Paid my Deposit !!!!!!! 37 Yr Old Mommy of Four Wanna Be a Big Booty Girl by my Birthday - Miami, FL

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Super scared and excited at the same time just got...

Super scared and excited at the same time just got off the phone with my coordinator Mercedes at image cosmetics in Miami she assured me Arnaldo Valls is killing it locally I've been searching for the perfect surgeon because I've had 2 c sections and hernia repair surgery with mesh so I need some one that has a specialty and for him it's the abdominal area so nervous but I'm gonna take Mercedes word for it ...was concerned because he didn't have a lot of reviews but. from the pictures of work he's done it's amazing I just wanna a round butt with more hips not too big but big enough to be like damnnnnnn ! Lol if anyone knows anything about him please let me know!

Wish pics

Trying to lose at least 10 pounds by counting calories but I stay hungry I need a good appetite suppressant besides adipex or a really good diet plan

Gonna be a Alvarez Doll before my Birthday Switched to Sergio Alvarez

Switched to Sergio Alvarez I decided because I couldn't find a lot of reviews for Arnaldo Valls im still kinda torn I just don't want no botched bbl even though my coordinator tells me Valls is real popular locally I been following Alvarez patients and they been looking good lately I just want a big natural looking round a#s and hips in my life !

Omg booked and paid deposit on a vacation house for my bbl.........

My bbl is approaching June 1st and I need to lose 15 pounds quick help!!!!!!!!!

My Faja came And 12 days till by bbl !

I hope this will do but after looking at some reviews some bbl doctors prefer you use butt out faja so I just ordered one today this stuff is adding up geesh!

Update Long over due but loving my results

Ok sorry for the wait my emotions has been all over the place but I wanna give the most honest update I can okay I had my bbl done at imagenes cosmetics in Miami I met Sergio Alvarez the day of surgery which was June 1st a 630 am Alvarez was very honest he told me what he can do and what may be challenging gave me realistic expectations being that my butt was square shape it's hard to change a square to a circle I was so offended like wtf inside but it was to late to get up and leave I was about t have m surgery within minutes it all happened so fast but he said he would try his best I told him I want as much fat as possible in each cheek and I want projection. I woke up in pain and before surgery I had my friend fill my prescriptions which I'm glad I did before I had no I've going with meds I literally woke up crying like on some help me shit the nurse had to go to my friend and get my meds cause they weren't giving me nothing okay ladies this is what happens when we get our bbl done at this price not complaining cause I thinks it was a good deal 4100 but your not gonna be in a fancy private room with meds going and all comfy there was someone n the same room crying also the pain was real and the doctor didn't even come back in the nurse gave me my meds and I left I had a vacation home I found on homeaway it was a two bedroom house very nice and every thing was in walking distance . Now as much as I been stalking real self before surgery I still wasn't prepared and my friend lost my after care paper smh okay I had fluid in my stomach that Alvarez had to drain it , it was so painful but better after being drained that was on a Monday I was flying home the next day Alvarez told me he wanted to see me Wednesday but my flight left on Tuesday was already there 8 days and could change my flight I was on a budget. now right after my surgery my stomach was flat then it got really swollen and still is but anyway after I got home I had went to emergency room to see if they could drain my belly Alvarez told me if I couldn't stay just go to my doctor or Er omg that Er Doctor refuse to help me it was some bs he told me o go back to Miami I'm like what he's like no doctor gonna want to go behind another surgeon he said I shouldn't of went to Miami i was so pissed I'm thinking I shouldn't of never told him I had bbl I was thinking I'm gonna go to another hospital and just tell them I'm hurting and don't know why cause I felt like y'all gonna sit here and let me die for being honest I felt like crap I thought I made a huge mistake going to Miami I live in the Atlanta area but Miami had better deals so anyway I called my coordinator Mercedes and told her what was going on I felt so defeated but then Alvarez called me back within minutes and calmed me down and told me he had a friend in Atlanta and they went to school together had the same training and he would help me Paul McClurky omg I was so impressed with Alvarez like wow he called me right back and Paul was also a plastic surgeon he was very nice he drained me gave me some prescriptions and told me to get lymphatic drainage massages from Lydia in norcross pricy 65 but omg it felt so good so I recommend to add that in your budget which I did not, get massages it's a must also stay away from salt and wear your garment that's what caused me to get all those fluids salt and not wearing my garment 24/7 the first 5 days my stomach still is hard I didn't know all this was normal I was caught off guard those after care instructions are very important my friend lost it so I never saw it I just remember taking pain pills every 4/6 hours I can't stand being in pain . Now this is 22 days in my stomach have went down but still swollen and is hard in some places
my stomach be contracting from hard to soft. Its very uncomfortable still ladies when will this stop? Do arnica pills help with the swelling ? My butt is getting softer it has went down from day one it was huge but now it projection is 46 how will I know when it's done going down butt not swollen ? My back /waist still swollen Alvarez gave me curves oh yes I didn't want to give a review to soon plus it was hell the first 2 weeks and I didn't know what to expect I have a waist I'm still very swollen but I see the potential I love my new shape the projection of my butt is like damnnnnnnnnnn! And this man said what about a square shape he did his thang for real. I just wanna get back to normal I'm still sore I don't sit unless on my boppy and I don't sit on that to long. Any suggestions with healing process would be really appreciated
Arnoldo Valls

I changed to Sergio Alvarez Very professional I would highly recommend love my results

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