thing I knew I woke up face down shaking from being freezing and shaking hurt a lot..I was so cold my lips were blue and purple and I had no color to my face. They kinda rushed me out of there took an uber back to my hotel just laid down on my belly in there back to my hotel room I threw up in the elevator on the way up...but I was in too much pain to care lol. Back to my hotel I had no pain meds yet I was moaning in pain. If you've ever had a kid it kinda almost felt like contractions..back and regular labor. Like throbbing pain in my entire abdomen, shooting pain too. It felt like glass was spread in my whole body and that I kept getting run over by a truck. I took tons of arnica a little iron one and a half oxys pineapple water some yogurt a little bit of a protein bar, I peed (the pee EZ is AMAZINGGGGG) went fine ! Now I feel much better...I can get up by myself and lay back down by myself. I even walked all the way to the entire end of my hotel hallway and back. Oh also took my antibiotic and vitamin c. Bleeding a lot.

Hours after surgery and ..

Still smiling :)

Must need

Memory foam neck pillow is amazing for supporting my neck laying in my belly


More pics

Just about 3 days post op

Sorry about the lack of updates and pictures..it takes me 45 minutes to put my garment on lol I'll take a picture tomorrow after I shower ! Still super swollen and a little sore. I walked 2 miles yesterday and had my second massage...the massage lady told me to move move move I'm trying ! Every day gets better ..

3 days post op


Really swollen

8 days post

About 10 days post just about..

So overall I like my results and hoping most of my volume in my butt stays and looks even bigger once it fluffs. I think he did a good job and 99% of people would be happy with this body...BUTT I wanna do round 2. I have to wait 6 months obviously but I want a more dramatic look..smaller waist and bigger butt. I want it BIGGER lol. Idk who though...I heard fisher is great but vanity is a bitch to deal with and I'm afraid of the burns that salama patients have gotten...even though I've seen great work from him...well I have 6 months to figure this out ladies! I gotta wait about 5 more weeks to get back to work and stack up this money again!! I have a separate bank account for cosmetic surgeries lol I'm not addicted I swear I just know exactly what I want! :)

If you ladies were

To do a round 2 who would you go with? I'm thinking fisher but I heard dealing with vanity is terrible. I have booty greed and I'm a perfectionist. I'm gonna wait 6 months soo November ! I'm also getting my boobs fixed in September but that's a different story lol.

Wanna do a round 2 in December ...

I do think Ortega did decent work and my butt is definitely bigger and more wide and hips but there are some places I want to work on I don't think my upper back was lipod at all ...I also want to do my arms I emailed Alvarez private practice I wanna do a private practice but without an insane price lol. I added a few new pics

Any dolls at Alvarez private practice ??

I preferred to do a private practice this time ...I emailed Alvarez private practice over a week ago nothing so a few days ago I emailed again and commented their Instagram saying to check my email about locking in a date with a deposit and nobody emailed me back (yes I checked spam folder) and they deleted my Instagram comment what the hell ):

Waiting to hear back ..

Waiting to hear back on Alvarez I should know something by Monday morning I sent in my pictures ! Hopefully I'm a good candidate for round 2 imma cry if not lol if he doesn't wanna do it I'll try ghurani at spectrum ....or even fisher but vanity scares me we will see !! Salama said I had to wait at least a year before he would touch me I aint waiting a year ! lol

Waiting to hear back on Alvarez

Waiting to hear back on DR Alvarez private office they said he was gonna call me tomorrow first thing in the morning ...dr Alvarez personally calling me ?!? Lol crazy!! Let's hope he agrees to booking me for a round 2! December or January !! Will update tomorrow

Dr delviccho consult !

He's driving distance from me so I'm traveling possibly Monday to Boston so he can see me ! About a round 2

Round 2 ladies ?

Should I do a round 2 ..? I have rolls on my back and want a more defined stomach but don't want a too huge of an ass help!
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