Soon to Be Plastic Doll... but Which DR?! Miami, FL

Hello beautiful people! I am a soon to be doll,...

Hello beautiful people! I am a soon to be doll, just havent compleltely decided on my doctor. Ive been researching for years and have changed my mind a few times but thats ok! First I was set on Dra. Duran... but then decided I did not want to go out of the US for a few risk reasons, and also because if anything were to happen having to go back to DR would be more expensive then is logical for me. SO, now I am deciding between Dr. Llorente in miami, Dr. R Ghurani (miami) and as of recently Dr. Blinsky. I am concerned about going with Dr. Llorente b/c of his criminal history but love the price and (some) of his work. It seems he is good with more petite girls with less fat. Dr Ghurani im ALL for i have yet to see any negative reviews at all or anything suspicious about his ethic BUT the people at Spectrum seem not to want my business? Been trying to reach them all week. And finally Dr. Blinky's work I have seen is phenomenal, BUT he is many negative reviews that are just awful on a review site for MD's. Way too many people really bashing him but then again hes been in the game A LONG Time. So my guess is that negative reviews are bound to be inevitable with so many years. Sigh* choices! And I want it done really soon... like mid May. Any thoughts? Ideas? INFO?! Much appreciated. Will post pics soon.

Finally got in touch w Dr Ghurani

So I got paired with a coordinator and found out that Gurani has the dates I prefer available. Great! So now I need to decide between Dr Gurani and Dr Blinsky. I am quite petite at about 130 pounds at 5'2". So I'm gonna try and gain another 10 pounds! I found these reviews on Blinsky that are scaring me. Anyone have ideas on this?

Dr. Blinski for the win!

... And the winner is: Dr Blinski. Got a call from him personally last night! It was 10:00 pm! He put all my worries to rest and gave me professional advice on my surgery. Took the time out to explain his hospital privileges and recent emergency revision surgeries. He was humorous yet professional and straight to the point. I called the office this morning and locked in a date for August 10th. I'll have to change it though to the 12th. Staff was courteous and acted promptly. I'm ready ! Now for this weight gain ... Ugh.

Moved Date

So I had to move my date. Will not be able to get sufficient days off for healing. Reconsidering December :(
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