Petite, 49, Gaining Weight for BBL in May and I Am MISERABLE. Miami, FL

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I am 5'5 and usually weigh around 115lbs and stay...

I am 5'5 and usually weigh around 115lbs and stay in pretty good shape. My butt, or lack thereof, has always been my problem area and I could never make it bigger no matter how many squats, lunges or dead lifts I did. I saw a dr. A couple of years ago who told me "never in a million years could I expect to have a BBL" and I didn't want implants because of the infection/removal rate, so I thought I was stuck with a flat, square, old white lady's ass. But since I've been stalking RS, I have seen skinny girls gain weight and get bootys!! So...for the past year I have been on a weight gaining mission and have gained 20lbs. I have a fast metabolism and have to constantly pack food into my mouth to gain that much weight and I am MISERABLE at this weight. I have an appointment with Dr Fisher in May and am close to canceling it because I don't think I can handle being this weight. My tits are HUGE, I jiggle like jello when I walk, I am covered in cellulite and I have fat under my ARMPITS. Fat under my armpits?? I didn't even know that was a thing.
So after my procedure, I'm going to have gigantic tits, a cellulite riddled big ass, and fat under my armpits? What??!! Is this what I want?

Wish pics

Just a few wish pics.

Fat as f#*k

Omg I don't know if I can handle 2 more months of this. Please...skinny big booty me. Lol

Wide Load

At first the extra weight went to my stomach and muffin top. Now it's going to my ass and not in a good way, like having projection, but rather, it's gone to my hips, making me a WIDE LOAD which I DO NOT like in the least. Wtf people?? My dream body is tiny hips with tons of projection. So have I gained all this damn weight to have the kind of body I do not like? Grrrrrrrrrr

I'm sick of food

I am so sick of stuffing myself with food. That is all.

Just some more weight gain pics.

Holding steady at 130. I swear I look way fatter in person. Not going in public too much at this point

Weight gain injuries.

When your bra is so tight you have bruises and bra burn.

I can't do this

I don't think I can do this anymore. I'm lethargic, my gut is huge, my tits are ENORMOUS and I just feel like shit I think I'm going to starve myself, get skinny again, start working out and just get butt implants.

Lost weight

Omg y'all. I got tired of stuffing my face with food for a few days and I lost three lbs. My body wants to be skinny.
Uncooperative bitch.

Trade surgery dates??

I had to push back my date with Fisher of May 5th and the next available isn't until September 5th!! If anyone has a sooner date that they can't make and wants to take my sept date, please let me know! I'm so upset that I have to keep all this weight on me for an extra 4 months!!!!

Dr. Blinski

After seeing GenieWiththebooty's results, other results on IG, and doing some research, today I emailed Dr. Blinski at the wee hours of the morning and surprisingly, he emailed me back within a few hours with some information and his phone number. Even more surprisingly, when I called his cell phone he answered and spoke with me for at least 30 mins! On a SATURDAY morning. I have been a nervous wreck about forking over thousands of dollars, flying to Miami to have my body surgically reshaped by someone who I haven't even spoken to and in all probability, hasn't even seen a picture of me and I'm more than likely getting advice from an untrained "surgery consultant" instead of the Dr. After talking with Dr. Blinski, I have made the decision to change Dr's. I can't believe I was going to spend all of that money and just blindly show up the day before or day of my surgery and say, " ok, here I am! I hope it works!" There are so many things wrong with this, I want to slap the shit out of myself for even considering it... I was in a booty daze and not thinking clearly.

Worried I've ruined my body

I am so scared that I've ruined my body by gaining weight like this. Will I ever be able to be a small person again? I'm just not understanding this whole deal...can I lose weight and my butt will be proportional or will I lose my entire new butt? Am I stuck with a good butt, with fat arms, fat calves, kankles, and wide hips? I'm so confused.

This just happened

Just a quick pic ... The pain is no joke ladies

1100 ladies

More pics

This surgery is no joke

Miami Escape RH

This recovery has been exhausting but I have to take time out to give credit to Danni at Miami escape recovery house. I didn't want to stay in a recovery house for whatever reason it just didn't appeal to me so I booked a hotel room for a week and paid for a "friend" to take care of me. Well, the friend didn't show up the morning of my surgery so Dr. Blinsky called Danni, and she literally rescued me. A member of her staff, Sherry, was there to pick me up after my surgery and I cannot Express how appreciative I am to them for the care they gave me. I could stay only two days at Miami escape because of having already booked the hotel but I can tell you it is all the difference in the world staying somewhere you receive top-notch care. The food was delicious and the staff treated you like you were a member of their family. And the bubble beds..Best thing in the world

More pics

I see abs! Thank you Dr. Blinski!

Dr Blinski is AWESOME

Forgot one!

10 days post op

In clothing

12 days post op

She is much bigger in person, but I am thrilled with actually being able to wear jeans without having the ass be saggy!

Few more

Shelf is dropping

I'm thinking I'm going to have to get an entire new wardrobe.

3 weeks post op!

Lying on my back.....heaven

Y'all have no idea how good a few mins of this feels after 23 days of sleeping on my belly.

27 days post op- pardon the splotchy, fading spray tan

Almost a month ladies! I woke up, looked in the mirror and thought, "hot damn, I'm looking really good!" Lol. The shelf has dropped and my butt is settling in and looking nice and natural. Exactly how i wanted. It's probably going to go down some more and I'm ok with that. I am still hurting from the lipo, especially my sides. Feels like my skin is ripping apart when I stretch and hurts to even touch it recovery is much longer than I expected.
Measurements : waist 26. Booty 40 weight 135

This skinny bitch body of mine is tryin to go jihad on my fat ass.

I've lost 9 lbs since my surgery!! I am not trying to do this, just trying to clean up my diet of milkshakes and fried foods which I consumed in order to have this surgery, now trying to eat clean get rid of the cellulite. I guess I'm going to have to add a couple of high calorie protein shakes. Good news is my booty is still hanging in there. Yay ass. I'm 5 and half weeks post op and I LOVE my size and won't be too upset if I lose a LITTLE MORE. I'm just worried about keeping this skinny high metabolism bitch at bay, she hates ms. Baby cakes and is trying to kill her. Lol. Also, I have a flat spot on one cheek that I have already made dr b aware of, his office responded IMMEDIATELY and said after holiday we will discuss and get a game plan. This does not surprise me as in my opinion since fat grafting is unpredictable in the absorption rate, it only stands to reason that you might need a touch up. I'm concerned that when I start working out next week even though I don't do cardio and I just do weightlifting, I'm going to lose more weight so even though I was sick of eating fattening foods while I was gaining the weight I guess now I'm going to be sick of eating good foods to try to keep it on. And everyone says their booty looks bigger in person let me just say that is true, ms baby cakes is MUCH bigger in person. I cannot even squeeze into any of my old clothes, and now wear two sizes larger.

5 and a half weeks post

I Love the curve in my lower back. I have a small flat spot on this side that I'm going to have to get touched up. But other than that I love my results.

Back view

6.5 weeks post op

I have lost no volume and have been at 41 inches since I first measured at 2 weeks. My measurements are 38-26-41. And I weigh anywhere between 126-128 lbs, which is about 10 pounds more than I weighed before this booty journey started. I started working out at six weeks and I'm curious to see if I'm going to be able to keep this weight on, I have lost 10 pounds since my surgery and I haven't lost any volume at all. My body looks way better in pics than in person. I have a lot of cellulite, which you can't really see in the pictures, i'm hoping working out and eating right can improve the cellulite but overall I am very very happy with what Dr. Blinsky did with my body. I also have loose skin on my belly from having three children Dr. B did a great job on the lipo on my stomach my loose skin was much worse before the surgery so I'm surprised that my stomach looks as good as it does because I thought having the fat sucked out would make the scan worse. I don't usually post pictures that are unflattering that show my cellulite and show my live scan but I know we women have such problems with body issues I'm posting a picture where you can see the loose skin on my stomach.

Couple more.

WARNING...old white lady moves.

Showing off the booty
Lol lol lol. Here's a video for y'all

Unexpected tightening of my skin

Ok, I know the under 30 ladies will be horrified by this pic of my loose tummy skin but those of you who are older and have had multiple children will totally get where I'm coming from. In my before pictures that I posted and before the weight gain you can see that I had very good ab definition but I am also lying down and the skin is stretched so you can't see my loose skin. It was bad enough to bother me but not bad enough for a tummy tuck. I don't have a before pic of me bending over because in all honesty, even if there had been a 10kt diamond on the floor, I wouldn't have bent over to pick it up because I would have been mortified by the stomach skin. I had the best posture on the beach! Walked around like I had a stick up my ass. Lol. So there's no before pic to compare it to but I don't know what black magic voodoo dr B did when he lipo-ed my belly, but it is SO much tighter than before. Don't get me wrong, I know it's not great and doesn't look like a 25 or 35 year old but compared to what it's a vast improvement. I don't understand why that happened, maybe it's the technique of a very skilled doctor or maybe i just got lucky because everything I've read says normally lipo makes your skin looser especially when you are over 45 years old so needless to say I am absolutely thrilled. So drumroll please....the only picture in existence of me bending over in the past 20 years.

8 weeks y'all

Skinny girls need booties too! I have never filled out a pair of yoga pants like this no matter how many hours I spent in the gym.

Pics didn't load

Real Self is the best.

I just want to say, the ladies,(and men) of RS are AMAZING. I love the positive support and love we give each other, I have never seen anything like it on any other social media site! Black, brown, white, beige, yellow, pink, all the colors of the human race...we love and accept each other as people! The world would be a better place if people followed the example of most of us on RS. I find it inspiring that I have found the most supportive and genuinely concerned people on a site which many people would expect to find only self absorbed bitches! Some accuse those of us who have gone under the knife of being fake, vain and shallow, well this site proves we are just the opposite of those things! Love you ladies!
And of course all you caring, loving, vain shallow bitches are saying, yes yes we are all that but shut up and show us your ass. So here's a few pics. Lol

Loving the booty

10'weeks y'all

I've been working out for about 4 weeks, have lost about 8 lbs. my booty is def smaller but it's still round and every where I go, people stare at it! When I think it's small, I try on some of my old clothes and I can't even get them past my thighs!

More pics!

Tummy is not perfect but it wasn't perfect before lipo so.....

Random pics

We are all insane.

Just when I said I don't have booty I was feeling a little sad because I thought my butt looked small. I was slapped right in my big ole ass with reality when I went through my closet trying on shorts. Lmfao

Three months!

It's here to stay! And I weigh 125 y'all

Hello dolls!

It's been 4 months!

7 months post op

Still loving the booty y'all! I'm very happy with my results even though I still have to go back for a touch up. It's the flat spot I've had from early on, by I've just been too busy to make the appointment.

10 months

I'm still loving my results! I didn't get a revision to fix my flat spot because I just don think have enough fat and I'm not gaining anymore. Instead, I think I'm just going to go to a local surgeon who does small BBL's with sculptra and have him fill out that area since it's so small. I started working out again about 2 weeks ago ago and although I'm nervous about losing some of the booty I've decided I'm just gonna go for it and I am on a high-protein heavy lifting muscle building regime. The only thing I need done to my booty to make it perfect is more volume in the lower one fourth. I think if I gained 10 pounds small revision and make it perfect but I just really don't want to go through it again! I'm going to see what working out does first. I love my results!
Miami Plastic Surgeon

My lipo is smooth and fabulous and my bbl is better than I ever imagined.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
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