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Hi ladies, I think it's about time I'm...

Hi ladies,
I think it's about time I'm documenting this journal. Everyone's reviews here help others making decisions and support their journey.
I've been thinking getting this procedure done for over a year. Had a surgery date back in 2015 but things keep popping up and had to postpone until this year.
I'm asian 5' 1" originally was 112 lbs but now I'm up to 121 lbs. I'm 35 years old with 2 kids. I'm done with having babies and just want to get my body back.
Oh ya I forgot to mention.. I originally booked with Dr. Fisher then with careful consideration I changed surgeon now with Dr. Hassan. My date is October 19, 2016.
I'll be travelling from Canada alone. I'm planning to stay at a new life recovery house for 10 days. Since I have no friends/ family to come with me, I thought their all inclusive package is a good deal for me.
Eventhough, Will has not reply my text once I put down my deposit.. does anyone know where he is? or what's going on?

I have been trying to gain weight by eating big meals whenever I got a chance, drinking ensure and lots of snacking but it's hard when you have 2 young children that needs your attention constantly and a house to look after. Some days I forgot to eat lunch/dinner :(

I keep this surgery discreet. I don't want my friends/family know about this and give their opinion. I don't need that. My husband has been somewhat supportive. He thinks if this would make me happy then he's okay with it.

Your support will mean a lot to me. I have just a little over a month to go to prepare everything. Wish me luck :).

Feeling Down today :(

Today was not a good day :( sigh..
Today is exactly 1 month before my surgery. I went to get my bloodwork done but was told I need a requisition from a Canadian physician. They do not accept that Rx from American physician. They could still take me but all the tests have to come out from my own pocket which is going to cost a couple hundred dollars.. Yikes!
So I went to see my family doctor to get that blood requisition translated into "Canadian" terms so I could go and have it done without costing a lot of money. I was told for the HIV test, I still have to pay. Not sure how much, we'll see tomorrow.
I was kinda hesitated seeing my doctor, the reason why was because I don't want to discuss my decision with anybody. It's already a done deal, I made up my mind and I don't want anybody to try to change my mind or questioning my decision which is exactly what my doctor did today.
He was surprised that I'm going to do this procedure, especially in oversea. He thought that I may have a body image disorder and should seek psychologist before deciding to go for this surgery. Argh..
Sorry I don't mean to bring anyone down by posting this. I know exactly the reason why I want to do this surgery and I don't like when people start judging.

Anyways.. I'm going to go back eating snacks and drink my ensure shakes. I weighed myself today, I'm up to 122 lbs. I've been eating lots of meat and eat spinach every dinner. Thanksgiving is coming up soon in Canada... another excuse to eat and go crazy haha..

24 Days and counting!

Hi Ladies.. How's your weekend going so far?
I can't believe it's almost October already. Good luck to all the ladies that having surgery in October. It's almost time!!!
It's weekend, I woke up early today. My kids are sleeping in. I showered, made my bed, having coffee, feeling good.. I want to update my RS and just want to say thank you so much for all the support from you ladies. I promise I will not let negative comments ruin my day anymore.. not worth it!

I had my bloodwork done finally and faxed them over to vanity. Yohania just emailed me 5 mins ago and said my labs are CLEAR!!! yay!! The only thing that's pending is just my HIV test result, which the nurse said it takes longer than regular lab so as soon as I have them, I will fax it over again.

I'll be staying at A New Life Recovery House. I've secured my deposit. It might be more expensive but I prefer something with all inclusive package. I guess that's the cost for my peace of mind.
This is the detail:

10 DAYS $2250
Includes 3 Nutritious Organic Meal's Per day
Unlimited Snacks And Drinks
(Airport pick up & drop off & and all your surgical needs, 1 Store run)
4 Massages
3 Lipo Foam Boards
1 Lipo Board
Boppy Pillow
Arnica Cream
Feminine Pads
Cleaning Wipes
** 24/7 Care Taker*??*
Will phoned me back last time I was looking for him. Apparently there was a technical glitch between my cell phone and his cell phone, I did not received his messages. It's all clear now. He phoned me back right away after I left a voicemail.
He offered if I want to have a private room for extra $500 ($50/day) but I declined. I know it sounds like a good deal but the exchange rate with CAD$ is a killer right now. I think I'd rather spend that on extra massages. I will post pics and review the recovery house.

After staying 10 days at recovery house, I will stay for 1 more night in Miami hotel just to be on the safe side. I'm worried that 10 days will be not be enough. I want to make sure I'll be fit enough to go on the plane back to Canada. I need to catch 2 flights, 1 layover, total about 10+ hrs flight. Yikes!

On the weight issue, I'm hovering around 121-122 lbs right now. My goal is about 127 lbs.. 130 lbs seems too ambitious. Aside from that, I was wondering if you ladies could share vitamin regimen right now?

Anyways, have a fantastic weekend ladies!

Wish pic

8 days till surgery!! Pre-Op Pics

My gosshh.. I have about 6 more days before I fly out and 8 more days till D day. Shit about to get real!
Now I have Thanksgiving out of the way, my son's birthday in a couple days then I can focus on getting ready physically and emotionally.

These are my pre-op pics. I'm hovering between 123-125lbs. I dont think I can gain anymore than 125 lbs till the surgery. Whenever I gain weight it goes to my lower body and I have naturally thick thighs. I really hope this would be enough fat to get the result I wish for. I'm going to ask Hasan to lipo my inner thighs if necessary. I'm so square... I want nice curves that proportionate to my body.

Have a good week ladies. Next time I post an update I will be in Miami :)


I wrote a long review but didnt get uploaded. Wth??!
Had consultation with Dr Hasan. He told me I may see loose skin around the belly after lipo because of 2 pregnancies. I asked for inner thighs lipo he said he could do it for a little bit. Small legs with big butt will look not "natural".
I was measured 5'1" 124 lbs today.

Today was busy day and I was soo glad I finally arrived at the recovery house. Will from new life recovery house was so sweet. The house itself is very nice and clean. I didn't get to take pics of all room because my battery was dying. I took just one pic from my bedroom view.

Anyways.. I'm beat. My surgery is tomorrow at 10:30AM. Wish me luck l

Made it to Bootyland!

Hi girls.. I'm alive!
Still in so much pain and loss a lot of blood. The ride home was HELL!
But so much better after the taking the pain killer.
Like everyone said the pain was no joke especially after you woke up from the surgery and the ride home. Doesnt matter how many times you given birth, tattoes/piercings on everypart of your body. This pain 50x that. I dont want to discouragr you.. But like I said the pain killer helps a lot :)

To all fellow foreigners that doesnt have insurance here. Make sure to have cash for your prescription. Hasan prescribed me with percocet and anti nauseous cost $100

I'm still very loopy.. will post mor3 when I'm feeling better. Thank you so much for prayers and supports. God bless

Post Op Day 1

Today I had a follow up appt at Vanity with the nurse. It was a quick appt, the nurse told me everything looks good and I can have a shower and starts using lipo foam. She gave me a triangle foam to put above the butt crease too.

It felt soooo good after shower. Will from new life recovery house did my laundry, washed my bloody garment and housecoats. It feels good to wear something clean.

I try to keep active, walk around the house, drink plenty of fluid. So far I'm able to chow down no problem. Fruits and toast for breakfast, chicken and pasta for lunch and for dinner Will's mom made some spanish rice and some puerto rican food. I cant remember the name but it's delicious. Just like going to my grandma for dinner.. i loveee home cooked meals :)

I had my first massage today too... it wasnt too bad. I drained a LOT of fluid. It felt so much better afterwards. There are 4 massages included in my package, I think I will purchase extra so I could get at least 8 massages. The massages here probably better than in Canada. I'll try to get massage everyday.

I ordered also bbl bum booster to help me for my plane ride. The price is more affordable compares to bbl pillow and Traci was so nice, she put my order through right away with 2 days shipping. She emailed me the tracking number within hours. What a great service! Her website is She also posted a video comparing boopy pillow vs bum booster pillow.

As you can see on the pics.. I'm still swollen black and blue. I have my foams under the garment 1 on each sides, 1 on the front and the triangle foam in the back. I don't know how many cc's Hasan put into my butt. But he wasn't worried, he said he has enough from my flanks and thighs. The way I see it my butt looks humongous, almost comical lol I like a clown. I can't wait for this swelling to go down and see the final result.

Overall, I'm happy with my decision to go with Dr. Hasan. I love his results, he's always able to snatch tiny waist. I met another hasan doll at the clinic. She had the procedure done last year and omg.. I almost dislocated my jaw her curves is beautiful. Tiny waist and heartshaped butt. It's big but stiil look natural.
Another thing why I love Dr. Hasan is he doesn't perform surgery on more than 3 patients in a day. He likes to focus on each patients and he performs the surgery himself unlike other surgeon sometimes they let their assistants to do the lipo. He is very nice, we chatted a bit about Canada and how he met his wife there in a little town where I went to my university too. He takes pride of his work. Patients come from all over the world to see him and he's responsible to make sure these patients are happy with the result.

Anyways... that's it for today. I'm going to get some sleep. Tomorrow I'm going to try to stop the pain meds and just take 2 arnica tablets every 2 hours and take tylenol when needed. We'll see :)
Miami Physician

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