Looking to Be Perryfied! - Miami, FL

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Hi beauties!! Joining this awesome community for...- Miami, FL

Hi beauties!! Joining this awesome community for wonderful the support and to give support in return! Emailed the doc just waiting on a response. Anyone looking to be Perryfied around Nov!? Let me know lets go through this experience together! I'm really excited for this journey! Advice and comments welcome! :)

Sitting.. And waiting

Still waiting to hear back from Dr.Perry, it's been a week since I emailed him...patience is a virtue... But Im so excited I just can't wait! If I don't hear from him by Monday, I'm going to call miss Norma. Any of you lovely ladies had this issue??

What's up with dr Perry's phone line?

Hey ladies! Been calling Norma all day and the line is busy!! Anyone know what's going on?? It's been 2 weeks I emailed the Doc and then I sent him a second email sat... Anyone know what the correct number is?? I called the one on here doesn't work and the other two are busy or they don't answer ! What's going on??!

Still waiting...

I still haven't heard back from Dr. perry call Norma and spoke to her and she told me to call back and it's just been a lot of back and forth... I sent him an email a MONTH ago... Ladies I'm started to get discouraged :(

Heard back from Perry!

so perry finally emailed me back! Only thing is now I'm waiting on a phone consult from him, Norma said he'd call me a few times already and hasn't....but if I didn't hear from him by end of weak ill call Norma Monday. He did give me a price of 8400... Which looks a liitle more then some girls I've seen, but his prices must be going up. Get in there while his prices isn't too bad ladies! Soon they will skyrocket to dr.Jimmerson or even markkman!!


I apologize for all the typos above... This iPad is a pain and autocorrects with the most irrelevant words!

Ladddddies a few questions...

Does anyone on here recommend hotels near Perry that are good?? Also Eric or Miriam?! Heard great things about both but read to avoid mirta! Suggestions welcome girls!


Hey ladies , can anyone please tell me about the different Loan opportunities? Do they give a hard time? Need excellent credit?? Any advice is helpful


Hi ladies!! Need advice on fajas! Can any vets help me with this? Perry says no fajas for 3 weeks because it creases... But the vets are saying u need it after 4-6 days after sx....any seamless ones out there?? Help!

Changed date

Hey fellow perry dolls.... Had to change my date from the first to the 6th anyone having their surgery that day or around the same time?? Let's me know girls.. Also Eric or Miriam?thanks ladies!!

Changed date

From the 1st of November to the 6th of November ***********

Counting down the days!

Hey ladies! Counting the days to my sx, nov 6th(any ladies having it then message me!!) super excited but a tiny bit nervous.... Just saw Perry's first bad review on here, any of you girls see it too? I'm confused cause everyone love him and his work!! What do you ladies think??

Booked my appt for labs!

My appt for labs is next Wednesday! I'm excited and nervous at the same time! I can't believe it's only 4 weeks away! I'm so happy I have been wanting this for so long and it's so close! Lord please let everything work out and be by my side through this whole journey! Any ladies going to be getting their sx in early nov? Let me know girls !! Mine is the 6th would love to meet up for support ??

2 weeks away!!!!!

I cannot believe that my surgery is 2 weeks away! It's mind blowing that the time is finally almost here! Got my labs and EKG back and everything went great... Healthy as can be. Booked my flights and hotel... My sister is coming the fist few days then my parents so will be in great hands.not much more to say except I'd love to know if any ladies are getting their bbls done around the same time as me so we can meet! Also ladies send me some suggestions of what I may need. Thank you all! And thanks to all the ladies who have been updating , helping me with their advice and posts!

5 days away!

Got my medical clearance ... Leaving Tuesday to the sunshine state for the new me! Super excited but reallllllly nervous! I have going to the bathroom like crazy from the nerves! ( I'm sorry for the tmi! ) but shit just got real! I can't believe its Wednesday! But I know i will be in Gods and Perry's hands..... And the countdown begins!
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