Patiently Waiting on my New Look by Dr.Hasan - Miami, FL

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Hello, I am going to have surgery done with Dr....

Hello, I am going to have surgery done with Dr. Hasan on September 21 2016. I have wanted a BBL for some time now and finally got the courage to get it done. However, I was scheduled at Vanity previously with Dr. Macadoo then they informed me that he no longer works for them and I would be getting my surgery performed by Dr.Hasan. Has anyone on here already went to him? I seen his work but I want to know first hand. Also, I will post my journey and photos on here so you all can know how my surgery goes...

BBL with Dr.Hasan Miami

What are some of the things I will need as in supplies? Also, can anyone tell me how their recovery process was?

Dr.Hasan Doll Miami Vanity

Is anyone going to be staying in my Miami from Sept 21 through the 25? If so, what's a good RH? My Surgery date is Sept 22.

Hasan Doll Miami

My surgery is three days away. I have soooo many things that I'm feeling at once excited, nevrous, scared, anxious to see my results. All these rapped in one. I will be posting photo of my before soon and I fly to Miami on Wednesday my surgery is scheduled for Thursday. I'll continue to keep you all posted. If any of the Hasan dolls have been already comment and let me know how it went and what to expect.

Dr. Hasan BBL new SX date Oct.12

After rescheduling and rescheduling I am finally almost to my surgery date. My actual surgery date is Oct.12 which is in 5 days I'm so nevrous and scared at the same time. Like I'm trying to stay as calm as I possibly can. Is anyone else going around this time? Any advice or the dos and don't before or after surgery????

Dr.Hasan Office

So I made it to Dr. Hasan office. I am waiting on him to come in now. I am the first one scheduled for surgery in the morning. I'm so nervous right now it's pitiful.

Dr. Hasan BBL

I made it safely to the other side surgery was a success. I'm sooooo much pain though it's unreal. Here's a before pic and I'll post an after when I wake up.

Booty booty booty

So this is an update with my clothes on. I was on my way out and and just wanted to give you all an update. Dr. Hasan is the truth!!!! Tomorrow I will do a overall review of my experience
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